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  • yep they paid! had 2 starters (rather than starter and main) and no pud to try to be good but did have small glass vino so have v rosy cheeks!lol

    Rio are you 40 yet then? i'll be 42 by the time the marathon comes round...aaah! my older kids say me doing the marathon is another mad thing i've done since hitting 40 and it's a strange mid life crisis!!!
  • so which of you are doing the 3 miler tonight or have you all already run?
  • im doing the 3 miler tonight, Just about to go home to get changed and then off to the gym as im going to go to physio, oh forgot to mention got a session booked to have a look at my knees, they feel like the click al the time. :(
  • im going to have to do some serious midifications to my program i think. On the week of the 18 miler, i have the silverstone half, so might do the 18 the week before that...not sure....also im away in norwich this weekend so might have to do the 7 on friday instead of resting.

    Going to have a ponder...
  • Been and done a 3 miler in 30 mins. Was feeling a bit rough (just one of those bad days) until I was almost back to the car when I got level with a student type. He wolf whistled at me!!! lol So I managed the last quarter mile home in record time!!

    Yes Pinks I was 40 that first year and am now 41. I did the London Duathlon last year on my 41st birthday and will be doing it again on my 42nd (for some reason it is the same date this year as last!!) They must have liked the fact that I went round telling everyone who would listen that it was my birthday and I even had a marriage proposal from one of the marshals who didn't believe I was 41!! lol
  • so we are the same age! my birthday is march - when is yours? i think us 40+ girls are more attractive than a lot of the girls in their twenties so no surprise you get the wholwhistles etc! go you!! have you got any kids?

    got to wait until Josh in bed (7.30ish) and can then go for my 3 miler...still feel full and bloated from lunch though!
  • September for me! I have two boys 16 (17 in May and 18. Both think I am completely mad too but they have done a few races and the oldest one did the Cardiff half marathon with me last October!! At least they have respect for what I do!
  • That's so nice to have run with your son! Mine are son of 19 at uni, daughter of 17 doing a levels and son of 9. aaah, i'm 6 months older than you but i feel younger everyday with this running and so amazing making friends on this site! have you always run? i was horse mad from age of 6 until i had my eldest and then nothing for 18 years or so until the running bug clicked!
  • I have only been running about 6 years. Before that I used to swim a bit but nothing really. I hated all forms of sport except swimming at school and would injure myself before doing games (especially running). Now my old school friends find it very hard to believe that I have run the marathon twice!

    Obviously I have my horses and have been horse mad forever but only had my own for the last 15 years. I used to ride a bit when I was a teenager.

    I started running because I was trying to catch my dog and couldn't run 100 yards! I was so horrified that I started to run and got the bug (although it has only been serious for the last 3 years - until I started training for my first London)

    Now there isn't enough hours in the day to do everything but I am glad that my boys can fend for themselves. It must be hard with younger ones!
  • what kind of horse and do you compete? i used to do mounted games but can't remember the last time i rode! my sister is still horse mad and has show ponies and competes with those and her daughter of 10 rides too - do you go on any horsey forums? think she goes on one called show ring or similar.

    i rode twice a day for about 16 years but then kids and law took over!!
  • I have a cob x thoroughbred and her daughter who also has dutch warmblood in her.

    Dont compete - only show I ever took part in I managed to fall off at the second jump (and they were only 18 inches high) and got trodden on and broke 5 ribs and a punctured lung!! lol
    My horses are just my other destresser and I tend to keep myself to myself doing my own thing as cheaply as possible!! ie they are not stabled rugged or fed all winter but still look amazing as they have a 15 acre field that they share with a couple of others.
    Shame you live too far away or I would ask you to come out with me!! Its a bit difficult to ride two!
  • that is such a shame...i really fancy a ride now!! got any photos of them? the love of my life was a chestnut arab mare i lived and died on for 7 years. rode her in the mounted games at birmingham international and then following year, when i was too ol, she was in the winning team at HOYS. she died of old age only a few years ago - just lay down in the field and went to sleep!
  • oh god....horse talk.....lol

    They scare the living daylights out of me, especially if they are taller than me - its drilled into my brain that all they want to do is kick me in the head!!!!

  • lol, my mate got kicked in the nadds, Went down the gym last night and managed to get into a Nutrition seminair. Its quite good. Plus my Instructor is doing the Iron Man this year, you never know i may be doing that in years time. I hope so.
  • Lazer you should speak to stroke strider on the stroke association forum - same age as you and trying to get a team for 2007 ironman!!

    did my 3 miles last night but faster as i was stressed - felt good but now i'm a bit tired - Mr Pinks was a snorey head last night and kept me awake!! 5 miles tonight so think i will do at steady/slow pace. what is everyone else doing for training today?
  • i got a dodgey knee, it seems to be an pain most of the time, think i got fluid under the knee cap. wearing a support strap today. Can you sat ITCHY!!! lol. oh and the worst thing it last night i....... um..... i ..... HAD A KEEBAB after the gym..... I was soooooooo hungry though. and its only me living in that house, ! lol
  • Will have to dig some piccies out Pinks. The mummy mare is chestnut and her daughter is grey. Well done on your 3 miles too.

    Lazer I would love to do an ironman but not sure whether I would have the time to do the training. Take care of that knee. RICE!!!!!!!

    If you wanted that kebab then that is ok. Dont forget you are burning lots of calories at the moment so you can indulge occasionally

    Training today is something with my ladies (not sure what yet - probably a speed session)
  • if i'm burning so many calories how come i am not losing any weight?? last week i put on a pound! someone said to me i have to run slower to burn fat...how does that work??
  • what do you mean RICE!! rio?? im confused. should i eat more rice???? i managed to do 3 miles yesterday in about 38 minutes. took it easier as my knee was funny. Do you think I should book a doc's appointment?
  • R- rest
    I- ice
    C- compression (which you are doing with your strap
    E- elevation

    I wouldn't bother with the doc at the moment unles she is a sport/running gp. They normally tell you to stop running which is not what you wnat to hear! By rest I mean take it very easy and cut back on the mileage for a week or so (it wont hurt your prep)

    Pinks muscle weighs more than fat so you might find that your weight fluctuates. You have to run slower but for longer to burn fat. ie you need to be running for more than an hour or so for your body to run out of glycogen and go into fat burning mode. Keep a food diary along with your running diary so you can see if you have been eating a bit more - or not good quality running food!!
  • okay i will start that today along with my running diary. what is good quality running food exactly? i eat very little fruit because i have an intolerance to it but do eat veg and fish/chicken (not red meat) - my probable downfall is that i have a passion for cereal!
  • Like everything you need a good mix of food but you will need to increase your carbohydrates. No sugar cereal is the best and you can use it as a snack before or after your runs. (try to make sure you do have a snack before you run to give you extra energy to perform better)
    If you dont eat fruit that doesn't matter as long as you are eating veg. And your protein is coming from your meat.
    Do you eat beans/lentil type foods as they have both carbs and protein?
    Drink plenty of water to help your body stay hydrated.
  • you are prob turning fat into muscle (well replacing fat with muscle to be exact) which weighs heavier.

    3 miler at lunch was good...did last mile at a "sprint" of 8.5mph!

    only doing 4 miles with adirun tonight
  • Cas, that's FAST!! are you pretty much following the HH plan otherwise?

    thanks Rio, actually i haven't been eating beans/lentil type foods - not sure really what to do with them...worried also they may give me extra turbo wind power!!! what is your typical food for a day?
  • 6:30 Wake Up
    7:00 Glass of Water, Porridge, oats or Toast with OJ.
    8:00 start work
    10:00 Break - Have Apple, Packet of crisps, sometimes a bacon roll,
    12:00 1:00 - LUNCH Sandwich with chicken, lettuice, flora spread, and saladcreame, orange, apple and bannana. crisps, 2 chocolate biscuits yoghurt.
    3:00 Break - Breakfast Bar
    5:00- finish work
    6:00- down gym
    8:00 - Main Meal.
    10:30 Bed.

    Throughout the day drinking 5X 250ml bottles of water. and while at gym drinking usually 4x on a 10 mile run.
  • Wow Cas exellent time!!

    breakfast - porridge made with water
    snack - fruit
    lunch - salad with chicken or jacket potato and beans
    pre run snack - breakfast bar
    evening meal - pasta with meat sauce (curry or bolognese
    snack - yoghurt

    If you buy the tinned beans and lentils you can add them to almost anything. I dont suffer from wind but I have been eating them all my life. If they are causing a problem have less for a few days until your system gets used to them (and I dont have them every day!)
  • do you just have water or any sports type drinks? that sounds good to follow except i just can't do the porridge...i've tried and i just don't like it at all. i like oats in say a muesli type cereal but just not cooked or hot...yukky!!!lol my favourite is sainsburys precise or similar mixed flake type cereal or mini shredded wheats but someone told me to steer clear of wheat type cereals although don't know why. any ideas?
  • no wheat cereals are the best, because they use the whole of the grain just like wholemeal bread. mind you i am eating lots as i only weigh 60Kg, lol. STICK MAN!! lol, im about 6ft 3" as well. you probs better following rio pinks.
  • I cant eat wheat type cereals too often as they aggravate my arthritis. I dont eat much bread either for the same reason but I can eat pasta
    Have whatever cereal suits you Pinks just not sugar coated - nothing wrong with shredded wheats

    You really must be a bean pole Lazer I am 60kg and I am 5'4" lol
  • lazer you are a stick!!! i weigh 60kg too but am only 5'8" although i do try to kid myself that most of it is in my chest!!lol

    so mini shredded wheat must be ok then? Rio do you have wholewheat pasta or regular? also what breakfast bars do you all use as i read a lot of them are full of sugar so not very good.

    breakfast - cereal and cup of tea and oj
    lunch - chicken with lettuce and toms
    tea - fish and veg, or pasta with chicken or veg, or sometimes if i have run late i just have anothe bowl of cereal instead of a hot meal.

    sometimes i have a cracker or ryvita with vegemite or chees when i get in from work and am cooking for kids but i am going to run before i eat - sometimes a bit of a juggle on timing etc then because i get too hungry and then eat something not v healthy!
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