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  • man, is ironman even possible!!!!! Was thinking of going in for touch guy and am pretty daunted by that, but ironman! thats just....well.......totally insane!

    Pinks, how much water do you drink, the extra weight could be water retention. Try and get 3-4 litres in you a day, also helps with fat burning.

    My diet as follows:

    Morning - porridge with soya milk, raisins and banana.

    Snack - raisins/nuts/apple

    Lunch - BIG salad, turkey & avocado sanger on wholemeal.
    pudding - yeo valley natural fat free yog + yeo valley fruit compote/splenda

    Snack - more fruit/ nut bar

    Supps - Braised tuna steak, asparagus & steamed veggies, rice/pasta/baked potato.
    pudding - low fat rice pudding/yoghurt.

    while drinking 4-5litres of water a day + 3/4 cups of green tea.

    Any fruit can be swapped for veg alternative.

  • Pinks always try to plan a pre run snack into your day half hour to hour before your run that way you wont get so hungry.
    You are not overweight though so I wouldn't worry about food so much. You are 4 inches taller than me!!!!!!
    Running will change your shape! You become leaner
  • dont i know, my legs are bigger. i know that as my tight boxers cut into them now. lol. also chest is developing better. Am i drinking enough water then??? thats about as much as i can haldle in the say otherwise im running to the loo every 5 minutes. my urine is clear a plenty so that must mean that im hydrated.
  • I dont drink much water!! Lots of coffee and tea and then squash if I want a change. Drink 500 ml before I go for my runs and another when I get back.

    Lazer you sound perfectly well hydrated to me (and there is such a thing as hyponatraemia which comes from drinking too much) The trick is getting the balance right!
    Your leg muscles will naturally become bigger if they need to especially as you dont have any excess fat on them. But for anyone with extra coverage will become leaner
  • George your diet sounds yummy (other than yukky porridge!) thinking i must drink more water and definitely plan food/timing out a bit better. just having a small bag of dried apricots (i can seem to tolerate those once or twice a week) what make of fruit/nut bars are best? is that the best thing as a pre run snack? tonight doing the 5 miler so want to try this out and see if it makes a difference. trouble is if i don't start til 7.30 then by the time i have run (about an hour for 5 miles with warm up)showered etc its so late to eat and i want something 'quick'.
  • Pinks you need to find a bar that suits you. I have one of the organic ones but the quakers ones are nice too. I find it gives me loads of energy before a run.

    Why dont you prepare your meal before you go out then you only have to heat it up when you get back.
    I get my boys to cook either spag bol or curry on my training nights so I only have to put some pasta or rice on when I get it wwhich is usually done by the time I get out of the shower!!
    You could do stews or something which can be left on for hours!
  • i sometimes have those pasta ready meals, the ones with powdered sauce with them, just add water. its still ordinary pasta at the end of the day and takes 10 minutes do cook. easy! also noodels and rice are good and quick,
  • sounds like a good idea Rio, i will do some planning/thinking while on my run tonight! i do sometimes have those ready meals from M & S which are all additive free etc eg pasta and chicken and veg which you just pop in microwace for 3 mins - they are vey tasty and on offer of buy one get one half price at the mo!

    my thighs are STILL wobbly even after all this running!!
  • Watch all those additives though!!
    Your thighs will always look wobbly (espcially when you look down on them) but look at other runners theirs wobble too!!
  • mine are beginning too. i can feel it as well as see it lol. so weven the poor skinny people get it. lol
  • watch the salt content in pre packed meals pinks, also look out for hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils/fats in the ingredients or clearly stated 'trans fats' in the nutritional content breakdown - avoid salt and trans fats like the plague.

    Transfats are polyunsaturated fat molecules that have been blasted with hydrogen ions to make them solid at room temperature.....not good in any way shape or form - part of the reason america is so fat.

    flora, for example, is a culprit. As are most butter alternative spreads.

    My legs aching a bit, hope it doesnt get worse tonight on the road lol.

  • i will investigate any packets tonight! so what is best alternative to flora? real butter?
  • i use flora. no complaint here, but be carefull what you say about slaging flora off. you ARE running the FLORA London Marathon after all....
  • yeah that little sprint at the end was quite funny....my little legs were going 10 to the dozen at the end.
    not really looking forward to tonights run in the cold...at least i will be with someone tho (well about 100 others!)
    just about to sign up for next weeks adirun...the 6 miler i think...anyone else?
  • Lucky you dont get any in your goody bag at the end!!! Alternative to butter is nothing at all!!!!! best alternative there is

    Wish I lived nearer London to do some of the adiruns
  • granted, flora doesnt have much transfat in it - but even a little is too much. Your body cant break it down like it can normal fats and so despite the fact it is the FLORA london marathon were going to be running im going to stand my my guns and say dont use it.


    Just done my 5, and ive really done sommat bad to my right soleus. Was straight in an ice bath when i got home (actually quite enjoyable once the numbness has set in) but im out for tomorrow and possibly the 7 on the weekend. i hate injuries yet i seem to pick them up like a magnet does iron ferite....

    was very cold though, really good run apart from the injury - had my ipod with me (and that is rare) listening to some chilled out black rebel motorcycle club, watching the sunset go down as i plodded on west. quite....dare i say it......magical?
  • did 4m last night with the adirun...think i did it a bit quick as aching loads this morning and no energy! 4m in 31 mins but couldnt keep that up for any longer! taking a day off today pinks...no point flogging self to death!
  • Cas you are now WAT too quick for me!!! i'm sticking to my 10-11 min miles! did 5 miler last night on treadmill at home but its really different to running outside - i am way slower on the treadmill and it seems like it is much more effort! 5 in 58mins!!! oh well i will just keep plodding away.....doing the 3 miler at lunch today - nipping up the gym i'm a member of.
  • nah..5 in 58 is my standard pace...it is true...do seem slower on the treadmill. got a gps watch coming through so will be able to measure more accurately. day off today and small run tomorrow, 7m on sat and 3 on sun i think
    not looking forward to next week...12m on the sat!!!gawd!
  • i dodnt go to the gym last night, decided to give my knee a rest also not going tonight just to make sure! thanks for the advice rio, its helped a lot thet RICE stuff. dont hurt today, but still going carefull. so will start of easy tomorrow, May not do full 7 this weekend, may only do 5. but will bring my self back to do the 12 next week. I want a Garmin watch from Sweatshop.com but their like £200 and i cant really afford one.. its so hard livibng on my own, im constantly broke!!!!
  • poor you Lazer...do look after that knee. didn't you say there was a watch etc on e bay? Cas, which one are you getting?

    just got my official photo with Linford Christie through from stroke association by e mail but its over 1mb and the max size to put it on my just giving page is 800k - any of you guys techy minded and know how i can resolve this?? shall i e mail it to you guys for a laugh? it was a windy cold day and it is NOT a good one of me at all, plus what i'm wearing makes me look chubby with thunder thighs!!! but hey, i don't mind making you all grin!!

  • lol, yeah you can ,mail it to me.. ill e-mail you one of me at my work christmas ball. lol. ill mail you my personal e-mail address on here .

    I looking after it,. im not too sure about e-bay,. never used it before.
  • ok, not being very computer competent etc i am not sure how to send you the photo by using your e mail address on here as there isn't opportunity to add an attachment as on regular e mail...help?
  • lol, do you have e-mail at work? your own e-mail system. IE OUTLOOK? thats what i use.
  • yes...so if you e mail me on that (same as e mail on here) then i can e mail it back to you...pinks
  • eh? lol. ill need to know you address. so mail it to me on here and ill mail you on outlook.
  • did yu get it? is it that bad???!!!
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