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  • saw a Garmin on amazon shop...forerunner 101 for £40 dunno if its still there...was v tempted. ended up getting slightly used Timex Ironman...should arrive tomorrow fingers crossed...love me gadgets!
  • i have no idea!! sleepey heads!! lol x
  • Been near Twickenham for a meeting. spent 6 hours in the car and a further 2 sitting on my a**e!! My leg is too sore to run now. Might take the dogs for a quick walk though to get rid of the kinks!!
  • still in work - fed up with all these meetings...want to go home!
  • lol, I finished at 4:00 but im still at my desk working!! oh wooo is me!
  • you go overtime!

    have biology coursework to finish tomorrow, and 3 english essays to do in next week or so....always catches up with me.

    Calf not too bad today, still going to miss out on the 7 though, much as it will pain me to do so (im also out of the county so its a good excuse)

  • Its my first and my scared and excited at the same time. I almost want it to be next weekend, but I know Im not ready yet. I did the Bedford Half in December and it was OK-but I couldnt have run another step afterwards let alone another half. Im doing the 12 mile gade valley harriers warm up this weekend so that will feel like another test. Have my marathon trainers now-and today my marathon charity vest arrived so its getting much more real. Cant believe Im doing it really-but keep thinking about crossing that line and being force fed Mars Bars...
  • You dont get mars bars anymore! I think there werre jelly babies last year if I remember and a flapjacks thing

    You will do it Linda dont worry you have plenty of time yet. Just keep focussing on how far you have come already not how much father you have to go!
  • oh, no Mars Bar, no Marathon.
    just joking-have my entire family lined up to meet me, and they have strict instructions re the Mars Bars, and the Kit Kat Chunky .....
  • Linda i live in Bedford! do you live nearby or did you just travel to do the half?

    hey Rio! sounds like you had a tiring day!
  • Was a bit but hey the expenses will be worth it. Had quite a nice day though up at 6 to have a 3 hour drive to a 1 1/2 hour meeting!! lol
    But made the most of the way home. caught up with a friend so that was nice.

    A worse one on Tuesday next week though. Have to go to London by train for a meeting. Trains and I just dont get on!! lol They are always late either going (which is by far the best option) or on the way back!!!
    I might use the afternoon to visit one of the running shops though!
    Aaah the things we have to do whilst working!! lol
  • no i dont live in Bedford-I live in watford but travelled up for the half marathon as I thought it would be good for me to have a Half under my belt before Christmas. Im running for the British Heart Foundation and had a training day with them last week so have now started to follow their programme. Just done 30 minutes hilly run-just like it says!
  • shame...could do with someone to run with!

    Rio, that is a fair amount of travelling...what do you do? did you get time to run today or was it rest day anyway?

    think some of the others on this thread have got hotels near the finish but mine is over incanary wharf so not too far from the start. do you think thats ok? can you get shower anywhere at the end or do you have to go home sweaty and smelly?
  • i still need to beek my hotel!!! lol. i think ill leave it for a bot till i got the money for a room. do you need to pay up front or on the day????
  • Normally with hotels you pay on leaving so I wouldnt leave it too late or you will end up in some dump!

    Pinks I work for Acas as an information analyst at the moment. but I work from home and only have to travel to meetings occassionally. I try to arrange my travel around my schedule where possible as yesterday but next week I have to go on Tuesday which is a training day so I will rest then and train on Thursday.

    And I am afraid you cant get a shower at the finish so if you aren't stating the two nights you will have to travel home all sweaty and smelly (like thousand of othersso you wont be alone)!
  • do a lot of people stay the 2 nights and take monday off work? is there some kind of 'do' afterwards or is that just eg the individual charities? (SA are taking over a pub in villiers street near the finish with food and drinks for families and friends of runners to all meet up etc)

    think i will stick with hotel in canary wharf as it is a really nice one hubby has bookde - has pool, sauna etc and i can get a massage in the spa on the saturday to relax me before the big day!
  • This will be the first year I have stayed 2 nights. There is apparently a lot of parties throughout London (not just charity ones)and I think that it will be nice to be able to go to the hotel and have a cold bath before hitting the town!!

    The travel back to Cardiff is hard even though I am not driving and my OH and the kids say that it is a really hard day for them too! Jumping from place to place to spot you and all the concentration of trying to find you amongst 36k people
  • Luckily I dont have to stay as I live in watford but will be going to the British Heart Foundation "do" afterwards where runners and their freiends/families meet up. Am assuming the entire area will feel like a party anyway so am sure it'll be fun.
    Of course, we'll all be going to see the Marathon film when it comes out wont we, and trying to spot ourselves in there. No doubt we'll play the DVD endlessly as well.
  • well I have managed to spot myself on the BBC coverage twice!!!
    and yes Linda the whole event feels like a massive party!!
  • lol, were going to be in a MOVIE!!! lol sara whats the name of the hotel your staying in, does it have parking? sounds good. Anyone fance going out in the town together afterwards??? bit of a realrunners hit london style thingy. lol
  • our 15 minutes of fame!!! i'm staying at the four seasons but there are quite a few hotels over there and i would imagine they all have parking as they are business/exec type hotels. think i may end up just lying down after and sleeping for a week. rio, how long after the marathon was it before you ran again?
  • The first time I ran it was a couple of days before I could walk (especially downstairs) never mind run. But last year I went out for a very gentle couple of miles about a week afterwards. I felt ok though and was back in work walking (almost) normally on the Tuesday

    It takes your body a day a mile to recover so dont expect to do too much (even if you want to) for the first couple of weeks
    HH has a post marathon schedule which is worth a look at!

    By the way the hardest thing you will have to do once you have just finished the marathon is walk up and down the slope where you have your chip cut off!!! Really it is hard!! Your legs dont want to lift that high and downhill......!!!!! hurts
  • apologies if i already asked this but did you run all the way the first time? did you say it was last year you hurt your knee.
  • first year I hurt my knee but didn't run all the way either year. Be prepared for the pain is all I will say and if you need to walk then do so - most will be walking at some point and remember walking breaks are your friends.

    RW do a pacing group which do 5 min run 1 min walk the whole way round and get round in about 5:15. they have a ball. Might be worth going with them. They carry a little banner saying "get you round" so you cant lose them
    In fact if you have a target in mind you will find there is a pacing group to suit!!
  • Right off to my office party now!! catch you guys tomorrow
    Happy training
  • i would really like to get round in under 5 hrs but not sure if i am being optimistic considering 11 miles takes me 2 hrs!!

    enjoy the party!
  • a day a mile!!! gawd!!! I am flying to australia the friday afters!!!
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