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  • OMG i got 7 flights of stairs to walk when i get back to work and 2 at home to my bedroom!! Im going to die!!!! lol
  • up is ok its down that hurts!
  • did you seize up pretty quicly after the end? my neighbour did flm a few years ago and at the end he said he had to get through some railings - either over them or underneath and it took him 20 mins to do it!! rio are you going to try and go with the rw 4.30 pacing group? i would imagine around the pacers it is pretty busy?
  • cant imagine i would stay up with a 4.30 pacers group, and Im wary of setting off too fast in case I get tired out. Did my first (and only half) in 2.20 which apparently makes my predicted time around 5 hours so would like a pace group around that level- 10 minute mile
  • i dod the 10 mile in 1:13:23 so i got an estimate of 3:27. mind you i am sort of following a sub 3:30 training plan.
  • think i will look for the 11 min mile pacers who aim to do it in just under the 5 hrs but will probably revise my thoughts after the brighton half.

    been a pig and had two fondant fancies this afternoon - not v healthy and now feel bloated! serves me right.
  • lol, i jsut had 3 muffins!! lol. can you say bloater! lol. HUMMMM chocolate, white choolate and rasberry, blueberry. LUSH! *drool*
  • must be a friday afternoon munchies thing!!lol
  • lol. yep. well im off now guys for the weekend! i will let you all know if i do the 7m on monday. have a good one!! say hi to the gals for me pinks!
  • got me watch with GPS...love me gadgets...seems quite cool...will se on the run tomrrow!
  • oh if there are 11 minute mile pacers who are looking at a 5 hour time then that's the group I'll be aiming for.
    Next test tomorrow- doing the 12 mile warm up at Hemel- Gade valley harriers-anybody else doing it?
  • 12 miles is a warm up?!!! Linda, i'll see you at the 11min pace group then!

    just done my run on the Hal Higdon plan - supposed to be 7 miles but i didn't estimate the distance very well so ended up being dead on 8 miles - 1hr 24mins 31 secs. Chris, you tried out your new watch and did you do the 7 miler today? can you upload the info onto your pc afterwards?

  • Hi all recovered from last nights few bevvies but saving my long run til tomorrow.

    Pinks I think after my first run I did seize up quite quickly but didn't really suffer at all last year.

    I am hoping to run with a group who are running for Children With leukaemia and aiming to get round in 4.30. The pace groups do get a bit busy but I think the faster groups are the worst. If you want to get round in 5 hours Linda join the Run/Walk group and then when you know you are still feeling comfortable at around mile 20 you can pick up the pace a bit and go for it.
  • didnt buy the data recorder so cant upload...maybe for my birthday! did the 7 miles and just done 4 today cross country with my boss!
  • Cas, does your watch give you your speed too? are you going to use it on the day or does it interfere with the chip they put on your shoe? wow, can't believ you did another 4 today! did you find that ok after yesterdays run? 12 miler next weekend...aaaah!

    Rio , i like your idea of going with the run/walk group and then poss picking up the pace later. trouble is i'm not used to walking breaks so would i find that ok on the day if i've not done it before?
  • Rio, you may have already told me (sorry can't find it as this thread is really long now!) but how do i adapt the hal higdon novice plan to incorporate the brighton half on 19 feb and silverstone half on 19 march? the long runs for those weeks don't really fit in and i don't know what to plan for the week before either ie mini taper?? Chris/George you are both on HH aren't you? are either of you doing those half marathons??
  • havent applied for the brighton but prob going to do it pinks...i thin ksomeone wrote that if you do a race, its similar to doing a run +15%
    gives me my speed...yesterday i was doing 9 min miles for first 4 miles then down to 10.5s but felt that was far too quick
    today was ok...little less energy than normal but not too bad for hilly run
  • disaster! Half way round my 12 mile pre-marathon warm up today, I slipped on the ice. Sprained ankle (not broken thank goodness) which is pretty painful although swelling has gone down a little, plus cut on my elbow which needed 3 stitches. Im feeling dreadful and so worried, but keep telling myself its still 12 weeks to go, and things should be fine. The next one is this series is a 17 at the end of Feb,cant see myself being ready for that, but hopefully will be able to do the Berkhamstead half at the beginning of March.

    Was going well-managing av 10 min miles, which included long slow hill.
    Damn, damn, damn...........
  • Cas, that is quick!! i bet you can't imagine running without your watch now! think long runs are supposed to be 30-9- secs slower than race pace. i find that a bit confusing though seeing as i have not run a race yet!!

    Did 30 mins cross up the gym tonight - 10 mins bike, 10 mins eliptical trainer and 10 mins rowing. Now going to have chicken casserole and mashed potatoes!!!


    ps if you do anything with hills, what is the incline supposed to be for a beginner?
  • LINDA! omg you okay gal??? dont fret, everything will be fine. as you put it there is still 12 weeks to go. Me knee is healing quick. still tingley and tenderish. Didnt do ANY training this weekend. ( means i missed the 7 miler). Going to do it this week sometime, may be tonight.

    does wnyone else feel like their knees are getting tightish??? i think that what the problem may be. still havent got my fundraising pack yet!!! gerrrrrr.

    Pinks, Cas. well done on your runs! Increadable times! oh and Cas YOUR NUTS!
  • Lazer...what about my nuts!?! boom boom !
  • ha ha ha..... im speechless.... *grin*
  • Linda - dont worry you have plenty of time to get over your sprained ankle but rest it this week if you can or just some very gentle slow running. Cross training would be better though.

    Cas well done on you run and Pinks you are great.

    Lazer you need to make sure you really stretch out your legs after each run. A cold bath helps achy knees if you aren't doing that!!! Can you do any off road running for a week to give your legs a rest from the pounding?

  • yeah i can go down the gym and use the treadmill or go cross country. thanks rio. your a fountain of knowledge!
  • Linda you poor thing, you must be feeling very bruised and battered today so rest up and yes there IS plenty of time still.

    Lazer i am having dodgy knees at the moment too and i realise my calves are really tight! i don't think i have been stretching them properly but didn't realise until hubby gave me a bit of a massage on saturday and i nearly went through the bedroon ceiling...going for massage at lunchtime today.
  • Glad you think so Lazer. Just bits I have picked up from the forum over the years and what I have found works for me

    Linda hope your bruises are not too bad today
  • i tried that cold bath thing sat morning...it was vvv cold (it had been snowing overnight) and Mrs C ran it just as i got back...jumped in and jumped straight back out again...nearly killed me!!! how can you sit in a freezing cold bath...its pure pain!!! it nearly burnt me it was that cold!
  • Takes a bit of getting used to Cas. Keep your tophalf covered and take a hot drink in with you to wrap your hands around. Dont have it too deep either, just hip depth. It does get better the more you have but the first couple of seconds are the worst
  • i tried the cold bath this weekend too - omg it certainly gives your system a real shock! i tried your suggestion of the hot drink though and that worked well - i kept thinking 'once i have finished my tea i can get out'. after a while numbness set in and it wasn't too bad!

    Rio do you just have cold baths after a long run or after every session? just wondering if it would be good for my calves - can't seem to stretch them properly!! any suggestions? also (sorry for the never ending questions here!!) did you see my post earlier, over the weekend, re the training schedule and adapting it for the 2 half marathons?
  • Pinks I usually do the cold bath thing after I have had a hard session or a long run. Always after a long run (over an hour) but if a shorter run has included some sharp hills then I might do it then as well. I listen to my body when I run and if it is telling me that I am likely to ache in the morning then into the cold bath I go!

    For stretching:

    Looks a good description of the sorts of stretching you should be doing and as it has pictures you can see what it should look like. Calves are difficult to stretch and there are 2 parts that you should be stretching.

    Your training schedule needs to fit around you and what you want to do so do what you feel comfortable with. Although I generally use HH I also look at the RW plan too as it has races in different places so adapts its weeks accordingly. A half marathon race will take more out of you than a 13 mile run as well remember if you race it!(adds another 5 miles or so to a LSR apparently). Ohterwise you can treat them as a training run going at the sort of speed you would do in training. This will be hard to do though as it is easy to get carried away and run harder than you mean to.
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