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  • oh yes that was the plan. Have no intention of slowing down and taking up knitting yet!
  • dont blame you one bit! I think I will do an ironman before I am 50
  • got my significant 33rd soon!!!feeling like 63rd tho!
  • my significant 42nd beg of march and feeling the same Cas!!! glaad yo hear you are on the mend Linda. i too didn't realise the 854s came in width fittings until i came to order my second pair. do you feel they are heavy too?
  • Iron man! rio your a nutter! i thgought tough guy (http://www.toughguy.co.uk/home.asp) was a challenge, going to try and do that next january.

    Rio, do you think training for iron man is actually healthy. I mean theres keeping fit, and then theres doing way too much for your body to the point it become bad for you. How would you get the time to train for it also?

    but after lookin at it, does seems VERY tempting to have a go at it.

    The step up would be from 15 to 18 instead of 15 to 16. Your probably right though - think ill keep it on the 16.

    how does everyone feel today anyway?
  • ive just had a sports massage and i feel miles better. She could feel some twists and knots down my left side (the side I landed on) but generally said muscles were smooth and long and in good nick. Was also pretty confident that I'd be up and on my feet soon. Bad ankle injury, but seems qute localised and doing well. All in all a good day, and I can really recommend the massage as good preparation
  • You're being really positive Linda, well done!

    i had a sports massage yesterday too and would highly recommend it. my back feels a lot less tight and she worked on my calves and hamstrings and stretched everything out - it was painful at times but the benefits make it worthwhile.

    Does anyone ever come up against a mental block on the training, like 'oh this is all too difficult it would be easier just to give up' etc?? last week i was so full of enthusiasm but this week i could give up quite easily!help?
  • ive had that, I had one on that 10 miler we did just over a week ago. was running and my body was saying you cant but i just kept thinking i can!!! lol. and i did it. goin g to try the gym today as Rio said, going to start off gently.

    Rio im going for Ironman too.. found a friend in the gym who wants to do it in a few years as well so we might train together. Hay maybe the FLM virgin groupie could becone the Ironman vets! lol
  • where is everyone today...are you all as blah as me?? trying v hard to psych myself up to the 3 mile run home. then got 5 miler tomorrow and the only way i can fit it in is to get up at 5.30 to do it on the treadmill at home!!! can someone please have a word with my brain and tell it that i really want to get up at that time and i love running!!!
  • yeh, i found that after i actually got accepted to the marathon and i neared my desired weight (this running malarky was origninally to lose weight) i suddenly couldnt really be arsed. Then i went skiing and injured myself which meant i hadnt trained for 3-4 week when i joined the thread.

    It is a mental battle, but its all about the attitude. For example, on the days where i really dont want to do anything i just think of running across the line and seeing my family etc. and finally being able to say i did the FLM. Especially wearing my 'thats the difference' t-shirt to the pub on monday night for the birthday celebrations. :)

    grinning from ear to ear thinking of it now.

    And ive decided that after the FLM & tough guy im going to try and do iron man - its such a big feat it has to be done!

    .....then im going to run up and down everest , scale kilamanjaro in 3 hours and swim the pacific before tea time....
  • well thanks to accident Im doing nothing at all, probably not for week or so. Physio tomorrow to get some advice. Bought arnica pills and massage balm today to try and get swelling down. Desperate to join you lot with your talk of 3 miles, 5 miles etc but concentrating instead as you say on crossing the line in the Mall. Whats the T-shirt you refer to- do we get one that broadcasts to everyone that we actually did it??
  • ok...focusing on finishing line! yes, as Linda said, what is the t shirt George? is it specific to your charity? remind me...is it your birthday on the actual day of flm?
  • yes it is on the actual day. Lol, no partying for me this time!

    t-shirts, im not sure how you get them but my uncle has one (think you have to pay) it has flor london marathon year 2006 (or 2003 & 4 for him) and then something like on the front it has 'whats the difference between you and me?'
    and on the back it has 'flora london marathon finisher 2006....THATS the difference'

    :D now im off to kung fu....later
  • Evening everyone. Been in London all day for meetings!!

    Pinks - dont get all down now!! It does feel hard sometimes and I remember thinking (and still do sometimes) how am I ever going to go another 13 or 14 miles. Dont worry you will!!! You have plenty of time left to do that slow build up.
    I sometimes wonder how I am going to do it and I know I have done it twice!!!

    George you will have a fab day! go round telling everyone you are having a party as it is your birthday or wear a big Birthday Boy badge!! The support you will get is amazing.
    As for doing an iron man I think I have got to a stage in my life where I want to see what I can do! I was so unsporty in school that I dont know what my limits are!! Mid Life Crisis? Probably!!! lol

    Linda I nearly subbed myself today falling up the stairs at the station!! Cracked my knees on the stairs. Accidents happen you will recover.

    T-shirts are in your goody bag telling the world you have done it!!!! Wearit with pride forever with your medal!!
  • i dont think i will ever take my medal off
  • looks like everyine is going iron man just like i said :) i went to the gym last night and did the 3 miles. nice and easy. went okay actually, little sharp pains every once and a while in the knee but nothing upbarable or worrying. so what year is everyone thinking of doing ironman? you all going UK? i would like to do one abroad. maybe Australia.
  • the one abroad looks easier, but if its in Oz then might be worse due to the heat.

    If im being realistic with my college and stuff and then uni i may be doing it in 2/3 years. Really want to do tough guy winter + Summer next year, and then ill look into iron man.

    like a hobbit standing at the foot of mount doom, it seems totally impossible but it has to be done.
  • Nothing is impossible except that which we tell ourselves it is.

    If I had been told I would run a marathon a few years ago I would have said impossible!!
  • definatly. Ill have to look into tough guy for the winter too. you have a web address for it? cant seem to find one. all i get is websites of tough guy's !! lol

    Pinks, hows you doin? haven spoken i a while! missin ya bebes!

    Rio, loving your advice as always! lookinf forward to being able to talk about the FLM experience.
  • Hey guys, been busy with work and kids etc and having an 'off' moment yesterday with the running. ran home though from work - its about 5.2km and that felt lots better. had intended to get up at 5.30 this morning to do my 6 miler as i have such a busy day but Mr Pinks said i was too tired and made me go back to sleep (he is up at 5.15 to get to London). so i am going to leave work a bit early and do a longer route to get the miles in. think i was just struggling a bit with the treadmill because i run really slow on it so 6 miles just takes forever and somehow when i looked at the schedule for the rest of the 12 weeks i just thought 'i can't do this'- think just abit hard sometimes to fit around work and children. thanks Rio for the confidence boost - i needed that!!

    hope you all ok and everyone recovering from their injuries. lazer helloooooooo!
  • hellooooooooooo pinks,

    i dropped a few hints to my parents what i would like for my 21st on the 22nd march already! lol i dropped in that i want a GARMIN FORERUNNER 305. lol. cheekey i know but has to be done.
  • Well, fingers crossed the birthday fairy waves its magic wand!!

    ok, anyone know how i find a suitable hill to run up ie what am i looking for in terms of incline and how long the hill is? i feel i need to add a bit of variety in to my programme to lift my spirits a bit.
  • Pinks the incline doesn't matter too much and until you are used to running up them they shouldn't be too steep anyway. Just find one that you can run consistent efforts of 1 minute up(to start) and repeat anything between 2 and 8 times. Always trying to keep the efforts at the same rate despite the fact that it will get harder (ie make the last rep as quick as the first)

    That is not to say that they should be flat out pace and will infact be slower than your normal running but the pace should be consistent for all the reps.
    If you find that you are slowing call it quits for today and add the extra one the next time.

    Jog slowly back down the hill for recovery giving yourself either til you get to where you started from or 1 minute whichever is the longest
  • lazer - http://www.toughguy.co.uk/home.asp

    Each tough guy has a different theme, the one just gone was the viking invasion or something.

    I am SO VERY CHILLY, really dont want to do the 6 today, and my legs feels shredded from kung fu last night - twas v. intense. Might rest up today and hit the 6 tomorrow instead. Havent decided yet, have to let lunch digest first anyway lol.

  • George just imagine how warm you will be when you finish!! Turning the heating down and everything!!
  • i've got the six tonight too. i thought it was five again but then realised i was looking at last week! really trying to get myself motivated to run home even though it is freezing and grey outside. i can take the long route which is about 4 miles and then only have to do 2 on the treadmill when i get in...6 on the treadmill would be so mind numbing i don't think i could do it.

    finding this week really hard! Also there is the flm gold bond training weekend this weekend and everyone from stroke association is going on the saturday but little son is really poorly and doesn't want me to go but is ok with me going for a long run for a few hours instead. if i go to london i would have to do long run sunday and not sure i could motivate myself to do that...decisions!
  • Pinks your family comes first in all of this. I didn't go to any of the training days for CwL even though I would have liked to as I couldn't allow the time. It wont affect your running and you will eet plenty of people on the way round who are running and supporting you, you wont lose anything by not going.

    This week being hard is par for the course and if you really feel that you need the time only do a 4 you wont lose any fitness by doing 4 rather than 6. Or do a really tough hill or speed session which can be done in half the time. Quality of short runs counts more than quantity.

    Another thing, if you dont take it easy when you need to you will be down with your sons poorliness as you will reduce your immune system!!!

    So plan for tonight Pinks - 1 mile warm up (11min/mile)on the treadmill then 2 x 1 miles at 9min miles (or as close as you can manage) with half mile recovery (11m/m). then 1 mile cool down. That would equate to 4.5 miles but quicker than you would do them normally. (around 45 mins)
  • cheers for that post rio, was the weight that tipped the scales in favour of going. Was a boring 6 miles, so filled my time with maths (anyone else do this? maths equations in their head - maybe im just wierd), what i was going to do with my coursework and what i was going to eat when i got in. Then i thought about how expensive this hobby can actually be if you take it seriously. All my gear has probably cost 500 quid so far!

    did it in 50 minutes, so wasnt too chuffed with that - need to speed it up but i was slightly tired and this niggling thing in my right shin is still there....hmm

    any way, how is everyone doing tonight?
  • Hi Rio, thanks so much you are a star and i feel much better! i didn't actually pick up your post until i got home...i left work at 4.30 and ran the long way home (I was really pushing it with the light fading) which was about 7.5km. i took it a t a fairly easy pace but then did a couple of fast spurts of about 50-100m. when i got home i jumped straight on the treadmill and did the last bit to make it up to 6 miles at quite a fast pace with Josh watching the Simpsons while i ran!!

    i'm still going to be juggling things to do the 3 miler tomorrow but might get up half an hour early and do it first thing. i have the chiropractor at lunchtime so won't be able to run for a good 24hrs after that.

    i think half my problem at the moment is that everyone is talking about times for their runs and i'm slower than them all (1hr 5min for 6 miles tonight and i'm 10 mins slower than Georges time and he is not happy with his time) so it is quite hard mentally to then feel positive. i tried running faster on my LSR last weekend but after about mile 4 it felt really hard work so i know it was a mistake. i just have to keep telling myself that LSR means just that - SLOW!
  • tbh my dad did the marathon in 6 hours, and he was 35. So if thats anything to go on youll fly past his time.

    In all honesty im on a bit of a mission, so where im not happy with my time its only because im thinking to myself im 19, should be at the peak of my performance but still cant break 7 minute and 6.5 minute miles. Also dont forget you have loads on, and your finding it tough to fit the running in let alone make up the speed.

    If it bothers you lots then maybe instead of doing a 3 mile normal run, do an interval session or fartlek session in the week - it increases your plodding speed and you should find your faster.

    ironically (and the reason i moan) i am slower than i was before i started sticking to the plan, because before i was doing hill, speed and fartlek training where now im mainly doing the mileage without any of that.

    and dont forget were a minority here, compared to all the lazy slobs that sit at home infront of the tv munching on their tv microwave dinners (sorry if anyone eats tv microwave dinners) were a different breed. Not many people get to say they have done a marathon, a select few maybe but not by any means a majority.
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