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  • Right time to put some things straight for you Pinks!! You are doing extremely well with your times!!! 10 min miles is very good I am a 10m miler on average and I have been running for 6 years. 10 min miling will get you round in 4.30 (a very respectable time which I haven't managed yet!!)

    Make your shorter runs quality sessions like George said - speed, hills etc. They will make you faster and improve your indurance. One session should be at marathon pace (whatever that might be) and then there will be your LSR done at least 1min mile slower than your race pace.

    No one should be a slave to their schedule missing one or even 2 runs in a week will not affect you ultimately (unless it becomes a regular occurance when you need to revise your goal or your schedule.)

    If you are not careful Pinks you will push yourself into an injury which you really dont need right now. Enjoy your running and dont pressure yourself into times which you are not capable of this year. Live to race faster another day!!!!!!!!
  • thanks both of you for being so grounded and keeping me that way too. i started reading John (the penguin) Binghams book last night and that really helped too. felt much more positive so got up half an hour early and did a quick short run - just under 3 miles. that certainly woke me up!! now can rest for the remainder of the day and tomorrow to prepare for lsr on saturday. i am determined to start (and end) slow on that 12 miler. do you know the easiest way to work out what speed i need to run at to do eg 11-11 1/2 min miles (I'm a lawyer - i can't do maths!) because then i can just keep an even steady pace. i need it in km/hr though because that is what my watch/footpod thingy uses.

    mmm...also note what you say re injusries in pushing too hard...had achy kneew and feet this last week/10 days.

    thanks again - can't tell you how brilliant it is to have you to speak to!!
  • Pinks that is what this forum is for! To pass on useful tips and bits that we have picked up over the years.

    I have just ordered the Garmin 301 from ebay £144 bargain. Should arrive tomorrow cos I paid extra for postage!! just in time for my 10k on Sunday!!
    I have one of the Navman things but it is dificult to see the display when you are running and it doesnt have an HRM (not that I like them) but I think I will need to work out my Max HR for my trailplus weekend next weekend!

    Boy am I excited about both!
  • That's a brilliant price!!! must admit i love my polar and really quickly got used to wearing the hr monitor and don't even notice it now. haven't done a max heart rate test yet so have just been going on 226 - age and then taking resting heart rate off that to work out % on working heart rate which gives a more accurate number. i now tend to keep an eye more on the heart rate than the speed. let me know how you get on with your Garmin - i'm sure you'll love it!
  • Well I hope so! I dont really like gadgets (well I like buying them but forget to weat them!) Hopefully this will be different. If I find it easy to use and the information useful then no doubt it will be a worthwhile buy.
    will keep you posted

    No way could I afford/justify the RRP of £200 so I thought it was a bargain
  • You will wonder what yo did without it, the 301 is awesome. Really awesome. love it :D:D

    i find sometimes my heart rate can stay the same in two different places i.e. on a tough hill and on a straight flat. You end up working harder on the hill but HR stays the same.....might not be analysing the data accurately tho.

    Either way, lots of fun to be had with the 301!

  • Thanks George. Had an email saying it has been dispatched so look forward to playing tomorrow
  • well did my 6 miler with a bloke who did the tough guy at the weekend. the adirun was ok...we did it in about 52 mins...bit too quick but felt alright...couldnt keep the pace up for much more.
    not looking forward to 12 miles on sat
    working far too hard as well!
  • But Cas you wont be running your 12 miles at that pace!!!!!!!! I like 12 miles! You feel like you have done something and have had a couple of hours of fresh air! At least the weather is going to be dry! could be a lot worse if it was persisting down!!!!
  • Cas, LSR means long SLOW run! no more talk of times from me...i'm going to finish this marathon and i'm going to be able to walk afterwards too with a smile on my face and if anyone asks my time i'm saying...'ask me how much money i have raised'! (if you want to know please look at www.justgiving.com/taylormade )

    rio do you listen to music when you run? i only do when i do the short ones indoors but lots of people seem to be talking about taking their mp3s/ipods on the day.

    Cas, how's your watch?
  • Pinks I only take my Mp3 on my long runs and certainly dont like it during races. The london is so special anyway with great music and atmosphere I think it would spoil it if you zoned out with your music. Also you need to show the crowd some appreciation for their support and it is too easy to drift off when listening and you dont take it all in.

    I am a bit of a show off though and like to go round talking to the crowd and other runners so couldn't do that if I had my Mp3 with me I might miss something!! lol
  • Excellent total so far by the way!! Well done
  • well i might not be running but at least Im staying motivated just reading all your stuff. Ankle lots better today-physio yesterday has helped- its strapped up to my knee, I have loads of exercises to do and he made me feel better by saying that I can use the bike-which I havent yet cos I was feeling too sorry for myself last night so did 30 minutes crying instead! Today though is another day and Im going to pick up by doing some brisk walking and using the exercise bike. In another 10 days or so I'll be able to run again and You're right its easy to overdo-all of us seem to have twinges here and there so perhaps my 2 weeks enforced rest is no bad thing. Im going to do it-and Im going to finish!
    PS-picked up your thoughts about the training-I did a day's training with my charity-it was really good, not necessarily from the "this is how to run" point of view but from the "yes you can do it" point if view.
  • Linda you can do it!!! If you do it to get round this year you will know what you have to face in future years so can come back stronger than ever.
    To put it in perspective - you can actually walk all the way round at a brisk pace and get round inside 7 hours which is the time when they start opening the roads again!!!!
    So you still wont be with the dustcart
  • waoh pinks you go! thats an insane amount of money - makes my 150 quid look measly.

    Yeh, im wondering when my shins are going to stop hurting. all the same quite excited about the 12 on sat, done know why but should be fun!
  • cor blimy pinks..thats a fair whack! am up to 1200 but havent started pestering people yet!

    watchi s good...only complaint is it takes a coupl eof minutes to acquire the sats
  • Hi, my friend and I have been training for the FLM a year now and we're really excited about running it together. However, noticed today that we've got different starts - she's in the red start and I'm in the blue start because of our racing numbers. Would the organisers mind too much if we started together? Otherwise, we'll never find each other in the crowd :-(

  • Hi all, reading your comments about running slow has cheered me up. At my gym, one of the trainers said to me that I should be aiming for 9 min/miles because 10, 11 or 12 mins/mile is just shuffling along. It made me feel a bit depressed.

    I did 6 miles yesterday and ran as fast as I could over that distance and achieved a time of 1:00:36, so I averaged 10.05 min/mile, whether I could hold that speed over 26 miles is another matter. I thought that I would aim for 11 min/mile at the marathon - do you think that'll be realistic? It'll give me a finishing time of 4:48 which I'll be reasonably pleased with - although 4:30 would have been better !
  • dont think so chris, if your in different pens youll start at different times and place. One of you could wait for the other to catch up tho?
  • Chris it is not likely that you will find your friend as it isn't really possible to change start lines (pens are easier but start lines no!)

    If your gym trainer had told me that I was shuffling along at 10mm I would be telling him to stuff his gym or prove to me that he could do better!!
    Th majority of the runners will be doing 10/11/12 min miles so dont worry and 11 min/miles is perfectly achievable. If you are feeling good towards the end of the marathon you can speed up over the last couple of miles and get your 4.30
  • 11 min miles sound good to me...just want to be able to smile when i cross the line...am hoping its a lady at the line so i can give her a big kiss!!! (after the dip finish of course!)
  • Thank you for your comments re pace speed - you really have cheered me up no end.

    I was getting quite despondent and thinking that I must be hopeless at this. Mr Chris2 keeps saying that for my age (I'm 51 and I've only been running a year) that I'm doing brilliantly and ignore the comments from Gym instructor.

    So once again thanks.
  • Chris you really are doing brilliantly with your level of experience!! Ignore negative comments which are usually made by ignorant and jealous individuals!
  • Chris - you are doing fantastically and don't let anyone tell you differently. i reckon the guy in the gym doesn't know what he is talking about - ask him what his running/coaching running history is - he is probably a 400m sprinter and hasn't a clue about marathon training. i will be doing 11min miles and slower and my aim is to finish feeling healthy and smiling and not to burn out before the day. i am reading John (the penguin) Bingham's book 'Marathons for Mortals' which is excellent and has examples of mistakes he and other runners made in both training for and running marathons and how not too make the same ones yourself. it is a very sensible book especially, i think, for first timers. (PS you are 10 years older than me but still faster!!)

  • That is a good book Pinks I read it last year and it makes a lot of sense.
    And I also agree that Chris is doing really well. Like you she is 10 yrs older than me but quicker too. She wants to go tell her instructor to take a running jump!
  • Exactly!! maybe we should all go tell that gym instructor together! when i first started going to the gym and running 3 years ago i had a few personal training sessions. the pt didn't listen to the fact i was a complete beginner and tried getting me to run intervals of 3 mins at 11km/hr and recoveries (ha ha) at 9km/hr. it nearlly killed me and totally put me off and i still can't run at that pace now!!

    just bought some kendal mint cake to try out on lsr tomorrow - saw it in rw mag this month - and its really yummy. Rio do you know anyone thats tried it on flm?
  • No but have been tempted to try it myself Pinks. It really doesn't matter what you take as long as it agrees with you. You will soon know if it doesn't!!! I like the High5 gels but am going to try starburst as a cheaper alternative!

    Like jelly babies but they dont like me. You do need to know as people hand sweets out on the way round so if you feel like taking them you need to know if they agree with you. Be minful of those that are unwrapped though!!!!!! ugghhh!!
  • Thanks for the tip - I think I'll get that book "Marathons for Mortals" - see what John Bingham says. I'm following the Hal Higdon schedule for novices, and the longest runs at the moment for me are 12 - 13 miles. I've got a 15 miler on 26 Feb, then the next bigger one is 18 miles on 26 March, then 20 miles on 2 April, then it tapers right back.

    I've put myself in for the Fleet half marathon on 19 March - that'll be interesting to see what time I get in that.

    What schedules is everyone else following?
  • Chris I followed the HH novice for the last 2 years and it is excellent am doing his Intermediate 1 this year.

    You wont go wrong on that!!
  • Rio, going to try the mint cake tomorrow - will take tissues with me!!!!! can't bear the texture of the gels - just way too gloopy!!

    Chris, i am on exactly the same plan as you and trying to follow it to the letter. 12 miles tomorrow!
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