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  • one of my SA friends who went to the gold bond weekend said they give water in bottles but with the lid off at every mile past 3 miles and then lucozade orange in sachets at every 3 miles.

    i'm just taking a bum bag i think. Rio, what do you suggest?
  • Pogwog the water comes in bottles so you can carry one as far as you need to. If you get a bottle at the start it will have its lid so you can take that with you.

    Vaseline is also out on the course so when you see the St John's Ambulance people with their hands out dont give them a friendly slap unless you are after vaseline!!!

    I managed with one of the gel belts. big enough for phone, carries 12 gels (I think) I also had an energy bar (although if you register on the supporters thread someone will have something you have asked for waiting at mile 18 (Mudchute) and that is what your supporters are for too!!!!!!

    There should also be enough room for an inhaler if you need one.
    You really dont want to be carrying anything you dont have to as by the end it will get very heavy (even your camelback with nothing in it!)

    Get an arm thing if you want to take an ipod but I wouldn't bother with one you really dont need it (except at docklands)

    A bum bag should be plenty
  • Rio

    I wonder if you might be able to help me. I am doing the HAl Higdon plan, I am at the beginning of week 9 (one week spare in case of illness etc). Unfortunarely I have mis measured my last two weeks LSRs. They were supposed to be 12 and 13 miles and I ran the same one twice (lazy I know) thinking it was 12.5 miles. In fact when I double checked on gmap pedometer this morning it was 11.3 miles so quite short. So what should i do now?
    The other problems it I am entered in a 10K on Saturday.

    Any help appreciated.

  • hooray- physio today and ankle looking much better. Swelling almost gone and much less purple. Im allowed a 10 minute "shuffle" tonight-Im back on my way to London!!!!
  • Linda that's brilliant news - take it steady and only do as much as feels ok - still 11 weeks to go so plenty of time.

    Fiona, doesn't sound too far out from the schedule. i am on that one too on week 8 and am having to shuffle it around as i have a half marathon on 19 feb when it should only be 10 miles.

    Rio, whats the supporters thread?
  • hello peps! Im back!!! lol. hope you al missed me!! xx
  • Hi everyone,

    sorry to butt in to your conversation but i've been keeping a close eye on it during the past few weeks. i went to the training day at the weekend, and they said that when they give you a bottle of water in the holding area, their taking the tops of those as well, as the bottles on the course, a bit of useless piece of info for ya, i was gonna buy a bottle of water nick the top and just screw it onto the bottles and take it off again when i chuck it.

  • actually that v useful nicky, thanks. at least it warns us if we want to keep out water with us
  • Maybe a dumb question, but why do they take the tops off the bottles?
  • Hey Lazer, where you been??!!

    Hi Nicky Nutty Socks (think you should change your nickname to that) good to see you back on here. that's a really really good idea. do you know what make of water it is so can buy the same bottle so the lid fits. otherwise take a bottle (empty) of your own with sports cap and then just refill it with the ones they give you...have vision of me trying to run while filling one bottle from another...i don't think so!! still, would be very entertaining at every mile marker!

    Rio, i've ordered a mixed pack of the High5 gels to try - if i can't get on with them i'll send them on to you!

    my number and chip just arrived for Brighton half - i can't believe i am actually entered into a race for the first time in my life, how scary is that! how do you attach the number? safety pins?
  • Hi Rio Fair - that's really useful info thanks. Would you suggest 12 gels? I take
    one on average every 5 miles - so that would be 5 - am I taking too few? Thanks.
  • we get Vittel water loverly!!!!!!!!
  • Nicks, are they the little squat bottles or don't you know.

    did you get your Brighton number? did you see the post on the SA forum re run together from me/Ian?
  • i can't remember the size of the bottles, i did see the post, i'd love to run with everyone, but i can't run n talk, so don't want people to think i'm an ignorant moo
  • I think the bottles are of the 250ml kind and the reason they take the tops off is because they are harder to dispose of and if bottles get thrown down with the lids on they dont squash when trodden on and are likely to trip someone. The same goes for the lucozade! (beware in the lucozade area for people treading on discarded pouches - you can end up very sticky!!!!!!)

    Fiona I wouldn't worry about mixing and matching your weekends too much that isn't such a drastic drop from one week to the next and I have done the same myself.

    Chris you will need 1 gel per 15-30 mins after the first hour so you can work out what you might need. But also be aware that you might get very hungry so take an energy bar to replace a couple of gels in case (but do practice on your long runs starting now!)

    I will find the supporters thread in a sec Pinks. They are a great load of forumites who volunteer to man the RW supporters point at mudchute handing out whatever you ask them to bring for you (within reason ie bananas, energy bars that kind of thing)

    there are usually bottles with lids under the tables! You can ask for tops too. the other thing you can do is stick your finger in the top that stops it spilling
  • Uhmmm.... I must admit I don't take anywhere near that amount of gels now. I'll have to start practising taking some more whilst on my long runs.
  • Only take then if you need to Chris. If you find they last you longer than 30 mins then fine. But normally they only last for about 15 mins or so and you do need to start taking them before you run out of glycogen.

    I will probably take 6 or 7 and have an energy bar with me (or have one waiting at mile 18). This will be 1 every half hour after the first hour. But be your own judge and find what you need
  • OK thanks. I think I'll try these High 5's out, the Power Bar gels are OK, but terribly gloopy and its difficult to force the gloop down sometimes.
  • Give them a go I dont find them gloopy at all - more the consistency of runny honey so quite easy to swallow.

    If anyone likes honey that is a good alternative too and you can buy that in sachets too.
  • im okay thanks pinks. just been off work VERY ill, gastric rentaritus (cant spell) been confined to bed and have just manaded to crawl to the computer at home. i really need to pick up my training again.
  • Lazer take it very slowly. You are likely to be dehydrated, or will get dehydrated very quickly. go right back to run/walk for a short time until you get your strength back.

    Dont do too much too soon or you could end up very poorly for a very long time with viral fatigue!!!!!
  • sounds lovely Rio. lol. will do thanks. doing 3 miles tomorrow on a SLOW pace. so with everyone talking about taking Gels on the Big day what you all carrying them in???
  • You can get gel belts that take them or you can just pin them to your top or shorts Lazer

    do that 3 miles very very slow and walk before you need to!!! Gastroenteritus really takes it out of you so dont worry if you still feel weak for a week or so. cut your mileage right back. Make sure you eat healthily and you will be back on track in no time
  • will do, just feel like i havent got my mileage up and not in shape or on target top even finish the marathon.
  • Your health comes first Lazer there is always another marathon!! I know that sounds hard but imagine how you will feel if you make yourself so poorly you cannot work for a year and believe me it can and does happen!!!!

    You will still finish the marathon as long as you look after yourself NOW! You can run/walk or even walk the whole thing. you will still have completed it. Then you aim for next year!! All it means is maybe revising your time this time.
  • so did you say you can ask for a top rio? i take it the lucozade also doesnt have a top on it??? going to try some dried apricots on the weekends LSR, and taking more gells with me for sure!!!

    are there a lot of people stopping at the side of the road? im thinking with regard to maybe putting my family strategically placed with the stuff i might not want to carry with me, eg bars and stuff.
  • Morning

    PW I asked for a top last year and was given one but the bottles under the table had tops on and you could get one of those.

    The lucozade doesn't have tops on either no.

    Be careful with the apricots!! Make sure you take toilet paper with you in case of emergencies!!

    There are loads of people who stop to get things or chat to friends and family en route. The only problem might be spotting them! I have missed my family a couple of times. So if you can be sure you will spot them (or them you) fine otherwise you will have to do without.

    Dont forget that you will be getting through the bars and things so you will get lighter as you travel round the course.

    Its a matter of working out what is right for you
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