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  • Fenster you could have a very good point there!! by the time i am done i am normally so cold and/or hungry and/or sweaty that i have a tendency to rush stretching. how long do you reckon i should warm down for and how long for stretching?

    sharon i still have difficulty with my breathing now as i used to have asthma and have a tendency to overbreathe. don't know if it is correct but i was told to concentrate on breathing in for 2 strides then out for 2 strides and after about the first 2 miles i am fine and forget about it and just relax. a couple of weeks ago i ran home from work but it wasn't quite light enough and there is one bit in the village without any street lamps - i was so scared that my breathing was all over the place and by the time i got home i was wheezing...not doing that again!
  • man alive, i swear some days this thread just sits and stagnates and other days i go to college for an hour and its a couple of pages past!

    Good point on the 'non runners' and their 'whats the point attitude'....this it stems down to them wanting to do stuff similar to the FLM but being too lazy or defeatest to get started. I know it took a lot to get me off the sofa back when i started running! lol.

    Ordered some carbohydrate gum, and some hi5 energy bars so gona try them out on sat. Feeling good about it, as was 12.5 last sat and so im only really increasing it by about .5, so should be doable. Hello to new pps! this thread's gettin lively!

    Did a pyramid speed session today, tried to do it twice but was so knackard. Ended up about 4 miles, feeling it in my lower calf muscles a bit & im sure kung fu will finish me off tonight.

  • I am a firm believer of the warm up and warm down being the most important part of run, and agree easier said than done. i did an 11mile run at the end of the run stopped to talk to a neighbour without warm down and stretch and was very sore afterwards.

    apparently you should do a routine of stretching everyday whether rest day or not. Again advice i want to follow but rarely do.
    I do five min fast walking to warm down and then a good five min stretching which i love doing in front of Tv although often forget to take muddy shoes off first and get dirt on carpet woops!!!
  • yeh, i have to love stretching. Although sometimes i cant be bothered. After LSR always stretch for a good 10 minutes, before ice bath (not sure if your sposed to ice bath then stretch or vice versa)

    Recovery food is as important though.
  • PW what is carbo gum? is that another new product to me?!

    Asked my best friend if she would come to watch FLM (she runs and has done a few halfs but didn't want to do FLM unless she knew she would do it in under 4hrs) and she said she felt if she watched she would want to join in...is that a friend?

    Fenster i will make a real effort tonight after my run home (3 miles)and see if that makes a difference. my right knee still v sore on the front just below the knee cap.
  • Hi PW

    I agree starting running was hardest part but now im really into it, and its now such a regular part of my life... sometimes think what will happen after the LFM its been such a big goal in life... wonder if will continue running cant imagine to returning back to watching soaps on sofa but wonder if have any further motivation.. i guess time will tell.

    Sorry for ignorance, think understand principle of pyramid speed session but do you work up to longer or shorter segments of running ie which way up or down the pryamid do you go!!
  • not sure what the question is that a friend ellicits... :S

    Click me pinks!
    and look at the Squeezy Energy Gum - Pack Of 10 Bags £9.95

    just trying it out lol, also going to try the dextrose tabs at some point.

    also do hi5 gells and bars on that wiggle site, they accept solo so is a plus for me. Dont do your knee in pinks, maybe thing about getting This - could be worth a try...

  • Thanks Pinkerbelle. I am going for a run later so will try the technique.
  • gosh I pop out for an hour and it goes mad!!

    JJJ you only need one or the other. some people prefer to use gels with water others an energy drink (but it needs to be an energy drink not isotonic) Choose what you want and stick with it. The gels are just easier to carry though they do need to be taken with a few mouthfuls of water.

    Glad you like the gels Pinks!! Only the best advice available here!!! lol I have been tempted by some of the supplements but I take a multivit with iron and a glucosamine every day so dont think it would be worth anything else. For the day I will be taking gels and a bar in case I get hungry (I know I will do!!) The drinks are useful if you run out or want to keep the gels for the day to save you buying any more.

    Fen I only stretch after I have run (and then usually when I have been out with my ladies) I am very very bad about it. I dont warm up either as such just ease into any run for the first mile. The only time I do it very regularly is if I am sore or tight anywhere.

    Ice those calves George - the perfect time to have that cold bath - when you get back from one of those sessions!!!!!
  • Pinks i know you probably had this advice before, but i had pain in knee and went and had feet anyalised and got a desent pair of trainers and never had ache since.

    Think your friend is jealous and gutted that you've done what shes scared to do or wished shed also done herself. I would try not to take it personally as think it is more to do with your friend wishing she was running it too rather than about supporting you. and as for the sub 4hrs statement think she should try and attempt a marathon before throwing statements like that out

    better to try and not achieve than not bother trying.
  • PW what is you r recovery food regime? oh, btw, i am SLOWLY incorporating a bit of fruit and it seems to be ok. today i had chicken with salad (lettuce,cucumber,tomatoes) and then melon,grapes,bluberries and raspberries for afters. think if i do it slowly and steer clear of bananas and apples i might be ok. do you know anything about the supplements on the high5 site and what would be good for me to take?
  • Pinks whats wrong with Bananas and apples?
  • Pinks take it easy on that knee rest now or repent forever!!! Why do you think you need a supplement. If you are having a balanced diet they are only there to tempt money from your pocket.
    The only thing that I would recommend is quite expensive and is Human Cortaflex (I dont know if High 5 do it) It has been used successfully on horses for years and is excellent for repairing damage to ligaments and joints

    My recovery food is a "build up" soup (those soups for invalids!!) Quite tasty high in protein and moderate carbohydrate taken whilst having my cold bath!!

    PW you stretch before your bath that is right!
  • Fenster, i have major stomach problems with bananas and apples - think a kind of fruit intolerance - believe me it is worse than being in labour!!! did get some proper shoes from sweatshop where they looked at my feet and how i run but must admit they are 5/6 months old now so probably need to be chucked out. i ordered another identical pair which i have been using on v short runs to break in but they are rubbing my little toe on one foot and there seems to be an extra bit of material or stitshing or something on the inside which is really annoying! then i find out that they have been discontinued...aaah!!!
  • Pinks there will be an updated model - what have you got?
  • well today i did 1min Sprint, 1min Rest, 2S,2R,3S,3R,3S,3R,2S,2R,1S,1R. Intended to repeat the whole lot, but felt knackard and had unintentionally hit 3 miles in the process. Think next time I'm going to do the same and then instead of repeating it all just do 1min sprint, 1 min rest a few times to get used to continuing the transition, then when i get fitter will attempt at doing the first pyramid twice. Dont think ill have much room for improvement by time marathon comes round but past marathon might try and push it way up to 5S,5R. Will have to see.
  • Pinks have you worn them outside or just on treadmill, if just indoors take them back, Rios right they will have an updated model
  • PW you dont need to do it any more than once. Once you can do it once ok then add a 4 mins and eventually a 5 mins into it. You will get more benefit that way rather than doing it twice.
  • new balance 854 - i'm sure i read somewhere though that the updated model hadn't got good reviews at all. unfortunately i have used them outside but may well take them back to the shop anyway as clearly there is something wrong in the manufacture of them.

    knee wasn't a problem until that 13 miler on saturday??!!
  • This pryamid speed work. When you rest do you walk it or just a slow recovery jog?

    Pinks: Consumer rights take them back, especially if from reptable shop
  • good one on the fruit pinks, as for recovery food for me its anything high GI and some protein. Thinking of trying the high5 protein bars for recovery also - could be easier for family to carry than oj, berries and bananas! Not like 100% important but you need some protein for muscle recovery and an insulin spike for efficient uptake of protein. A good recovery food could be harribo & turkey breast (just an example) of course any type of carbohydrate is better than none. Toast with jam maybe? it really is down to what works for you.

    Some recovery foods have failed for me, others have worked a treat. It becomes clearer and clearer that fruit and meat is what sorts me out, but for you that obviously isnt going to be as effective. you could maybe put a baked potato in the oven for when you get back, or make some mashed sweet potato, keep in it the fridge and nuke it in the microwave when you get back, add some chicken or ham and that couyld be good. Potatoes are high GI so will help spike insulin levels, and because of the slow cooking nature of a baked potato it can be put in on your way out, and be perfect on your way in!
  • I remember now. It could be that you have just done too much. You could ask for the equivalent in another make though!! If they are faulty dont hesitate to take them back.
  • i slow jogged it, which got slower on the last 3 minute recovery as the last 3 min sprint had a hill stuck at the end of it lol!

    Rio - cheers for that, will try and work 4 & 5 minutes into it. Going to stick to the 3 for a bit though, as it really did take it out of me! Had no idea id cover 4 miles.

    Pinks, is it possible that your running gait could have changed when they gave you the running shoes those months ago? my new balance trainers are stabalising ones, but guy at the shop said not to buy the same ones when they run out, as they may have corrected what needed correcting and my feet may be suitable to a different type of shoe, but instead to come back and get re assesed first....take them back, aside from possibly being a hinderence on your performance and comfort they could, now youve realised theres a problem, affect you psychologically....sometimes when im out running and my shirt doesnt fit right, or my HRM rubs a bit i cant take my mind off it and i end up frustrated.
  • It is amazing how far you can get George but if your pace is around 8 min miles then that is perfectly achievable (by the time you can do that 4 mins you will have covered half a mile) You get a really good workout for a short time!!

    Pinks George has a point. I have been running in shoes for moderate pronators for years but the problem I had with my leg was down to the fact that I am now a neutral runner - had my gait checked on a treadmill/video today. so it is possible that as you have got stronger your gait may have changed
  • thanks everyone - i am definitely off to the running shop at the weekend and will take both pairs of trainers for them to inspect!

    going to get ready for run home now...see you later:-)
  • I was an over pronator and have been wearing Asics 1100 for a year, then couple of weeks back I had a gait analysis done by Asics and I'm now neutral - so got a pair of Asics Nimbus and they are wonderful, so you're right - you're gait can change
  • fenster...shame on the nurses outfit! green fleece isnt as cool! would only see you running off into the distance anyway whilst i jog round at about 10 min miles (for a weds!)
    see you there tomorrow then! i'll be hte one wearing the luminous yellow bib! and asics nimbus btw...sort of shiny blue and silver ! and black bottoms whilst looking stressed and knackered from work!

    pinks...did about 3.5/4 miles today along the thames...legs felt heavy and sore...the lsr on sat was fine tho.

    have entered brighton now btw pinks if you fancy a stroll along the promonade next week!
  • Well done Cas 3.5 miles is ok. My legs felt tired today despite new shoes. I think they still have the 10k and last nights training in them. going to do an easy session tomorrow.

    Got caught up with the wrong group in the club tonight ended up trying to keep up with the 8-8.30 pace group. Managed for the first mile or so but they gradually pulled into the distance. So had to find a lonely short cut home. Still managed around 4.5 miles in 45 minutes on another hilly route!! (Shame London isnt hilly I would win!!)
  • uugh, pain is the word for it:

    fitness test in KF, run span of hall, 40 press ups, then run again, 30 press ups, run again, 20, ruan again, 10....then do the same for burpies (proper ones) and then star jumps (proper ones)

    depends how i feel tomorrow but i think im out for the 6!

    my legs actually feel like lead.
  • Then dont do it PW give your body a break. If you overtrain now you really will pay soon and it may mean that you get injured! or come down with some viurs or other lurgy!!

    All the cross training you are doing will give you the extra boost when your running muscles are tired.

    Remember you need your rest it is as important as the running!!
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