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  • Thanks RF, will def get the marathon pack - it's worth it for the gel waist band alone.
  • I haven't even done that C2 - So I'm sure you'll be fine. My aim for the FLM is to finish and have fun - I don't really care about time for my first one. I just don'e want to crawl across the line in pain :-D
  • JJJ yes you can buy the band separately but it normally costs around £14

    Chris please dont panic yet. You have 3 months!! The runs are long enough without you adding to them. You really will get there dont worry. It is perfectly normal to feel nervous but dont do anything rash!
    Get comfortable with what you are doing. time on your feet is as important as distance. If you feel you need to be doing more then add some speed or hills to your mid week sessions (1 only) as this will help your overall endurance on minimal mileage
  • JJJ you will be in pain I assure you
  • No, not 3 months - its 2 months 14 days 10 hours - not that I'm counting or anything !!
  • Well Chris it is still enough to get those long runs in slowly enough to get you round safely.

    Stick to your schedules guys though I know it is tempting to want to do more. But the schedules are done to make sure you can get round in the best possible shape and the best possible time for you
  • grrrr....still immobile. Last time it took me longer than 2 days to recover it took a whole week. Think im going to end up missing the LSR, which is going to annoy me. Might try and do 3 slow miles in a sec, see how that goes. Really not sure that it will though!!

    wish my sifu understood me when i said 'im training for the marathon, and if i do this i wont be able to' right before he put us through half an hour of hell.
  • No PW do nothing - rest please!!
    It maybe an idea to decide which you want most - a good marathon - or to possibly be injured and not able to perform at your best. At least your martial arts you can go back to! If you are injured you may never run the marathon at all

    Your decision at the end of the day! But I know what I would do.

    You do need those LSRs now (even if it is at a walk) but if you still hurt then mot this week

    Eat plenty of carbs too remember because when your glycogen is low you will be more prone to injuries - not just the protein
  • Morning all

    Had good run up last night at the adidas run which was really enjoyable! Good time Chris, unfortunately had no idea of time as forgot to put timer on duh!!!! I do know that i finished about 7:05 at the warm up/warm down point, you dont have any idea what time we started do Chris?

    PW definately agree with Rio, rest is the key to sucess. A few weeks back had a sore knee so rested and missed LSR, now all back on course with training and no knee problems, resting will not harm training, although agree its very frustrating!!
  • OMG there i was feeling really pleased with my run last night of 6 miles...ran 3 home doing short speed spurts of 50m or so and jogging between the got home and jumped on treadmill and did 400m repeats - 400m fast (ie completing in 2min15) and then brisk walk for 200m recovery)...and then i see how FAST everyone did their 6 ilers!!! Cas that was excellent - what gels or food are you on???

    i'm now worrying that i'm not actually improving at all - how will i know? was going to rest today but now wonder if i should push on with the 3 miler i am scheduled to do...
  • Fenn
    well we leave the shop at about 6.20 on the first phase...so that would mean that you are doing the 5.5 miles in 45 mins...just a little bit quicker than me - thought i did have a good sprint back to the shop! doing 6 or 8 next week? had to run on my own last night as noone around running at my pace!
  • Chris- yes i was wearing a green hoody
  • Pinks dont worry- some people are naturally faster than others. You are improving. Dont push too hard now you are likely to push yourself into an injury!!!!!!

    It is also harder to run on your own. You are doing just fine!

    You did really well yesterday and deserve the rest today. Your body needs the rest to recover and make you stronger for the next run!!

    Well done with your times Fenn and Cas. Good work
  • Rio, this gel belt - how do the gels attach and how many does it hold do you reckon? can you only get one energy bar in - tried the one that came with the mixed pack and it was so delicious!! trouble is you can only buy them in boxes of 25 - any idea if can get them anywhere else?
  • Thanks Rio. just wish i lived near you so i could come along with your beginners group and get some real hands on training!! (could also come for a ride with you on your horses too!!!)
  • The gels slot through little elastic loops that are on each side of the small pouch. I think it holds 12 so more than enough for the marathon. You could probably get 2 bars in if you dont take anything else.

    The gels last for ages (I still have mine from last year) so they wont be wasted. In any case you use close to 25 between now and the big day.
    For every run over an hour you will need 1 for every 15-30 mins so that could be as many as 4 on a 2hr run.
    But you can buy the gels and bars individually from running shops and online. I think wiggle do them or www.fuelsport.co.uk
  • CAS:Im in a bit of dilemma as what to do next week re: the 6 or 8, largely because would like to be fresh for Brighton. if wasnt half marathon at weekend would probably do 8miles
    Think will do six next week and then from then onwards will do the 8miles! Whats your thoughts

    Pinks-that was an excellent training session last night. Be proud of your achievements and not focus on what everyone else is doing. You set yourself a target and you achieved it! Remember you are following a programme and you are achieveing your targets, excellent Pinks!
  • Rio- i was looking at the intermediate Hal higdons intermediate training plan. hoe you finding it, doesnt seem to be many rest days and how you finding the 6/7milers before your LSR?

  • Thanks everyone!

    how many bars would you reckon on getting through on the day Rio? do you use those on your lsr as well. i also got a different kind of bar in the sample pack - think its a protein bar or something - is that for after a lsr? plus there is an isotonic drink sachet so when would i use that?
  • Pinks I only use one bar for London. The protein bars are good for recovery and I have one of those after I have raced (for convenience) as after my LSR I prefer a soup or milkshake but that is what they are for. You can use the isotonic drink during runs to replace lost fluids. But if they are energy drinks use them instead of your gels. Maybe on or after the shorter runs.

    Fenn I am finding the intermediate plan a challenge as there arent many rest days as you say. The race pace runs are tough before the LSR but I adjust what I am doing as I feel like.
    EG this week so far
    Monday - 4 miles with ladies bit of a tempo run in that I ran 9.30 miles for a couple of miles with my quick runners then a slow couple with the slower ladies in the group.
    Tuesday - .5 miles with other running club - very quick (for me) first couple of miles on a hilly route then a normal paced last couple. out for 45 mins
    Yesterday - a very slow 2.5 mile 3/1 run walk with my beginners group
    Today will be a rest day as I will be going on the running weekend tomorrow so be running Fri/Sat/Sun.

    I try to make sure that I cover the distance on my LSR and make the midweek sessions quality. But rest or have an easy short run when I feel I need to
  • i know everyone has been talking about the gels recently, but just want to clarify a few basic things re:gels

    Gels arn't provided on the day are they?
    Do Gels do the same as the Lucerzade drinks that they give out on the big day? Is it just a preference thing or is one better than the other?

    I have just been using the luzersade drinks on long run, as figured if thats what they give out i wont have to carry anything!
    If i wanted food or anything figured would give to family and friends and pick on the way.. am i being naive!!
  • No gels aren't provided and yes the lucozade does the same thing.

    If you get on with it than great but I swore I would never touch it again after my first london run and I haven't. It is far too sickly for me although the energy it gives you is great.
    The only thing with giving food to family and friends is guaranteeing you will see them! It can be very difficult.
    Go with what you are using now if you aren't haning problems
  • Rio- sounds tough schedule but you seem to be taking the right approach to it all.

    Runnning weekend sounds exciting!

    sorry another beginners question? are Isotonic drinks the Lucersade drinks they give out?
  • its really a case of what you can 'stomach' isn't it? i was doing fine with the lemon lucozade but the orange (which i have found is what they give on the day) is too sweet for me and makes me feel thirsty and dry. so thats why i have switched to the gels and water - figure they give out water every mile and gels aren't too heavy to carry.
  • Yes the Lucozade is an isotonic drink. You actually have to drink an awful lot of it to get the same burst of energy that a gel will give you
    ie 60g per 750ml isotonic drink
    60g per 100ml gel 1 gel = 23g carb
    and while you do need to take them with water it is still a lot less.

    I am not sure of the concentration of lucozade but it will be something like that.
  • And as you use the gels as you go round you end up lighter than you start just when you need to
  • lol. Good point about the quanties that would have to be consumed, i do have some gels at home so will give them a bash this weekend!
  • Find what works and stick with it!
    Some people like jelly babies or other sweets even boiled sweets. Its all carbohydrate. Depends on what you find palatable!
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