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  • well after up flat is good!!!. there must be some downhill on a circuit though otherwise it couldn't go up???
  • You go down it at mile 5 - wrong way round is you ask me :-D
  • yes it will be harder doing the hill later than the downhill but it is easier to do it when you are warmed up and in your stride than at the start. And just think when you have mastered it there isn't long to the finish
  • True - I'm qite looking forward to it, will be following a RW pacer group (walk/run) so won't have to concentrate on times, just on finishing and enjoying it.
  • Was thinking of tagging along with the 10min/milers to see if I can cope. but might prefer to just run my own race using my 301 as a prod. Hope the weather is kind that is all
  • wellvyou all did well even though it sounds hideous. Ive been to Amsterdam for the weekend! It was booked ages ago as a little treat in the middle of all this madness but in reality I would have preferred to have been traininggiven the break Ive had. Never mind, onwards!! Tonight Im going to try and do the LSR I would have done yesterday, and by Sunday hope to be back on course. Doesnt sounds as if any of you are doing Berkamstead the week after, but some are doing Silverstone? I'll be there!
  • pinks,

    i'm gettin back into it tomoz with a sprint sesh, gosh my poor little quads are tight
  • Linda im looking into the doing the 20miler in Hemel hempstead, its between that and a 20miler in Bedford on the second.

    the muffins at the end and description of the course are making me lean towards hemel, even if it is the wrong week on my training programme , muffins lovelly..

    Nicky i have sore quads too, cant wait to get into Jacuzzi tonight!!!
  • Did the jacuzzi at lunch work for you Cas?
  • feel i need to do something tomorrow to get some confidence back...i will see how i feel!

    does anyone know if they have pacers at the silverstone half?? might be my decider as to whether to do that one or the MK half the week before.

    well i managed to get another pair of NB 854 which just arrived so guess i will have to keep on running after all!!
  • Yes they have pacers there - RW pacers at both the Liverpool and Silverstone 1/2 mara warm up.

    <runs off to double check>
  • Afternoon,

    I'm new to this posting lark but I have a slight dilemma. I've been following the RW Sub 4.30 plan and it's going ok (14 miles yesterday, 2 ahead of schedule). I'm off to Canada on Saturday morning and am away for a week. I doubt I will fit much running in and will miss my planned 14 miles on Sunday. Would there be any harm in trying to get the long run in on Friday afternoon and maybe miss the Thurday session (6 miles brisk) ?
  • That would be my course of action SS. I think the long runs are far more important than the short runs. - Don't worry too much about missing a little bit of training - best to focus on how much you have done and the fact that you are ahead of schedule.

    Enjoy Canada - pack warm clothes :-D
  • there would be if you injured yourself, sub 4.30 - what pace is that? running in canada? i wouldnt pass that oppertunity up...

    just same as running in amsterdam linda (of course you were probably out there for holiday style stuff)

    I keep wanting to run a decent distance in all the major european cities...

    ahh man, just thinking of france right now - remember from my last holiday there is SO MUCH distance you can cover on lazy silent country lanes...miles upon miles...time to look into some running holidays i think....any one been on one?

    oh and JJJ - heres your link embedded Clicky

  • opportunity even, and capital F on france.
  • Thanks,

    sub 4.30 is roughly 10 min miles. I'm going to Whistler snowboarding, not ideal marathon training I know but it's been booked for some time (before I got in)
  • Fenn
    i was looking at a 20 miler today, in particular the hemel one i haven't looked at the page, muffins!!! whats that all about??

    Pinks i wish you didn't feel so bad about yesterday, i think you did really well we all did
  • Fenn, if you do the Bedford 20 miler its just up the road from me (I run to Oakley so can't be that far!!)and i can come and cheer you on and bring you hot tea and muffins at the end!!

    Nicks, i think i am recovering...slowly! Just found it mentally really demoralising. you are a star for being so upbeat, thanks!
  • Pinks my new mantra for when the going gets tough is "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" that is what Brighton has done for you. It has given you the mental strength to know that you can keep going in all conditions imaginable. London will be tough but not as tough as that!

    You did brilliantly. Remember you could have stopped but didn't!!!!!! That takes some guts!!!!
  • when i was in the army one of the stupid things they used to shout at you was "pain is a mere sensation that lets you know you are still alive" and how alive i felt when i crossed that finish line!!

    I agree with Rio, we all know that the crappest whether conditions might slow us down but it won't beat us!! girl power!!x

    sorry lads!
  • My sifu has one: 'pain is merely weakness leaving the body'
  • Thanks Rio and Nicks. seriously i think i would have given up if it wasn't for you guys!!! YOU deserve the medals!!!

    spent all night wondering whether i shoulod try the run/walk to see if i can maintain my pace better. still debating but going to give it a try at the weekend. not going to run today as sports masseuse said give it another days rest and i forgot i've got the chiropractor today! i am also going to have the courage to join the local running club and go on wednesday.
  • mate...i didnt even get to the jucuzzi...too much work on at the moment...totally bonkers and not at all happy about it! taking it easy this week...legs are sore and boy still unwell
  • Cas, whats the matter with little lad - hope he is ok.
  • Pinks you really will benefit from joining a club. It is so much nicer running in company and there is always a bit of a challenge there too (you dont want to be last or slowest - well I dont!)

    Cas I hope your son gets better soon. Its a good idea to rest if you need to so dont worry about it or feel guilty. You will be all the better for it
  • Pinks, duno if you do this, but its in the HH plan somewhere - but i walk for 10/20 seconds each mile, gives time to consume fluids, gels and time for HR to recover. Not only that its something to work to, when its getting tough i just think 'only need to get to next mile for a walk break'

    in my opinion i get faster miles in doing this than keeping a continious pace up..

    duno if that helps, or if you already knew it etc. but hey! cant hurt!
  • I encourage my group to do that too PW. It is hard to convince some of them of the benefits of walking but I am converting them when they see that the overall pace is probably quicker than if they had run the whole way. And without getting too tired either.
    I have always tried to incorporate short walks in my runs. (although I try to walk when I dont need to rather than when I want to!) For me the psychological benefits of running through a tough bit help and when I have come through it I then allow myself a break
  • thats very encouraging. what do you think i should try eg. run a mile and walk a minute? photos of Brighton on sportcam.net now - i look totally demented and like a smurf in my hat!! have a laugh...number 3344!!
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