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  • You could try that Pinks or even just 30secs recovery - find what works best for you

    toddles off to look at pics
  • so when i walk on these walk breaks, how fast should i go? if i am running at say 10.30 mm pace what would be good for the walk bit?

    Cas, nice hat!!
  • Great pics but the weather really does look awful.
    you were very brave all of you
  • little boy has this winter flu...projectile vomiting, and stuff...hard to keep fluids in him and I've had about 4 hours sleep since sat!!! half day though today...hurrah!
  • had to keep my head warm...gawd...they are awful!
  • aaah...poor little chap, hope he is better soon.

    Not as bad as my hat!!!!!!!!
  • My goodness- cant afford to miss a minute on this-there are so many queries and comments!!
    20 mile- Hemel is the third of the warm-ups with Gade Valley that I told you about-great club, friendly lovely people, they give you tea and cakes at the end. Can thoroughly recommend it. Im going to attempt the 17 on Sunday but not pushing it as it will be only be 4 weeks since my fall and the furthest Ive gone is just under 6. Planning to take it REALLY slowly and the sole reason for doing is to build my confidence back up, by knowing I can do distances again. In reality will be pleased with 10. My speed seems to have come back OK but havent tested on distance yet. Last night- 5.4 miles, 57 minutes so was pleased with that.
  • i look lke i've got loads of energy left in my photos of Brighton, i certainly didn't feel like it (3400) ha ha
  • Nicks you look as nutty as me! just as well they didn't take a shot of you and me leaning over the railings at the finish about 10 minutes later!! i was SO hungry and cold and all i got was a tracker bar and no space blanket!

    Linda you are doing brilliantly considering your fall!
  • Afternoon all

    been on course but enjoyed reading through messages.

    Sorry to hear about your son Cas, Gastric flu has been doing the rounds this winter, went skiing end of jan and four of the six of us came down with it.

    great photos girls at least you have smiles on your faces which is the main thing, I only have one of me at the begining as my number was on green fleece which i took off at about three miles(1636)rubbish photo just to rub in how bad the day was.

    think i will be doing the Bedford 20mile one as a friend is already signed up for that but need to chat to friends about it. will keep you posted.

    I went for Jacuzzi last nice which was nice, have dry trainers so no excuse tonight but to go for a light jog!
  • lol!!!
    Pinks i know typical women never enough time for a gossip !!
  • ha ha!!! how long did it take you to get home Nicks? traffic back here was awful, stop start all the way and took so long i had to do some of the driving!! not fun after running 13 miles!!
  • i was lucky went back to my cousins, whose flat we ran past and then left at about 5.30 but still took 40 mins to get out of brighton, i bet you were knackered.
  • pinks on my walk breaks i just walk at whatever pace i need to recover, and personally i do it every mile. Find it really really hard to drink when running so leave it to the mile markers.

    These 20 milers sound good, think i may sign up to one, havent heard anything back from the silverstone lot - guess its a tad early though...
  • PW, the final instructions are on the site, i suppose it's the set we will get in our packs eventualy, all very exciting
  • Merci beaucoup nicks, cest genial!
  • Pinks/Nicky after race we drove to the waterfront for pub lunch (food was disapointing) but left about quarter past three and i had no trouble with the traffic, although was terrible driving conditions with so much rain
  • PW are you doing Silverstone then?? is anyone else other than me and Nicks?? anyone done it before and know what its like?
  • One of the blokes at work said it's very flat YIPPPEEE!!!!, three time around the circuit boring he said, but looking at the map of the route, you go outside the circuit come back on ya self, doesn't seem too bad.
    Supposed to be a big one as well, loads of support sounds good to me.
  • i am indeed, going to hook up with one of the RW pacing groups i think but not sure...might do it and see if i would want to do the same on the big day, havent done this whole pacing groups stuff ever...(never raced ever) so will have to see.

    seen the racing at silverstone so really lookin forward to running on the track lol - is that sad or what!!
  • Im running silverstone too!!

    am looking forward to it as its meant to be really easy course which should be a good confidence booster and hopefully will be fitter and better prepared.
    yeah i might consider doing a pacing group to see how i get on..

  • That's great, we should all meet up to say 'hi'!

    do you know what pacing groups they have?

    really want to improve on my speed now, any suggestions please???

    Rio, i meant to thank you for your advice on a running jacket. OH took me to running shop on Hove on saturday. got a 'concurve' gortex one that is both wind and water proof and its from the mens/unisex section which made such a difference in the length and arms for my lanky body and limbs! i wore it for Brighton and was SO glad i ahd it, so thanks for the suggestion. (yes, it was REALLY expensive but worth every penny and fortunately i have a b/day coming up so had my pressie early!!)
  • Yes i would be up for meeting before/after the race.

    As for running gear i need to find some time to get the right clothing as am currently just using an £6 cotton top from M&S, Note to self: must do this week....
  • Im doing Silverstone as well-phoned them to check I had a place as my cheque hadnt been drawan. Apparently they are sending out the packs "in the next few days". As its a flat course, I guess it will be a good time to try and get some speed up, although my goal for London has always been to just finish, as opposed to attempting to give Paula a run for her money!!. My Half time suggests a possible 5 hours, and that would be fantastic- but as we all get nearer and more achy, Im sure we're all just praying to finish. Lets not forget- we're actually running the London Marathon! sometimes I hear the words coming out my mouth, and Im still impressed and excited!
  • PS-Ron Hill stuff is lovely, the shorts dont ride up like some do. They are also very light-and pretty. I have their tops as well, with built in support, and some capri length long shorts. All very coordinated. Have a look at sweatshop.co.uk-they've usually got some bargains on there. Its good to look the part at least-and it goes goes well with tubigrip!!
  • was going to do silverstone, but not any more...no time for a weekend up there unfortunately!
    Fenn ... adirun this evening? blowing it out to give the better half a break with jnr this evening and not doing next week either as birthday, but doing the week afters
  • Cool, family always come first.

    Im doing 8miles tonight so just had a bagel as pre snack, although it is till 2 hours away.. so might not count as pre snack run but hey i was hungary.

    Hope son is getting better.

    Pinks try some speed sessions where yourun really fast for one minutes jog for 1 min then run for 2min and jog 2min then 3min run followed by 3min recovery jog and then repeat but working from 3mins down to 1min. That was PW suggestion also start running on treadmill at fast pace for say 10-15 mins and then the next session build try and do 20 mins so each week build on that.

    Although i wouldnt put to much pressure on self to finish in a certain time, like i did at Brighton last weekend i wanted sub two and felt crap the whole time round and after beacuse i was six mins too slow. i should of just gone out with to enjoy with no added pressure and i would of probably done better.
  • well i have committed to going to the running club tonight to meet one of the coaches and i'm scared as hell!! reallly feel i need the input of others now though and even though its freezing cold out there and i'm worried they will all be too fast for me i'm forcing myself to do it!!
  • Pinks i think your really going to enjoy it, nerves are a good thing.

    If its any help, my favourite run of the week is the adidas run because i run with others and consequently run at faster pace.

    But still every week i go i get a little nervous that i wont be able to keep up or something but i always feel the best after them.
  • Thanks Fenn, i will let you know how i get on. the coach wants me to go a half hour early so we can have a little chat!

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