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  • SIS gels are isotonic so don't need to be taken with water. All the others (AFAIK) are best taken with a few mouthfuls of water.
  • rio do you really thin thats ok as i haven't run since sunday (7 miles) although i did run 5 times last week with a 10 mile on thursday
  • If you are tired Sara dont feel guilty about needing a rest! You push too hard now and you wont be running London at all or at best not comfortably. there is still 13 weeks to go yet and you wont lose anything by having a few days off
    Dont be a slave to your programme. You need to have a balance. You have probably started to really increase your mileage now but remember the 10% rule. Leave it for tonight and dont feel guilty
  • thanks Rio that's really helpful...it really is hard to take a day or 2 off when you feel so committed to a plan...it makes such a difference to have the kind words and support of other runners - thanks guys!! so, its feed kids, bath, tv and early night then!
  • yes and enjoy the rest!! we all need it at times. remember rest is an important part of training. It gives your body a chance to recover and grow stronger.
  • Sara
    running for Hope and Homes for Children...one of the charities chosen by work this year. We are doing something with kids in Sierra Leone so quite a worthy cause.
  • man those 5 miles killed me, need to stretch stretch stretch - glutes especially....man!
  • you done already George? i'm still at my desk!! Chris, are you on the 5 miles tonight?
  • well am supposed to be doing 6 miles in the Hyde Park run.....i know it says 5 on the schedule but thought i would give it a go....hoping there will be some other slow run/walkers there tonight!
  • Yeh, my fairly slack college timetable allows me to (or forces me even) exercise at wierd times during the day....tomorrow i have to go before 1pm or i cant go as my day finishes at 5 and thats too dark to go running. Probably going to take up another subject which i failed to do well on my first run next year so will have a fuller timetable to compete with!

    and i quit my weekend job so i could get the long run & cross training done...always wanted me to do the graveyard shift which just took it out of me!

    ....another pointless rant from me :)

    back to topic i must admit i found those 5 miles challenging right up until i nearly got home (use a forerunner to measure my didtance) and then i felt like i could go at a relaxed pace for a lot more...

    either way...3 miles tomorrow then the double figures at the weekend.
  • well pretty happy with last night now...did 6 miles with Adidas round Hyde PArk and didnt stop once so that was really good. was the first time i'd run with other people and it definitely spurred me on plus was a bit more social! gonna take today and tomorrow off to get ready for first attempt at double figures on sat. got a bit of a calf strain but reckon it should be ok soon
  • hi all. I ended up doing 17.45K last night at a speed of 12 KPH. which equates to 10.82 miles lol. was really supprised. I just kept on going, and wasnt out of breath. took about 2 hours to do it though lol. Oh I also bought some new running trainers ast night for the marathon so starting to wear them in now and i bought myself the Philips / Nike MP3. lol. its brill. means i can listen to tunes on the marathon.
  • people must be very quiet today :( * starts singing* Im all alone.... **
  • Hellooooooo! Sarie is back! had photo shoot with Linford in Hyde Park this morning...awesome! will get one of my kids to put the photo of me and him from my phone on to my profile later for you all to see. well done you guys on your running last night! I felt better when i got home so did the 5 miles but slowly - took an hour!! as i'm at home this afternoon i'm going for my 3 miler in a mo...
  • so who is up for the Brighton half then?? come on you lot, i don't want to run it on my own!!
  • well done sara! you go girl!! but remember to take it easy. im having to wear a ankle support at the moment as i just tripped up the stairs at work. lol. can you say accident prone! cant wait to see the picture. I had a photo shoot wh=ith Chris Accobusi when i was back at school1! lol
  • George, where are you at college and what are you studying? thinking must be something science like?
  • *** sorry for the typing errors ***
  • i would like to do the brighton half but im optomistic. not too sure.....
  • Hey Lazer, does your ankle hurt? do be careful...can't believe how far you ran last night, that's fantastic! was it on the trreadmill?
  • how come you had photo with Chris (can't spell last name!)?
  • what tunes are you going to listen to on your MP3? i use my mini ipod indoors but not outside (too scared someone will jump on me if i can't hear them coming) but getting bored of same old tracks! maybe will listen to what my kids have...My Chemical Romance, Bullet for my Valentine etc.....mmm, perhaps stick to Madonna!!
  • yeah it was on the treadmill.. no my ankle dont hurt but im being precautionary. I was in that old sports show on tv for schools that he used to present. cant remember the name. so thats how. whats the name of the brighton half. is it Sussex Beacon Half - marathon? if i could find the link to apply id go for it and do it with ya sara.
  • lol, im listening to stuff with a heavey bass line, to keep pase to and you find you get more energetic with high pased music. lol. so its like trance, dance, house that sorta stuff. they play lots of it at the gym but not the ones i like.
  • just did my 3 miler on the treadmill at hom...so sweaty i got to go take a shower. yes it's the sussex beacon one...lets get the others to sign up too!!
  • Wish i had a treadmill, then i wouldnt have to chase the daylight in these dark dark months...

    Sarah, im at Southdowns college near portsmouth, used to go to Alton near Farnham but things didnt work out too well there and i failed basically (technically E's arent fails, but to me they are)

    Cut a long story short i was not a happy bunny for a lot of the time, until i had some acupuncture done and everything changed - so much so that i decided i wanted to learn acupuncture and hopefully change someones rapidly decending life back the other way as did happen to me. So i enrolled (this thats an american word) at SD's and im doing biology, ict and english language.

    all fun fun fun! loving the biology though, feels like my calling!

    ***ends rant***
    p.s. my chemical romance and bullet for my valentine - your kids have taste!

    Lazer - you listened to any infected mushroom? thats on my playlist at the moment - do people plan on listening to their mp3's during the marathon by the way?
  • well my daughter is nearlly 18, sitting A levels and going to read Biology at uni (she has offers from Durham, Warwick, Birmingham, Leeds and Newcastle but Birm is 1st choice) so maybe you have something in common........:-)lol!! oh, shes also gorgeous...5'11" skinny, very emo (not that i'm biased of course!!!)

    still v confused about what i'm supposed to be eating before/during/after runs especially when i can't eat fruit. any suggestions?
  • still thinking about the brighton half....i think its the same day as the Wales-Scotland game and am supposed to have a ticket for that so gotta make a decision...will find out later today!

    10 miler tomorro...gonna take it easy tho

    for these long runs, is it ok to have a 5 min break at half time?!
  • You can but better to take the overall pace slower. The idea is that your muscles get used to running when they are tired.
    Do you mean for walking or stopping altogether? Cos you can build walking into the long runs whenever you need to and that is fine. But stopping makes it difficult to get going again
  • Sara, it sounds like your trying to hook George up lol!
    Chris, It doesnt matter how you run it as ling as you do the 10 miles to the best of your ability. i tend to Run for 10 then walk 1.
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