Witham Boxing Day 5

Come on get your entries in now to avoid disappointment, we'll even remember the water at the finish this year if your good ;-)


  • Really looking forward to your run as I believe that Witham Running Club are one of the fastest growing and progressive Clubs in the County with a fantastic website. I understand from an insider that this year's race tee shirt is a bit special?
  • BIF,
    Will the tee shirt be as good as the fantastic one at the Tiptree 10?
  • MPH you'll have to run it to find out ;-) don't forget you do get a mince pie too...
  • My entry's already in the post. Will be going for the 'fastest run with a hangover' award.
  • Fantastic tee but only for first 500 finishers!! Merry Christmas
  • well that makes 4 of us so we should manage a t shirt.

    see you there
  • Just got my number(42) so there will be a few of us. Hope the weather will be as nice as last year!!
  • Welcome Bob, you'll enjoy whatever the weather as that Witham lot are such a nice bunch, watch the majority leave it till the day to enter, little b*ggers ;-)
  • Over 140 entries so far so it seems organisers on for record turnout!Recommend those entering on day arrive early.
  • cannot seem to enter online.....also cannot sign up in witham web site !!!!!!!!!
  • Sorry to hear about problems havent had any trouble myself.I would suggest you contact WRC webmaster on home page link regarding both issues.
  • Are others still waiting for their race numbers? Hopefully it will come next week.
  • Reply to Mr Darcy:

    I posted the first 60 online entries last weekend 10/11 Dec. I received a second batch of 30 in the middle of the week and posted them on Wednesday or Thursday and I posted the final 11 today.

    The first batch of postal entries were posted during the week beginning 5 Dec. After that I dealt with the entries as they came in.

    If you (or anybody else) are still waiting for a number please don't hesitate to email me - webmaster at withamrc dot org dot uk and I'll be able to confirm your entry for you.

    NB There are 600 tshirts :)
  • Thanks Frank, think my wife and I posted our application few days before closing date. Will e-mail you.
  • got my Number this morning so now allready.
    just a short drive for me a nice local run.

  • Want to say what an excellent response I received from Frank and Joe (sorry to name-check guys) regarding the numbers issue. They e-mailed me straight back and confirmed my wife's and I race entry. With response and organisation like that one can't fail to be impressed with the club and just know it will be an excellent event on Boxing Day!!
  • looking forward to this one, should be able to run as it's not too far from me.

    Looks to have had some decent times last year, the winner destroyed the rest of the field though!
  • are online entries still open?
    if not i'll enter on the day should be a nice run in preparation for the next days buntingford run.
    hope to see you all on the day.
  • Anyone entering on the day please try and get there early we usually have quite a lot of people entering on the day.

    Many thanks in advance and have a lovely Christmas, just remember not too much booze ;-)
  • Just to re emphasise 'Tired Legs' previous thread please arrive early.Pre-race entries are at an all time high with 280 already toeing the line.This is 120 up on last year!!
    For unaffiliated local runners don't forget to ask at the WRC Promotion for details of 3 month trial membership.
    With the forecast predicting strong winds from the west the last mile should be very fast.
  • Most enjoyable run, was very well organised, and a class field there as well.

    Ran 26:50 which is okay, better than my 10k pb of 34:23. Have to say I didn't like the uphill finish, the course must have a fairly large net uphill which makes the time the winner ran even more impressive!

    To any marshalling or watching I was the young chap in the red Herts Phoenix vest just about in the top ten I think.
  • Glad you enjoyed the run fantastic time.Yes the vest looked good as you came up to the finish!!(See website gallery -loads of quality pictures as always).Not sure about overall uphill dont forget from 'Dancing Dicks'(Just before the 4 mile marker)its a long downward slope home? Will be running The Boxing Day 'The Sequel'tomorrow starting at 10.15 so will be able to confirm that there have been no undulations put in since last year!Its something we do at WRC each year for those that Marshal or those that want to go round again.No tee shirts or prizes but there could be snow!
  • BIF- we start at the bottom of the hill do a loop coming back to it (therefore equal amounts of uphill and downhill as you're at the same place!) and then you run up to the leisure centre up a hill.

    You can ignore what happens about the rest of the course it's just the difference in height between the start and the finish.

    Have fun BIF! I'll check the photos and results now!
  • Thanks for areally good morning out really enjoyed my first Witham boxing day 5.

    Thank you to all the marshalls and every one envolved in organising.
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