What has happened to Google?

Have I missed something?

www.google.co.uk is now some funny website!

Can't seem to do a decent search on it anymore...

Oh no! Someone tell me what's happened?!


  • try

  • weird.

    it's now like some ISP homepage with loads of links to all sorts of things, such as ebay and games. looks like freeserve homepage used to - or similar.

    search engine link just takes you to more links but if you enter a search, it only comes up with half a dozen sponsored links and that's it.

    hope this is just some temporary blip.
  • DM

    i'm at work and i don't want to get the sack ;-)
  • Your machine has probably been hijacked.
  • oh i wish. that would mean i could do no work (offically, as opposed to unofficially!)

    unfortunately, my google search WAS going to be work-related.

    serves me right, i suppose.

    no one else has this then?
  • Looks like a Trojan. I've had that.
  • Does it just list music, tv, sex products etc???
  • As Dom says you've been infected and you will be redirected to this everytime until you clean it.
  • ahhh.... just checked virus definition on company supplied laptop and guess what? 3 months old!

    what makes it scary is that i work for outsourcing and technology company.

    you would *think* they'd know better ;-)
  • no sex products, but jewish singles
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