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Does anyone recommend a good training plan for a 4.30 marathon?



  • I use one from
  • I think RW do a sub 4.30 training plan, might be worth a look, just click on the grey tab.
  • I will be using one I got from the GreatRun website. It's for sub 4:00, which is a bit over-ambitious for me. However, I have adapted it downwards. Most weeks have 4 sessions, but some have 5 so I've adapted it to take out a session on those weeks and it looks like a realistic schedule. The long weekenders build up to a maximum of 4. I'm relatively new to running but find that 5 runs per week doesn't give me enough recovery time and my legs and hips start to get over-sore.
  • Just one thing i would like to add. The more 16,18 & 20 milers you put in the more you will get out on the day. Between 02 jan & 23 April iI will be putting in 3x16 mile, 3x 18mile & 2x 20mile runs & of course 26.2 miles on the day. ON my training plan i estimate that i will be running in the region of 560ish miles. Happy Days eh!
  • Correction to my post - the long runs peak at 3 hours, not 4. Davey B's schedule looks a bit more comprehensive than mine, which will no doubt be reflected in his performance on the day!
  • Crispy, i'm not too worried about my time on the day, i am training 8 other people to run their first maarthon, so as long as we finish i will be happy. I am having trouble with my knees at the moment. I am looking to get these guys round in 4.30 or less ( they dont know that yet!!!)
  • Davey - keep up the good work! This is my first Marathon so perhaps I should join your group!
  • Crispy, is this your first London marathon or first Marathon?
    If it is your first marathon I would strongly advise you to extend your long runs to 18-20 miles or 4 hours. I guess that you are going to be running for between 4-5 hours & you need to train not only your body but your brain & mental side to be able to cope with the strain that it is going to be put through. Entering a marathon is not a thing to be taken lightly. I have seen even the more seasoned long distance runners fail due not to being physically & mentally ready. What is the longest distance & time you have run & for how long have you been running? The reason I am asking is that you need to be 110% comitted to the training, you need to train in ALL WEATHERS & if the training schedule says 20 miles on Sunday you have to do that. What I am trying to say is the more miles you put in over the next 16ish weeks the easier & more enjoyable the day will be.
  • Thanks for this advice, Davey. The training plan is in hours for the long runs, not miles. It's my first marathon - I've done up to a half before and stuck well to training plans for the most part. However, I think I need to think carefully about upping the longer runs a bit. Thanks again.
  • I'm sure you will be fine crispy, there is alot of difference between a half & a full marathon though. I find it helps to train with other people, do you have a training partner? or maybe a friend will cycle behind you on those long runs.
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