Brain & Spine Foundation

Hi, I have just been notified that i am running for the Brain & Spine Foundation. I suffered a Sub arachnoid brain haemorrhage in late October. Just wondering if there was anyone else in threadland running too.


  • Hi Davey B,
    i received a phonecall this morning confirming I have a golden Bond place for them My sister will be running for them to.
    She works in a local rehabillitation centre for patients following head and spinal injuries. Our father has been an MS sufferer for 35 years and so this seemed a very worthwhile and appropriate charity to run for.
    I hope you are recovering well and all the best with your training
  • Hi Billy, Great news.
    I look forward to meeting you both on 9th January. No doubt we will talk befor then.
    Have a good festive season.
  • Hi Again,
    I have just checked my calendar and see that Jan 9th is on a monday. Its a real shame that I wont be ale to make the foundations evening at Highbury-gutted. I live in Devon and work full time Monday to Friday :0(.
    Never mind, they sound a super charity with good support between now and April 23rd.
    cant believe I am putting myself through this again. this'll be my 4th London marathon and 5th in total (Ran Dublin end of October) I just love the training and whole build up to it, and the atmosphere of London is unbeatable. My husband wont be running this time though, he's decided to go back to footie.
    Happy Christmas to you too!
  • There has to be more than 2 of us running, where are you all?
  • Davey how can I sponsor you. My farrier fell off a horse and broke his back in June this year and altough he can now walk again he will quite probably never work again. I think you have been incredibly brave as I have told you before so want to support your cause.
    Being a horse rider myself and having had numerous accidents I am also aware of how fragile your brain and spine are. I would like to know that the research is continuing into best treatments for those less fortunate than me
  • You are so sweet Rio, I THINK I LOVE YOU....
    Thank you i think you will be my first. xx
  • whoops its not sorry rio
  • Sent you an email me love.
  • Davey
    i've run for the foundtion for the last two years, they are a grat crowd, lots of support. In again this year but think I am going to run for Muscular dytrophy as my dauf=ghter is running for them. However I will be at highbury on the 9th looking forward to meeting this years team
  • Hi Roy, for the last 2 years I have run for cancer related charities so this is a new one for me. If they are half as good as Children with Leukaemia I will be in good company. I look forward to meeting you & the rest of the team on the 9th january. How many people ran for this charity last year.
  • about 50 peaople ran, this year they only have 25 bond places but with people with ballot places the team should reach 50 again
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