Getting to...Not the Roman IX

Hello hello, im planning on entering, but dont know how easy it is to get to the race. Im travelling north on the train from Birmingham, where do I get the train to, and what happens after that?!

Would really appreciate any help please!

Many thanks, Tom


  • good question....

    firstly from birmingham i hope you'll be travelling south.

    stratford would be the nearest station i guess, but you'll have a mile or two's warmup to get to race HQ.

    if i'm doing you can have a lift from coventry... failing that rhb..
  • Stratford is north of Birmingham surely?? I thought I was good a geography. Ahh thats a shame, sounds tricky to get to. hmmmm thanks though
  • Are you thinking of Stafford Tom? The Roman IX starts in Tiddington just outside Startford on Avon, probably not the most accesible place by public transport

  • this is something i am planning on thinking about the day before
    like i always do


  • oh maybe.. hmmm it seems like public transport isn't going to be the easiest. hey ho
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