Nike 10k Terrain

Has anyone on this site walked the course of the Nike 10k yet? How hilly is it? The reason I ask is that due to a knee problem which I have been told was caused by running down a hill in Wales, I haven't been able to run for a couple of weeks now. I'm hoping to make a gentle start this weekend, but definately want to stay on the horizontal for a couple of weeks!


  • I am going to join the training run this Saturday in Richmond Park so will report back if I find out anything!
  • Went to the training run on Saturday and although I didn't get to know the exact course it gave me a fair idea as to the terrain! Undulating is probably how I would describe it!! There will be a couple of hills on the route but they are mainly long as opposed to steep so it depends on which type of hills your knees do not like as to whether I would risk it or not!

    On the subject of the training runs it was incredible. There were nearly 250 people trying to take part and they ended up having to split it into two groups as the parks will only allow Nike to have 180 runners running round the park at a time... very encouraging for the sport of running, but some major proactive work by the local running clubs should be done to tap into this source to build on their memebership base etc.
  • Cheers for the info, didn't run this weekend (carnival, booze, etc), but I'll be starting on Thursday DEFINATELY, so I'll need to make a decision fairly soon.
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