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  • Thanks Shades, I will have a look at the vitamins. I will also drink more the day before running long. I only drank 500ml of fluid in two hours on Sunday as it was cold and I just didn't get thirsty so maybe that's the reason why. I should know better by now!!
    HaL - probably before and after that you need to focus on the fluids. If I was running for 2 hours i would probably drink 3 litres that day.
    hope you feel OK soon
  • Nice steady run this morning. First run out since the long run last Friday.

    My blister was a little sore after the run. If I still have the blister on Sun what will be best for me to be able to do my long run. The blister is underneath my Left foot just after the fore foot where the soft skin starts on the inside.
    Sammy - the best way is to put a plaster on and then tape your foot. You will need to wrap the tape completely around the foot - make sure you do not do this too tight!!!!! remember your foot needs to spread and may swell a little during a long run, although probably not too much in this chilly weather.

    what's causing the blister?
  • Recommend Compeed plasters for blisters, much better than the ordinary elastplast, and you don't need to take them off until the blister hears (or until they come off in the shower). Depending on where the blister is they can stick quite well on their own but as Shades says, taping gives you extra security.
  • Thanks for that. I do use Compeed and i will try taping.
  • Had an excellent tempo run today (sorry to those with injuries). Same undulating course as last week but mud was more compact.

    Managed 9:25/8:16/8:19/9:45/9:20 (last .5).

    I know it should be first and last mile easy but I thought it was good for a tempo run.

    Am due 10 miles easy on Sunday but will have to do it on Saturday instead.
    That's great Nick - remember to do your 10 miles at long run pace, to give your body a rest, ready for the longer run next week.
  • Will do.
  • Sammy - Scholl do a good blister plaster as well. Although I've never had a blister since I switched to Mizuno. With the Scholl plasters you don't need to add extra tape in my experience.


    I had a crap run today. Easy run. 4.9 miles. I was trying to keep HR below 70% however it was -1 deg.C outside and as a result my HR was all over the place because I was too cold. Averaged 8:49/mile. My crap run was compounded by an abusive dog owner who took exception to me telling her mutt to leave me alone. My view is if a dog cannot be off the lead without bothering folks, then it shouldn't be off the lead. I got the usual "he won't hurt you he's only being friendly", although from this woman I think it was something like "he won't f***ing hurt you he's only being f***ing friendly you t**t". Nice place, Leicester. :-)

    Over friendly dogs are not good for the heart rate!
  • Hi Guys I haven't been here much but I just wanted to post me appreciation for the fantastic advice that Shades is giving and also the time she is taking out to give it. What she says all makes sense and I'd like to say a big THANK YOU.

  • If I don't get chance to post again until after the weekend. Good luck at Draycote Water, Shades.

    Stylish (& everyone) - I've proved you don't need to run 5 times a week as suggested on practically every training plan to be able to do a decent marathon. Shades is showing us that it can be done on 3 or maybe 4 times a week.
    Thanks Stylish <<<blush>>>

    Mr Bump - Draycote is next weekend (12th), let's hope the weather warms up a bit before then, I DNF'd last year as I couldn't take the cold bitter wind.
  • Ah, got the dates mixed up!
    Just as well Mr Bump - I could not run 35 miles in this weather - it's freezing, brrrrrrrr..
  • I hope it warms up a bit for my race this Sunday.
  • Hi all

    I am here but have had al sorts going on (not running related).

    Gosh you are all doing so well with your training <<scoobs passes flashy smiles to all of you out there working away at your mara plan>>.

    Off to read back properly - back in a min!

  • Mr Bump – personally I reckon you were tired from long run and also demotivated possibly from physio visit? But what happened with physio? Have you forgot to mention or have I missed a post somewhere? Is Mr Bump behaving and looking after ankle I wonder? Not that I have any right at all to lecture as look at me, I’m not exactly a good example! Sorry to hear about dog, you’ve not had a good week ((mr Bump)), <<scoobs sends hugs>>. I have a dog and he loves to come running, but he is not at all interested in other humans or even other dogs. Now if I take a ball out with me, well that’s another story! Good luck with your race this weekend. Look forward to hearing how you got on.

    NickP – hey don’t apologise. I have injury but love to read up on how others are doing. Gives me the motivation to hang on in there, so keep posting and well done!

    Sammysnail – ouch! I had five blisters after the mountain marathon I did last July. 2 were really really bad and I thought they would never heal. I couldn’t even walk on them, but heal they did as will yours. Nothing more to add to help as it’s all been said.

    Tiredgirl – best of luck with your 10k. Take care of that shin. As Shades says maybe do a warm up first to ease it off, then a good stretch before starting. Enjoy your race, do you get a medal? Scoobs loves medals!

    Happyass – as shades says dehydration can be a cause of this. Been there! Also though its normal to go through feeling carp patches. I cried my eyes out last year after a particularly awful long run. I was just really really tired. But I found I did pick up again. It could be a bit psychological and also physical. Are you eating enough? This can make a massive difference too. Are you fuelling on long runs? You are training hard at the moment and need to make sure you’re getting enough carbs on board. Of course I suspect you are already aware of all of this! Just a thought! And it is difficult to remember to drink on runs when its freezing!

    Mokina - hows knee?

    Welcome - Bo Bo. Hows it going?

    Hi stylish and Sluggie too!

    Shades – best of luck ! It is freezing at the mo isn’t it! I’m hoping its going to warm up too!

    I’m not running still, and thinking I will probably have to drop out of Paris. Actually that’s not strictly true. I could do Paris. But it would mean doing Paris by getting round, but I was really excited to try and go for a time this year. But of course to do that I need to do the training! My Achilles is still niggling away in the background. Now I could go out and run, but experience has taught me that if I do I shall be right back to square 1. I want to continue running forever if poss, so I’m not prepared to screw it all up by running on a tendon injury. Paris is 1 race, there will be others. Beating my time for Plymouth half which is in May is lurking away in my head as a target now.

    So I’m biking away! But will continue to visit you all if that’s ok?

    Where's Sian?

    Hope I haven't missed anyone.

    Lovely motivating posting Scoobs.

    Sorry to hear your achilles is still troubling you, but you're so right to just focus on something else. There will always be another race.

    and please stay on this thread.
  • Thanks for the advice Scobbs, I will take more drink with me tomorrow and some sweets too, for my 16 miler - and I'm really sorry to hear you are not going to do Paris but you are doing the best thing if it would make your injury worse.

    I had a nice easy 4.5 miles last night and feel rested and ready for the long one tomorrow.

    I wonder if anyone could help with a little problem I have with my shoes? Where the laces cross over at the top of them, they are pressing on my foot and it is becoming sore and uncomfortable all the time, not just running. I have tried tying them differently so that they tie up lower down the shoe but they slip up and down then. I don't really know what to do about it, it seems such a silly little problem but its beginniing to upset my running and this morning the area is tender just to touch.

  • Happyas - Do be careful. I have tendinisis on that tendon which is also taking an age to heal up. I think it was too tight shoe laces that did it. My foot (when I was still running) would be painful for a bit on that area and then after I would have swelling on the inside a bit like a little egg!

    Don't panic just yet, but do ice it and take some ant inflams.

    I would suggest loosening off your shoe laces. Do you do the criss cross lacing, if so you could change it, to where you thread one end of lace from the bottom hole straight to the top hole and then thread the other end over and over up the shoe. Might help.

    Also check out this sight as I know there is lots of good advice on lacing shoes here somewhere.
    HasL - you need 'lock lacing', i think there's a detailed description on this website but I'll have a feeble go at it:-

    Thread your laces as normal as far as the 2nd last hole, then take the lace and thread through the last hole (nearest leg) but on the SAME SIDE- these last 2 holes are very close together.

    then take the lace from the other side and thread through the little loop you have created.

    When you put your shoe on you can leave the laces comfortably loose over the arch of the foot and still secure the foot firmly

  • Thanks Scooby

    Happyas - maybe try tightening them lower down and having them looser at the top. I struggle with my laces as well and this seems to help keeping them on my feet without having them too tight at the top.

    I went out last night and the bl**dy shins started again as soon as I set off. I ran on Wed night (slow 3 miles) and didn't have any problems but last night they were as bad as ever. I've also got a lot of water retention / swelling aroung my ankles. Not sure what this is about. Really don't know what to do tomorrow now. Think I'll go and see how it goes and if it hurts I'll drop out.

    It's worth getting that water retention checked out - I'm not sure what causes that but I do remember seeing something on telly that dehydration makes it worse as your body is hanging onto the fluid it's got, so lots of water.

    Also elevate your feet when possible - do you do a lot of standing - say at work?
  • I'll try and take on more water. I do spend most of my time standing, running around after my toddler and other 3 kids! (2 part time step girls) so maybe this could be an excuse to sit down more!

    Think I'll have to visit the fizz next week, I've been resisting it because of the cost :(
  • Shades - have you registered for the trail racing championships?
  • Hi,
    have caught up the posts -injury aside, this is a truely motivating thread - keep on doing what you're doing!
    I'm a couple of weeks "behind", got a fleece from FLM so heading out to Copenhagen mid May -did 12 miles this morning - I live on the Downs and finding any route which doesnt have a hill every mile is nigh impossible! I've decided its impossible to keep a steady speed/heart rate - heading to the flat coast for the next long run!
    That said thoroughly enjoyed myself and feel I deserve that glass of wine tonight!
  • bo-bo - it'll be great to see you in CPH. What sort of time are you aiming for? You've got a treat in store for you with this marathon.

    Check out [ulr] but remember that I'll be updating the photos of the course and the "useful information" sometime in April.

    Forumites will gather for a pasta dinner on the Saturday and will probably meet up at the Expo.

    And do pop into the Copenhagen Marathon thread!
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