Shades Marathon Training




    Bridget - LOL at RW not knowing what day it is!

    James - sorry to hear the family are ill, hope everyone is fully recovered for Xmas

    mowser - that's good news about the laptop.   Great to think that without this thread you may not have run your first marathon.....of course now you are a marathon junkie (along with VR)image

    LMH - well I hope today you are feeling well enough to perhaps do a tiny bit of training

    Keith - LOL at thinning your contacts...does than include us?image

    Lovely run this morning, mild and the birds are singing.   Unfortunately I think it's going to get really cold later today. 

  • Unfortunately not Shades - maybe tomorrow image
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • We've got our club Jnigle Bells run tonight where we all run together and tour the local light displays image

    LMH - sorry to hear you're still too poorly to train....are you up to some baking?

    VR  & Flossie - I've just read Steff's email re Bournemouth, forcast for Friday night is sleet and -3 and she doesn't say if any arrangements are being made to de-ice the track if necessary.   I'll email her today to DNS for me.

    VR - if there's snow or ice you won't get over the A35 hill near Chideock so probably better to travel another route.

  • No time at the moment Shades - off to the docs for my jab then into work until 1600hrs. Sorry Bournemouth is going to be another DNS for you - this weather has a lot to answer for.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • shame about bournemouth image better to stay safe though!

    not in the mood for anther run tonight but will get on with it and give the new runners another go! got to do a boxing session this evening so will use my run as a warm up image 

    belated happy birthday shades thread!! for me its been three years i think.. very good three years! 

  • Happy birthday to the thread.  I think I started to post in here something in 2006.

    It appears to have turned colder here although we've not got the icy blast yet.  

  • bootsie - I have pestered you so you have got to go otherwise I will get the rolliing pin out image
  • lol!! put the rollling pin away i'll go!!!
  • Shades - I'd rather know you're safe at home than tackling a drive or running in this crazy weather.  image

    LMH - I wouldn't enjoy running in those conditions anyway and my hamstring has been a lot less trouble this week so I'm hoping that I am making recovery progress which makes a DNS less frustrating.

    bootsie - is it really 3 years, time flies!

    Flossie - I will have to go shopping instead...I may wish I'm running round a track in Bournemouth, are you running on Saturday or still recovering from your virus?

    I've got my faster broadband today, not that I've noticed any difference yet!

    Nasty rain today and a fierce cold wind now, supposed to freeze overnight.    Hope everyone else is OK in the snow/rain/ice.

  • 7.22 miles in 70:45 on the way home from work today. Was bloody slippy for the last bit, not helped by heading towards the traffic on a back road. Rained this morning then snowed but beinfg it rained it never laid. Roads dried off already though bar the odd 'wet' patches which are more like ice patches.

    Shades - If you are only browsing forums and things like that and had a reasonable connection speed before hand you'd find it hard to spot faster broadband. If you download large files however thats when it becomes noticeable.

  • Keith,

    You beat me to it as I was going to post that.


    Keith - good news you were able to get out for a run, how's the foot?

    I don't think my broadband connection is a lot faster than before, I don't download much stuff anyway.   but I was anxious to get the upgrade actioned as it's cheaper, delay was BT rejecting initial order from Eclipse.

    Off for a lazy evening in front of the telly, don't feel like doing anything productive tonight

  • Shades,

    If you use any tv catch up websites you'll notice the difference when you watch the programmes.

  • Shame about Bournemouth Shades but I can't imagine slithering round an icy track being much funimage

    Its amazing how long this thread has been going and what its done for everyone in different ways in that time - both running and non-runningimage

    Maybe tomorrow LMUHimage

    Elspeth, just a gentle reminder about the entries opening for D33 on Jan 1st. I reckon it will fill VERY quickly so start you're swithering nowimage

    Its freezing here but no snow yet. Ran tonight after work, only 4.3 miles. Will need to run before I go to work tomorrow as its the works Christmas day/night out. We start at noonimage

  • Foots not bothered me yet, not reached any double figure runs yet either though. Will try for that on Sunday depending on whether and CBAness image
  • I think I joined in here 2 and a half years ago - but it doesn't feel that long. Definitely been good both for training advice and meeting great peopleimage - and more still to meet, hopefully!

    It's been bitterly cold all day with a lot of wind and swirling snow with drifts in some bits and no snow in others. Anyway set off for JS tonight - horizontal snow being blown into eyes didn't make for easy going and when I arrived no one else turned up!imageimage , wasn't really a night for being out alone so headed back with a few little loops just over 3.1 miles. But it was nice to get out. Our windows are all covered in snow as it's been blowing about so much. Hope it will settle down for a longer run tomorrow as I am off but if it continues my colleague won't get in for work from the country and I will have to work so who knows!

    LMUH - hope you're feeling better this evening.

    Mrs Mac - I'm planning to enter D33 on 1st Jan - hence trying to keep some long runs up - but I should really be doing 20 or so soon and can't see it in this weather. I will NOT swither this time - I hopeimage but give me another nudge just before new year so I remember please.

    Shades/VR - perhaps ice skating around a track for 26 miles might be funimage

  • Mrs Mac - I hope so but will make a decision in the morning. We've already had some snow but it rained heavily afterwards so nothing settled as yet. Knowing my luck I'll feel up to doing something tomorrow and the weather will be pants!

    Elspeth - unfortunately having had my jab today I can now add a filthy headache to my list of ailments. I think chocolate may be the answer though image

    Flossie - are you fully recovered now?

    HY4 - how are you doing?

    Keith - good news on the run and foot so far.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • LMUH, chocolate is usually always the answerimage

    Sounds wild Elspethimage Don't worry about getting in 20 milers just now, its good that you're still getting out at all. Don't worry, I'm sure I'll mention the D33 again once or twiceimage

  • LMUH - chocolate is usually the answer!

    Oops Mrs Mac got that one in before meimage.

    Trying and failing to tear myself away from the fireplace and do something useful!

  • LMUH,

    Bored!  I managed to tie my shoe laces myself today, you'd have laughed at seeing how proud I was.  I go back to the hospital next Tuesday & can't wait to see how things are.  I'd love to be able to start planning races for next year but don't really see the point until I get the all clear to start back.

  • Brr its bliddy cold out, still it'll be worse tonight on my works night out.

    I see the weekends snowy stuff is meant to be aiming for the SW still image It may move northwards but that to me would mean central England rather than up here, I dont see the low moving that much.

    May or may not post when i get home, depends what time it is and what state i am in image


    Mrs mac - at the start of Abingdon marathon there was a bit of frost on the track and it was as slippery as hell, so when I emailed Bournemouth to DNS I advised her to have provisions for de-icing the track and also to provide shelter for the lap counters as there didn't appear to be any shelter for them!   I hope the RO didn't take offence, I did try and do it gently.

    Keith - well that's good news on the foot but maybe the wear and tear means that you may have some degree of discomfort on longer runs.

    Yes, we are forecast a band of snow this weekend, starting later today or tonight I think

    LMH - hope you're feeling better today

    Elspeth - you're brave going out in that weather to JS, but I guess you have to go to see if anyone else turns up.

    Bridget - you're up early, are you excited waiting to hear from RW

    Rest day for me today, which is good the pavements look a bit crunchy and slippery

  • Morning.

    Enjoy your 'do' Keith.

    HY4 - no harm in planning surely?

    VR - you still planning on going to Bournemouth?

    Hoping to try a little run today, will see how I feel after the dentist - and what conditions are like outside, I'd much rather be out than in the gym but the forecast is for -4C, not sure my lungs will be up to it.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • LMUH,

    I think I should be able to do the races I want (4k in May, 5m June, 5k Sept & 10k Oct) and possibly try a park run but it's going to be the case of when can I start training as sometimes broken humerus don't heal well.  I'm definitely keeping my fingers crossed.

  • Oh great. There's white stuff falling out of the sky image
    Why coudn't of waited til Sunday. Booooooo
  • VR,

    I'm with you on that one as we need to get the Christmas food shopping tomorrow & don't want it to snow until we're back rom Nuneaton as we're doing a present swap with Chris' parents.

  • shades its 2 1/2 years i think since i met you in cork!!

    did 1km swim and 4.3km run last night.. gearing up to doing a lsr on sunday i think.. hope the snow isn't too bad.. only have to do 8 but still have to phych myself up for it! 

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