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  • Too far to travel/expensive I'm afraid. Can't see me persuading Mark it will make a nice weekend away during which I'll just happen to disappear for a few hours.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • mowzermowzer ✭✭✭

    ((SiJ)) - hope you feel better now. Sounds a bit like the party next-door's teenagers held image.

    Well done Molly imageimage. Did you get a trophy? A waterfall marathon sounds lovely.

    Shades - shame about the hamstring, is that a long standing problem?

    LMUH - How about Bungay or Halstead Marathons? Bit hilly (sorry, undulating image) but both can be PB courses. Our club - well, the keeper of the PB list and club records, won't accept trail runs as he says people can cheat image. Much more likely to end up doing over distance.

    VR - I keep trying to catch you up, but you keep piling them on. I've used my holidays to plan ahead and now I'm all booked up till May. Most are trail runs so I need to run them like LSRs and not worry about the pace (or lack of it). Must make sure to stay injury free now. And to schedule in a bit of hill work image.

    Mrs Mac - I'm surprised at you! Never thought a double marathon would stop you doing another the following day image

  • VR - it does seem a bit odd to have nothing booked till April (and a rest day tomorrow) but until I get to chat with my mentor I feel I should stick to the plan if i am going to do this justice. 

    Steve (the other mentor) has posted this on someone else's thread:  Of course it's not going to be easy and will require lots of hard but sensible training but it is most definitely possible but it's not of case of having to break 3:30 to make it worthwhile. If you do the training well, race to your potential and give 100% then that is all is required.    I know from last year though that there are people who will not consider the competition a success if times are not achieved and so I am going to give it my all.

    Molly - A managed to find her way to Lush in Florence image

  • I am back home up north now, only took 6 hours to drive home too image

     Cat seems to have missed me, currently trying to get into the bed with me

  • Morning
    I most definitely won't be doing a sub 4 !

    Bridget - I know what you mean and Steve has good advice, better stick with the plan.
    Good luck with it.

    Morning VR - have a good run, bet it's bloody freezing there and snow on Haldon Hill today so you may not be able to get home easily!

    molly - Hope you don't catch OH's flu...I have noted your lack of sympathy for his illnessimage..LOL

    SiJ - Life is never dull with you, hope you're OK now.   That's a New year's Eve party that nobody will forget, wonder if you'll get an invite next year?..LOL

    LMH - I too would advise Lochaber as it's a very fast course and of course the weather is usually perfect, but if it's too far to travel I think I'd agree with mowser and opt for Halstead or Bungay.   Taunton is on 3rd April, 2 laps but weather should be coolish then, undulating course with one significant hill in each lap.

    Elspeth - am supposed to be doing our club AGM marathon on Sunday but looks like I have to DNS.   LOL at you now thinking a half marathon isn't worth the travel.

    Bridget - I agree, as you won the place and get all that free coaching it's the right thing to do by following the training plan and it's a great opportunity for you.  Are they using the Garmin schedules again?

  • Bridget - how come you've not been contacted yet?

    mowzer - still a long way from the Midlands and I need flat and fast if I'm going to have any chance I think but thanks for the thought. Hope you have a good run today.

    VR - why not?

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • x-post Shades - your hammy still a problem?
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.

    Keith - you got out of Devon at the right time as the snow is affecting the roads again....not as far as here, just heavy and cold rain for us


    LMH - I'm just going to post an update on my hamstring origin injury.....I'm going to get a another cup of tea first as I'm still a bit chilled from my run, the rain was really cold.


    I have my cup of tea nowimage.   Tried to do another long run this morning and I managed 11 miles but the last 2 miles were really tough and painful, was so glad to get home.  Anyway this morning's run has decided my course of action.

    I've been in touch with a running guru friend of mine (who also has extensive knowledge on running injuries ) and we've established that my problem is scar tissue from the original injury (March 2010).   I carried this injury all through my racing year and was able to 'manage' it and if only became really painful again when I did my first run in cold weather (Abingdon). So after spending yesterday trawling through my training diary for 2010 and reporting back to my friend he's come back with 3 choices...

    Plan A - continue as I am, running when I can being guided by the level of pain - Outcome, probably no races until the warmer weather and limited training so unlikely to reach fitness until July or August.  Probably will still have the injury next winter too.

    Plan B - extensive physio treatment, probably 3 times a week.    Unlikely to be able to run for another 3-6 months and unlikely to be able to run a marathon until September or October - Outcome, possible complete cure or maybe not.   Will be very expensive and painful.

    Plan C -  

    back in a minute, want another cup fo teaimage

  • Shades - I'm not sure that B is entirely accurate. I had to have three months off when mine became chronic but that was to allow the inflammation to settle, once that had gone I needed lots of strengthening exercises to ensure my glutes fired before my hamstrings and a change of running style which took very little in the way of physio sessions and lots in the way of doing what I was supposed to at home. With no disrespect to your guru without laying hands on your bum he/she can't really know what's going on with your injury. As soon as I could run in the right way and pain free I could build my running again - if the same were true for you it could mean a spring marathon if you get the right advice asap.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
    Plan C - to attempt to break down the scar tissue by running every day for the next few weeks, starting with 10 miles a day, not allowed a rest day but if I'm tired the lowest mileage in any one day can be 5 miles and then I have to make up the shortage on the other days.   Can run as many times a day I need to, doubles are good especially if the weather is cold.   Outcome- possible complete cure or maybe not, will be painful and tiring as he wants me to increase the mileage ASAP, so if I get through week one then increase to 11 miles a day and so onimage  
  • ClagClag ✭✭✭

    Shades - bloody hell! You'd have to be real hard core to go for Plan C! I bet that's what you'll end up doing!!

    Enjoying being back and catching up on what everyone's doing.

    Elspeth - I didn't do Fraserburgh. My mileage was rubbish and I could have got round it (just) but wouldn't have done anything resembling a decent time.

    LMUH/Elspeth - I would definitely go for Lochaber before Edinburgh. I really enjoyed Lochaber last year (although have no plans to return this year) but didn't like Edinburgh. The main reason was the heat, but it was also really crowded, if you put less than 4 hours as your target time you get stuck behind the relay runners at the start, and I felt the course was really quite boring - along the coast to Musselburgh and back. Then at the end you had to walk for ages to the meeting area, were told to move on from the immediate finish to keep it clear for medics etc (lots of which were required due to the heat) and this caused even more people to drop! Also, no food unless you had cash and were willing to walk and queue, and I'm sure that's why I felt so bad on the way home. I'm a finish and feed me NOW girl! I trust that I've now put you off? On the positive side, it's been an absolutely scorching weekend for the last 2 years, so surely it can't be 3 in a row! Maybe a PB course if the weather was right but a guy from the club added an hour to his usual time last year with the heat - not good.

    Si J - sounds like an eventful new year, not one that you should repeat in a hurry! Perhaps next year you should go prepared by wearing your bike helmet!

    Molly - the waterfall marathon sounds amazing!

    Race plans for me - none really. I've signed up for the Arbroath Smokies 10 miler in March, hence now trying to get some miles back into my legs. No plans other than that. I don't think marathons will be on the cards for me this year. Not even sure about a half - might stick to the odd 10k. I'll keep you posted though. image

  • Shades,

    Ouch.  Whch option do you think you'll go for.


    Clag - you've definitely got your running mojo backimage

    I've never done Edinburgh marathon but i've heard numerous tales such as yours, which stops me even considering running in it.   

    LMH - I honestly don't think our hamstring injuries are the same.   And I have already seen a sports therapist in the summer, their advice was the same re the treatment.   I've rested over the Xmas period, when it was icy, to see what difference a few days rest made and it makes no difference whatsoever.

    HY4/Clag - I'm going to have a go at Plan Cimage  Plus I have to do a fair bit of stretching and use a tennis ball on the injury site.  And 200 squats a day, but not with weightsimage until a couple of weeks inimage when I start using them .   I've got to keep running if I get a cold, I'm not too happy with that, but I'd be allowed to run/walk but must still maintain mileage.    I can only stop running if I pick up another injuryimage
  • Shades - sounds tough treatment but not surprised it's the one you're opting forimage

    Clag - Not going to do Edinburgh as it falls same weekend as Cape Wrath which is more my kind of run (fewer people, more scenery, lots of food!image). If it falls on a differnet weekend some year I may give it a go. Know a couple of folk planning it for their first marathon though.

    Go VR and Mouser - our first marathoners of the year!

    Out for a run in a minute.

  • Shades - the plans they are using are downloadable to Garmin but I haven't bothered as I'm not sure if it downloads the pace or just the sessions.  My target is twixt  2 schedules so even though I am generally sticking to the 4 hour plan the paces are different.  I will be popping the intervals for tomorrow onto it by hand though as I have 3 lots of 1 mile reps with jog recoveries so can't use the path my club has marked out as it is only 1K.

    LMUH - it's difficult to know what has happened with the mentoring as RW Towers aren't back open for business until tomorrow.  Steve has been popping in to my thread but he seems in the dark about Bud as well.  I've had a couple of small things that I have asked him but mostly so far I've been happy enough starting out on my own.  A bit different  for someone who hasn't done a plan before though.

    Rest day today and about to pop over to MK to see a few marathoners (got to get my fix somehow)


    Bridget - I think it downloads the target paces too...athough I'm not 100% sure about that.    But it's better that you know in your head what the session and desired pace should be, I remember last year a few folk got a bit confused!

    I expect RW will be back on full duty tomorrow, who is your mentor?

  • Shades - have sent you an email.  Please can I have a copy of the plan


  • Shades - I'm sure they're not the same - I couldn't even walk without a limp - but I still think that diagnosis without a hands on examination is unlikely to be accurate though the fact that your sports massage therapist concurred is good. If I think I'm injured rather than have a niggle though I'll go to my physio rather than smt - even though mine has a degree, lots of experience and I really rate her. I can see how the tennis ball massage might help but not sure how running miles whilst injured and possibly whilst ill will help you to breakdown scar tissue. Physiologically it doesn't make sense to me and surely you've proved that doesn't work as you've run miles and miles since the injury anyway?

    I may have to follow my own advice this week though as I woke up yesterday with what I thought was a very tight piriformis but I've been stretching it and only biked yesterday bt that seemed to make it worse and last night it was quite painful and seemed to be moving down the back of my leg into my hamstring. Today I've stretched again and it feels a little looser but I think I'm walking slightly off and I ended up using a pull buoy in my swim as I could feel it radiating down the inside of my thing too. Was supposed to be doing my last 16 miler before Brass tomorrow but unless it goes as quickly as it came that won't be happening. Will try to get a massage appointment or failing that to see my physio.

    Clag - you could have a great time at 10k's with the training being less intrusive too.

    Elspeth - hope you've had a good run.

    Bridget - hope you ge sorted soon, I think not writing you a schedule is bad enough - apart from the freebies what's the point? You're quite capable of reading and following the schedules from the site!

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • LMUH - oh dear, hope it settles soon.

    Shades - I would tend to agree with LMUH -as a doc I'm not an expert in sports injuries but a principle of treating anyone is to see the patient first if at all possible. Wouldn't hurt to get a physio's opinion, you can always decide if you want to follow it.

    Had a nice enough run despite the weather which was very wet, 6 of us out and some enthusiasm for Lochaber marathon, looks like there may be a few Orcadians this year. Just over 10 miles as I ran for a bit before meeeting up.

    Back at work tomorrow - not looking forward to it though as very little going on at present.

  • That sounds like an interesting course of treatment Shades. Having said that, its the one I've tended to use in the past! Hope you find a resolution, its not right hearing of all these DNS's beside your nameimage

    Thats not so good LMUH, what caused that do you think?

    Elspeth, good mileage from you! Don't burn yourself out before Marchimage Did you get an email today?

    Clag, I've got a Smokies place this year so we must look out for each other this time!

    LOL Mowserimage My legs were trashed after Glasgow to Edinburgh lastyear, maybe a wee marathon would've been just the ticketimage

    Haven't run today, took Alfie for a walk on the beach instead. Getting twitchy though, dunno if I'll manage two rest days on the trot.

  • Hi there! Looking forward to getting back home to catch up properly as you've had lots to talk about!

    I did 4.13.52 today on a loopy bit then 7 laps around a lake. Saw Mowser at the start and other familiar faces.
    The last 3 laps were a struggle and it was so cold. I think Mowser struggled a bit in the cold. It was nice to see Bridget supporting.
    Probably be on line later or tomorrow morning.x
    I'm not very good on this touch screen!!
  • Mrs Mac- I have absolutely no idea what caused it which is one of the reasons it's worrying me! I'm sure I could run with it but as it's altering my gait at the walk I'm not going to. If I knew what I'd done I'd be more inclined to rest for a couple of days and then see how it is but as I have no idea what let alone how I've done it I want some answers and fast - my half PB attempt of the year is 20 days away  and proper tri training should be starting very soon after that image

    Elspeth - I'll look into Lochaber but I don't think I'd dare travel and stay on my own - I'm a bit of a wimp like that. I do envy you your company on your runs.

    VR - not a fast course then?

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • VR,

    Well done.

  • LMUH,

    Hope things settle down soon.

  • LMUH - You could stay at same place as me if we booked early enough - can't help with the travel though as coming from the opposite direction.

    The company has been nice after a lot of solitary runs recently.

    Been for a cliff walk with Peter this afternoon, he was hoping to kayak but too windy.


    Red runner - I'm just off to do my emails now

    LMH - i do hope you're OK, you've done some good training for Brass Monkey, I'm sure 20 days will be long enough to sort it out

    LMH/Elspeth - I'm not newly injured, this is what I did to myself in March.   The only problem I have now is that it causes me pain in colder weather and my mileage since the cold running weather at Abingdon has been very low.

    LMH - you are a wimp not travelling on your ownimage.   Lochaber is probably one of the easiest for travel, Premier Inn is 200 yds from race start, also next to the bus and railway station.   Quite a long drive though.

    Mrs Mac - I'm not too bothered about the DNS's in the winter (except for the Cornish) as I'm not fond of winter marathons anyway.

    VR - well done, great time for off road/multi terrain, whichever.   Hope you've warmed up now

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