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  • Thanks bah26 - received loud and clear!

    Thanks Shades for the plan.

    sian - I'm not even going to try sending an email via your ISP! Do you mind if I reply on here?
  • You've got mail Shades, could I please have a copy??
  • "Hitting the wall is down to nutrition and is easily preventable so shows you were stupid. Having sore legs and walking shows you were under prepared (unless you intended to walk as part of your race strategy)."

    Nice comfortable world you live in, Count!

    Despite the best preparations, things can still go wrong.

    I'm not sure how you can eat properly in the run-up to a marathon to ensure you don't run out of glycogen? if you could, then surely there's no need for energy drinks on the way round?
    Pacing is a key factor too
  • Shades, please email me a copy.

    Sammy - you will need to email me first as I can't send attachments using RW's wmail facility.
  • Shades - feel free to reply on here - don't want our non-talking ISPs to play up!
    sian - from your race times you sent me:-

    Your 10k and 10 mile times are in line with each other. Based on these you could do a 2.20 half and a 4.52 full.

    From your half and full marathon times (which are not in line with each other or the other distances)I would say that it's your endurance that you need to work on.

    Training paces - long run 11.40 to 12.40 min/miles - so you are running too fast for your long runs now.

    Easy - about 11.30 to 12.10, which is what you are already doing.

    Tempo - 10.05 to 10.30.
  • Sounds excellent. Shades, you have mail
  • Shades you have mail
    I've sent copies to all the emails received up until now. a couple of peeps have said it was 2nd request, so if you haven't had a reply, please email again.

    any comments are welcome, you are all very quiet!
  • Shades maybe they're quiet because they're...

    "busy folk, who work, maybe have children to look after and just do not have the time"

    Nice one BR - I'd like a copy of your 13 session per week training plan please.

    are feeling Ok now? I saw a posting of yours saying that you were feeling a bit jaded?
  • Hey Shades,

    Could you send me a copy? I have half an idea to give to to my girlfriend, who is capable of running a 48-min 10k off one or two random runs a week.

    With your schedule, and running 3-4 times a week, she should be more than able to dip under 3 hours I reckon!
  • Thanks Shades. Feeling better this week after a long weekend.

    I don't have a long term plan, as different issues crop up in training which need addressing. E.g. I have trouble hitting the times on faster intervals so sometimes it is necessary to look at running faster for shorter distances in order to stimulate the right muscles.

    I was posting a light hearted thread title. However I'll post what this week should look like on that thread...
  • I've received mine Shades, thank you v much :))

    I'm printing it off now to sit and study tonight when the rug rats are in bed

    Really appreciate this :))
  • Thanks Shades!
  • Shades thanks for the copy you sent me.
  • Shades - thanks for taking the time to look at my info re training paces - you are right that I definitely need to work on endurance - hoping that my hubby has taken my hints and bought me a garmin for Christmas so I accurately keep an eye on my distances and paces.

    I was interested in your comments about my race times - I think my 10k and 10 mile times are where I am - my 1/2 mara was an off-road race undertaken in 30C in July and I was undoubtedly ill-prepared for my marathon! Time will tell whether I can work on my endurance!

    Did my 5 mile tempo run tonight at club so 1st run ticked off the training schedule!!

  • Thanks very much, Shades
    camaco - have you emailed me? I can't send emails via RW with attachments.

    BR - please post on your thread that 0-100mpw, I've always wanted to try that - don't post it on here!

    sian - your endurance will improve with long runs at the right pace. Are you doing any races in the New Year?
  • Can I have a copy too? I've sent you an email.

    cheers, Sue
  • Hi Shades
    I have sent you an e-mail! I'd love a copy.


  • Thank you for that. Interesting reading.
  • Shades: re races - doing an off-road 10 mile race in January; nothing yet for February; hopefully Gloucester 20 in March (although I'll have to be on top of my game to make the cut-off!) - commitments mean I can normally race once a month.
  • Thank you for sending the plan through so promptly. I look forward to having a good read through it. cheers Sue
    Sian - See if you can find a half marathon to do in Feb.

    I will probably be doing Glos 20 too, don't worry about the cut off - which I don't think will be a problem for you anyway. Nice event Glos 20.
  • Thanks Shades, very helpful!
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