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    Shades, I know I've mentioned it before so some will have read this already, but I still can't quite believe I saw you in Budapest that time, when you were running the marathon and I was just walking along the road with a couple of mates; I was stood one the wall for a minute or so, and there you were, in what was quite a large event!  Also, when I joined this thread, and I didn't know you were local to me - I remember I was talking about some roadworks near me, and it transpired you knew about the same road works.

    Steve, that is frustrating about Birmingham for you.  I'll be interested to hear what it's like, as I did consider it, but went for Abingdon instead.

    I probably shouldn't really be doing this as I'm supposed to be convalescing, but I seem to be researching marathons well in to next year.  Bad behaviour!  Fortunately, I've only booked one so far this morning, and I've now put my wallet/card in another room.  :)  
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    I'm booked on the shuttle bus for Birmingham and the hotel is on 5 mile point or 25 ish on return. I thought there would be Start pens like London but not seen any reference. I'm hoping there will be timing signs are don't want to be too far forward or back. Might just have to find 4 hour pacer and go just in front. 
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    Shades- what beautiful pictures! Great news about the plumber! It's rare to find such a good one.

    Big G - I liked Steve's book. It was surprisinglyhonest and open which I wasn't expecting. I'm following Mimi on Strava too and she's doing so well. Unfortunately, she's already getting some flack from letsrun community about her lack of a tracker :(

    Jelly - I think Shades is right. You've got a lot of potential!

    I did my first 20miler this morning and had to be kicked out the door but once I was out, it was alright. It's quite warm out there!
    This was the view at about km20.

  • Shades - I've met Karen and Brian a couple of times on the phoenix runs I do. Fantastic couple and always smiling. 

    I have been thinking alot about where I want my running to go and endurance running is the answer. I've got a few things I need to tick off my list before I even contemplate LEJOG, but it is something I'll do one day. Been looking at 100mile events and 
    10 in 10's and I'm still going to attempt an IM in 2019. 
    My next race is the phoenix rememberance day marathon on 11/11. Was going to try set a new Guinness world record but they said that they weren't adding new categories to the fastest marathon file. So I'll just run and enjoy it. 
  • Shades- very nice photos, that part of Scotland is a beautiful part of the country. Yeah your right here's hoping the course so correct this year I felt cheated last year not getting full distance but then again I was burst by the end of it so all in all not a bad thing I didn't have to run further.
  • Lovely pictures of Inverness, Shades but not such a lovely one of the foot! I hope it's OK for this weekend, you don't want it getting worse.

    Iain - that LEJOG sounds like madness! But clearly ultra running is what you want to get into, so it's a good challenge to aim for.

    Emmy - you seem to have got your running mojo back now and are doing lots of scenic runs. When's the next race?

    Shades - unfortunately that club record was for 8-10 yr olds and Max is 11 in a couple of weeks! He's also poorly right now so I'm not sure he'll be able to do the junior race in the 10k I'm running on Sunday. He was sent home from school this morning and because it's a stomach upset, they said don't come back until Monday at the earliest!! Poor thing will be playing Fifa for the next 5 days!

    Had a good run with my club last night - 8 fairly hilly miles so good practise for my race on Sunday which has a couple of horrible hills.
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    Apologies for the very long absence. When I finally logged back in, the thread took me back to April…quite embarrassing really.

    Life has been hectic, very hectic. Since I was last on here, I've moved house (and counties), my children have started at 3(!) new schools, one has done two 11+ exams, we have new childcare and my husband has (finally) got a job. Running wise, I had lost my mojo somewhat towards the start of the summer. I was struggling to get rid of my knee problem and I couldn't seem to get beyond 8 miles. My pace seemed to have gone as well and I really wasn't enjoying running. I had signed up to run Abingdon on 22nd October but several times nearly posted to transfer my number to someone else as the training wasn't going well at all. 

    And then we got caught up in moving and I had 2 weeks where I didn't run at all.  That seemed to help my knee and it has been much better since. The long runs have still been a struggle but the last 2-3 weeks (touch wood) I seem to have got back into some kind of rhythm. I've now done 2 x 20m runs and I have the dreaded 22m to do this Friday. I ran the Maidenhead Half (where I saw SK) and didn't have a great race but I think I need to lower my expectations a bit (and I got a stitch at 10m which killed me for the remainder of the race). I am due to do a 10k this weekend (not the same one you are doing SK, much flatter!) And my eldest son has started doing Parkruns with me (although I am effectively using them as recovery runs). 

    My new location is very hilly but also has lovely towpaths along the canal / river with some very picturesque scenery. The last mile home is all uphill though, which is not fun! 

    Shades –  ouch!!! I hope your heel heals very quickly. I'm glad you managed to enjoy the race despite the injury. I am not sure what you can do with the trainers except that you need to wait for your heal to heal over and see if it still irritates you. Those pics you've posted look beautiful. 

    Nessie – so sorry you have had blister problems as well. That does not sound nice!

    BigG – you seem to have really ramped up the marathons! Hope the cold goes away quickly and doesn't affect your plans for Berlin. 

    Cal – I'm sorry you are struggling with an injury – is Royal Parks earlier than normal? I thought it was late October. Can you just rest for a few days and see how it feels? I know it's always difficult when you are being sponsored and from recollection you can't defer Royal Parks.

    Steve – You are absolutely smashing the miles out at the moment! I do hope Birmingham turns out to be a good marathon – I will definitely do it if it does. I will keep my fingers crossed for the GFA time.

    Ian – I gather you are tapering - which marathon are you doing next? 

    SK – Lovely to see you at your 50th Parkrun. I hadn't realise that Max was so fast! I showed my husband his results for the last parkrun (in comparison to my 10yr old) and he was very impressed. I hope he gets better soon, bad timing for Sunday's race, although he may well be fine by then. There seems to be lots of vomiting bugs going around at the moment. 

    Mowzer – what epic marathons/ultras have you got coming up? 

    Emmy – a marathon as training? Mad woman! Your pic looks like you have a lovely flat and quiet route! 

    Keith – Hope you are enjoying London! I see Shades is still winding you up about pies 

    Lilly – well done on the Parkrun pb, especially as you weren't expecting to run! 

    Iain – LEJOG? Actually that's an apt acronym. What a bucket list entry to have! I have no idea how you would do it, but I'm sure someone will (if not on this thread, then on another). Hope the 20miler goes well this weekend. 

    Hello to Jelly, John Corbett and Steven Renton.

  • Louey - 100th!
    Are you doing the South Bucks 10k? I ran it a couple of years ago and it's a lovely flat course.
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Iain: will you be at phoenix on the 12th? I'll be there then :-) 

    SK: definitely not back. B had to push me out the door this morning because I really wasn't feeling it. It took 20km to feel alright! Next race is a 6hr one next weekend.  I didn't want to do another lsr alone so booked a full marathon! 

    Louey: welcome back! It sounds like you've had a really busy few months. How are the kids settling into school?  Yeah, I hate running alone so thought it'd be better to run another. What's 10k anyway...  20 miles or 26 ;-) 

    It's stupidly flat here. My max elevation for most runs has been 4m. Do you want to swap? 
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Shades-It didn't take me too long to do my spring plan as it's not too different to what I've just done,just planned 2x HM's that I want to do.
    Steve -Wouod it not be easier/cheaper to book a taxi the morning of the race rather than staying in a hotel?
    Big G-Hope you can race plym if you decide to but only do it if you will be ok for Munich as you really want to do that one.
    Louey-Welcome back,not surprised you lost your mojo a bit with all that going on,that's one of the advantages for me now is the kids are old enough so no real time needed for them.Chester is my next on the 8th.
    Steven G-Good racing this weekend hopefully.
    Felt good today,rain was lashing down but still managed my 8 miles,next week will just be whatever I fancy while we're away.

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Emmy, for the Leiden Marathon that we did, it was 66ft evaluation according to my Garmin.  London, which is pretty lat, was nearly 600ft!  I did a couple of 6-milers when I was in NL that were 0ft elevation :smiley:

    Louey, sounds like you've been busy.  I'm due to do Abingdon as well.  I've kind of got the big a little bit, with 9 marathons this year, and quite a few more booked.  It's not many compared to a lot of people though, but it's a good number for me.  It's strange, as the two I'm most proud of if you like are the slowest.  City to Sea was about 5:30 and just really tough conditions and terrain, but I loved it, and I'm pleased I got it done - it's a "must do" event for me now.  And I did an Enigma marathon in really hot conditions, which I think even a year ago I may well have DNSd.  I think as I finally got that sub-4 (done it 3 times now), the time pressure has reduced....although if I can chip away at the time every now and again, I will do.

    Ian, thanks.  I hope to get better for Saturday.  We'll see how I get on over the next couple of days.
  • Emmy- I didn't realise the Jurassic series was then..I'm free the Sunday so might as well turn it into a double or even a triple..
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Iain: you've been around the wrong crowd when 'doubles' and 'triples' don't phase you!! :-D
  • Shades - THat chicken meal was one of my two blips all 4 days in london ;) Other one was gourmet burger kitchen on the sunday whilst walking from zoo to forbidden planet. I had a sarnie from tesco's later that night cos i opted to not go for a run otherwise i was intending to eat in the travelodge which woulda been main and pudding no doubt. Monday i had my english brekkie then nothing to dinner wheni got back which was pizza ;)

    Cumbrian run half marathon sunday for me and somehow between cycling to sellafield for work today and heading back to my office i now have a achy knee but its really only noticeable on the bike so not that bothered.
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    Big G - yes, I remember Budapest, I just looked up and there you were on that very high wall! :o

    I don't think time is ever wasted looking at future races and the logistics, although I'm dreading to ask how many marathons you have pencilled in already for next year. ;)

    Emmy - lovely photo, I must be a runner, I immediately thought they're running shoes!  

    Well done on the 20 miler, you've been quite disciplined with your training for your next marathon.   I saw a girl wearing a MCM sweatshirt at Loch Ness expo but didn't get a chance to talk to her.

    Yes, very lucky to find that plumber, he doesn't advertise, doesn't need the work I guess.  He's an electrician too so fitted a new light fitting for me too and he only lives across the road, which is handy if I ever need him in an emergency.  Very nice guy too.

    The lack of hills must make a lot of our UK races seem mountainous to you now.   I was talking to a young Dutch guy after the marathon on Sunday and he found the hills at Loch Ness quite tough, he said he trains on sand dunes at home as the nearest he can get to a hill where he lives. 

    Iain - great that you've got all these plans of what you want to do in the future.  Will certainly keep you busy.  We're lucky that there are so many and diverse events to choose from, but it's not that easy to fit them in and there are a lot of good events that clash.
    London marathon is where you need to try for a Guinness record, I believe they waive a lot of the fees for London marathon.

    Steven - I'm sure they'll have the course accurately measured this time, I felt sorry for Callum Hawkins after last year, he had to go to another race and do his record all over again.

    SK - Poor Max, being poorly.  The record doesn't matter, he has the potential to pick up another record some other time.

    Louey - lovely to have a catch up from you.   You certainly have been busy and lots of major changes in your life, it's a wonder you've found time to run at all.  

    Good that the knee niggle that you had for quite a while has recovered and you are now starting to enjoy your running again.  I would imagine that having that stitch in your half marathon did spoil the race for you, stitches are so annoying as you know that once you stop it will go but not easy to get rid of it during a race.

    Keith - sounds like you had an enjoyable visit to London, including the food!   Good luck at your half on Sunday.

    Still no running for me, heel is healing well but still feels a little tender when I put trainers on so Saturday's marathon doesn't look too hopeful at the moment.   I might try a short run tomorrow morning in my race shoes (new pair) and decide then.   I have to walk to Pilates and the PO today so that will be about 2.5 miles so that will be a good test for my heel too.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Morning Shades: maybe the new trainers would help? I hope it gets better. 

    You're right! Any sort of hill, wipes me out. I've been looking at doing some hill reps on a little man-made mound but it's not even a metre high so it'd be a lot of reps! 

    I'm trying to make sure that I put in the necessary work. It's been really mentally difficult this time to get out but once I'm there, it's alright. 
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades/Emmy, I remember doing a 10K race in NL a couple of years ago, which was two loops on a cycle path.  The organisers warned of "the hill" each lap, but really....well, it wasn't a hill at all :)  

    I'm feeling much better, but a little weak.  I'm not running today or tomorrow regardless of if I perk up - there's nothing to be gained I don't think.  Then I'll see how I am for Saturday.
    Emmy - I suppose a weekly killer hill session on a treadmill is the answer, but what a nightmare that would be :#

    Big G - if you're feeling a little weak, that's not good.   When you make your decision re Saturday, err on the side of caution as Munich is your priority at this stage.

    Right going to update the marathon list... 

    Marathon List 

    13th March
    Enigma - Milton Keynes
    Big G - PB 3:54:17   

    2nd April
    Cal - PB 4:29:29  
    Ian5 -  4:29
    Steve -  PB 3:10:15  
    NickW2 - PB 3:24:59  

    9th April
    SuzSaville82 - PB 4:26  
    Emmy 4:42
    Louey  - 4:24:45

    23rd April
    Big G - 4:00:59
    Iain Love - 2:57:49
    Slowkoala - 3:12:43
    Jugula - 4:21

    29th April
    Plym Trail
    Big G - 4:29
    Shades - 5:01

    7th May
    Great Welsh
    Shades - 4:44:12

    13th May
    Marathon de Blaye 
    mamafox - 3:40 - 3rd place and she did win the wine  

    14th May
    Shades - 4:45:59

    21st May
    Shades - 4:53:46
    Big G - 3:54:25
    Emmy - 4:42:59 (including beer stops)

    27th May
    Saturday Night
    Iain - 3:20:45 Winner   

    28th May
    Cal - 4:37:52
    Shades - 4:56:16

    3rd June
    Dartmoor Discovery
    Shades  - PB 6:32:17 

    11th June
    Yeovil Marathon
    Shades - 5:13

    15th June
    Dorney Lake 6 Hour
    Shades - 5:29:59  B 

    18th June
    Enigma Clueless
    Big G - 5:09:58 B

    24th June
    Emmy - 5:56

    24th/25th June
    Harp 24
    mowzer - 28 miles

    25th June
    Boddington Marathon
    Shades - 4:59:57

    2nd July
    Wirral Ultra
    Ian5 - PB 7:01 

    9th July
    LDWA From Here to There
    mowzer 9:06

    15th July
    Chiltern Challenge 50km
    Steve - PB 5:06 

    23rd July
    Ironman Marathon
    Iain - 3:29:54

    29th July
    Enigma Planes
    Big G - 4:35

    6th August
    Big G - 3:58:10

    12th August
    SVP 100km
    Steve -  PB 12:22 

    13th August
    mowzer - 7:50

    Isle of Man
    Shades - 4:59:06

    3rd September
    City to Sea 
    Big G - 5:28:53

    14th September
    Dorney Lake 
    Big G - 4:14:12

    17th September
    Ian -  PB 3:34:41 

    24th September
    Loch Ness
    Shades 5:06:10

    30th September
    Plym Trail
    Big G

    7th October
    Self Transcendence 6 Uursloop

    Chorley 6 Hour

    8th October 
    Little Nell

    Big G 


    15th October

    Burton Bradstock

    22nd October
    Marine Corps Marathon

    Big G

    29th October
    Dartmoor Vale


    Hope I've included all of our October marathons, let me know or please correct the list accordingly.

    Big G - are any of your Halloween marathons in October ? 

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, my Halloween marathons are in early November - 3rd and 4th.  It'll hopefully be my first double as even if I do Plym Trail this Saturday, I definitely won't do Sunday's race.

    I suppose it's impossible to tell 100%, but I wonder if this illness is because I've done a bit too much?  Back in late August/early Sept I felt really good though, so maybe it's just one of those things.  I know I've haven't done very many compared to a lot of marathoners (I was chatting to someone at Dorney who was doing 6 a month), but it's a lot for me and I think I'm still struggling to get the balance right.  I'm definitely glad I transferred Barnstaple though, as when I looked at the diary it seemed too much alongside my other race plans.
  • LoueyLouey ✭✭✭
    Shades – sorry to hear you are still suffering. Have you got any of those gel blister plasters? They are pretty good although I am not sure they will cover you for a whole marathon. Thank you for posting the updated race list – I can see there has been some good racing over the summer!  Yes it's been tough to fit the runs in but I get very very grumpy if I don't do something, particularly when stressed for other reasons. 

    BigG – taking it easy for the next 2 days is a good plan. I think there are a lot of bugs going around (it is that time of year) but it's possible that you are a bit run-down, especially if you haven't had much of a break from marathons for a while. I may well see you at Abingdon – I'm not sure if you've done it before but it isn't a huge one. I have looked up City to Sea as I hadn't heard of that one, I love the fact that the last 6 miles are the "up a cliff" ones. And the instructions about what equipment you need! 

    SK – Doh. Of course it was your 100th, not sure why I put 50th, except I seem to have a memory like a sieve at the moment. Yes I'm doing South Bucks – I've done it before and it is nice and flat and cheap. I was weighing up between the 2 races but this is less disruptive on family time as I will be done by 10ish. I had debated getting the kids to do the races at Moor Park but there is such a long gap between them and the main race and my three would just go mad! 

    Emmy – hill training must be difficult! This is my typical profile now I've moved

    Kids have all settled into school fine but I really need the youngest to get a place at his brother's school – he's 1st on the waiting list but we need someone to leave. The logistics of the different schools are somewhat frying my brain at the moment. 

    Keith – hope the knee doesn't affect your race on Sunday. Weird that it hurts when cycling and not running, normally it's the other way around! 

    Ian – I've heard good reports about Chester – I can't remember if you've done it before? 

    Rest day for me today. I need it. I realised that I've run the past 6 days and I'm tired. I've also reached that ravenously hungry phase which comes when you've done 2 consecutive weeks of high mileage. (I totted it up yesterday, 45 miles pw). 

  • LoueyLouey ✭✭✭
    Sorry for huge pic! Not sure how to resize it. 
  • JellyJelly ✭✭✭
    Louey I also did City 2 Sea and loved it even with the horrible weather. I occasionally run with the RD and there is talk about changing it back to a Saturday race next year. I'm marshalling next year as I plan to to The Crossing a week before. Did the Great Escape Half  and it's in my top 5 of the year. The Crossing is the ultra (34) and G/Escape was the last 13.1 of the route.  My time was 6:08:42 ran with couple of friends and didn't run the feed stations.  Epic medal <img src="" alt="">
  • JellyJelly ✭✭✭
    That was rush not run lol
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Jelly, I think the C2S date should be out soon, and as you say they're on about making it a Saturday next year.  It doesn't make any difference to me, but I suppose those that need to stay over on the evening of the race, it's easier if they need to be at work on the Monday, or just recovering on the Sunday before work on Monday.  I'm contemplating the Ultra next year, but I'll see.

    Louey, this is me at the end of the C2S with the RD.  I posted this a while ago, so apologies for anyone else, but you can see I was absolutely drenched.  The event has about 3000ft of elevation, with a large amount of that in the last 10K.  Even at the point this pic was taken, I knew I'd be doing the event again.  And I don't like trails!  I think for me, it's my favourite race I've done, behind London.    

    I originally entered Abingdon hoping for a fastish time, but that is unlikely to happen now I think.  Doing the events means "proper" training gets knocked on the head to some extent as I'm too tired in between the events, so it's a balance.  I think I probably need to keep a gap of 2 or 3 months between events and target a specific race if I want to knock a good chunk off my PB, but at the moment I'm generally enjoying the events so there's no gap emerging currently.  Having said that, I did well at a 5K (20:15) two days after C2S, so it shows some speed is there.  As you can tell from my ramblings, I'm still learning what works for me....and what doesn't!

  • JellyJelly ✭✭✭
    <img src="" alt=""> So you all can put face to name this is me on Teignmouth Sea wall on City to Sea. 
  • JellyJelly ✭✭✭
    <img src="" alt="">
    Not sure if I'm posting pics Correctly. Sorry if you're getting lots. 
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    Big G - I've made a note of your Halloween marathons, I'm having to keep a list for the list as we're doing so many marathons on this thread. :)

    You've maybe picked up a bit of a virus, there's a lot of bugs around at the moment.  If you were effectively overtraining/over-racing I think that would reflect in your race results and recovery times and that hasn't happened.  A bit of TLC and lots of good food and sleep and you should be OK.

    Louey - I put a Compeed on during the race and it had come off by the end of the marathon.  Since then I've used Tesco blister plasters which are much more resilient, in fact I was going to change the plaster yesterday but can't get it off so I know it's protecting me from infection, I'll change it when it's ready.  Problem is it's not a blister but 2 small cuts, and exactly in the place that touches the shoe.   I've just walked nearly 2 miles in trainers and I can just start to feel it so it's not very promising, we'll see.

    Ha, ha at the elevation of your typical run, I think I'd be tempted to drive the car the bottom of the hill and pick the car up on the way back!

    Enjoy the eating, food is at it's most enjoyable when the appetite is due to exercise.

    Jelly - I heard that C2S was going to be on a Saturday next year

    You can edit a post as long as you do it within the hour, by hovering the cursor on right hand side of the post to edit and it should tell you that you can edit, I have to edit quite often!

    I can't see your pictures!  Click on the Attach Images icon, then Browse and pick up the image.  I couldn't do it from my phone though but my phone is crap anyway, I got a stupid message about memory. 

    Very tough but good Pilates class, instructor had told the 9 o'clock class not to tell us how hard the class was, which was a warning in itself.   Some very tough balance work as well and I was complimented on the tougher part of that (everyone else was wobbling around) instructor said she could see I was ballet trained, I gave up ballet at the age of 8 but apparently you don't lose it. :o

  • JellyJelly ✭✭✭
    On phone so might not work. Where's there a will and everything. 
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