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  • Is it only me who thinks about piglets every time Big G mentions the 'young trotter'?!!

    Cal - I must admit, there is no way I'd walk a race that I'd wanted to run. I'm sure the people who have donated wouldn't mind the donations being for a future race when you can run it properly. Is there not a risk that you'll do your back harm by even walking 13 miles? I really hope you can get a proper diagnosis and recovery plan as I know from past injuries that you feel a lot better when you can focus on exercises that you know are helping.

    Hope you feel better soon Emmy. Max had something similar last week and it seemed to go on for ages.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Thanks SK - I'm really hoping it doesnt go on long! You're the only one who thinks of piglets with trotters. I remember thinking that 'the trotters' were a farming bunch until i realised it was a running club!
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    Or....Del Boy's son.  The young Trotter.

    Emmy, hopefully it'll clear before the weekend.  By the way, have you done Munich before?

    I'm taking a group tonight at the club.  I had to pull out last week due to my cold and Jelly kindly took it for me, but I'm okay to do it tonight.  There are loads to choose from, but I need to choose a route that is all on-road now, as it's darker now.  The last few times I've taken a group, there's been a bit of off-road when it was lighter.
  • LoueyLouey ✭✭✭
    Poor you Emmy - I hope you feel better very soon!! 

    Cal - I’m so sorry you are struggling. I am not sure what I would do in your situation. If it’s any consolation, walking the Royal Parks will be extremely scenic in comparison to many races. 

    SK - I didn’t know there was a local Olympian! She must have scared the men by being in front. 

    Iain - I’m sure I would probably miss the noise and people if I was left on my own for a week but I could definitely do with a day of peace once in a while! There is not a lot of peace in my house with 3 boys! 

    BigG - yes I feel the same about running. If I don’t run for a few days I struggle with my sanity. It makes such a difference to my mood to be able to get out. How are you feeling today? 

    Shades - I think a 3.45 marathon off a 50min 10k is optimistic. I need 3.49.xx for a GFA for London and probably 3.52ish for a Boston qualifier time.

    Lily - getting close now. What is the weather forecast for Sunday?

    Welcome back Nick and well done on the 10k PB. 

    8 miles yesterday with 3 at MP - a new route which took in three parks (St James, Green and Hyde) and Horseguards parade. But I was out at a work dinner last night and I’m absolutely shattered today. I’m supposed to be doing intervals today but I may defer to tomorrow. 

    Cal - sorry to hear that your injury is still troublesome.  Hip/groin injuries are notoriously difficult to diagnose but if it's a soft tissue injury as you are sure it is, then with time it should heal.   We're still a long way off Spring marathon training so don't worry about that at this stage.  As you progress with your marathon career you don't actually need the same length of time to get to marathon fitness as you would have when training for your first or even 2nd marathon.  Go to the docs if you're concerned about the lymph glands, you could be fighting another infection or they are just slow to return to normal.

    Big G - exciting to try out your new shoes at Munich :)  

    Nick - well done on the PB, good to hear you're managing to get some running done.   MK is a good choice for a late entry and I'm sure you're right that it doesn't fill up, it's fairly close to you isn't it.

    Emmy - oh no, hope Evie hasn't got it as well.   Don't even consider your race unless you feel 100% and your weight is back to pre illness, you just won't have any energy or reserves to draw on.

    Keith - well it looks like the course was short, it's all very well saying it's UKA measured, the accuracy is dependent on the race organisers laying out the correct route. 

    Lily - glad your daughter is better, now you can try and take it easy for the rest of the week.

    SK & Emmy - no, you're not the only one that thinks that when you hear the word Trotters.   Big G's club was the first running club I ever joined and it took me such a long time to not think of flying pigs when I heard the work Trotters.

    Gillingham Trotters who organise the North Dorset marathon think the same, this is one of their race medals from that race

    Another short run today, legs are finally getting some bounce back, although adductors and quads are a little sore, I think that's those ballet exercises we did in Pilates.  

    Pretty sure a DNS for me at my 6 hour this weekend, replaced the dressing yesterday with that Liquid Skin stuff, must have had it in a goody bag.   Really good stuff as it's a strong antiseptic too and I am trying so hard to avoid an infection.   But after a couple of miles today I can start to feel my heel so it's just not going to be robust enough to stand a 30 mile run on Saturday. 
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Big G- Hope that tonight goes well. I've not done Munich before but it's on my list!

    Shades - could it help to keep some air to it to try and dry out the heel? or is that not feasible?

    Louey - Thanks. Hope that you feel better and well rested!
    Louey - that sounds like a lovely running route you did.   Definitely no intervals if you're feeling tired.

    Emmy - it is quite dry, the smaller cut has completely healed, the other cut is much deeper and in one of the wrinkles/grooves on my heel and is just in too vulnerable a place to leave it completely uncovered.  
  • Cal - Hope you get your injury sorted soon.
    Emmy - Get well soon.
    Shades - That's a shame about your DNS, but if you can feel it after a few miles, definately the right decision.
    Louey - A 3:50 marathon off a 50 min 10k is definately possible.

    5 mile recovery run yesterday and an 8 miler today, legs feeling good.

  • JellyJelly ✭✭✭
    Thank for everyone's confidence in my target of a 3:50 Marathon. First target sub 4. Will plan my race on a 9 min mile plan and will try my best to hold pace but won't be at the cost of my enjoyment. A few 10k I've had sub 50 target and then felt rubbish when didn't make it 50:15 was my fastest on flat course. Not going to fall into that trap for Birmingham.  I'm about the 53 ish for holly 10k 
  • JellyJelly ✭✭✭
    If Someone was chasing me with holly might make me run faster lol
  • Cal - hope your are back running very soon. I had a back problem (slipped disc) a couple of years back around Christmas time and I was so frustrated at not being able to run for a few weeks. But it wasn't long before I could start doing some gentle runs and ran the Stafford HM in early March.

    Jelly - Your 10K time is similar to mine, my PB was 48.50 a couple of years back, but endurance has been the problem with me. I wonder if I am more suited to shorter distances. I managed a 5K parkrun  in 21:15 about 3 years ago (still unsure how I managed it). But in recent months I have just concentrated on building up endurance ready for B'ham. I am so excited about my first marathon, but nervous at the same time. I have even been dreaming about it. 

    I plan to drive to the stadium in my wife's car, ten my wife and daughters will get the metro into B'ham town centre to do a bit of browsing in the shops and then see me at the finish.

  • JellyJelly ✭✭✭
    Good plan John.  I will have my Teignbridge Trotters shirt on. Say hi if you see me, I'm the only female club member I believe. I'm finding I'm suited to longer distance and get very stressed with 10k or less. I like to think I'm a happy runner and enjoy the feeling of yes I've run a half or marathon and sure ultras will be the same. That's why I liked City 2 Sea so much as it was hard and was super proud I finished it. Loved London for the amazing crowd support and running the same race as the best in the world, few hours behind but I ran all of it and I'm sure I had more fun. 
  • NickW2NickW2 ✭✭✭
    Emmy - oh no! Hope you feel better soon

    Big G - hope taking the group tonight goes well

    Shades - yes MK isn't too far from me, about an hour's drive I think or can get the train if needed. So definitely doable to go there and back on the day. What have you done to your foot? It sounds painful!

    I managed a cheeky 5k at lunchtime yesterday as an experiment, was a pretty easy pace (just under 8:30/mile) but I was still a bit warmer than ideal when I got back to the office. Though as the weather gets colder this will be less of an issue! May well try and do it once a week, will see. Hoping to get to my Wednesday club run tonight for the first time in ages.
    Jelly - that's a sensible race plan that you have for Birmingham and as you say you want to enjoy the occasion too and I'm sure you will do that and get a good PB.

    John - that's a brilliant solution to your transport dilemma, although you might find that your family do a little more than 'browse' in the shops ;)  

    Dreaming about your first marathon is not unusual and most of us have had the dream that you turn up to the start and all the runners have already started!

    Nick - I got a sharp stone in my shoe at my last marathon, thought I'd removed it but it gouged into the foam bit inside the heel counter and then cut my heel.  Lots of blood and a big hole inside my shoe that I don't think I can patch up.  It's unfortunately just on the part of the heel that touches all footwear etc.  It will be fine but just needs a few more days.

    Marathon List 

    13th March
    Enigma - Milton Keynes
    Big G - PB 3:54:17   

    2nd April
    Cal - PB 4:29:29  
    Ian5 -  4:29
    Steve -  PB 3:10:15  
    NickW2 - PB 3:24:59  

    9th April
    SuzSaville82 - PB 4:26  
    Emmy 4:42
    Louey  - 4:24:45

    23rd April
    Big G - 4:00:59
    Iain Love - 2:57:49
    Slowkoala - 3:12:43
    Jugula - 4:21

    29th April
    Plym Trail
    Big G - 4:29
    Shades - 5:01

    7th May
    Great Welsh
    Shades - 4:44:12

    13th May
    Marathon de Blaye 
    mamafox - 3:40 - 3rd place and she did win the wine  

    14th May
    Shades - 4:45:59

    21st May
    Shades - 4:53:46
    Big G - 3:54:25
    Emmy - 4:42:59 (including beer stops)

    27th May
    Saturday Night
    Iain - 3:20:45 Winner   

    28th May
    Cal - 4:37:52
    Shades - 4:56:16

    3rd June
    Dartmoor Discovery
    Shades  - PB 6:32:17 

    11th June
    Yeovil Marathon
    Shades - 5:13

    15th June
    Dorney Lake 6 Hour
    Shades - 5:29:59  B 

    18th June
    Enigma Clueless
    Big G - 5:09:58 B

    24th June
    Emmy - 5:56

    24th/25th June
    Harp 24
    mowzer - 28 miles

    25th June
    Boddington Marathon
    Shades - 4:59:57

    2nd July
    Wirral Ultra
    Ian5 - PB 7:01 

    9th July
    LDWA From Here to There
    mowzer 9:06

    15th July
    Chiltern Challenge 50km
    Steve - PB 5:06 

    23rd July
    Ironman Marathon
    Iain - 3:29:54

    29th July
    Enigma Planes
    Big G - 4:35

    6th August
    Big G - 3:58:10

    12th August
    SVP 100km
    Steve -  PB 12:22 

    13th August
    mowzer - 7:50

    Isle of Man
    Shades - 4:59:06

    3rd September
    City to Sea 
    Big G - 5:28:53

    14th September
    Dorney Lake 
    Big G - 4:14:12

    17th September
    Ian -  PB 3:34:41 

    24th September
    Loch Ness
    Shades 5:06:10

    1st October
    Plym Trail
    Big G - 4:44:59

    7th October
    Self Transcendence 6 Uursloop

    8th October 
    Little Nell

    Big G 


    15th October

    Burton Bradstock

    22nd October
    Marine Corps Marathon

    Big G

    29th October
    Dartmoor Vale


    3rd November
    Big G

    4th November
    Big G

  • NickW2NickW2 ✭✭✭
    Ouch that sounds painful shades! I had a similar thing in a run a while back in the new forest, thought just an easy run not a race. I felt a stone in my shoe so stopped and emptied it and there were a couple of small stones, then a little bit later could still feel it scratching my heel, so stopped again but couldn't find any stones. Thought I must be going mad or somehow it fell out without my noticing so set off again, then could feel it again. Eventually realised it was quite a big sharp stone that had embedded itself in the foam in the heel and was scratching me through the foam. It was quite difficult to get it out, although I did manage it eventually. I still have the shoes but mainly just wear them to cycle to work in in the mornings, I think for a long distance it would be a problem but for short runs they are fine. I do need to get some new shoes really but might wait till xmas.
    Nick - exactly the same as what happened to me except I can't wear the shoes again as they are.  You can see the lump missing from the foam bit.

    But I have another new pair of race shoes stashed away.

    Better to wait to buy your shoes, there will be some great sale bargains in the next few weeks.

    Off to make a big cottage pie, I feel I need some comfort food today :)

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Getting excited about Munich now.  The course itself looks good, but also a few of us have some plans and have booked things up in advance.  I know when we went to Brussels and Palma, it was like herding cats trying to get everyone on the trains etc, and even then it's virtually impossible to keep 30ish people together, with people wandering off into shops etc :)   The problem is that if we mess around too much, due to the flight times there's a chance we won't get to the Expo in time on the Friday, so a few of us have got transport pre-booked and we are going to just crack on I think.  Personally, I'd like to get the Expo done on the Friday so I can then just enjoy sightseeing on the Saturday.  I have a guide book (I know it's all on TripAdvisor, but I still like a Lonely Planet guide...), and there's plenty to do.  Should be good, although the forecast shows rain for the weekend, but not much we can do about that.
  • mowzermowzer ✭✭✭
    Well done to all those who raced last weekend  :) . Some good times and (more importantly) you enjoyed it. Apart from Big G - but that was still a decent time , especially as you struggled with it. Hope you're recovering well now and will be fighting fit for Munich.

    Cal - might be that you need a complete break (from all exercise) for a couple of weeks, to let your body build up its strength again.

    I did another LDWA walk on Sunday - the Flower of Suffolk (from Walberswick, near Dunwich). Met a couple of friends at the start and, although they had originally planned to slow run/walk round, they decided to walk round with me. They might have regretted that though as on Monday there were a few complaints of aching legs, backs and hips. A couple of other usual suspects joined us walking for part of the route, so there was lots of chatting - catching up and 'putting the world to rights'  ;). This was a new event for me and I'll definitely be back. Mainly flat, beautiful scenery, good terrain - paths across heath land, edges of fields or rivers and through forests - hardly any roads, no ploughed fields and just one path that was muddy (very!). Started off with rain, but this cleared up and it was quite warm and muggy. Stayed very windy, especially on the exposed bits or near the coast. Finished in 7hrs 56mins (which was actually a bit slower than the hilly events from a few weeks back). The checkpoints probably had a bit to do with this as the spreads were amazing - I particularly liked the salad sandwich at CP2. A meal at the finish too - what more could you ask for  :)
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Just got a "commiseration" email about London, but no mag in the post.  Oh well, there's always next year :)  The email said "386,050 hopefuls applied to take part in next year’s event"  and it also included a link to an "eZine", which I think is basically the mag.
  • JellyJelly ✭✭✭
    Me too on rejection email. Feel blessed getting place for this years race and have some Epic Challenges planned for 2018 with DD and The Crossing.
    Cardiff are doing Marathon 29th April from Newport. Entries Opens 5th Oct. I'm going to sign up. Flat course on write up. 
  • I was rejected too

    I also forgot to say i was sufferin gmonday/tuesday with a sort of cold. I seem to have forgotten that running can cuase this affect :p Never used to bother me too much before though...
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Nick-Good to see you back running again,well done on the 10k.
    Shades-I see you've took yourself off the 6hr  :'(
    Emmy-Hope you recover quickly.
    Cal-Its a big ask to walk for 13.1 miles esp as you haven't practised it.
    Last day of my holiday today and did my usual just under 3 mile loop,nice and easy again as running with the wife,lots of hills as usual but nice to be out.Not done many miles this week but since Lancaster I've done 35 and 41 the last 2 weeks and be about 10 this week before my race,less than last time but at least I'll be rested.
  • LoueyLouey ✭✭✭
    And another London reject here. 5th year on the bounce. 

    I did in the end do my intervals- managed to get out of a meeting which made it feasible. 5 x 800m repeats along embankment with a mile warm up and cool down either side. Splits were pretty even so I was pretty happy by the end that I’d done it. It’s getting a bit brisk out there though, going to need to bring out the long sleeves soon. 

    Jelly - that sounds like a sensible plan. I had a similar one for Yorkshire last year and got my first sub 4hrs as a result. Fingers crossed! 

    Ian - glad you are having a nice holiday - sounds like ideal prep to me 
  • Evening folks.
    managed a slightly tender 7miles this evening, still a little stiff from my long runs but it feels ok.

    I never pay much attention to numbers that my garmin gathers but lately I've been taking note of the hr zones and today I kept it on hr and tried to match HR with effort to see what zone required which amount of effort and I was quite surprised.  I don't know much about zonal training etc but most of my run today was in zone 3 about 65% effort so pretty easy but it's my pace that surprised me. I can maintain 6:55 - 7:10 per mile and remain in that zone. 6:30 - 6:54 is zone 4 and anything faster,  zone 5. It's that an indication of my fitness or is there more to it than that.
    edited October 2017
    Big G - much better to have yourself organised re transport and Expo etc.  In groups you find that most of them rely on everyone else to sort and organise things and then waste lots of time discussing and explaining and it's so frustrating and eats into your time there.

    Bad luck on the VLM ballot, but you were going to defer anyway weren't you.

    mowzer - Suffolk is lovely, sounds like a good event.  Have you decided to do mainly walking events for now?   How's the foot?

    Jelly - that's the right attitude re your ballot rejection, immediately find a replacement event and work towards that GFA.   Thanks for the info on Newport event, that will be one of the GreatRun events I guess that they talked about.   I don't have a race that weekend so I will enter too, that will mean 3 trips to Wales in 4 weeks for me!

    Keith - I don't suppose you're that bothered about VLM are you?   I've never known having a sort of cold post race for a couple of days?

    Ian - yes removed my 6 hour race, the event is on Saturday and just not enough time for my heel to be tough enough to withstand 30ish miles.
    Hope you've had a lovely week and feel well rested.  Any news on London for you?

    Iain - I wouldn't take much notice of your Garmin, those zones are meaningless unless you've put in accurate max heart rate into your Garmin, it has probably picked up what is close to your resting heartrate.  Your Garmins will be calculating working heartrate %'s which are different from max heartrate %.  For example for my stats, 65% WHR is equal to 76% MHR, which is higher than my training pace.   It's a useful tool if used properly, best way is to input your actual max heartrate (from test or race) input your resting HR as zero or 1 and then the zones will calculate on MHR% which is much more useful to your training.

    Weird weather, really warm 15 degrees and humid, was a bit overdressed for my run.   Heel more comfortable today, back to blister plasters though.

  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Shades-As expected I got my rejection email,so looks like I will be building towards Manchester again.I have a half in November and if I can get 90 mins then it will set me up for a crack at 3:15 early next year.
    Ian - bad luck, I know you were hoping to get a place in VLM.

    I've just had a nice email from Chorley 6 hour offering to refund my entry fee or transfer it to another 6 hour event.

    They offered to transfer it to a 6 hour in Liverpool in April, not sure if you might be interested in that Ian.   It's the last weekend in April I think, but Newport is a much easier journey for me.    I've asked him to defer my entry to Chorley 2018 as I would like to do that event again.

  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Shades-I might well give that a go,not heard of that event and as it's 3 weeks after Manchester it could be great timing.Will probably have a go if I get gfa or realise I will never get it.what company is it organised through?
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, yes I was going to have to defer.  I was thinking though that if I had got it, it would have been a great target for 2019 for me.  Here I am in Oct thinking about possible races in 2019!!

    The club run went well last night.  It was the "improvers group" so a steady pace, quite a large group, but everyone looped back.  It was an enjoyable run.

    Flying to Munich tomorrow... 
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