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  • Like most others a rejection e-mail here too, not too fussed as ideally I'd like to get in via GFA anyway.

    5 mile recovery run today, nice and easy, very wet and windy though. Definately getting colder as Louey says, having to take my gloves out first thing now!!

    Big G - Good luck with Munich.
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    Louey - well done on the intervals. Always good when they come out consistent.

    Shades - glad the heel is improving. I though working HR was more useful than max HR? Though I don't use either as I don't think my Garmin's HRM is accurate enough to be useful.

    Ian - have you run any more marathons over the summer? You're obviously getting a lot faster if you're targeting 3:15 now :)

    Got my VLM rejection email yesterday too. Had an enjoyable run with the club last night, 8 miles at 8 min miling, felt pretty comfortable and strong at the end which was really pleasing given that I've not run that far for over 4 months. I'm definitely in much better shape than when I started marathon training last winter which is a good sign.
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    Nick-I got 3:34 2 weeks ago in Lancaster so a big improvement,I'm also joining a club soon so hoping for another jump.
    Ian - this is the event

    It will be held and measured under strict ultra running rules, which means that should you set a British record it will be ratified :)   I don't know what surface it's run on, you might want to find that out, probably the paths around the university but laps are 500m.

    Big G - you seem to have got your spark back, are you feeling better now?

    Steve - bad luck to you too, but you'll just have to get that GFA :)

    Nick - WHR isn't good for those with lower MHR's as the calculations means that runners are training at too high a HR.   Many runners will start training on WHR% as they are easier to reach (being much higher) and then when they get a bit fitter and more knowledgeable they drop to MHR %.   But training sensibly with an HRM using any method will bring improvements.
    Don't think we've got anyone on here with a ballot place then!

    Jelly - thanks for the link, I googled the organisers and signed up for email notifications, entry supposed to open today first 3K entries get early bird discount.  I fear it might be expensive though as race is going to be organised by same company that does the Cardiff half.

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    Shades - I think going off WHR is better. Obviously not the same % and there is not a huge difference anyway - like you say any method will work to a reasonable extent. I just run off perceived effort really.

    Ian - that's a great time! Well done!
  • JellyJelly ✭✭✭
    Sorry new to this a not got my head around heart rate training what does WHR 
  • JellyJelly ✭✭✭
    Cardiff won't be too bad cost wise as we can stay at Friends home and I find it's travel and accommodation which bumps up the cost. I put money away every week to pay for away marathons. Started it for London and carried on for Brum. Next year are mostly local. 
  • I haven't heard from VLM yet but not expecting to get in as tried the unsubscribe link and think I am expecting a sorry email!
    Jelly - yes, it's the travel and hotels that makes races even more expensive, Newport is about a 2 hour drive for us here but I expect the logistics would mean an overnight stay is easier.   I book a Travelodge or Premier if I can and early to try and get a good price.   I have a annual budget for my running, today I've just spent half of my petrol money for Chorley, where I was supposed to be going this weekend, on my Newport entry.

    WHR is working heartrate.   Take your maximum heartrate and deduct your resting heart rate, then apply the % to that figure.  Then add back your resting heartrate and that gives you the training heartrate for that %.

    Lily - well it seems you're one of the last to hear, so will keep my fingers crossed that you have a place. :)
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    I've just entered Newport too. There a insurance option for it's under a £5 if you have to pull out for refund. 
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    Shades, yes I feel a lot better than I did earlier in the week.  Hammies still aren't quite right, but hopefully I'll be okay for Sunday and the aim is to enjoy the city.

    I'll be off out for a run this afternoon, and then that's it until Sunday (i.e., I won't have time to run tomorrow, and don't expect I'll fancy a run on Saturday).
    Jelly - I saw that insurance option.  I DNS a few races but haven't taken the insurance, I suspect to claim re injury you'd need a physio or doctor's letter, which would cost more than the insurance and probably the race entry too.  They do allow transfers so I would go down that route if I couldn't run.

    Big G - good news you're feeling a lot better.   Keep stretching those hamstrings and your back, gently.

    How many Trotters are going on the trip?

    What made me laugh on the Newport marathon entry is that to enter you have to be aged between 18 and 95, what happens if you want to run and you're 96 years old! :D
  • JellyJelly ✭✭✭
    If your still running at 96 you need a free place. 
  • ....just got my no email and I have my top to look forward to! I plan to keep doing halves and then maybe York again next year...  will see how I feel after Sunday!
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, I am not 100% sure how many are going but off the top of my head there's about 22 of us in total.  Not everyone is running though (injuries, or partners who don't run), but I think about 14ish are doing one of the distances.  But I don't know for sure as I haven't seen a list, so there could well be a few others coming along that I don't know about.
    Jelly said:
    If your still running at 96 you need a free place. 

    If I'm still running marathons at 96 I want a free place and all expenses paid too :):)

    Lily - oh, bad luck you were our last hope.  :(   Plenty of other marathons to do though. :) 

    Big G - that's a good crowd, disappointing number of runners though, more drinkers than runners I think ;)

  • Got my rejection email for London. Was going to defer anyway so not to gutted. As I'm running Stirling marathon at the end of April next year was thinking of signing up for Edinburgh at the end of May. I have only ever done 1 marathon per year up to now and am usually at a loose end in terms of what to do with my runs as have nothing to train for until Stirling and usually my motivation would suffer, I am thinking of trying to find a marathon Feb/March time so I have something to train for however this would end up giving me 3 months over a 3 month period however am doubting myself if I would be capable of doing this.

    I am looking for anyone's opinion on for someone who has only done 1 marathon per year would doing 3 in 3 months a tough ask also if I don't run my next marathon until April what sort of running should I be doing between now and then.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    Did just 4-miles this afternoon.  Lovely weather so I was just wearing a vest and shorts (and my world famous shades), but a bit of a breeze.  Was planning 7ish, but left hammie in particular is a bit tight, so I just decided to cut it short.  I could have carried on, but no real point with Munich on Sunday.

    Ahem, I'll just leave this here....(you have to scroll down a bit).

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    Well done Big G 
  • NickW2NickW2 ✭✭✭
    Congrats Big G!
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Big G-Well done but think you may have your work cut out vs the night of tug of war.
    Shades-I don't think the 6 he record holder would need to worry  :D pretty easy for me to get there so may look at doing that 6hr race.
    Steven-3 in 3 months should be ok but some of the others here can offer you better advice.
    Back home now so carb loading can begin ready for Sunday.The wife has decided she wants to start running again a couple of times a week so taking here for a flat 5k tomorrow to get a base time then work her paces out from there.
  • Big G - Well done

    Shades - lol yeah not overly bothered by being rejected but i'd still happily run london if they let me in ;) Had the cold/ feeling ill monday evening into tuesday but was better by tuesday evening
    Steven - Bad luck on London.

    There you were happily doing one marathon a year, then you come and join us on this thread and now you're considering doing 3 in 3 months :D   But you're right, it can be hard keeping motivated when you only have one marathon a year to train for, the temptation is to ease up so much on the training that you lose a lot of base fitness and it becomes quite hard work to get yourself back to that before starting the training again.  I think if you're doing just one marathon a year you need other goals (shorter races) to aim at during the rest of the year.   A lot depends on how you recover from a marathon but 3 in 3 months is certainly achievable.   Not sure on any suitable marathons near you in Feb/March if you're looking for a road event, I know there's a good road marathon in Wrexham on 11th March.  You might find an event on here but there don't seem to be many in Scotland

    I keep seeing the advert for Edinburgh marathon having a new route this year, hopefully it can only be an improvement.

    Big G - congratulations, will it be a mud fight with the tug of war opponent to see who wins? ;) You certainly deserve the nomination and to win.

    Ian - that 6 hour is being held on a Friday, I do hope they can get enough entrants as it's not on at a weekend, I know they had to cancel an event in Preston due to lack of entrants.  The 100MC crowd don't enter an event where they think there might not be enough finishers to count for their number tally and that reason stops the numbers being enough, horse and cart situation, if they entered there would be enough finishers :D

    Great to hear your wife wants to increase her running, you must be a great inspiration to her.
    Enjoy the carbo loading.

    Keith - glad you're OK now.  Will you do another marathon instead of London?

    Rest day for me today.

  • Shades _ More than likely ;) Well once i prove i can go that far anyway. There is Davy's in Jan i guess albeit i no like that uphill finish.... Certainly wont be overly fast that soon but we'll see. Currently planning on a half or so long run next weekend and will take it from there.

    This is is a good podcast with Phil Maffetone, for anyone interested in heart rate training and/or reducing carbs.
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