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    Very icy out there, I had to walk a lot of the first mile as the pavements are treacherous but I headed to a quiet rural village which I know has a rough road surface and once I got on that road it was fine, just a few icy patches.   Return run I was hoping that some of the ice would have cleared but it hadn't so walked most of the last mile too.   I'd have waited until later if I'd known how bad it was.   But it's good that it's done o:)
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    Nice running there Cal.  Well done!

    Shades, Torbay parkrun was cancelled this morning due to the black ice on the track.  Shame, as I expect it would have been a popular one with it being the first official one of the New Year.

    I'm not still not right, and certainly can't run at the moment.  This morning I went to a coffee shop on the sea front, and there were loads of runners out - mainly looked like new runners.  I did see one guy, who does a lot of marathons, stop to give a new runner some encouragement, which was nice.  I don't know his name but probably Jelly/Shades will have seen him/know him.  He's the chap who tends to wear skirts etc, and runs with a speaker playing music....!

    mamafox - and what marathons have you looked at for this year then?

    Big G - the ice must have been bad for the parkrun to be cancelled, of course we had a lot of rain and that's what's frozen.  

    When I was coming home on my run they've closed off the railway station to cars and officials are not allowing cars to drive in, don't know if that was due to ice or if there was an incident...I didn't see any police cars.

    Big_G said:

    I'm not still not right, and certainly can't run at the moment.  This morning I went to a coffee shop on the sea front, and there were loads of runners out - mainly looked like new runners.  I did see one guy, who does a lot of marathons, stop to give a new runner some encouragement, which was nice.  I don't know his name but probably Jelly/Shades will have seen him/know him.  He's the chap who tends to wear skirts etc, and runs with a speaker playing music....!

    I most certainly don't know a male marathon runner that wears skirts and runs with a speaker, don't want to either thank you :# 

    I saw lots of runners out too when I was coming home, one girl was tiptoeing over the ice and she said it was her first run of the year, she said Stover Way was flooded so she was heading for Teigngrace which is where I ran today.   

    Hope you're feeling better soon.
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    Shades, your comment made me smile about that runner.  Whenever I see him I kind of groan, and try and stay out of his way!  Although it was a nice gesture giving the new runner some encouragement, I did wonder if he may have put her off for life ;)  Seriously though, he does a few marathons.  He was at Cornish, Dartmoor Vale, Gloucester.  Don't know his name though.
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    Torbay parkrun have just said on Facebook that there was a large amount of black ice on the track, so it was impossible to cone it off.  They made the decision and let people know as soon as they could but I think some people still turned up.
    Big G - sometimes you just know that these oddballs are going to be difficult to keep away from so I'd probably avoid him too.  I don't remember seeing him at the Cornish, he wouldn't have been allowed his speaker there ;)  and I wasn't at DMV or Glos.
    Big G - I see they're still looking for volunteers so they can get Teignmouth parkrun finally started, I know Trotters have a lot of members living in that area.
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    I know who you mean Big G wide birth which is easy as he normally passes me never to be seen again.  He doesn't blend in shades so you would remember him, I went past the Train Station and it must of been the ice as they had coned off parking spaces and shop brought Salt had been thrown around which I rubbed my trainers in. I managed to run most of my route did walk on a few bits. I did take it very easy and tried to stick to rough ground and ran in Road on some sections. Busy day so wanted to get it done. 
  • Tooting Common was heaving today! The big puddle I ran through yesterday had gone, thankfully, but there was rather a lot of mud in places. I was tail walker so it wasn't much of an inconvenience to me but most of the runners were walking for quite a way before they could get started properly. We had well over 800 today and ran out of barcodes! (we normally have 500-600).
    Jelly - glad you managed to get your run done, I like to get my run done early too so that at least that's done and it is important to us.

    I have made a mental note to avoid that runner ;)

    I thought maybe it was ice at the railway station, you would have thought they'd have grit/salt on the premises!

    Cal - that is a lot of folk for a parkrun!
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    Shades, they approached the Trotters to take on Teignmouth.  I would have been up for it in theory, but in practice I wouldn't have done a lot of the work as I can't really commit long term to it due my own running/marathons, so didn't say too much about it.  I know the initial Parke parkrun, a few Trotters were on the organising committee who pushed that through, but not formally as a Trotter, if that makes sense.  From a Trotters point of view though I think it may have been a good thing to attract more/new runners to our own races, especially Ladies 10K which we do sometimes struggle with; I know Torbay occasionally promote their own races at Parke, which is fair enough, and I suppose we could have done the same.  But the consensus was that getting it going was a lot of work/commitment on top of what the club already does, and I can't argue with that.  However, a post has been shared on the Trotters Facebook group in case anyone wants to step forward themselves.

    Cal, what happens in that case then?  Do a lot of people get no time?  I've done tail walker a few times, and usually it's totally fine, but there was one occasion when someone walked slowly.  No issue with that at all - parkrun is for everyone - but I was freezing!  It put me off a bit really, but the good thing about that role is that you do your bit for parkrun and still get a finish position if you hand in your barcode.
  • No, the RD has to write down all the numbers and enter them manually. The results are still not out yet so I guess it's taking a while! :grimace:
    I was walking with a regular - older guy who had had a hip replacement and can't run, and there was a lady with a pushchair who was a teacher so I had a nice conversation with her. She was slower than he was and decided to call it quits after two laps so I caught up with the chap and finished with him. I've not done tail walking before - it's quite nice as you get a nice walk and can have a bit of a chat. I didn't get cold but I was wearing a big hoodie and my coat and gloves!
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    Cal - I know where you're coming from with your double figure run! Well done. I'm not quite there yet but working up to it (double figure in miles as obviously kms don't count)
    I can't believe how many people you had for that parkrun.. 800!!, 400 people in a marathon seems like a lot to me.

    Big G - Good job you didn't try to do that double. You would have been feeling like death. Hope you feel better soon.

    Ian - Don't stress. Those miles are already in your legs.

    Jelly - Did the salt make a difference?

    Shades - That character sounds just up your street - bet he's the sort of person that is up for a nice hug during a marathon too  :p

    I would like to go for four marathons this year.. all ones I've done before and all ones I love...
    Blaye 12th May, Carcassonne 3rd June then Cognac 10th November (on my birthday itself so can't not to that) and La Rochelle 25th November. This is extremely ambitious but I would really like to give it a crack.

    And before you start I know I'll have to get one of your recovery runs in somewhere too  :#
    Big G - they're not looking for volunteers at Teignmouth to commit to every weekend, just a few times a year.  I didn't mean for the club to commit to helping out, just a few individual members that run parkruns perhaps.

    I would have thought the Trotters could hand out leaflets for Ladies 10km at any nearby parkrun.  I never see the Ladies 10km advertised anywhere so not sure how it's publicised.

    mamafox said:

    Shades - That character sounds just up your street - bet he's the sort of person that is up for a nice hug during a marathon too  :p

    mamafox - I know, that's why I intend to run away if I see a man in a skirt threatening to hug me :o 

    4 marathons will be good for you for this year....I never mentioned recovery runs....however, if you can run with a neck collar I can't see why you can't run with tired legs ;)
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    Bit colder here today but no ice and the wind has dropped quite a bit, I worked this morning then ran 7.5 miles this afternoon, felt good.
     I had to laugh at Shades comment about skirt wearing runner! There was a bloke doing marathons in a kilt a couple of years ago, I remember seeing him at the Thames meander.
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    The salt rubbin made no difference at all. Went trainer shopping in Plymouth sad to say Frank Elford's closing today. Did get half price trainers so not a wasted journey. 
  • Nice trainers, Jelly. I got some new ultra boosts for Xmas, and my son had a discount code and for them for £65. I had to send them back though as they were too big, and when I tried to reorder, the discount code no longer works so they are £105! I don’t like/want them that much.

    I was a parkrun pacer today for 24 mins. I was bang on target and then at the end I thought I had just 30 secs to cover a long distance so sprinted to the finish. I thought I was bang on, but then realised my watch said 23:00 rather than 24:00! Whoops! Luckily no one was with me at the end. I think the course is a bit short, which didn’t help.
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    Shades/Mama-thanks for the virtual slap around the head,I was just frustrated as I really want to give everything a good go and the last couple of weeks have been tough,should be a clear couple of months now though.
    Big G-Glad you're starting to feel better,right decision to cancel this weekend though.
    SK-If anyone was with you they'd have had no chance keeping up at the end.
    Jugula - well you must have sent that cold wind over to Devon, bitter here, I'm layered up ready for my run in NNE wind :'(  

    I did see that guy at a race running in his kilt.   I'm not keen on men wearing kilts either ;) 

    Jelly - bargain for your shoes :)   Are the Saucony Ride's your favourite shoe?    What a shame about Frank Elford's shutting down, I think that shop has been there for a very long time, although I've never been there, I've heard of them as I think they used to sponsor events.

    SK - that's a shame about your new shoes, surely they should have replaced them and honoured the code but I guess harder to sort that with online shopping these days.    

    Ian - has work calmed down a bit now and put you back on your planned schedule?   You will still be able to give GC your best shot.  

    Just waiting for daylight to go for my run, roads have dried up a lot so although very cold shouldn't be so much ice as yesterday.    
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    I've had them before or ride 9 before, my normal shoe is ASICS nimbus but I've only been running 2 years and had brooks for first 6 months and already gone from 18-20 it's like back to square one of trying shoes each time. They are also hard to find back lines online never my size. 
    Jelly - we're always looking for the perfect shoe and it's good to have a few different ones for training.   

    My size is popular too and not usually in the sales but I just bagged a pair of Guides, which are my race shoes, for less than half price.

    I haven't tried the Rides, they are on my wish list for a training shoe, I need a little more support in a shoe for racing and long runs but I train in a lot of neutral shoes.

    Just made another coffee to postpone my run, it's so cold out there.   I will go after this coffee though :/
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    I know we don't often talk politics on here, but I can't quite believe what is going on over in the US at the moment and every time I open the news sites I seem to be saying "Oh no, what's he said now!".  However, I did quite like "KFC UK and Ireland's" tweet the other day.
    "McDonald’s leader Ronald just stated he has a “burger on his desk at all times”. Will someone from his big shoed, red nosed regime inform him that I too have a burger on my desk, but mine is a box meal which is bigger and more powerful than his, and mine has gravy! #nuclearbutton"

    Still no running for me :(  It's been over a week now :(  Strangely I'm not climbing the walls - I just don't feel like running and know I can't run at the moment, but hopefully I'll be back soon.
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    SK-I had a similar situation with runners need,sent them an email and they honoured it for me so got another pair of guide 10's for £51.
    Shades-Its quietened a bit but had the back to school rush this weekend so hopefully back to normal from this week.
    Big G - just makes me eternally grateful that I don't live in the USA.

    In this weather I'd be quite happy to let my running shoes gather a bit of dust too, although I wouldn't wish illness on anyone.   Even colder at MK than here I believe.

    Ian - they should all be back at school by tomorrow surely so hope it quietens down.

    So glad to get home after my run, that wind is so cold, I was well wrapped up but it's not pleasant.  Just the odd patch of ice where the road is still wet but at least the wind has dried out most of the roads and pavements.   Just tucking into my 2nd breakfast :)   Definitely the weather for eating comforting food :)
  • I have a lot of friends in the USA who I know through the coaster club so I hear about the politics there all the time. Not envying them their current bout of weather, either!

    Definitely cold today - just under 4 degrees in London but there was a particularly icy wind on certain stretches of the common. Brrr! Predictably, I ended up running faster than I should have because it was cold. I completed 7 miles: 10:33/10:33/10:22/10:20/10:05/10:02/10:01. Only had time for a coffee and a protein shake as I have to head out to Yin soon, but I'll be tucking into a big baked potato when I get home!
  • 12 miles for me this lunch time. Originally planned to go out early but as it was -5 I thought I leave it a while. Didn't heat much to be honest by the time I set off however had so many layers on and just glad there was no wind to make it worse.
  • JugulaJugula ✭✭✭
    5 miles this morning, the icy wind was biting! Kept my gloves on the whole time.
    Rest of the day in front of the fire.
  • Big G - I saw that KFC tweet, lol! I actually don’t think we in the UK are in a great position to laugh at the US though, given the last 12 months over here.

    11 miles this morning. My foot felt when I got up like I might have the PF returning, but it was OK on the run. Doesn’t feel quite right though so need to be careful.

    Feeling like I need to enter some more races for this year. So far I only have our club 10k next month, the Big Half in March and the Vitality 10k in May. OH keen to do some trail races so I might enter a couple of those. Tomorrow is the last day for champs entries for London, but I’m not tempted as am really not missing the long runs in this weather! 
  • Ooh I'm doing the Big Half too! Looks like fun.
    My left foot is a bit iffy as well. I landed a bit awkwardly on an uneven bit of pavement on Friday and it's given me a couple of twinges since. Nothing too serious I think. Anyway, massage tomorrow - should sort out my sore bits, hopefully.
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