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    Jugula - I didn't set foot outside yesterday either once I'd done my run, too cold.   

    SK - PF takes a long time to clear completely so it's normal that you'll still get the odd twinge, so keep up with the exercises and it will eventually become history.

    That's not many races on your calendar, better get that credit card out :)  

    Cal - ouch to the ankle, easily done.  But as long as your hip and back are OK.

    Cold again this morning but that dreadful biting wind has dropped so it felt so much warmer to run in.   Pavements and roads all bone dry so no icy bits.    Wore my new Asics baselayer top which I bought a few weeks ago and forgot about, it's gorgeous and really kept me warm, might look for another in the sales.   Back to Yogalates this morning. :)
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    SK, I have to say, I really thought you would enter London when the time came.  But if it's just not what you fancy at the moment, your other running is obviously going really well and it's about enjoyment, after all! And yes, I agree with you about what is going on over here....

    Well done on the 12 miles in very cold conditions Steven!  That's a great run.  Other than the cold, how did you find it?

    I thought I was beginning to feel slightly better overall, but this morning I feel a bit worse again.  Occasionally, my ears feel like they do when after you've been swimming, and I've got a splitting headache :(  On Saturday, I was kind of hoping I'd be able to run today, but it's not going to happen.

    I know it's New Year, but I'm getting a bit p***ed off with some articles about some journalist starting running, even though they hate it.  I know I'm biased as obviously I love running (I have to say, I haven't always loved it though...) but I actually think this article and ones like it are a bit irresponsible and may put people off?  Or maybe I'm taking it too seriously and it's just supposed to be a funny article (I didn't laugh, though)?  But if they hate running as much as they say, why not do something they enjoy?  It doesn't have to be running, does it!

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    Big G she sounds like a very lazy spoilt person who thinks the world owes her something. That was me being polite. Point one C25k is not easy, I regard those first 90 seconds just as tough and a major achievement as any of my Marathons, hard in fact as you've got very little mental confidence you can actually do this fitness thing.  Point two she clearly don't know any runners, before I was a runner I had no idea this supportive community ever existed, I went back to hockey to get fit and lose weight and while the team was supportive and I am eternally grateful to those ladies who recommend C25k and Parkrun, the support was mainly governed by how you was on Match day like most team sports.  After reading that I wouldn't subscribe that. 
  • Top running everyone!

    Jelly - Nice trainers. I've just had a new pair of Gel Nimbus, but got 19's rather than 20's from the Asics clearance site.
    Ian - As has already been said, you have done the training already, so try to enjoy the forced taper. You know you are in great form at the moment.

    Easy week this week, so a 11 miler on Saturday and then recovery 4 miles on Sunday. Still really cold out. Hoping it warms up a bit before my MLR and LT session this week!!
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    Jelly, I know what you're saying.  I didn't know about C25K when I started (not sure if it existed to be honest), but I ran a mile to start with (or tried to) and was absolutely knackered, and disheartened.  I think something like C25K would have helped me, but I think that article could put people off.  At a time of year when people may be trying to get into running, I just thought the timing was a bit crap.  Some new runners already have a lot of barriers to get into running in the first place (which is why parkrun is so good, as it does really well at removing those barriers) but this article promotes some of those obstacles, rather than removes them.
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    Parkrun and C25k and other beginner group in clubs are Achievable so saying it's easy could demoralise a new runner and re-enforce those negative mind sets. I did try running a few times in the past and had to run 5 min mile for TA entry. I ran the mile and was very gym fit but lacked stamina. I owe lots to C25k and the support of the running community so can see how articles like this hit a nerve but my feeling is that's why this lazy women writes like this. Old saying no news is bad news. 
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    Big G, I read that article and some of her other ones, it seems she finds a topic and sort of tongue in cheek, slags it off. It's mildly amusing I suppose but pretty lazy journalism.
    i ran for the 3rd consecutive day this morning! 6 miles, pretty cold again but the wind had eased up further so quite pleasant.
    Big G - sorry to hear you're still not 100%, sinus tablets maybe?   That's the only medication I take after a cold if my head doesn't seem to have cleared and I get that headache around the top of my nose.

    Somebody else brought that article to my attention, I didn't even bother to read it.   I always think these folk are just jealous of the pleasure and the endorphins that we as runners enjoy.

    Steve - it is due to warm up down here later in the week, I think we're promised up to 10 degrees for the next few days, will feel balmy B) 

    Jugula - you're definitely in serious training for your races now.  Is the achilles OK now? 

    Was really good to be back at Yogalates, stretched and relaxed ready for another week's running :)
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    Shades, achilles seems ok at the moment, I even manage to walk like something resembling a human being rather than a penguin when I get out of bed in the morning.
    I'm thinking of running every day that I'm not working, which is quite a lot at the moment!
  • Big G- thanks, yeah really enjoyed it was a bit quicker than I wanted it to be. My first run with my new Garmin 230 running watch which I set up as minutes per mile pace and not per k/m as my last watch when I looked at it to start with I thought I was running at 8.30 per km sped up to get it down only to realise it was per min/mile I was exhausted after the first mile but managed to get it under control.

    Sorry your not feeling any better nothing worse when your running well and are ill for a long period of time.
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    Jugula, Glad you're not walking like a penguin I certainly feel like one today it is freezing. Counting down the minutes until I can pack up and go home. Those who don't know I'm outside on a flower stall. I'm leading a group tonight, I'm so glad it's my normal pace so I can warm up abit. 
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    Jelly, I would imagine your job is great in the summer, I loved working outdoors but the jobs I had I was usually on the move, standing still in the cold is awful, I freeze just standing for a couple of hours watching football.
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    Deck chair out with the shades on, do get few old bloke wise cracks saying alright for some. My reply I'm defrosting from the winter, I'm so looking forward to light nights and getting my bike back out. 
    Jugula - that's very good news about the achilles, especially that it's improved so much when you get out of bed in the morning.

    Steven - that made me laugh you sprinting trying to run km pace when you were now on miles :) 

    Jelly - I don't know how you manage a full days work standing in this cold.   It is due to warm up a bit tomorrow.

    Years ago I was a steward at Torquay United and the main reason I gave up the job was I couldn't stand the cold.    I was behind the goalie at the Away end so I couldn't move during play as that distracts the goalkeeper and I just froze.  Apart from that it was quite an interesting job.
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    Shades - was that genuinely interesting, or "interesting" ;)  

    Steven - good watch there.  That's what I've got and don't regret buying it at all.

    I've taken it really easy today and I do feel a bit better for it again.  Let's see what I'm like tomorrow though.  I do have a kind of self imposed rule that I have one clear day after illness before running again, so it'll be Wednesday at the earliest, but that's only if I'm fine tomorrow.  We'll see!
  • Big G - I hope you start feeling better soon. Don’t rush back into running, it’s freezing out there! I thought I’d be signing up to London at the last minute too, but really don’t fancy those long runs right now. I’d be more tempted by an autumn marathon, I think.

    I read that article too re taking up running. I find it weird that running seems to be the only sport where if you say you do it, you’re generally met with a load of reasons why the person you’re talking to doesn’t run (boring, bad for knees, not built for it, etc.). You don’t get this for other sports - e.g. if someone tells me they play tennis, I’ll just ask them questions about their matches, not make it all about me! I think this is because a lot of people just start running because they think it will be good for them, rather than for enjoyment, so they resent it from the start. You don’t hear people starting say sailing as they think it will be beneficial.

    It’s a similar thing for vegetarians I think, in that it generates others to give reasons why they aren’t veggie (oh, I could never give up bacon, you don’t get enough iron, etc.) rather than just letting them be!

    Fitness class starts back today after 3 weeks off. It will be tough!
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    SK - maybe we can tempt you with a nice autumn marathon then :) it's much better doing the long runs in the summer.

    I'm always interested in why someone decides to change their eating habits, such as vegetarian, I find that some of them don't actually know why but they think they should.

    Hope you survived the fitness class.

    Big G - that's a very good rule to have one day 'clear' before going back to running.   So many go back to training too soon and immediately pick up another virus.

    Interesting at Torquay United as my interest in football is probably between zero and one, most stewards work there as they love football and are usually TU fans too.  So I could see the running of the club and dealing with the fans in a far more objective manner.   I got the job as the head steward used to be a Trotter and as I had some crowd control experience he offered me the job, they needed more women.   Women can search men or women but the men can only search the men so women are more versatile for gate duty.   As I have zero interest in the game I was often put with the away fans as I couldn't be drawn into conversations about offside or any other rules and if necessary I would turn my back on the game to keep an eye on the fans.   I once looked after 1,000 Fulham fans on my own (they were great singers) and Torquay actually beat them!  

    At a testimonial match Coventry v TU we thought we were going to have a pitch invasion at the final whistle and we were instructed at the final whistle to grab the nearest player and escort him to the tunnel.   I grabbed the nearest player to me and took him to the tunnel, we had a lovely chat, was asking me about the attendance and a few other things.   When I came out of the tunnel the kids were going mad and shouting at me would I get autographs for them, I didn't even know what they were talking about but apparently the player I had escorted was Dion Dublin.  I saw him on telly a couple of weeks later being interviewed.

    5 degrees for my run this morning, lovely weather, a little light drizzle but it feels so good after that cold weather.
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    Shades, sounds a good job really!  You may remember I had a season ticket last season, but didn't bother this season, mainly due to my marathon plans.  I still see the group of friends I went with, but the team are languishing at the bottom following another "great escape" at the end of last season.  (I've just checked, and they're right at the bottom of the table!).  I see Dion Dublin on Homes Under The Hammer on occasion ;) 
    Big G - poor Torquay, I saw on the news at the weekend they lost 4-0.   It's a tough for a football club to survive at the best of times.

    Yes, I've seen Dion on Homes Under the Hammer too, I don't think he's your average retired footballer!

    Pilates instructor back from her bout of flu, said she was going to be gentle with us but I found the session really hard, but good.
  • Ah Dion Dublin - he was great with us (Villa)!! I couldn't be a steward as I'd want to watch the game and would end up shouting at the referee!!

    Early morning 13 miles for me. Going to do LT workout tomorrow as forecast is for warmer weather.
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    I'm a regular blood donor, haven't given 2017 as appointment always seem to land too close to Marathon. Just had email for 30th Jan so 10 days after Plym Trail Marathon and 11 before hilly Half on Dartmoor. Looking for advise if wise to give or not. They like my blood as I'm O R Neg so more rare and can be given in Emergencies. 
  • Glad you are starting to feel better, Big G.

    Good training, everyone. 5 degrees here for me too, Shades, but it felt warmer than the other day due to their not being an icy wind (thank goodness!)
    It took me quite a while to get going today - I was feeling pretty sluggish (and I mean it took me from 6am when I woke to 10:15 when I finally started my run). I don't think the gloomy skies inspired me, terribly. It was one of those where I end up bargaining with myself (ie, if you don't run today, Jones, you will have to go to Bikram).

    I was glad I did go, though. After a couple of equally sluggish miles, I started to get into my stride and ended up going another 10 miler, with the fastest mile at the end. Even though the run was only 5 seconds faster than Friday's, it felt a lot better. I won't pretend that parts of my body weren't grumbling, but energy-wise, it felt easier. So that's good, right?

    I may do a small recovery run tomorrow, depending on what my hip's like (it doesn't hurt when I run but it is a little tender if I did my finger into it. My masseur said it felt stringy, whatever that means).
  • Shades- have to admit I did have a good laugh once I realised definitely not trying to get the time down.
    Your stewarding at the football did sound interesting. I sometimes have to work at the football as part of my job and it is always cold. Not allowed to move or face the game. The last one being a couple of weeks ago was the Hibs v Rangers game, all game facing the crowd got coins thrown at us as well as constant abuse shouted at us but the worst of all was being spat at totally disgusting. It's not part of the job I enjoy but realise it is a part that needs done. 

    4 miles today least it wasn't as cold as the weekend.
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    Went to club last night,managed a steady 10,went a bit faster than usual but the fast lads were out.
    The last few weeks I've had a pain above my ankle but then it comes and goes so thought it was a niggle,daughter was home today and she thought it was more than that so I went to the doctors to check,turns out it's achilles tendinopothy,more great news.... he said he could book me in for physio,but I made an appointment through my work cover and got an initial assessent for tomorrow morning.
    1SteveMac said:
    Ah Dion Dublin - he was great with us (Villa)!! I couldn't be a steward as I'd want to watch the game and would end up shouting at the referee!!

    Early morning 13 miles for me. Going to do LT workout tomorrow as forecast is for warmer weather.

    That's why I was such a good steward as wasn't distracted by the football!

    13 miles is a fair distance before work :) 

    Jelly - I'm not a blood donor but you'll certainly be fine re post Plym Trail as long as you're well.    Being recovered for your half, yes, I would have thought so.  Maybe start a thread on RW and ask the question, lots of runners are blood donors.

    Cal - I know, so dark in the mornings, especially yesterday was the same here

    steven - that's the worse side of football that you see.   And of course there are those that are not in the slightest interested in the football but just waiting for a fight to start.   I used to dread the local derby and we would have the police waiting to move in when necessary.  

    Ian - that's not good news about the achilles, good that your daughter spotted it and made you seek treatment.    You're not going to get rid of that quickly so your best chance is to ease right back on your mileage and no speedwork or hills, I would suggest that you only run every other day at easy/long run pace.   You should be able to manage it and still do a good marathon but be prepared for it to flare up badly after your race. :( 

    Just waiting for it to get light for my run, still too gloomy so time for another coffee :)
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    Shades-I read that about speed and hills,some places say not to run at all so I'm going to ask the physio today.Won't help that I've been running on it for a few weeks.Its annoying as I feel it come and go when running but it was after training on Monday when it was actually painful.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Ian, I had this about four years ago :(  Best of luck and hopefully the physio will give you exercises/stretches etc.

    I'm not running today after all.  I'm just not quite right as I'm coughing during/after a short walk.  Need to be sensible!  On Saturday I went to a cafe for a coffee when parkrun would have been on (it was cancelled) and there was a couple in there, who were runners.  I had a running top on so we had a quick chat, but she was coughing a lot and didn't look good, but had the attitude that it's easy to make excuses not to run, so was powering through....
  • Ian - good luck with the physio, that’s good that you’ve got an early appointment. I’d trust the physio’s diagnosis over the GP’s. Hopefully you can manage it without having to have a break from running. I’ve had it mildly in the past and didn’t notice any improvement when I stopped running, but every case is different. I reckon Shades’ advice re running every other day is good.

    8 miles last night with my club. The group of 6 I was with split into 2 early on and I was with the faster group (the guys aren’t faster than me in races, just seem to train fast). But they then sped up more and whilst I could keep up, it wasn’t an ‘easy’ run. Had an interesting discussion with the club secretary about the points system for the trophy 10 miles versus 20 miles races. She basically said athletics clubs are there for people who want to get faster but as a road club, we are there to get people running longer so this is what they reward. I’m wondering now whether I’d prefer an athletics club. Is anyone else a member of more than one club?
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Physio seen-It is the part of the tendon underneath that is bad and it's hard to get to with manual therapy.hes given me some exercises to help,and said anti-inflammatories for the next 10 days.He said I can still run as long as I don't feel too much pain,but to take it easy but said swimming or cycling would be better.As for GC I have another appt next Thursday to see if there is any improvement.When he twisted the tendon I nearly hit the roof,not felt pain like it.
    Ian - take the physio's advice on whether to run or not, even if they said don't run at all for the 10 days before your marathon you can still have a good race...but you might have severe cabin fever with such an enforced taper. :/ 

    Big G - sensible not to run.   I would never go to a running event with a cough/cold, that runner was being most inconsiderate of other runners.

    SK - the reason I suggested Ian just runs every other day is that he has his marathon on the 21st January.   

    That's a slightly odd attitude of your club secretary.   But many runners join more than one club for various reasons and many road runners join a track club so they can have access to track sessions and different types of coaching.  You can be a member of as many clubs as you like but can only race for the one where you have your EA licence in UKA events.   But you can switch your EA licence to another club for £10 and a tortuous form to be completed, your current club has to agree to the swap but that's not usually a problem.

    Had to amend and shorten my running route as it turned out to be icy in places, didn't realise the rain last night had frozen in some places, it's OK where I live.   Had to turn back at the bridge where Jelly fell off her bike as that was really icy.   Had a good run though, farmer has put some young cows in the field next to the cycle path, not sure they've seen a runner before so galloped alongside me to the end of the field, they really enjoyed that.
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