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    Big G - I think he's targeting a sub 2:40 at London.   He's taken the Mavericks on a very hilly long run this morning so he doesn't stick to the flat for training.

    Had a good run, just light rain which was fine but nasty cold wind in places, roll on Spring.
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    Big G, it’s difficult to say what to charge, I pay around £150 for 2 cubic metres of cut and split seasoned hard wood delivered. 
  • Only a light drizzle up here today so not to bad. Due to it being to quick a turn around between finishing my shift in the early hours and starting again early afternoon tomorrow I went out today and done my 13 miles before work. Although it was drizzly rain it was a really enjoyable run.
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    Had another 3 mile walk and later, hot pilates followed by a wheel class (a lot of leaning back over yoga wheels to improve spinal mobility). The good news is that the calf, while still sore, didn't take as long to free up on my walk, so hopefully that means it's starting to improve. I'd like it to be pain free but if my hip is anything to go by, I'm not holding my breath. Fingers crossed though.
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    Hopefully that's a good sign Cal.  Take it easy.

    Steven, well done on getting the run in before a busy time before work.

    Jugula, thanks for that.  I'm not sure what I'll do with it yet.  I'll have a think.

    I did a parkrun this morning in something like 31mins, so very steady.  I'm glad I went as my legs did feel better afterwards.  I met a couple of Trotters (well, one who is returning and one lapsed, who were running together) and I jogged around with them for the majority of it, which helped to make sure I didn't get caught up and go too quickly!  Hopefully tomorrow will be okay - weather looks like it's going to be cold, but no rain forecast for the race.  The wind could be a bit of an issue along the seafront though.  Looking forward to doing a shorter, local race for the first time in a while!
    steven - good time management there sneaking in your 13 miles between shifts.   Are you managing to stick to your long/easy run pace now?

    Cal - that's promising news re the calf

    Big G - have you spoken to your neighbours as they've cut their trees down, re contractor's price and disposal of the wood?

    Good luck for today, I haven't been out yet but looks nice and dry.  

    Will be windproof jacket for my run today, I stuck my head out the window and brrrrr very cold wind, I'm so glad I'm not doing long runs at the moment, wouldn't fancy doing 20 miles while it's so cold.
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    Shades, they didn't go into details but it sounds like they had some deal for taking the tree down in exchange for giving childcare (my neighbours own a nursery business and run it from somewhere in Newton).  I have asked the firm they used for a quote, but they're so far more expensive.  My neighbours also had all the branches taken away as they use their garden (it's not obvious from that pic, but theirs is more useable as it's not as steep), so it would have been more expensive to do that.  I'm just waiting on the final written quote and I will take it from there.

    I forgot to say, but on 2nd Feb it was the longest I've been without a drink - looking back, I think it's probably the longest for getting on for 25 years!  I'm doing okay though, so onwards and upwards.  I have a couple of "firsts" this month as I'm going to a gig next week in Exeter and I'd usually have had a few drinks, and my mates still will do, no doubt.  Funnily enough, part of the reason I entered Humdinger Half is that it's the day after the gig so I thought I'd celebrate by doing a race that I wouldn't even usually have considered after a night out.  Also, a foreign holiday at the end of the month without a drink will be a first since I was a kid.  I'm feeling fine though.
    Big G - good to know that bartering still happens, although that's not much use to you in this case.

    Well done on your longest ever 'dry' period.  At least with the gig you don't have to try and make alternative travel arrangements as you'll be fine to drive.  And you'll just have to hit the coffee and cake hard on your foreign holiday.

    Very cold wind out, fortunately my out route was into the wind so the return journey was much more pleasant and had a good run.   Didn't see many runners out today but I did see one couple, she was carrying a water bottle so assume they were going to do a decent distance but they were both wearing short sleeved shirts and no gloves, she looked frozen.  
  • Shades- I would say I'm a lot better at the long/easy run pace although not consistently on all easy runs so could be better. 

    Big G- well done on your dry period, how are you finding it?
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    Just a quick one that I did manage a PB after all. Pleased, but surprised!

    Went out at 7s thinking I'd fade, but ended up with 34:31 (unofficial) so really happy with a 5m PB. I did struggle a bit on the last uphill section, but overall delighted with that. A good way to start the racing year. 
    steven - it's harder on the shorter easy runs to keep the pace down but you're doing well.

    Big G  - Brilliant, that's a great start to the year.   

    I should know by now, that when you say you don't think you'll do very well, you then run a PB. :)
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    Well done on the PB and sober time Big G.
     I ran the Chichester 10k this morning, had to keep the gloves on as the wind was icy, when I got in the car at the end my legs felt like they do if I’ve sat in the sun all day, wind burn I guess. I finished in 52.11 which I’m happy with.
    Worthing half next Sunday.
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    Shades, yeah, it's becoming a bit of habit!  But just from some of the speedwork I've been doing, I didn't feel I was doing especially well in the sessions.  There is still this thing (probably partly a mental one) where when I specifically target a race, I don't seem to do as well.  Not really sure why that is.  Just checked my splits from today and they were 6:48, 6:56, 6:52, 6:47 and 7:01, so not too bad for an average of 6:52.  I suppose a bit disappointed with the final 7:01, but that does include the final inline, before the course drops back down to the finish.  Conditions were good for me - cool, dry and not too much wind.

    Steven, I'm finding it okay, in general.  I did find it strange when I went out for a meal earlier in January where I wasn't drinking but seemingly everyone else in the restaurant was.  But apart from that it's been okay.

    Jugula, well done on your race and a good time.
    Jugula - good to have you back racing again, great result at your 10 km, and another race next weekend too :) 

    Big G - I don't think you're the only one that doesn't reach a hoped for target at a specified race.   With running we never know exactly how we're going to feel on the start line or once the race starts, but you are able to take the opportunity when it all comes together and get those PB's.   Good splits too.   I remember that last incline and it's quite tough at that stage of the race, good race though, I think my 5 mile PB is at that event too.

    Dry and very cold wind this morning, feels like temp of -5, was well wrapped up but by the time I got home I can feel my legs, not cold but the muscles feel stiff in the cold, that's why I don't like to run marathons in the winter.

    BTW if anyone didn't see the BBC programme The Truth About Getting Fit last Wed, it's well worth watching it on catch up, very interesting and a few bits on running too.
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    Cal - sorry to hear about your calf. I don't really have anything useful to offer, but hoping it improves soon.

    steven - well done getting out for your 13 miler, sounds like a decent run.

    Big G - great effort on the 5 miler, that's a fantastic time.

    Jugula - well done on your 10k too - I hate running in very windy conditions, can deal with rain or cold ok but I always struggle a lot more in the wind.

    I had intended to get to parkrun on Saturday but got a sore throat friday afternoon that was worse when I woke up, so didn't bother. Don't think it's anything too serious, just felt a bit run down all weekend. Saturday was the worst day though, so hopefully that means it won't hang around long. Still coughing today but have a bit more energy.
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    Shades, I think that is definitely the good thing about doing a few more marathons in a year.  Most I didn't "race" as such, but last year if I had a disappointing one where I was going for a time, it transpired that I got a better time a few weeks later at a different event.  I think weather conditions impact me a lot - both physically and mentally.

    I can say with 100% confidence that I will not be getting a PB at next week's Half :)  Last year I did my best at Tavy 13 and got 1:43 and the year before I got 1:45, so if I get around that at Humdinger Half I'll be happy enough.  Not really too bothered about the time, but really I want to feel strong on the route.

    Nick, I too struggle with a head wind.  I hate it!
    Nick - hope that cough clears up for your high mileage day on Wednesday

    Big G - I agree, very hard to just target one marathon a year and not have any alternatives lined up in case things don't go to plan on the day.  

    Will be interesting to see how the Humdinger half compares to Tavy 13.  

    I used to do the Hogweed Hilly half and that was a great race, really good as marathon and DD prep but it was cancelled last year as the road surface has deteriorated too much, haven't seen anything about it this year either but my Spring calendar is full now, I'd go back another year though.

    It's really cold out there today, biting wind and that's just walking back from the Leisure Centre. :'(
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    Did quite a hilly 10-miler this morning, and had a good run.  For some of it I was running along country lanes I'd never ran/driven on before, which was a nice change.  I was never lost as I could see landmarks through gaps in the hedges with views over the hills etc, but it was an enjoyable run.
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    Big G - Congrats on the PB!!
    Shades - Interesting information on the sports massage!

    Anyway, first race of the year for me at London Winter Run 10k. I'd targetted this as a race in the build up to Bath half. Wasn't sure what to expect as my speed training hadn't gone as well as I'd hoped, but decided to set off at PB pace and see how I felt.
    Surprisingly with 17,000 runners I managed to start 4 rows from the front, so no weaving around in the first mile. Anyway managed to finish in 38:36 a 27 second PB with splits of 6:10/6:09/6:27/6:13/6:23/6:08 and 1:06 for the last 0.2m. Happy with that and good to start the year off with a PB.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Well done Steve - that's a great time.  Similar story to me it seems, where I wasn't sure the speed was there before my 5-miler on Sunday.  Congrats on the PB :)  
  • NickW2NickW2 ✭✭✭
    Great run Steve - well done for muscling your way to the front as well haha.

    I still can't quite decide what my focus will be this spring. I am likely doing the Hillingdon Half Marathon on 25 Feb, current thinking is that I will see how that goes and if it seems a decent marker for a marathon try to build towards MK (10 weeks later), and if not then just accept that I can't get the miles in this spring and instead of long runs do some speed work (as this takes up less time), then try to find a decent 10k to have a go at improving that PB, along with my parkrun PB.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Well done on the PBs, Big G and Steve. Steve - is that a fun race? I looked at it before but it seems quite pricey for a 10K. And Jugula, well done in the 10K.

    Still doing a bit of walking, strengthening and yoga and the calf seems to be calming down. It still feels tight but it's much better when walking now and only seems to complain in certain positions. I had to jog across the road to make it before the green man disappeared and it didn't hurt so I'm tempted to try a round the block stress test tomorrow.

    Provided it continues to improve, I think I will have to have a 2 week taper for Manchester just to get enough long runs in. I started training late enough as it is without this two week hiccup. (And I know I'll have to ease back in).
    Big G - I'm always amazed by the number of lovely little country lanes we have to run on around here, but they do often look the same, high hedges etc.

    Steve - fantastic PB and that's a significant PB at your pace.   You did well to get so near the front with that amount of runners.   So all that speedwork at 4:30 in the morning has paid off. :) 

    Nick - that's a great idea to do the Hillingdon half and then decide what you want to focus on for the rest of the year.   

    Cal - you should be fine with a 2 week taper for Manchester, you recover more quickly now from races/long runs

    Another very cold morning but the wind has dropped so not quite so bad, still far to cold for me and despite my multi layers I can feel my muscles tighten by the end of my run.   But I did have a good run, roads and pavements all dry so no ice to worry about.
  • NickW2NickW2 ✭✭✭
    Been absolutely freezing here the last 2 days - temp just below zero and "feels like" 2 or 3 degrees colder due to the wind. I've resorted to wearing 2 pairs of gloves on my bike in an attempt to still have some feeling in my hands by the time I get home! It's not quite so bad in the morning as I can put my gloves on the radiator before I leave :)
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, also since the new road has gone in, some of the larger rat runs are no where near as busy as they were, so they're runnable now as well.  I did an 11-mile run this morning taking in some of them, and had a great run.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Very chilly here too, Nick, but the sun's been out at least.
    Did my stress test today. Calf had stiffened up overnight so I went out for a walk (had to go pick up my laundry anyway, so I decided to incorporate it into a 2 mile stroll).

    Came back, dumped the laundry bag, went out again immediately and jogged around the block. Calf seemed to bear that OK, so went back in, put my new Zoom Flys on and had another jog around the block. Well, have to say they feel rather weird after the Frees but I gather they do take some getting used to. They feel quite stiff but also springy (I guess that's because of the plate). I don't much like the achilles tab - Frees don't have one - but I was wearing anklet-type socks rather than my usual running socks.

    Anyway, I'm going to see how it responds. It still hurts in certain positions but not so much when I'm running so I could be OK for Hampton Court. I'll try a little run tomorrow if I still feel OK in the morning and go from there.
    Nick - it is cold, even here.   Doesn't feel quite so bad now as the wind has dropped but that won't help you on the bike!   Why not try a pair of latex gloves under your usual gloves should keep the heat in.   

    I can remember years ago an office junior used to travel to our office on a moped and he had Mother's Pride bread bags over his gloves to keep warm.   Not very stylish and I can remember the MD's disapproving look when he walked into the office. :D

    Big G - yes, I agree.  I've done 2 runs recently through Compton which used to be a rat run and now it's just the odd car, must be better for the folks that live there too. 
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, that was the run I did today, but I continued onto Marldon, crossed the A380 ring road (there's an underpass there) and went through Scadson and Cockington Woods before going through Edginswell and back to Kingskerswell through the back roads.  A great run, that wouldn't really have been possible before the new road went in.

  • Iain LoveIain Love ✭✭✭
    Afternoon folks. Hope you are all well and keeping warm in the very chilly February weather. 

    It has been quite a while since I was last here so apologies for not keeping upto date ...
    I started training for London late November so I'm well into my plan and am feeling very positive. My fitness has improved massively as well as overall speed.  I've already got 2 20mile+ runs under my belt with a couple of 16's run on grass. This week is the start of threshold miles which im still slightly apprehensive about because I've been set a threshold pace of 6min/mile which seems really fast. I guess with a 2:45 target for London I have to get my threshold down as far as I can.. 
    I've entered the Forest of Dean trail half with the aim to try do it in 1:20 but not sure if I'm quite in that shape yet. I've also set myself a Challenge of running 12 marathons in 12 months with the 12th being the rememberance day marathon 2018 so after London I have to find 8 more to do in 6 months..
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, I caught up on that "The Truth About Getting Fit" program.  Interesting that such a small amount of exercise can have such a large impact on fitness.

    Iain, how are you getting on with looking at your diet after that test you did last year?
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