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    Oh no, I'm having a bit of "scope creep" for this Malta marathon.  Check this out for an elevation - it looks more or less perfect for a quick time!

  • Blimey, this thread moves fast! Had half term last week which involved visiting Leeds uni’ with my oldest for a taster day and then having a House of Commons tour and afternoon tea to celebrate him turning 18.

    Cal - I’ve now got my Big Half number too. OH is running it as well. Don’t really feel I’ve trained for it due to feeling rubbish for most of January so will just try and enjoy it.

    Managed 15 miles at the weekend, which is the longest I’ve run this year. Felt OK, so slowly getting some fitness back, hopefully.

    Shades - I’m enjoying the Saucony ISOs, comfy and responsive. But for the last 2 days I’m trying out some Altra shoes for local running shop where my friend works. My friend is mad about these shoes (light, very wide toe box and zero drop). I only wore them to fitness last night but will try on a run tonight as need to return them tomorrow.

    MF - good time hear from you and glad you are getting back into running.
  • Which start are you, SK? I'm in orange (wave C).
  • I’m Orange A. OH is Orange B - I think I must have been a bit optimistic when I our predicted times on the forms!
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    Sorry I’ve had time out, my Mum has been in and out of hospital with her COPD and fitting visiting and trainings been tricky, I’m still enjoying my swimming and sticking to training pace, went underground on Strava as people were starting to comment on my pace and didn’t need to hassle. I’m focused on what I need to do and not getting drawn into anyone’s training. I’ve also cut out refined and added sugar as I was getting tummy issues, cold sores and spots I’ve also added small amount of nuts to diet, made some energy balls which were ok and taking small amount of nuts and dried fruit for fuel on run, just experiment at moment. Avoided gels and sweets on run, been nearly two weeks and stomach a lot better, no cold sore or spots.
    not been as hard as I thought and back to pre London weight.

    Big G - thanks for the list.   Dinton Valley is off road too isn't it, but good surface trail. 

    I signed up to Strava just to look at elevation of various races and managed to search for events up until a couple of weeks ago but they were hard to find, not in a logical place, but then I realised that Strava isn't reliable on elevation so I've never bothered going back.   I can't see the appeal of the website at all.

    Cal - in my lifetime I've probably only seen a kingfisher 5 times.  But I've now found a place where one lives so when I run back past there I stop my watch and creep up to the bridge and he's usually there, I've been told he may leave to mate or he may be where he/she will rear their young, we'll see.

    Nice speedy recovery from your race :)  

    SK - I've heard good reports about Altra shoes but of course limits a lot of runners as a zero drop is too much pressure for many on achilles/calf muscles.

    Glad the ISO's are suiting you, they are on my list.

    Jelly - so sorry to hear your Mum has been poorly, does she live down here in Devon?

    Well done on getting your weight back to what you wanted, not easy at this time of year to cut back.

    I use dates during marathons and ultras, the ones from Lidl's are lovely and soft and very easy to eat when running.
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    Shades, yes it's good quality trails, but can get muddy in heavy rain.  It's more or less flat though.

    Hi Jelly, good to hear from you on here.  As mentioned on IM, sorry to hear about your Mum.

    I can't really comment on diet as I am nearly always experimenting myself!  But those changes sound good - I know Iain on here has drastically reduced his sugar.  I have reduced mine to some extent (certainly it's reduced from when I first started running), and for the last few marathons have taken no gels.  It is possible to do so well done for giving it a go.  Very well done on the weight loss too.

    Regarding your training, what are people saying?  I had something a bit odd yesterday where two guys said they were surprised at my recent 5-mile PB as they just see me "plodding around on Strava" (their words).  I just laughed :)  
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    Yes same sort of thing, saw you was only doing this pace and were you feel ok on that run and X was quicker than your pace.  Have to be mentally strong not to take notice and with all that’s going on personally I thought if they have no idea what I’m doing they can’t comment.  Yes Shades Mum lives Heathfield so go in to see her every morning. She’s in Torbay again now she only came out last Tuesday.  She is on oxygen 24/7 and has carers 3 times a day so not all left to me. She also has a cleaner which is a god send. Off swimming ?‍♀️ now. 
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    Jelly, really sorry to hear you're feeling pressure in that way.  Just try and do your own thing; trust your training and let others do what they feel is right for them.  If anyone mentions it again maybe say something like "I keep my race pace for racing", or something like that.  I know we've discussed it quite a lot on here, but unfortunately the club is set up to not encourage easy running, which of course we need for marathons.  It sounds stressful with your mum too and obviously running comes second to family, so just try and get your runs in if/when you can.  In stressful situations, I often find an easy 6-miler or something helps clear the cobwebs a bit.

    I'm all packed; I've managed to cram my stuff into hand luggage and I expect even then I've packed stuff I won't wear!  As it's a late flight (arriving in Malta around 23:30), I've booked a taxi from the airport to the hotel, rather than mess around with public transport.

    My hamstring is still a bit niggly, so I won't be running today after all.  I'm busy thrusting a tennis ball into the problem area, and may take the ball with me on the flight which I suppose may look a bit odd!  Sitting in a cramped plane isn't going to do it any favours!

    I hope it's just pre-marathon nerves, but I'm having a mild panic about the niggle, what with all the events I've got lined up now!  Hopefully it'll be fine!

    Shades (or anyone else), what's your view on taking Ibuprofen before/during a race?  I know it's frowned upon for health/safety reasons but if I take two before the race and maybe 2 paracetamol during the race (with plenty of water), would that be fine?  Or is ibuprofen just a definite no-no?  Of course I'll only take it if I feel I need it, but just planning ahead for Sunday if the hammie is still a bit painful.
  • Jelly - sounds like your mum is being really well looked after. That’s rubbish that people are commenting on your pace on Strava!

    I enjoy Strava as it’s an easy way of keeping track of my runs and race times. When I do the same race again, I like being able to look back and compare splits. I’m also trying to use it to keep track of mileage for different shoes - I know Shades has a spreadsheet for this. Plus I enjoy seeing other people’s race results and stalking other runners and parkrunners with similar times! I think it does help motivate me to - sometimes if I don’t feel like running, I see what everyone else is doing and it encourages me to go out!

    I had a club run last night which should have been 7.5 miles but ended up running 10 and walking a couple of miles too. They guys I started with started going a bit faster and I then started to feel my bowels moving! So I stopped and waited for a couple of other runners to catch up. We managed to go a longer way back and got a bit lost. One of the runners was new to the club and had never run more than 7 miles! So we walked the last bit back.

    Shades - the Altras were quite comfy on my run last night and my legs feel a bit better this morning than they’d usually feel - but that might be because we walked at the end of our run. I think in the long term, the zero drop is supposed to help strengthen achilles and calfs but I know you’re supposed to transition gradually. Need to return them today. Not sure I’d buy a pair yet as can’t really see a reason to change from the shoes I’m used to.

    Big G - others might disagree but I’d never take Ibuprofen before or during a race given the possible risks. Plus I believe that pain is your body’s signal that something’s not right so better to listen to the signal rather than try and ignore it by masking it!
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    Big G - That's what I really don't like about Strava is what could be harmful and hurtful comments from others.  And the knowledge that every run is 'public' can force a runner to do every session as fast as they can....I doubt the website was written by a distance runner

    I've emailed you re painkillers 

    Where are you flying from?   

    Jelly - glad your Mum lives nearby and you can visit her every day.  Sounds like she's being well looked after and I hope she'll be well enough to return home soon.   This time of year can be really tough for those with COPD.

    Good that you're keeping up with the swimming.  I see they've started synchronised swimming classes at Newton Leisure Centre.....please stick to the endurance swimming won't you. ;)  

    SK - I hope you haven't scared off that new runner with the longer than expected run!

    You can see other runner's results on RunBritain if you want to.

    It seems that a lot of newer shoes are focussing a lot more on comfy and better cushioning which surely can only be better for our poor feet, I've heard the Altras are very comfortable shoes.   Shame you can't keep the shoes.

    Chilly but nice morning, had a nice 10 mile run, definitely a lot lighter in the mornings now so I can vary my routes more.  Saw 6 egrets in a field with the cows.
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    No run yesterday as no real time but hopefully I'll get out today after work.
    I enjoy looking at Strava,I like seeing how people with similar targets as me train,and it gives me local routes I've not thought of before when I see others doing it.
    To be honest I've never had a negative comment on there and it's only helped me.
    Decided to enter Wrexham half in 2 weeks so I can see where my basic fitness is at,will decide on the day about my pacing.
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    Shades, thanks for the email.  I'm flying from Bristol so not too bad.

    SK/Shades, I do like Strava for looking back at my splits, and I also used the search feature to look at race profiles but that's not working at the moment.  Also, if a person does what looks like an interesting local route that I haven't done before, that can be helpful.  Quite a lot of pros are on there too - Kilian Jornet is on there and some of his training is just bonkers! The other day he did a 25-mile cross country ski with nearly 15000ft of ascent....some of that looked like it included ski lifts, but still!  You can make runs private if you want, and use it more as a training log and I use it to track the mileage in my shoes too.

    Ian, I think Jelly may mean that people are seeing her Strava and then talking to her in person when at the club.  Not sure though.
  • Big G/Ian - yes I’ve found lots of new routes via Strava and it’s interesting seeing who pops up on the segments.

    Shades - Strava was set up by cyclists and used to be mainly for cyclists. The thing you get with Strava that you don’t see on RB, is the ability to see other people’s splits for a race and what training they do. I saw that the girl who came 3rd in the race I won was just running the 10k as part of a 20 mile long run! And the girl who came 2nd had run parkrun as well as XC the day before! It’s a great way to make connections with other runners too. I’m connected with people I see at parkrun and it’s nice to be able to comment on races they have done or training (in a positive way!)
  • Jelly, sorry to hear about your mum. I'm not surprised you feel stressed. Ignore the comments, those people know nothing about you or what you're going through.

    Big G, I often take a ball on flights and sometimes trains too.

    SK - ooh, not comfortable. I hope you were able to avoid the dreaded turtle's head!

    Story time.

    One of the joys of urban living is that, every so often, mice will invade your home. Aside from being dirty little blighters, they can also be surprisingly noisy, and if you live in a small, open-plan flat as I do, they will be scratching and rustling and squeaking where you sleep and thus keeping you awake.

    Consequently, I was not pleased when I realised I had been invaded again, after being kept awake after my Sunday half marathon, when all I wanted to do was sleep and recover. Out went the traps, but they have thus far gone untouched.

    So, last night, as I was at my computer, I heard mouse sounds from the other side of the room. What sounds like scratching and a rhythmic thumping, which is a bit odd. I go over to inspect but can’t see anything – not so much as a flicker of movement in the corner of my vision.

    This thumpy thumpy scritch scritch goes on for some time. What the hell is it up to, I wonder? I keep going to check, but I can’t see a thing. I conclude that it must be under the floorboards. There’s no other explanation.

    Eventually, because it’s way past my bedtime now, I go to bed and try to sleep. It’s difficult (I even put on the Thunderstorm CD to try and blot out the noise, but it doesn’t work) but sometime around 1am the noises become more sporadic and I fall asleep.

    When I wake, everything is quiet. I’m due for a run today (fortunately a short recovery) so after lingering on Facebook while I down plenty of coffee, I go over to my exercise mat to do some warm-up exercises and use my foam roller. Now, when I say foam roller, it’s not one of the soft ones that looks like a pool noodle. It’s a hard metal cylinder covered in pink rubbery plastic – ideal for cracking my back over and dealing with pesky IT bands. I usually leave it balanced on its end when I’m not using it, and that was the case last night.

    As I grab it, out plops one very listless mouse. I realise the mouse has somehow managed to fall into it, and the thumps were its attempts to jump back out. Unsuccessfully, it would appear. It is so exhausted it resembles me post-marathon, and I am able to catch it easily with a jar and paper and dispose of it as tradition ordains, but flushing it down the toilet.

    I’m not sure there is a moral to this. Maybe look before you leap. I did a very slow 4 miles and just hope I get a better night’s sleep tonight.

  • Cal - you flushed a mouse down the bog?!!! You do realise that the next time you are sitting on the throne, it might crawl back up to say hello.  :D :D :#
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    Cal, I thought you were going to say that the pink stuff around the foam roller had been gnawed away.  Glad you caught the culprit!
    Ian - great news that you've entered Wrexham.   I'll be there too but might not see you as I think the marathon starts an hour or so before your race.    I hope it warms up before then.

    Big G - I record my race splits on my spreadsheet and I'm not interested in following other runners' training.  
    I have spent some time looking round Strava and it's just too American and crass for my taste.    IMHO it's like FB full of me, me, me, folk wanting someone to say how well they've done. 

    I expect those from club that have made comments are the same ones that underachieve at their races due to training too fast.

    When I was going to Malta I couldn't get a flight from Bristol so that's good that you can now.

    Cal -that's a great story, not for the mouse though.   Great use of the foam roller.  I hope that has for now solved your mouse infestation problems.
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    They wasn’t negative comments and not said in a malicious way, and I one person who I’m not keen on say I was too competitive as I was paired up with a slower runner and it’s was speed sprints where had to run at same speed as partner and he sounded short of breath so I was asking if he was ok, it’s her brother and she very nasty said he’s been running over 20 years and over hundred marathons and I’m too competitive. Didn’t punch her as this is often fround upon and just didn’t say anything else. I think he was embarrassed as he ask if I was ok, later. I try and avoid her but luckily most trotters  are very supportive. I’m just staying in my training bubble and asking those who I know have my best interest in mind.  I know if I look after my mental health and put in the miles and focussed session  and eat right I have done everything I can for my races.  In a big club like ours you can’t get on with everybody.
    Interesting about synchronised swimming will have to have a look for the girls they use to do it at Exeter until the club closed.  I’m just enjoying swimming. 
  • Jelly- So sorry t hear about you mum. My O/H is currently going through the test for COPD as she has terrible breathing issues. In regards people's comments if people comment who don't know anything about me then I have the attitude that I don't care what they say and only listen to people I care about. 

    8 miles for me today in what was a surprisingly sunny day. Long may it continue. 
  • JellyJelly ✭✭✭
    Sorry to hear your other half is being assessed for COPD Mums in later stage, my best advise would be stay away from people with colds and keep immune system up, as Mum went down hill fast after she got a nasty chest infection a few years ago 
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    Big G, ibuprofen is a big no before exercise as it can irritate the stomach and cause it to bleed in extreme cases.
    Cal, sounds like your mice are doing triathlons now!
    Just having coffee after a half day at work, weather looks nice so off out for an easy paced run.
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    Sorry to hear about your partner Steven.  Fingers crossed the better weather keeps going!

    My hamstring niggle seems to be okay when I'm moving around, but starts to hurt when sitting so I hope I'll be okay to run.  I've been doing some research of running routes near the town I'm staying in (which is where the marathon ends), and it looks like there are some nice ones around.  The weather doesn't look brilliant over there though - 15deg, but with rain forecast. 
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    Nice 8.5 miles this afternoon, cold but sunny, the sea looked beautiful with the late sun shimmering across it.
     I don’t post on any other running forums, this thread is incredibly friendly and helpful, I previously used to post on another forum but some of the opinions were a bit off beam, I finally gave up after a woman quite innocently asked about which running shoes weren’t made in China as she had strong feelings about their animal cruelty, she was absolutely savaged by a few lunatics calling her a racist. There’s something about a keyboard that brings out the opinionated know it all’s who would probably be much quieter face to face.

    Blimey, that sounds like an opinionated rant!
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    Jelly-sorry to hear about your mum,ignore the woman,probably got a sad life so makes herself feel better by putting others down.
    Steve-Hope your partner gets on ok.
    Big G-Have a great time in Malta,looks a good race profile.
    Shades-The HM starts 90 mins after you so unlikely to be there that early,especially as we get back from holiday the night before.
    8 miles this evening felt Ok,could feel the achilles niggling a bit at the end so will probably rest tomorrow.

  • JellyJelly ✭✭✭
    Interesting about Ibuprofen, knew it wasn’t good to take but didn’t know why, I gave blood last week and it was on the questions of what medications taken. 
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    Morning!  Not a bad view for breakfast, I suppose!

    I arrived in Malta on time and was in bed within an hour of stepping off the plane, which was pretty good - I'm not entirely sure if the taxi driver was sober though, but we'll gloss over that!  Haven't done anything yet except have breakfast but I'm looking forward to getting out and exploring the island (alcohol free, of course!!!).  I'm sorting out a weekly bus ticket today and will use that to get around, probably starting with Valletta today.

    Shades, yeah it's good that you can get here from Bristol, but it's unfortunately RyanAir.  The bas****s had split up families yesterday so Mums and Dads were split up from their kids - of course they could have paid extra to sit together!  But, it is cheap to get here and my 3* hotel (10-mins walk from the race finish) seems really good, and also cheap at less than £200 for the week, B&B.  So far (having been here for less than 12hrs, admittedly!), I'm happy.

    Ian, as you say that race will give you an opportunity to see where you are with things.  It's great that you feel confident that you think you can do the race.

    It's a small world as I was on the 100MC Aspiring members group seeing if anyone is over here and wants to meet up.  I'm pretty sure she used to be on the forums but I can't remember her forum name - she used to help Foxy organise his Enigma races (Karen).  Anyway, she happens to work with my best mate - the one I went to the football with on Saturday - and they were talking about me and running, and she piped up on my message to say that my mate is a miserable git, to which I agreed ;)   He's one of my non-running friends I'm gong to Barca with.

    My injury seems a bit better today, despite the flight.  Not sure if I'll run today but I'll just see how it goes.
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    Jelly - that's not a pleasant incident you had at the Trotters training session.   
    You're right just to stay focussed and keep your training private.   You need to look after yourself and be selfish at times when training, if someone suggests a training run that just doesn't fit in with your plans then don't do it.  No matter how nice folk are they do like to sabotage other runner's training/healthy eating etc.

    I was joking about the synchronised swimming, I've never done it but it's supposed to be an amazing strength workout and it's not easy to do either.

    Lots of marathon and ultra runners do use ibuprofen, but it does need to be used with caution and you can never take it on an empty stomach.   Some folk can't use ibuprofen for other reasons too.

    steven - sorry to hear about your OH, hope they sort her out soon.   My last boss had COPD and once he was correctly diagnosed and on his regular treatment and check ups he was healthier than ever, but he did have to take steroids if he got a cold, we wouldn't go into his office if we had a cold.

    Big G - 15 degrees sounds wonderful to me, bloody freezing here now.  Photo looks lovely.

    Shame about Ryanair, I won't fly with them.  I always take a case to races anyway and Ryanair are too expensive.  I'll just have to go to Gatwick and use Easyjet.    I've heard a lot of the 100MC say what good value the hotels are at marathon time in Malta, makes it a popular marathon.    If you're mixing with the 100MC lot out there you'll have signed up to another 10 marathons before you get back to the UK ;)

    Jugula - I agree, I've always found RW forumites friendly and helpful, when this forum was really active we had the most amazing running community on here, met many good friends through this site.   Fetch is OK too but I don't use Fetch much though.   On FB I'm only on a couple of groups, my running club and a couple of events but avoid everything else.

    Ian - never mind, I'm sure we'll meet soon at another race.  Not sure if we run the same course or if the marathon is 2 laps so I'll keep an eye open for you just in case, I know what your club vest looks like now (from your GC photo).   Is your wife doing the half at Wrexham too?

    Was that consecutive days running for you?

    Very cold and frosty here, but no wind.  Had a nice run as much lighter this morning but started getting really cold after about 8 miles.  

  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Big G-great way to start the day.
    Shades-No she isn't,we're hoping she'll do Chester as her first at the end of April.She went to fast on her 8 miles on Saturday and felt really tired so lost a bit of confidence but I went through the time and she felt better after.
    It wasn't consecutive days but it was my 2 longest runs yet and just 2 days apart but it actually feels fine again this morning so may go later yet.
    Ian - Even though it wasn't consecutive days you do seem to be making progress.

    You'll have to get you wife to slow down her training runs ;)   Chester is a good choice for her first half marathon.
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