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    Big G - the prizes were listed in the race info so I'm not sure why anyone would complain about lack of prizes when they know in advance. 

    You'll never please everyone, some never want anything to change as they've always done it that way.  Others embrace changes and new challenges.   I don't think you should select races just so some Trotters might get a prize.

    Hope you manage to get to Torbay Tri for your training session today.   Wonder how long before they persuade you to do a triathlon, you ride a bike and are a good swimmer and runner...…. :) 

    Very cold and pea soup fog this morning.   6 miles done.  I don't like running in thick fog, it's like running in a bubble, same feeling as I get running with a headtorch in unlit areas, just isn't as enjoyable not being able to see all around me.
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    Shades, I went out a bit after you I'd imagine as I started at 9am and had a nice run.  It was sunny although quite cold, but I was fine in T-shirt, shorts and gloves.  It was approx 3.5 miles and it was really to see what the knee was like.  It was okay, so all being well I'll get along to the session tonight but I have a busy day today (bending, lifting, packing stuff) so it'll just depend on how the knee is later on this afternoon.

    I'm really not sure about a Tri.  It's something I've never really seriously considered.  But I suppose the danger is that once I start associating with some of the Triers, something may get lodged in my mind ;)   There are some shorter tris locally, and I suppose I could do one of them.  There's nothing stopping me really as like you say I've got a bike (and bike rack for the car so I can easily drive places), but it's just never really something I've looked into.  The swim would be the problem, but I'd like to think I could get around a short Tri without any "proper" training - okay the time wouldn't be quick, but I'm pretty sure I could get around one that was a pool swim if I wanted to (I think the shortest tri is a Sprint Tri which is 750m swim, 20k bike ride and a 5k run, and Olympic Tri is double that).  If it was a sea swim though, I'd need to practice that first!!

    I did have a look at tris involving SUPs, just as a matter of interest.  There are some where it's SUP, mountain bike, trail run which does sound good fun but I'm nowhere near good enough on the SUP currently, plus I don't have a mountain bike although I suppose you can rent one. 
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    Big G - You went out for your run 4 hours after me!   Tomorrow though I will go out when light as I don't have a class on a Friday

    Be careful with your back all that packing etc.  Will be interesting to see how you enjoy a different club for a training session.

    Maybe a duathlon first before going for a Tri.   But I think it's hard enough to train in one discipline never mind 2 or 3.

    A tri using your SUP does sound like fun though. 

    Pilates was lovely today, not as challenging as Tuesday but lots of balance and stretching which I like.

  • Shades - My thoughts exactly, if I wanted to do a tri I'd have to get some swimming lessons to improve technique and know that would harm my run training.
    Cal - Nice 11 miles.
    10 miles for me this morning, felt good.
  • Absolutely no chance I could ever do a tri I can swim but am terrified of water spas hinges on me so that rules out a tri thankfully.

    Finally got out a 6 mile run in very mild conditions so very enjoyable. It's my first run in 10 days due to having to work 9 days straight so was shattered everyday after work.
  • Chilly this morning but lovely and sunny. I had hoped to do 7 miles but my legs felt heavy again so I decided to do my minimum 4. My left knee was aching a bit but I had a good yoga class and it went away after that. Just needed a good stretch.
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    I managed to get along to the session tonight. It was 6 laps of a green (approx 650m), and I managed 2:38, 2:43, 2:43, 2:36, 2:35, 2:29. So not really consistent and it wasn’t eyeballs out for me as I was finding my feet a bit, but I really enjoyed it. It was approx 200m jog recovery in between.

    Strangely a couple of them said they knew me (or knew my name anyway) so not really sure how, but they knew I was a Trotter and on the committee etc.  Maybe they knew me from the press reports or something. 

    The other odd thing (to me) was that I was chatting to 3 or 4 of them and they said that deep down they were cyclists but had to endure the running :)

    They were a good bunch and it was a social session, but there was definitely a level of seriousness not there at Trotters generally. I’ll definitely be going back and I’ll be joining up for sure. 
    Steve/steven - no tri for me either.  I'm a poor swimmer, haven't cycled since I was 15 and wrote off my friend's bike.

    steven - your job does sound exhausting.   How's the knee?  

    Cal - maybe a couple of days rest before Sunday to get some bounce back in your legs.

    Big G - sounds like the sort of training session that you enjoy.   Round here everyone seems to know everyone, I expect they know you from races and maybe your RW feature too.
    I suppose a lot of triathletes have come from one of the disciplines for one reason or another.   

    8 miles today, cold and foggy again but I went out in daylight so not such a 'bubble effect' as running in fog in the dark.

    My calf muscles are fine this week, so I think it was the step ups in circuits that was causing those niggles.  
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    Shades, I jogged back with a guy who happened to be the Chairman of the club after the session and he was talking about a bike group that goes out on a Monday in the summer.  I wouldn't make a regular thing of it, but maybe I'll go along on occasion if it's a nice evening.  I do enjoy cycling but I didn't do any last year at all.  I am definitely going to join, and if I can't join as second claim, I'll just join as a Tri member as it's still very good value - their year starts in April, so I'll most likely leave it until then before joining.  I can't go next Thursday, but I'll definitely go along when I can.  They also have a Tuesday session and I was wondering if I may be on the slow side for that but the Chairman said I'd be fine in that group too.  They have some very quick people though as there were two sub-3 women in the group last night, and a couple of quick men with sub-17 5ks.  I was definitely mid-pack last night, which at the Trotters doesn't usually happen.  Like I say, it was a good group though.

    I did read somewhere that every few weeks they do a 5k time trial, which is something I'd enjoy doing as well.
    Big G - that does sound ideal training for you.   And cycling on a Monday night would be good for your legs after a marathon too.   When you move it will be quite a trip for a training night with the Trotters, although it's a much quicker trip now that we have the link road.

    5km time trial is perfect for you too.
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    Big G-Don't be getting drawn in to the dark side  ;)
    No running the last 2 days as I was just too busy,easy 6 today,at least it means I am well rested for Sunday.Wind is looking a little high at 15/16 mph,but hoping it drops or is sheltered a bit.
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    Shades, do you know what?  For the first time ever, I wondered if I may actually leave Trotters at some point!  Of course, with Trotters it's not just the running, but it's the committee stuff I do, which I do enjoy so it would feel like a big thing to let all that go (assuming I get reelected in a couple of weeks).  The thing is, the social side of things I don't really get involved with these days.  I didn't even go to the awards ceremony this year, purposefully didn't go to Lanza with them last year, and I'm even debating if I want to go to Valencia.  OH isn't keen at all on going Valencia with Trotters....

    From a time point of view, when I move into my new place, I'll be able to leave at 6:15 and run down and get there comfortably for 6:30, do the session, and then jog back for recovery.  It's all just a lot more efficient with time.  It would feel like a massive thing to leave Trotters, but I guess you never know which way things may go, and I suppose I'm just saying that for the first time ever it crossed my mind that there is life outside of Trotters!  Don't get me wrong, I'm not planning on leaving any time soon (if ever), but it just crossed my mind.


    In other news, there's a new parkrun coming nearby so that will be another local one to go to.  It's at Haldon Forest which will be a great location for one.  One problem is that it's £4 for parking so it's not somewhere I'd go regularly for that reason, but I suppose if there's a car full of people it's not too bad.  Haldon Forest is where there is one of my favourite trail races - Forest Flyer - but I'm not 100% sure what the parkrun route is from looking at the map.  There's a chance it may involve a steep hill!
    Ian - I do hope the weather forecast improves for Sunday, or that it has a negligible effect on the day.

    Big G - shock announcement from you that you've even considered changing clubs. But  priorities change as time goes by. I suppose the new Trotters kit does nothing to enforce your loyalty either.  ;)
    It might be that in time you switch your first claim club if you decide you want to be more involved with your new club.

    Re new parkrun, could you park in Teignmouth say, and run up or is that too far?  Good hill training.  :)

    I've entered that Dorset 50k today. The route map shows an elevation of 2950 feet, race info said 2500, what's a few more feet of climb!
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    Ian, fingers crossed the weather will improve.

    Shades, we'll see what happens over the next few weeks/months, but I suppose the main thing is I enjoyed it last night.

    Not sure about parking in Teignmouth and walking to Haldon.  I'd have to have a look on the map.  I can't go along to the new one probably until 24rd March at the earliest anyway, so I've got some time to look into it.

    Been out for a nice 10-miler this afternoon.  I just fancied pushing the pace a bit today and averaged about 8:30s which is too quick for a long run pace, but I did enjoy it.  The sun was out, but it was still cool so a very enjoyable run and I felt quite spritely.  That's probably the last longish run I'll do before Malta now.  I've got Seaton parkrun tomorrow and then a 4-ish miler planned around Salisbury on Sunday AM, if time allows.
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    Big G - I meant for you to park at Teignmouth and run up to Haldon ;) 

    I think you'll like today's pic on

    9 miles for me this morning, lovely weather into double figures and no fog, so nice to be able to see the views when running.   Did my lake run which I haven't done for a long time.  When I did my lap of the lake I came across a poor female mallard being gang banged by a group of at least 10 male mallards, I clapped my hands and she managed to make her escape.

    Cal & Ian - good luck for tomorrow's races, and anyone else racing too.

  • Thanks!
    My parkrun friend was running Clapham Common today, which I've done (three times, in fact) so I schlepped it up to Cassibury in Watford. A long tube journey but the park is right by the station so it was easy enough. Nice park, although very busy (not as bad as Tooting, but still quite crowded, which cost me some time at the start). I ran around 25:20 although official time was 25:24. Happy with splits of 8:15/8:11/8:07 (7:32 pace for the last .1). I pushed but I didn't gun it, so hopefully I will be fine for tomorrow.
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    Shades, nice pic of the pangolin there.

    Ian/Cal, best of luck at your races. I hope they go well.

    Robert/MF, how are you doing with your respective injuries?

    As for me, I went and did Seaton parkrun, in what were misty - but surprisingly warm - conditions.  This one is right on the sea front, and in fact probably 300-400m is ran on the beach itself. Those bits were tough as it’s a loose pebble beach and those sections really sapped the energy. There were just over 200 runners and I finished in around 23mins. It’s a nice event but not one I’d go to from my house as it’s quite a drive for me.....

    ....but yesterday I was on my way to see a friend in Salisbury, picking up another mate in Axminster on the way, so it worked well to get the parkrun in.

    Having never been to Salisbury before, it’s really nice. An old town, and obviously the Cathedral.  It’s quite a large town, but somewhere seems to have the atmosphere of a friendly smaller town. Obviously there’s been that recent ‘incident’ there, but the town just seemed to be going about its business as normal. The Zizzi’s where the pair got poisoned has a sign up saying ‘we still support Salisbury’ as apparently business took a downturn for a while.....

    This morning I went and got a 5-mile loop in around Salisbury and had a great run, taking me to 51 miles for the week. 
    Big G - it is a lovely photo.   I forgot to say that I really enjoyed that TV programme that was on last year about the pangolins.   I didn't watch it for ages as I knew it was going to be harrowing to watch in places but when I finally did watch it I'm glad I did.

    Salisbury is lovely.   I've been there quite few times, when I used to do off road marathons I did the Clarendon Way Marathon six times, I can recommend it as it's a point to point and a nice varied route.  Used to be Winchester to Salisbury but now I think they do it the other way Salisbury to Winchester.

    That's a good week's mileage for you especially as you've had that annoying injury.

    17 miles for me today, my hilly 8 mile route with extra miles, couple of really tough hills, total climb 1579 feet.   Saw 3 deer together, they looked so beautiful galloping across the field.  Saw first primroses of the year, lots of snowdrops and daffodils.   3 miles from home my heartrate shot up when I saw some escaped sheep on the road, same section of road that I had the run in with that ewe that nearly flattened me a while ago.  I thought , 'oh no, here we go again.'
    A woman motorist had stopped, she got out and rounded up the two sheep near her into a nearby field and I stopped the traffic and took the three sheep on my section of road, a ewe and two well grown lambs, and put them in the same field.   She was on her way to work at the prison and said she would report the incident.

    That takes me to 54 miles for the week.
    Sad to hear about Flybmi going into administration today, I flew with them to Frankfurt last year and they were really good to travel with.   Hope they find a buyer or at least someone takes over their routes as was planning to go back to Frankfurt next year
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    Shades/Dr Doolittle-Thats a great run and elevation,about standard by you I think.
    Big G-Very good weekly mileage there,looks like you're going well again.
    Cal-Good parkrun,hope today went well.
    Wrexham half today-nice flat course but a windy morning at times,set off too fast as it felt easy,got to 8 miles around 1:25 pace and knew I'd pay for it,but the worst if the wind at a long straight from 10-11.5 and together with slowing those miles hurt,pulled it together at the end to finish in 1:26:56 so a 50sec PB but definitely more to come on a different day and paced better.
  • Well done on the sheep wrangling (again!) Shades!

    Hampton Court half could not have gone better. Perfect weather, and while I was a little chilly at the start I was happy I went with vest and shorts. I decided I would try to better last week's time and if I didn't, oh well, I have another half next month.

    I stuck myself between the 2:00 and 1:50 pacers at the start and resisted the effort to go off too fast. I ran an 8:38 for the first mile and then another Chaser joined me and said she would help pace me to a sub-1:54. We did two milest at bang on 8:31 which I said was a little fast, so we slowed slightly and ran the next one in 8:43 which was right on target.
    At this point she said she was starting to struggle (I'm not sure what the problem was but her name wasn't on the results after) so I went on ahead and tried to stay on pace. Ran another 8:43 and then two at 8:41 before a dodgy 8:24.5 (we went through a bit of a tunnel, which I think threw my Garmin off slightly - it was beeping before the mile markers after that and made the last .1 a bit longer than it should have been) then back to 8:42, 8:38, 8:45, 8:43 and 8:38 again before the final straight.
    I did start to feel tired towards the end but kept reciting my silly rude little tempo rhyme in my head and it kept me on target. Final result - 1:53:45!
    Needless to say I'm chuffed.
    Now excuse me while I slip into a nice warm bath. There were some Epsom Salts in the goody bag, which is awesome.
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    Ian & Cal - fabulous racing from both of you and 2 more shiny PB's.

    You're both in great form and certainly bodes well for your target marathons in April.
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    Cal-Brilliant result again,all those winter miles are reaping the benefit now.
    Just looked at my data now I'm home and I know you should never be disappointed with a PB,but it's a little hard not too,at 9 miles I was actually just under 1:25 pace yet blew 2 mins in the last 4 miles,that was the part with the most climb and some wind but still annoying I let it slip that much,clearly shows I'm not ready for 1:25 yet,but possibly 1:26 in May.Also remembered I had to stop and tie my lace after 4 miles which annoyed me.
  • Well done Ian. You'll have to do what I do which is tuck the loops of your bow under the laces in front. Never had a shoe untied since I've been doing that.
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    Cal, I have a friend who is asking about parkruns and has the option of Wimbledon, Richmond Park and Bushy Park.  Have you done all/any of those, and if so do you have a favourite?

    Another great PB from you too, especially just a week after your last one.  It's great that you recovered so well between the events, and I think shows you're much stonger now than you were a year or two ago.  Great running.

    Ian, a great PB for you too.  Although you're a bit disappointed as you say it's still a big PB, and it sounds like you're confident you can go quicker at another race if it all comes together on the day.

    Shades, nice long run there.  I had no sheep to round up on my run this morning but I did keep a wide berth of some angry-looking (is there any other kind?) geese.  I know I talked about it quite a lot on here, but I do feel very fortunate to have worked (albeit very briefly, and only on the periphery) with pangolins and one of those big charities/organisations.  
  • Those are all close to me but I haven't done any of them yet! Ask me in a few months... :lol:
    Bushy is, by all accounts, a lovely one lapper but it does have the highest number of runners in the country, which is something to bear in mind. But it is where parkrun started, so an important one to cross off the list for every parkrun tourist.
    Wimbledon is all trail and can be very muddy, but it's a flat one as far as I know. I'm waiting for the summer to do this one, or at least, a longer spell of dry weather. I've run on Wimbledon Common many times, just not the parkrun.
    Richmond is another one where I've run there plenty of times but haven't done the parkrun. Very scenic, a little undulating and also busy. Old Deer Park is in Richmond itself, close to the station, and that one gets low numbers so is another alternative for her.
    Ian - the last couple of miles of a half marathon are tough and just the slightest change can affect your pace, even if the wind isn't that strong it's just enough to have a detrimental effect on your pace.  Laces, that is annoying, elastic laces are the way to go. :) 

    Cal - hope you enjoyed your bath, perfect post race recovery.

    Big G - I've never had a problem with geese when running, but they are very territorial especially if nesting.   Domestic geese used instead of a guard dog are very effective!   I'm not keen on swans, they're bad tempered so I'm a bit wary.   I did get chased by a swan when I was running the last 0.2 of Shakespeare marathon one year, but I was tired and past caring at that time.

    6 miles for me today, lovely running weather.  Legs feel fine after yesterdays hills :)  I really do like my Puma Ignite shoes, they are a completely different feel than my other shoes, lovely to run in.
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    Thanks Cal, I've relayed that back to her.  I'd said that if it was me I'd probably do Bushy as it's the "spiritual home" of parkrun, although the numbers are huge.  I think she's going to do that one though.

    Shades, another nice run for you.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do this week, or today.  I've realised I've ran 10-days in a row again, starting with that Darwin Marathon.  Probably I should take a rest day or two before Malta but I do feel quite fresh so I may just do a gentle run anyway.  I'll see as I do have another day packing stuff up today.
    Big G - you must be looking forward to your trip to Malta, especially after all the packing etc you've been doing ready for your move.

    Please can you let me have your March marathons/ultras, that includes everyone else too.   I already have Robert's race on the 10th March, although I realise he might drop to the shorter distance.

    Lovely stretchy class at Yogalates, great after a week's running. :)
  • Well it’s a great big fat nothing from me for the March list Shades!
    Still no improvement with my PF.. I bumbled round the forest for 8k this weekend but was limping and couldn’t walk properly afterwards so I think I’m going to stop altogether for a bit as I don’t think it’s helping to keep running.. I miss it so much though! I’ve started cycling again but it takes so much longer to have the same cardio effect and it’s just not the same anyway.
    All very depressing, It’s been 3 months now and I’m not sure I’ll ever come out of this.

    Great PBs from Ian and Cal and a strong run from you in your marathon a couple of weeks ago too Big G.

    You do have interesting runs Shades. I can confirm geese are excellent guard dogs. We had 3 a couple of years ago but it got to the point we were too scared to come out of the bloody house so I set them free on a nearby river.

    Anyway, nothing remotely running related to say. It’s the school holidays here and I’m writing this on the bus on my way over to see my daughter in Lyon. I was hoping to take my trainers and get some running in over there as I just love running round different places, especially cities as all my running is done in the sticks but that’s not going to happen now so I’m well grumpy!
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