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    mamafox - so very sorry to hear that you're still cursed with that awful PF, it really is such a debilitating and depressing injury.   You will recover.

    When I was in my early teens my uncle and aunt had a cockerel that would chase me (and everyone else) across the orchard and peck my legs, so aggressive, horrible bird.   The next Xmas we went to stay with them and on Xmas morning I looked out the bedroom window to see my uncle killing the cockerel which was then cooked for Xmas dinner.   It was as tough as old boots, probably due to all the running he did protecting his hens.

    Have a lovely time with your daughter.
  • My mother used to tell me about when she kept chickens during the war (she was born in 1930). At one point they had a pair of roosters who used to chase and terrorise her. She was very glad when she got to eat them.

    mamafox, sorry you're having a rough time of it.

    Rest day today, which I need, but I am also doing the running results for my club this week. Had a massage too, and got back to find my number for The Big Half had arrived. It never ends! :lol:
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    MF, really sorry to hear the PF is still troubling you :(  I know it's very hard but just try and plan other things and know that it will pass in time.

    Shades, yeah, I am looking forward to Malta a lot, as is OH.  I went last year on my own and really enjoyed it, so hopefully it'll be as good this year too.  Regarding the marathon, it's the same RD but it looks like it's different sponsors this year, but the same course I believe.  Yes, it's tiring packing stuff up.  It's been another trip to the tip today - part of the problem is that I have a house and OH as her flat, and we obviously don't need two lots of everything.  I have sold some items (for not a lot of money really!), but most of it has gone to recycling where they get a bit of cash for the nicer items, and some other stuff has gone to charity.  I'm really trying to just touch everything one - i.e, pick something up and decide what to do with it and don't touch it again!

    I was going to hire a van and move myself with a couple of friends who kindly offer to help, but I've decided to get a couple of guys in to do it.  Quite reasonably priced, so it's just a weight off my mind really, in that it'll just be done and dusted on the moving day.  Again, moving one house is one thing, but just the thought of moving two is proving too much.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Shades-Nice run,like the story of being chased by a swan at the end of Shakespeare.
    Big G-Have a nice trio to Malta,when do you go?
    Mama-Really bad news about PF,really hope it eases as some point,good luck with it.
    6 mile recovery run tonight,legs a little sore in the quads but nothing to worry about.4 big weeks now to get ready for Manchester.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Ian, I'm flying out Friday and back on Wednesday.

    I went along to the club tonight and did a nice 7-miler.  I was umming and ahhing all afternoon, but in the end I was glad I went.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    I stopped running forva few months to get rid of PF a couple of years back, i also had a groin area issue too, so needed to stop for a while.
    I made sure i wore shoes that had good arch supports at all times, no flip flops, pumps etc and also found it helpful to use a pair of heel raises in my shoes at all times. Good luck with it, it will go if you do the right things.

    Feel free to ignore any of the above though.
  • Thank you all for your lovely supportive comments, they do make me feel better!

    TR - Thank you for your advice, I have found insoles with arch support helpful so I will keep wearing them. The weather is getting better here and I did find myself looking at a pair of ballerina type pumps yesterday but I think I’ll give those a miss then!
    It is also a relief to hear that your PF did go in the end too.. the way I feel at the moment I think I’ll never run again so that was most reassuring.
    Cal - once you start racing the races seem to come thick and fast.  When is the Big Half?

    Big G - don't forget to let me have your March marathons/ultras please. :)

    It must be hard merging two lots of household stuff and furniture.  Having to decide which to keep!  Maybe you need Marie Kondo there to help you out! ;) There's a place in Brunel that collects furniture/electricals etc if you have anything too big for your car.   I expect Rowcroft collect too, they're also on Brunel.  It's worth hiring a van and manpower for the move.

    TR - Must have been tough stopping running for a few months but at least you got rid of both injuries.   Some good advice there, especially re footwear.   I still see folk that have had achilles and/or PF issues wearing flip flops or shoes with no support whatsoever, pumps, ballet style shoes etc and then they complain when their injury reoccurs.

    6 miles for me today, very cold and frosty but roads are dry so fine for running.   That is supposed to be the last frost for quite a while, I do hope so.
    mamafox - xpost, glad you walked away from those ballet pumps!  Go and look at some running stuff instead.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, my March marathons are:
    - Groundhog Day Marathon - 2nd March.  This is the track marathon.
    - Dorney Lake Marathon - 10th March.

    I did have Wrexham Marathon booked on 17th March but that's moving weekend - I managed to transfer my number and fortunately I'd booked a refundable hotel.  Not a marathon obviously, but I've got Tavy 13 booked on 24/3.  
  • Shades - March 10th.
    Big G, rather you than me...105 laps of the track would drive me nuts. It's bad enough running a track 5K and that's only 12 and a half laps! I'd have thought it wouldn't be great from an injury perspective either, always turning in the same direction for 3-5 hours.

    Woke up early again so got 10 miles done before breakfast. Legs not too bad after Sunday so enjoyed it. I rather like going out in the dark and watching the sky get light.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Cal, it's just something I fancy trying.  If it's anything like that Darwin one I did, it'll be a really social event (it's organised by the same people).  I'm not too bothered about the time, especially 6 days after Malta and all the driving/travelling involved, but it's just something I fancy doing.  That Darwin one I did the other week was 43.5 laps so was kind of a practice for the track one in terms of counting laps, and I really enjoyed that one so hopefully I don't go crazy whilst out on the track.  I found the 43.5 laps quite easy mentally, but I know 105 is a big step up!  I have a Trotter friend who did one and lost count of where he was - his Garmin ticked over to 26.2 but he still had a few laps to go and he tells a funny story about how he nearly stormed off the track.  And this is someone who I would say is mentally strong :)  I think part of the trick is to basically ignore the Garmin as it'll likely be way out, know that the course is accurately measured, try and keep on the racing line and just tick them off one-by-one.  Ian's done one too, and he found it okay I think.
  • Ian - Superb HM PB, the wind and hill would have had an effect at the end, and 50 seconds is a big PB at that pace!
    Cal - Again, another PB! Superb running, and sounds extremely well paced.
    16 miles for me on Saturday which felt good, then Sunday was 90 minutes on the bike (23 miles)  and 5 miles, struggled to run slow (target was 8:30s) so let it flow (couple of 7:45s) and chucked in an LT mile (6:18) and an MP mile (6:48). Not run today as my nose is streaming, so taking a rest day. Hoping to get out tomorrow.
  • I almost never buy race photos, but the sun, the flying feet and the fact I am smiling and not looking like I am about to vomit had me reaching for my wallet. It was a PB, after all, so I treated myself.
    Big G - thanks for your race list for March.    I should see you at Tavy 13, I have some copies of RW for you but won't give them to you if you haven't moved by then, the last thing you want is more stuff to shift ;) 

    Cal - you have a decent time before 10th March so that's good.   Lovely photo, it's worth buying the photos that you like, most of us are horrified at our race photos. 

    Steve - hope that's not a cold you've got.

    Gorgeous sunny day here now, not that warm about 10 but does feel spring like.   There was a beautiful full moon this morning when I was running too. 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    I had a groin/pubic area issue and couldnt run without discomfort, as well as PF so i stopped and swam and did s and c. After a few months i started again, the PF was cured. The other issue took a year of building back up.
    Im not back at the level i was even after 18 months of decent mileage, but im able to run 80mpw now.
    TR - that must have been a really bad groin injury.  Do you think you'll be able to get back to pre injury fitness again? 

    I've managed to buy our new club short sleeved shirt from one of the girls in our club that had a spare one.  Can't wait to wear this in a race...

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    edited February 2019
    No, but im over 50 now anyway. I hope to go sub3 again though.
  • Cal that's a great photo, defo worth purchasing the smiley ones! I've only ever purchased a few photos most of them are hideous!!!!

    Shades, not a fan of black shirts for racing but that's a smart shirt. I can pretty much guarantee I won't be running the full marathon on 10th March so can be removed from the list.  I still plan on running the half at 2.15 pace for LLHM two weeks later.

    MF, sorry to hear of your continued struggles with PF!  It's a nasty alignment and you think you're getting better and boom back to square one or worse!

    I have been doing normal stuff like going to the football (my 1st Hertford away game, 81 attendance and there was a punchup between the fans!!! I kept away) been going out watching bands and catching up with mates still it doesn't beat running a 20 mile training run on a Sunday morning but it fills a void. 

    TR is good to know you're back to running a decent mileage and I'm well aware that it takes time to rebuild the fitness.  I know from my own personal frustrations I was keen not to lose the fitness and to keep on running, I have now accepted I have to rest it's the only cure (as well as s&c/ cross training).

    Been keeping fit and keeping active as much as I can, had another Pilates class this morning and worked on lengthening my hamstring stretches which I need to focus on and try and incorporate daily.  I'm still focusing of DD in my mind to be semi fit for but am aware it may not happen.

  • Ian/Cal- great pb's from you both.

    6 miles today where I was not bothered with my knee at anytime hopefully that's me on the mend. We've been told at work we can't take any holidays during April due to Brexit and I needed one to run Stirling as it falls on a working day so don't know what I'll do.
    TR - sub 3 for a V50 is very impressive.  We're all getting older, not much we can do about that.

    Robert - OK I'll take your March race off the list, I thought maybe you'd make that decision, but good news that you'll still do the half.

    Why are you not keen on black shirts for racing? If it's for the possibility that it might be too warm in the sun, this is a dri-fit fabric that wicks well. One of my previous clubs had black kit and it made no difference at all even when doing marathons in 30 degrees+.

    Glad you're keeping yourself busy catching up with friends etc., and doing what you can fitness wise. You've been so patient and it can't be easy. I do hope both you and mamafox make a full recovery very soon.
    Xpost Steven, that's such a shame about Stirling.  Would you be able to swap your shift with a fellow workmate perhaps?

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    TR, great come back from your injury to be thinking of sub-3s again.  When we get injured it's good to read of come back stories like that!  I had achilles issues a few years ago now, and in the end it was just taken time off from running completely that sorted that out for me.

    Steven, that's really bad luck about Sterling.  You had in issue last year with work and a particular race as well, didn't you.  Good news that you knee feels good though.

    Shades, I like that shirt.  Better than the Trotters one, certainly!  Hopefully see you at Tavy 13 then.  I still have your books although haven't read them both yet.  When things have settled down a bit I'm looking forward to reading them.

    Steve, another good weekend's training by you.  Let's hope the streaming nose passes quickly.

    Cal, nice pic there - a good memento of your PB.

    As for me, no running today.  I did 11 days in a row (unplanned) so a rest day is fine, although I've been busy on the house again.  Two more trips to the tip, but I feel I've turned a corner with it now.  The house is still kind of looking worse than it did when I started, but I can see an end to it now!  Today was the shed and garage, which are both more or less done.  I've actually put some of the stuff from the garage into my car which I'll be put straight into the new garage, as we pick the keys up for the new house tomorrow :)  
  • TR Sub 3 would be great, hope the persistence and hard work pays off!

    Steven, very unfortunate about Sterling, hope you can swap a shift or they relax the rule.

    Big G, its amazing how much clutter one can accumulate, I've got a few wardrobes I need to clear at home, just getting round to it (have a bit of spare time on my hands so no excuses)

    Shades, no real reason behind the black shirt negativity, as I've said mentioned before not a fan of black shoes either.  For me black don't seem a 'fast' colour.  However I do have a black waterproof jacket which I would wear in a race.... maybe I'm just weird. 

    Big G - no rush for the books. 

    Didn't you do a good few days consecutive training last year pre Malta?  Great news that you get the keys tomorrow. You'll be looking forward to your trip to Malta, a marathon might even feel like a rest after all the packing etc you've been doing.

    Robert - we all have our own preferences re kit and colours etc. I love black and that would be my preferred colour of running shoes if I could get them.  But I hate pink, won't wear it and I have complained to shoe companies about making so many of the women's shoes pink.  Fortunately they seem to be realising that a lot of women don't like pink.

    I've been clearing out some cupboards and have also done more than half of my clothes using the Marie Kondo method which is great as long as I'm in the right frame of mind to be honest and fairly ruthless.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, I didn't have consecutive days before Malta last year although I did a 70-mile week (my biggest ever week, without any marathons) 2 weeks before.  I haven't been able to do that this year but although I haven't done what I had hoped for due to my knee, the total mileage since the New Year is surprisingly only about 20-miles down on last year. I'll just try my best at Malta, but I don't think I'll get a PB this year....although I suppose you never know!  Sitting here writing this now I'll be disappointed if I don't go under 3:30 but we'll just see what happens on the day.  Famous last words, but the knee feels totally fine now as I haven't had any twinges for a few days, so I just hope it remains okay after a day's travelling.

    One slight difference - and it is only minor - is that this year I'm travelling on the Friday for 5 nights, whereas last year I travelled on the Thursday for 7 nights.  So last year I basically relaxed with my feet up on the Saturday, but as we're going for less time this year it'll be a (lightish) sight-seeing day instead I think.  Should still be totally fine in terms of freshness though and I'll make sure I take water with me on the Saturday - I'm looking forward to the break!
  • Glad the knee is much better, Big G - I don't see why you wouldn't get a sub-3:30, unless the weather turns unseasonably warm.

    Shades/Big G - I really need to clear up my flat. It's a pigsty. But I can't be arsed. :D

    I'm back to my waking every two hours nonsense so eventually I just got up at 4am and then went out for a run at 5:30 (I always need about 90 minutes between waking and running). Saw the supermoon, athough there was a bit of cloud, then watched the sun come up later. There's already a few trees in full blossom. I really hope we don't get another cold snap as it'll kill off the spring flowers.
    Oh, and it was 12 miles today. This will be a higher mileage week. I need to get a 20 (or more) mile run done on Sunday as the one after I'm volunteering at my club's 20 mile race and the one after that is The Big Half.
    Big G - you've done really well then to only be 20 miles down on your last year's mileage, especially as you had your 'snooker' injury.   Travelling to Malta a day later should make no difference whatsoever to your run on Sunday, as you say staying well hydrated and not doing too much the day before are more important, I'm sure you'll be eating well too. ;)    
    What is the forecast for race day?

    Cal - one of the best things about living alone is that you can do as much or as little housework as you want.   There's still lots for me to do in the way of decluttering etc, redecorating, I tend to do things in fits and starts just when I feel like it, or don't.

    A decent distance for you today.   Which 20 miler does your club organise?

    Yesterday in Pilates our instructor said that what she was about to do with us would result in sore legs, we were warned.   Using weights we were doing side lunges and plie squats but it all felt good and not too tough, at the end of the session my legs felt fine.   However, when I got out of bed this morning my adductors were really sore, it hurt to walk, along with glutes and hip flexors, I felt like I'd run a few Dartmoor hills.   I was tempted to take a painkiller before circuits but I didn't but I really did feel it doing some of the exercises we did today, was a really good class though.

    We had a new girl join our circuit class today, I was chatting to her afterwards.   She's an undergrad at Exeter Uni in Sports Science and currently working on the effects of turmeric on athletes.  It was so interesting talking to her.

    Ian - in our conversation I mentioned to her your experiment with the vinegar in your last marathon and she's going to look up the data and let me know.

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, the weather is currently showing "Strong winds and heavy rain showers".  I hope that the race at least starts in the dry but the wind could be a problem I suppose.  Nothing I can do about that though.  Having said all that, up until the Saturday night before Loch Ness the forecast was terrible, but conditions on the day ended up being quite good in the end so fingers crossed this is the same.

    Cal, nice run there - you're recovering really well after your races now!
    Big G - hope that the weather for Sunday does improve, I was having visions of you slapping on the Factor 50 :/
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