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    Shades, I suppose there’s always that doubt I have that if in 2 months it’s even worse, I may then regret running. But each time I’ve ran I’ve managed it as well as I could, and as it stands I still don’t feel it’s a serious injury so I’ve just got to take each event as it comes.  Although I of course have an eye on the numbers, it’s not really that I’m averse to DNSing events as I’ve done that a lot, especially this year, so I’ve just got to do what I feel is best :) Yeah, still my name down for both of Davey’s and I’ll just decide on the days.

    I think my general fitness is pretty much there really. Berlin I cruised in for the last couple of miles enjoying the atmosphere, for a decent time, and although yesterday was fairly tight, I was delighted with it overall. I just need to keep up the stretches and hopefully it’ll keep improving.

    It’s funny though as yesterday on the way home (on a bit of a high) I was thinking of a short leg loosener this morning and then maybe even go to club tonight for a short run. But when I woke up I just knew I shouldn’t run. I’ve been for a nice walk though and hip is better than what it was first thing.

    Regarding the landscape, yes it’s very different to Devon. I mentioned I lived in Ipswich, and Chelmsford isn’t far away from there. Very similar - quite flat farmland, with lots of cabbages and cauliflowers (I think)! Very different to Devon, but very nice. Yes, at times, due to hardly any hedges it felt I could see for a few miles, even though it’s pretty flat. If it was bad wind/rain, I’d imagine runners would have to really dig in around some of those parts. 
    Steve - I think you should consider moving down to the West Country.  :)

    That's a nice bonus getting a cheque for your podium place.  

    Arriving at Inverness airport I met another runner and after a good natter on the bus I said I thought he'd get a top 10 finish.   He actually finished 5th and Big G and I saw him on the way home, he was made up as he'd won £100 for 5th place.

    Big G - that's a fair time/distance for your journey home.  No wonder the hip was stiff and sore this morning, good that it's eased a bit now, but doing a double on a recovery day is quite a challenge, I know you've done it before.

    One year running Halstead marathon one of the farms we ran past had put out a hastily prepared sign warning us that, 'Beware bees swarming'. Never saw any but good to be warned as it's one of those things in nature beyond anyone's control.
    Lovely marathon, I must go back and do it again.  Mowser, who used to be on here did her 100th there.
  • Nice one Steve!

    Big G - I'm injured to a degree, but it definitely does depend on the level of injury. I find I can run with tendon problems but if it's the muscle, I can't. I guess that makes sense as it's the muscle that actually makes you move, but yes, even that little TFL issue, the TFL wasn't torn, but it hurt like hell.

    Anyway, back home now and have had time to upload my Garmin data. Positive split as I knew it would be, but I really only lost a minute on the second half and most of that was during the last two miles.

    The day itself went pretty well. Stayed in the nearest Travelodge (Hull Road) which is a 15-20 minute walk to the race, so Col and I opted to walk rather than try and navigate around the road closures in his car. I actually got to walk up the dreaded mile 25 hill, which didn't seem that bad at all (but felt a whole lot bigger when I got to it during the race...I'm getting ahead of myself though).
    Col bid me adieu and I did the portaloo and bag check thing. It was rather nippy so I was glad of the arm warmers. It wasn't long before it was time to join my wave (I was in wave 2) so I plonked myself behind the 4 hour pacers. I'd already decided I'd give it a try, but going that quickly was far out of my comfort zone that I had no idea how I'd fare in the later stages.
    There was a lot of bunching in the narrow streets of York but that was no bad thing as it stopped me going too fast, and going past York Minster with the bells peeling was wonderful.
    After that we headed out in the countryside. I told myself that, under no circumstances should I overtake the pacers because that would be stupid, so of course I overtook them a few miles in.
    I thought the course had some similarities to Chester - start in a historic town, lots of countryside, some ups and downs without being properly hilly, and pockets of crowd support in the villages. I do think the support was a bit better than Chester - there seemed more of it, at any rate.
    I got to the first (short) out and back bit, where there is good support, and realised I was a bit further ahead of the pacers than I thought. I felt fine, though, so I carried on plugging away.
    The next stretch (miles 14-16) is along a long open road that is very so slightly uphill. I'd been warned that this bit could be a bit of a drag but I found it OK. I was running alongside another lady, Lesley (we're now Facebook friends!) so got talking with a her a bit - she was also a VW50 and said she had a daughter in Clapham. I ran with her for quite a while which was nice as she was also aiming for a sub-4.
    The second out and back it much longer and I saw the 3:30 pacers go through on the other side of the road so realised it was a good way until the turnaround. It wasn't too bad though - I mentally divided it into chunks - gel at mile 16, timing mat at 30K and so on.
    At this point, Lesley seemed to drift off behind me so I carried on on my own.
    I made a point of smiling at people, thanking the marshalls, encouraging the people I passed, high fiving and kiddies within reach (although I didn't veer off my line especially) because that worked well for me at Chester (if smiling works for Kipchoge, then there must be something for it!). I found I was still maintaining sub-4 pace well past 20 miles. My arse hurt (high hammy tendon) but other than that I was pretty much OK. My feet weren't killing me either, so no regrets about the Vaporflys either.
    It wasn't until I got close to the end that I started to slow a bit. Mile 25 was 9:18ish, so just outside, and then I hit the last mile, with the hill. By that point I had a big buffer so I wasn't worried. I did this one in about 9:30 but I wasn't looking at my watch - I got over the hill and just aimed for the finish. I am not a very emotional person, but when I knew I had it in the bag I actually felt that emotion.
    Colin had managed to grab a spot right by the line so I saw him and leaned over the barrier to give him a bit sweaty hug. (Only then did I remember to stop my Garmin!)
    I was actually under 4 hours not just by chip time but by gun time too. I still can't quite believe I did it - not just under, but almost three minutes, and more than 13 and a half minute better than Chester.
    As always, the walk to the bag claim and loos was more painful than the last mile, but it didn't matter. Got my medal and shirt (you'd hate it, Shades - it's bright pink) then staggered around in a daze looking for somehwere to change, but didn't quite find anywhere so ended up doing so in a bicycle shed next to Colin's car!
    After that it was time for tea at Betty's (I had a large ham salad and a sundae) and then back to Manchester.
    I found out Lesley was only 11 seconds behind me, so I friended her on Facebook and sent her a congratulatory message.
    Overall impressions of the race are that it's excellent and I'd do it again, though probably not next year as I like variety.
    A bit sore today but not too bad. Throat's a bit scratchy so I will take it easy for a bit - I owe my body that much.
    Cal - fabulous report, I love the 'under no circumstances' bit.   It's funny how in a race our reasoning completely changes, but it was a good move in your case as you ran your own race.    You really did have a good race and that is a huge PB.

    I saw the shirts on FB when I was hastily trying to find the android app, that is an horrifically bright pink!   I know pink is their colour as Jane Tomlinson suffered from breast cancer so that's how the pink thing started with their races.   Even the app on my phone was that same bright pink, really tough on my eyes.

    Ian - do you have a race plan for Frankfurt?

    6 miles today, a chilly 4 degrees, but not windy, had a good run but I really don't like the cold weather.

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    Cal-That's a great report,really happy for you.
    Shades-Yeah the plan is go hard or go home  ;) 
    Thinking of going out at 3:05-6 pace,it could well mean the last few miles hurt but I'm ok with that as I got the time I wanted in Berlin.
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    Cal, great report.  You're experienced so I think when you made that decision to go past the pacers, it was most definitely the right one.  I think the shirt last year was blue, but I couldn't wear mine for running in.  The logos and everything on it were quite hard, which made the fabric feel very stiff even after a wash.  I've still got the shirt somewhere, but haven't worn it for running.

    Ian, you've nothing to lose!  As you say, you got a PB at Berlin anyway, so it's great you're thinking of giving it a real crack on the weekend.

    Steve, great to receive a cheque like that!  

    Shades, after that chat with the Welsh guy at Inverness airport, I did have a look at Pisa Marathon which is in December.  Affordable flights, hotels available still and a parkrun nearby make it very attractive....but I'm having to be sensible (unfortunately!).  I've done a lot the last few weeks, so need to rein it in a bit.  Frustrating though as I've no race that weekend - it's the Trotters Xmas party, which I'm not sure if I'll be going to in any case.  There's so many very good marathons at this time of year!

    As for me, for the first time in a long time, I'm thinking of buying a picture from Colchester.  There's a reasonable one of me at the finish line, so I'm tempted (£4.95).  There was another guy there doing free photos, who is a professional photographer too.  He was mainly covering the 3k event but took lots of the marathoners.  Annoyingly for me, he was at the finish line, but stopped taking photos at around 3hrs25mins.

    Hoping to do a short run soon, and then OH and I have got a good day planned.  She's got a day off today so we're going cinema (to see Joker), and then we've got a gig in Exeter this evening.
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    I did go out for a run, and was planning 3 miles, but I had to stop at 0.5 miles and walk back.  Sometimes it feels like the hip will ease with some gentle running, but not today so decided to stop.
    Ian - that sounds like a good plan, you looked far too comfortable in that photo in the final stages of Berlin. ;)    IMHO I think you could go faster but you must run what feels right for you and that pace should get you the result you need anyway.

    Big G - Pisa has gone on my 'to do' list too, especially when he said that the flights were with Easyjet, but it won't be this year anyway for me either.   It's a popular marathon with the 100MC etc and I think Danny the Legend did his 500th there 6 years ago as the date was on his 72nd birthday.

    If it's a good picture that you like, buy it.   You know how self critical we all are about our running photos.

    Sorry to hear you had to abort your run today.

    Cal - I meant to ask you if you used your new Garmin at York and did you use the average pace to see how you were doing?

    Pilates was really good and had a most enjoyable gym session too.   In Pilates for the first time ever I managed to do the climb the tree exercise properly and four times too, not sure if it's the gym work that's done that.  (Cal will know what that exercise is).
  • Shades - I checked it at the mile markers - didn't worry about it too much in between them, other than to check distance. Well done on the pilates!

    Big G, treat yourself! I did...MarathonPhotos are expensive but this was a special one for me so I thought what the hell.

    Cal - yes, that's all I need in a race too from my Garmin, except I do sometimes run to heartrate.

    That's a great photo and well worth it especially with your time printed on it :D
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    Cal I loved your race report, it sounds as if you had such a good race and that fab photo just sums it all up doesn't it?! Marvellous  :)

    Ian - Go hard or go home.. HA!! love it!

    Steve - Woooo prize money eh? There was one marathon I was considering and the prize for the first woman finisher was a BMW. That little dream kept my mind occupied for quite a few long Sunday runs. I've never actually won a BMW but I have had some interesting prizes over the years.. I think my favourites would be a giant biscuit or maybe the happy occasion when I was first woman in a local trail race and was presented with a cheese voucher(!)

    Big G - That sounds like a lovely day you've got planned there. Hope your hip appreciates the rest.

    Shades - I've just googled that tree thing and watched some elastic american woman doing it. Ouch. Well done for that, you must be extremely flexible now. I have come to a grinding halt with my gainage and stretching routine and am doing absolutely nothing :/  I was thinking about Mowzer a while ago.. have you any news?
    Yes I am still doing the cooking. The school cook has been signed off for another two weeks but I doubt if she'll be back after the holidays. She is off to see a specialist alternative doctor in Toulouse which sounds like a waste of time to me but there you go. 
    At the moment I'm still following her menus and orders which are planned up until mid November which I can manage. It's just when I have to start doing menu planning and co-ordinating orders that things normally start going pear shaped  :#

    I had a lovely weekend in Paris. On Sunday Elisa wanted to finish working on some homework she had so I took myself off for a sightseeing run round the city and I had  a WONDERFUL time. I took my phone, which I never do, as I just knew I'd get lost but it was really useful as I could find my way around quite easily. It was a bit of a faff stopping to take it out every so often to check where I was but then I made the most of it and took a few photos too. I'll try and post a couple of them. My daughter lives in the 18th arrondissement which is a real cultural melting pot so I started off with exotic cooking smells and vibrant colours before taking in Montmarte, the cemetery (Saw the crypt of Alexandre Dumas and spent large parts of the run trying to remember what he wrote, ended up Googling it when I got back... The three Musketeers and The Count of Monte Cristo amongst others if anyone's interested), then I made my way down to the Arc de Triomphe before running up the Champs Elysées, place de Concorde, through the Jardin des Tuileries before taking in the Louvre (Special run round the pyramid and pressing my nose against the glass to gawp at the museum visitors floors below) before running over Pont Neuf, round Notre Dame and back up round the Gare d'Est before getting home. When you think that my usual Sunday run is round the sticks here you can see why I was so excited. There is just so much to look at... I love city running :)

    Today was a gentle 15k lope up over the wind farm and round the forest. I tried to appreciate the fresh air, nature etc but to be perfectly honest I just miss the smog!
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    Cal – huge huge congratulations! That sub 4hr has been so well earned. We all knew you could do it! Fantastic race report and I can totally understand why you bought the photo. 

    BigG – as I said on Strava – those splits are amazing. I can't remember now what your pb is but I'm guessing it isn't far off that? After reading your race report, I actually put Chelmsford in google maps to see how far away it is and it's only an hours drive, so that’s a definite possibility another year for me. (My marathon list is getting longer…)  I hope your hip issues resolve soon, must be very frustrating (although at least it didn't happen during the marathon). How many are you up to now? 

    Mamafox – so lovely to hear from you, I hope you manage to get more running done in the holidays. I can't believe you are still the cook, after saying it was only a temporary thing, what seems like several years ago now! I know what you mean about running round a city – that's one of the reasons I like my split running life – I can run in central London when I'm at work and then on country lanes/hills/the canal when I'm at home. Best of both worlds. 

    Shades – I hadn't realised that you waited for dawn to run, for some reason I thought you just went out at a certain time. No idea why! You're right I need something reflective as well, I just don't want something flapping around or too thick so I need to find something suitable. 

    Steve – what a lovely surprise to get a prize in the post! 

    Ian – very best of luck in  Frankfurt! I don't think I know of anyone who has run that so I will be very interested to read your race report. 

    Race report coming right up…

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    I really didn’t think I was going to make this marathon. I felt absolutely awful on Friday night and hadn’t really been 100% all week. 2 years ago, I had to DNS Abingdon after I came down with a tummy bug at the same stage. But I dosed up with lemsip on Saturday, bought some beetroot shots (my sister had listened to the last episode of marathon talk and told me about their apparently miraculous powers) and felt much better by Saturday evening. 

    So Sunday morning arrived, nice and cool, no wind. Perfect weather conditions. There was an issue with parking which meant I got to the start later than intended. But there were portaloos at the second parking place I tried and I knew from experience that the queues for the loos at the stadium were not too bad. As it turned out, there was no queue at the ladies loo inside (which I think was a first).  

    The race starts on the running track and it seemed less congested at the start than when I ran it 4 years ago. It was very easy to get into a nice pace from the start and it was never crowded. Most of the race is on roads or pavements but there are a couple of stretches which are on more rough footpaths and they were a bit harder going.  I was aiming for 9 min miles (but wasn't sure whether that was feasible), but found the pace quite comfortable so stuck with it. 

    I had a gel at 6 miles and then managed to see my work colleague at 10 miles. She lives in Oxfordshire and had come down with her daughter (who has Down's syndrome) to cheer me on. I got a very special hug from them which gave me a big lift.  Got to 12 miles and felt a bit queasy but fortunately it passed and I had some jelly cubes.  I'm trying to not have too many gels as I think my stomach starts to reject them after a while.  I missed the half marker but think I went through just over half in 1:58ish. (Actually, just looked at my splits and I went through 13 in 1:56:22)

    I was ticking off the miles and I knew that if I kept it up I would be very close to a PB. Had some more jelly cubes at mile 18 (and a few jelly babies being handed out by the kids). The second loop seemed to go more quickly and up until mile 21 I was averaging 8.57 a mile and picking people off. But then somewhere between 22-23 miles, I hit the wall. It didn't feel like I'd dropped the pace that much but I couldn't pick it up once it had gone. Doing calculations in my head I was still going to make the sub 4 as long as I kept under 10 min miles. The last 3 miles were hell, I felt a bit lightheaded but running back through the town there was lots of support and I just had to keep going. There was an underpass to go down (and up) which wasn't fun at that stage and just before I got to the stadium, I saw my OH and kids (in the car – they were late!). 

    The race finishes on the running track and I did manage to put on a bit of a spurt at the end to just creep under 3:57. My official time was 3:56:52 – my second quickest time and my best age graded time.  Pretty happy with that, I've been so close to getting a second sub 4 and it's been a while coming. My kids and OH were there when I finished and I spent loads of money on buying the kids food(!) whilst all I could eat was a banana. I always feel so sick when I've finished and struggle to eat anything at all. 

    Although it really isn't a picturesque course – it is a good race. The marshals were fantastic, there were loads of them and they were really supportive.  I will definitely do it again, but probably not next year, when hopefully I will be running New York. I think I'm more suited to autumn marathons as all three I've done have been PBs.

    And note to Cal - the t-shirt is great, and is not pink! 

    Mamafox - I used to love hearing about the race prizes you won, usually food related.

    I think Berlin offer a BMW to the winners, might be a tough ask to win that race though.  ;)

    The version of the climb the tree that we do is from the floor and it's more core and strong back than flexibility needed to do it.

    No, haven't heard anything about Mowser, I'm no longer in the same club, 100MC, and she lives a fair way from here.   When she was last on here she was doing more LDWA events and had seemed to move away from running and road events.  She's also in the same club as Robert but don't know if they know each other.

    Sounds like the cook is trying to find a doctor to retire her on medical grounds.

    Your run around Paris sounds amazing.  It's a great way to really see s place.

    That's why I love my recovery runs especially when I'm away as I get to see the city/town early in the morning.  I remember one recovery run in Florence and I ran up to a square overlooking the city and watched the sunrise.
  • Great job Louey! Our races sound quite similar. Mine didn't feel quite as hellish at the end but I did slow a little during the last couple of miles.
    I'm like you - I can't eat right after a race. I managed to get down the yogurt drink that was in the goody bag but I didn't eat the snacks in there until much later. I was fine by the time we got to Betty's though.
    Louey - you really were lucky to make such a speedy recovery from the lurgy to make the start line.   But the remnants of that virus might explain why the last 3 miles were so tough for you.  To get your 2nd best time after being poorly just shows what good shape you're in.

    Great report and your splits for the first 22 miles are amazing.   Abingdon is a really well organised race and conditions are usually favourable there too.

    I did Frankfurt marathon last year and loved it, am going back next year.   Will be interesting to see if Ian likes it too.
    It's a very fast course but not crowded, quite a few runners aiming for qualifying times for Tokyo including Steph Twell this year.

    Hope you're recovering well.
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    Have come down with a sore throat/tickly cough Shades but I don't feel too bad. Managed a 3 mile recovery run this morning (would have been yesterday but work was crazy). Legs are fine. 
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    Fab report Louey, really enjoyed reading that. Well done again for hanging on in there and getting that sub 4. +1 here as well for being unable to eat anything after a marathon. I am, however, more than capable of having a couple of the free Cognac Schweppes which are offered in unlimited supplies after the Cognac marathon!  :p
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    Louey-Great report,think we have all had that last few miles feeling but brilliant that you were in such a position to come through it comfortably.
    Mama-Amazing run in Paris.
    Shades-I worked out from the guy next to me that that pic was just before mile 25,and I put a minute on him till the end.
    As for frankfurt,the reason I'm unsure is 2 weeks before Berlin I couldn't run much,then recovering and getting ready means I've not actually ran that much for about 6 weeks so I'm not overly confident on how it will go,but if I feel strong at 16 then I will try and pick it up to see if I can push.
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    Great report Louey, and brilliant for you to get your 2nd quickest time too.  I did Abingdon the year you had your bug and agree it's well organised etc.  If you're only an hour from Chelmsford it's definitely one for you to consider in the future then - but in fairness, New York would get my vote too :)    In terms of my PB I did 3:19 in Feb 2018 and 3:20 in Nov 2018.  I don't really feel that I've got that close to that this year and have had a mediocre year as I had a shoulder injury (non-running) that knocked me out for a few weeks where I missed something like 10 marathons because of it.  The shoulder still isn't 100% in terms of range of motion, but it doesn't really bother me running now, but of course now I've got the hip!  Chelmsford was my 71st marathon, so it still feels a long way to go at the moment.

    MF, that sounds like a great run out. I love running in new places when away. 

    Cal, Betty’s is a fantastic place. I’ve been to the one in York, too. 

    Shades/MF, I still occasionally see Mowser on the 100MC Facebook group, but I’m not aware of any events she may have done.  Emmy is still on there too - she was asking me about Sofia the other day. She’s recently had a baby so I’m not sure about her running at the moment. 
    Louey - well I guess coming down with a cold/virus now is no surprise after feeling poorly on Friday, good to hear the legs are fine though. :)    Hope you recover soon.

    Forgot to say that when I have a Pilates class I am out running between 5 and 5:30, other mornings I can wait for daylight if I want to, but I wake so early I'm tending to go out in the dark those mornings too otherwise I'm waiting so long for it to get light.

    Ian - I know, we're not machines and just have to see how you feel on the day and what feels right for you.   Your enforced rest when you had a cold should have done your legs good.

    Big G - yes, I saw on FB that Emmy had had a little boy a while ago.  I think she did a White Star event while pregnant but I expect she'll be too busy for a while before thinking about another marathon

    How's the hip, any improvement today?

    I see the forecast for Saturday at Clearbrook has improved from heavy rain to light rain.   Sunday a bit colder but should be dry, thankfully as I'll probably be out for 6ish hours manning the drink station.

    Another good circuits class today followed by leg session in the gym.   The instructor I have at circuits and gym is so good and helpful to me and spends quite a bit of time discussing my diet and training with me.  I have my next official assessment in 4 weeks then he's going to switch my gym training to higher number of reps and lower weights for 4 weeks and then apparently the switch back after that to lower number of reps and higher weights can shock the body to improve my muscle gain.

    I've lost another pound now, total 5 pounds weight loss and I'm not hungry, for the last 10 days I've stuck exactly to my macros and reached my protein goal every day and I'm going to keep doing that, takes a while as I have to do my menu for the day and then make adjustments until the macros are right.   Means I've had to sacrifice some of my beloved toast but it's worth it.
  • MF - I think I'd prefer the food prizes tbh!! Sounds like you had a great break. Can't believe you are still temp cook though!
    Ian - Good luck for Frankfurt, I think you have a good pace plan there.
    Louey - Great report and nicely paced race.
    Just ticking over here, 8 miles yesterday morning and a weights session in the afternoon. 5 miles this morning. Considering a newish parkrun on Saturday, about 6 miles away, so can include it in the middle of a 15 miler.
    Steve - any more races planned for this year?
    I do like posting the list when there's a new PB on the thread :) 

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    Shades, there is some improvement but still no running today. I think I’ll make the start line on Saturday but to give myself the best chance for starting Sunday, I’ll have to take it very easy.  Plan is run easily down, and then run/walk back and then just see how I am afterwards.  I’m meeting a friend for lunch in Torquay today so I’ve walked the approx 3 miles there and will walk back too. It’s not the same as running, but at least it’s something. It looks quite good conditions out there with a few runners out as I walked over - I reckon I’d have been out on the trails around Cockington today.  Well done on the weight loss. 
    Big G - hope that hip continues to improve.   Sounds like a good plan for Saturday, I guess it will depend on how the steady downhill and steady uphill affect the hip.

    I haven't made any plan how to run on Saturday, this will be the first marathon since starting my diet/weight training that I'm not going to change anything re food for the no big plate of haddock and chips the night before :(     So no idea how that will work out, we'll see.   

    Big G - I take back what I said yesterday about the forecast for Saturday at Clearbrook, now back to saying heavy rain :'( 

    6 miles this morning, not as cold as yesterday, foggy and what my Mum would have called dreich, (she was Scots).   Had a good run, legs only a little tired after gym yesterday.

    Other news, good to see that Stirling marathon will return for 2020, now moved to autumn (has previously clashed with London), date 11th October.
  • Shades - No nothing else planned for 2019. I'm hoping to be on the list for the spring campaign 2020!
    Easy 4 miles and strength routine today.
  • mamafoxmamafox ✭✭✭
    Big G - Didn't realise you were planning a double this weekend! Lovely news about Emmy, wonder how those beautiful huskies are too.

    Shades - Well done on that weight loss.. is that all fat you've lost? You sound as if you've got very organised with your meal planning too if you're managing to hit your protein targets. What meal are you planning to replace the fish and chips?

    Absolutely pants run from me. My usual 24k circuit but was tired and and heavy legs from about half way. The only positive note I can take from the morning is that I found the missing frying pan. Let me clarify that a bit..
    About 21.6km into my run there is a tree which, on one of its branches someone has inexplicably hung a frying pan. It has been there for a couple of years and is one of my marker points on my run. It has been missing for the last two weeks or so, I thought it might be me not looking carefully enough but no, it had definitely disappeard. As I have more time (on holidays) I decided to see if I could find it. This involved a fair bit of scrambling as the tree is quite high up a steep bank but I got up there and to my delight I found the frying pan not far away. I think a mushroom hunter must have taken in down. I found another branch and spent a fair bit of time squashing its handle through the leaves until it was securely lodged against the trunk. Result. I can now contine with this run without fretting that I haven't seen the frying pan B)

    Will try and post a couple of my Paris run photos now.

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