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    Cal, I know at those types of events I'll never get a PB.  Even with being fairly quick at the stations, it's very easy to spend 5mins faffing over the course of the event.  But I don't mind that at these types of events.  I still set myself goals on occasion, whether it be a course best, trying to do a negative split, or whatever else.  If I am running well and conditions are good, when I come to do that triple I'll aim to do 3xsub-4s if I can, so not PBs but still something to keep the focus.  Over the races, I have found I do need to have something to focus on.  At a couple of races last year I went in with a "don't care what time I get"-attitude, but those races ended up being shockers - I very nearly DNFd one, even though I wasn't injured/ill, but I lost it mentally.  I did get around it but I hated that one.  I think I had kind of forgotten that a marathon is still a long way, and it needs some respect even if not going for a quick time, so something to focus on helps with that.  So I do need goals of sorts, but it's within the scope of what the race offers in terms of terrain, drinks, etc.

    Been to the docs and got more antibiotics.  I felt it was touch and go whether he was going to give me them, but I didn't try and sway him either way - I just told him the symptoms along with what has improved over the last few days, and he did some basic tests.  So it's another 5 days and if still no good, he's told me to go back again where I expect at that point he'll prescribe something else if needed (I imagine steroids, or stronger inhalers).  But fingers crossed this second course clears it.
  • Big G - Fingers crossed that second dose, clears it up.
    Kettlebell workout this morning followed by a 5 mile run commute.
  • Good points, Big G. I know with the Thames Meanders they are low key even compared to some of the smaller halves I've done and I've found myself running on my own for stretches. Despite training on my own, I've found I do need people around me during races to help me run at my best. It's probably why I run better at some parkruns than I do on at a track 5K where I'm in last place.

    Bit of a crap run today. I was going to do 10 miles easy but my pace was so slow that I gave up after 8. When I say slow, I'm talking a minute slower than my usual easy pace. It didn't feel laboured and nothing was really hurting so the only explanation I can think of is that I am fatigued. Often on an easy run I will start slow (10:45ish) and warm up so that I'm running 10:15-20ish after a few miles. But today I was well over 11 and not getting any quicker. Sunday's run was the same and I did one midweek last week where I started at 10:30 but then got slower. It's actually quite worrying. I wouldn't mind going that slowly if it was deliberate, but it isn't and it's so much slower than I normally run.
    I suspect I might have ramped up a bit too quickly after Yorkshire due to Tokyo coming early - if I was only doing Manchester I certainly wouldn't have hit 50 mile weeks until late January.
    I'd be interested on any input.
    Big G - I too like to have a goal for each race depending on what type of race/level of fitness etc.   The brain too gets tired over long distances and if I don't have a goal my brain tells me to 'take it easy' when I can do better.   On my race schedule spreadsheet I do a predicted time for each of my races, based on fitness/PB/CB and last race on same or similar course and that gives me a good reasonable target to aim for.

    I'm sure those additional 5 days of tablets should do the trick, hope you don't have to resort to steroids.

    Steve - bet it was a chilly run to work today.

    Cal - at least you're not ill.   I think you could be right and ramping up the mileage for 3 weeks has just tired you out.  I know you said you were planning lower mileage this week as you have a race on Sunday, maybe don't race your parkrun this week, either rest or go round at a gentler pace.   Thereafter maybe only do long runs ever other weekend just until you feel back on form again.   You're still well up on your training for Tokyo.  

    No circuits this morning as our instructor was ill and too late to get a replacement.   He was going to weigh me too so I went in fasted and decaffeinated and I was so hungry this morning I really could have done without that, never mind.   Did a shortish gym session instead, once I'd had coffee and breakfast.
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    Cal, yeah, many of the smaller races I do often only have about 50 competitors so the field very soon spreads out and then you're on your own.  I know some of the 100MC go out and do decent times at all these types of races, but personally I can't get anywhere near a PB in those scenarios.  I know when I did San Sebastian last November (still my 2nd best time) I was struggling a bit at one point but found myself in a small group all running at roughly the same pace and that really helped, which you just don't get at the smaller events.  It wasn't an official pace group and we all had plenty of space to run but there was one section on that course which was a bit dull, so it really helped to just try and stick with the group, even though it was only for a couple of miles or so after which I got my second wind.  I do prefer bigger events, but the smaller events still serve a purpose for me and generally speaking I do enjoy them also.

    Regarding your pace, you're doing really well to be running so consistently, but a couple of days of lower mileage if you feel you need it is no problem in the bigger scheme of things.  Also, you know the faster paces are there from that 5k race the other day.  As a matter of interest, is your RHR okay?
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    Can't face the challenge with my PC today to get our marathon list in an easily readable format.
  • Big G, it doesn't vary much. I didn't have a great night last night. I rarely sleep more than 6.5 hours anyway, but my neighbour was practising his singing (which is basically singing the same three notes over and over - not sure what that's about but these neighbours write and record music so it's basically their job) and he started up again just as I was drifting off and I had to go bang on the wall which woke me up again. Ugh.
    Cal - Interesting neighbours, but I guess you can do without the noise at times

    No running, Pilates or gym for me today as I've got a cold, not too bad at the moment so hoping it clears up quickly. 
  • Yeah, I definitely don't feel tip top. Not ill exactly but not quite right. So no running today and may take tomorrow off too (I'll see how I feel).
    Cal - think we should all have a sofa day.   

    I probably won't run tomorrow either even if my RHR is back to normal and cold clear as I think I'll probably watch some of the election results tonight.  
  • Shades - Was quite chilly, but it was colder today!
    8 miles with strides today, was meant to be 10 strides but miscounted and did 12 some how!!
  • Not sure if I should go to the gym - I've not been this week. But I don't much feel like it either.
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    If you don’t feel like gym/running Cal, just take a rest day.  No point pushing through it if your body is telling you you’re not up for it. 

    I did approximately a 3 mile gentle walk yesterday to a coffee shop and back. It’s the most exercise I’ve done for a long time and I just fancied it yesterday. Weather is poor here so I’ll take it easy today, except walking to go and vote. 
    Big G - good that you went for a gentle walk yesterday.

    Another rest day for me, my cold is no worse, RHR still raised but that might not be helped by lack of sleep as I've had less than 3 hours sleep as I ended up watching the election.   Feel quite tired now, will be a lazy day I think. 🥱
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    I watched a lot of the election as well, so quite tired this morning.

    I actually went back to the GP yesterday as I just felt the chest wasn't getting any better so was worried the antibiotics weren't doing anything.  GP agreed and said that it's now viral so gave me steroid tablets and stronger inhalers.  It's different to last time I had this as he's told me to continue taking the stronger inhalers all winter, whereas last time I was told to stop taking them after it had cleared.  GP said that chest/lungs are still very full of fluids that needs to come out and I have a week's worth of tablets.  He's also put me on a repeat prescription for both the usual inhaler and stronger inhaler, so I can get those each year without seeing him, which is good.

    Can't say I'm overly happy about it, and I still wonder/worry why I get these issues fairly regularly.  I did ask the GP and he said not to worry too much about the reasons, as apart from this I'm fit and healthy, and he seems hopeful the stronger inhalers will help longer term.

    So hopefully over the next couple of days I'll start feeling much, much better, although he did say it may take several weeks before I'm fully back to normal.  I know last time I had this, the steroids helped very quickly though so hopefully that will be the same this time too.
  • I do wonder if that fact you do so many marathons has run your immune system down, Big G. I know you don't race them all, but it's still a lot. I pretty much always get sick if I push it, and that's just with me doing three a year. Anyway, hope you recover.

    Did not watch the election so felt fine this morning - actually a lot better than yesterday - do I did a 6 miler although I decided to wait until it was light. Averaged 10:08 min/mi (actually slowed down a bit as I took the first two miles slightly too fast). Stride length is back to normal, which is good.
    It was windier than I like but not as bad as Sunday at least.

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    Cal, I don't think it's that.  I think if my bloods or something else had been really bad I'd be more worried, but according to the recent health check I'm generally in good health apart from this (I know blood tests don't really test immune systems).  I've always suffered with a bad chest and breathing issues, which can get worse at certain times (I had pneumonia as a young kid) and I have been taking inhalers for years, so think I'm just susceptible to chest issues.  I think in this instance I have been fighting something for maybe a month or so, and then when something takes hold (possibly stemming from a soaking and then getting cold when I was in London), I can go down hill due to the inherent issues I have.  In hindsight I was stupid trying to not take antibiotics at the start - I should have just gone to the GP and got it sorted sooner as I think the coughing up blood wouldn't then have happened, and I'd have been on the mend sooner.  

    The last chest infection about 4 years ago was when I was just really low generally (a year or so after Claire died I went downhill as everything caught up with me I think), so I think the last time was related to that, as I wasn't actually doing many marathons at that time.  Plus I know we're all different, but really 17 (which is all I've done this year) doesn't feel that many to me - I did twice as many last year and had no chest issues.  Maybe I'm being totally deluded, but I really don't think it's due to the marathons, but just an underlying weakness there.
    Big G - sorry to hear you're still so poorly that you've had to get the steroids and stronger inhalers, but you should feel a lot better very soon.

    I agree with you that there's no connection between your chest infection and the marathons.  You're just unlucky that you have a weak chest and suffer from asthma and every time you get a cold you are always at risk that it develops into a chest infection and makes you quite poorly.

    In my last job one of the women in our department had asthma and every time she got a even a mild head cold it turned into a chest infection and she'd end up on steroids and sometimes a nebuliser too.

    I get my fair share of colds but have never had a chest infection in my life, I guess I'm lucky and I'm grateful for that.
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    Shades, I suppose one worry is around if it gets worse as I get older.  I obviously hope that doesn't happen.  I think this time I should have just gone into the GP earlier, but as I'd had antibiotics for the tooth I didn't want to do that.  But I should have just gone in as soon as I felt it.  Fingers crossed twice-daily use of these stronger inhalers will help keep the worst away (I read the blurb, and they also contain steroids[*]).  The new ones are preventative ones, whereas my regular ones are just if I have an issue at any time - generally, I can go weeks without using them, but he's told me to use the stronger ones twice-daily over the winter.

    [*] I'll be going sub-3 in no time ;) 
    Big G - I don't think you need to worry about your chest getting worse as you get older, well at least not for 20 or 30 years.
    I believe as we get older we get less colds, isn't that something to do with being immune to each cold virus that we get?  In the last few years of my mother's life she maybe only got one cold every 3 years and refused to have the flu jab.

    Start planning that sub 3  :)
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    Crazy week again but all done now,only managed 3 runs but happy with it at this time.
    Big G-All the best long distance athletes need inhalers for some reason ;-)
  • If you've had a history of it, then it makes sense. You've had a rough year of it. Hope you feel better soon.
    Ian - must be manic in your job at this time of year. 

    Felt a bit stir crazy this morning and RHR had come down a bit and cold seemed to be a bit better so I went out for a very gentle 5 miles.   Weather was much better than expected and when I got to my turnaround point the full moon came out and I was able to run home on the back road lit by the full moon which was lovely, quite magical running by moonlight. :)   Felt good to be out in the fresh air and it wasn't cold.
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    Cal, yeah, it's been rubbish.  I haven't met any of my goals in terms of getting close to PBs, and nowhere near the marathon numbers I was hoping for (I was hoping for around double what I've done).  I think the only goal that I can still make is getting to over 40 parkruns in the calendar year, but to be honest that wasn't a goal at the start of the year.  It only came into view because I did more parkruns than I would usually do when I had my shoulder issue (I was walking around parkruns on days/weeknds that I should have been running marathons).

    Speaking of parkrun, as the weather was good with no rain and not too cold, I went and walked around parkrun this morning.  Not sure of time but over 50mins I think.  Not that it matters, but I wasn't last and actually quite enjoyed it.  I don't usually use headphones, but I had some in and listened to music all the way around.

    Trotters Xmas party this evening.  As I'm not contagious I'll still be going and can leave when I want.
  • Good for getting out, Big G.
    I had a terrible sleep last night. I'm stressed about my PC. It's running and apparently OK but I got an error yesterday for the CPU fan, so I contacted my usual PC guy but he says he doesn't do hardware any more and suggested someone else, who I spoke to and was supposed to ring me back but hasn't. Anyway, not sure if the fan thing is a glitch or a real problem (as I thought if it wasn't working the PC would get hot pretty fast and shut itself down, which it hasn't).
    Anyway, woke up during the night, tossed and turned, read for a bit then eventually went back to sleep after 3am, then woke at 6.30 which is quite late and had to rush throught my morning routine to get to Nonsuch where I was meeting Tunde for the parkrun there.
    It's a lovely park but a very busy parkrun and incredibly muddy today. Actually had to walk on one section to avoid falling on my arse. Did my best but at 28:09 it's my second slowest of the year (by 1 second). Ah well, with the 10K tomorrow, a slow parkrun is not such a bad thing.
    Big G - great that you're feeling so much better that you want to go out.   You don't need to worry about being contagious, but you're very brave to do parkrun and the Xmas do with all those folk around as you are really vulnerable to picking up another cold and the cycle continuing.

    Cal - hope your hardware problem doesn't turn out to be too expensive and is sorted quickly. 

    RHR was back to normal today and I had a lovely 6 mile run so back to gym later today and back to usual training schedule tomorrow.   :)   
  • Shades - I don't think there's anything wrong with it at all. I stuck my hand inside and there is air coming out, so the fan is running. Then I did some Googling and found that liquid cooled systems sometimes give out fan speed errors erroneously, so that's what I think happened. (I think my PC could stand a bit of dusting, mind).

    Glad you had a good run.

    I did not have a good 10K. It was the same park as the very windy Pride 10K that I did in the summer (and directly after a parkrun) so I figured I'd be able to run it a bit faster. Turns out that I couldn't. For some reason, my legs just did not want to turn over today. It was like trying to step on the accelerator in a car that has a speed governor. I kept a pretty consistent pace, but it was 8:30s, not 8:15 like I needed. Ended up with 53:29 which was over a minute slower than the windy 10K and two minutes slower than what I wanted.
    But never mind. I ran into a few people I knew including a guy I know quite well from my local parkrun and we went home on the tube together, so that was nice.
    Cal - that's good and reassuring news about your PC.   Maybe just hoover out the dust at some time  ;)

    That's still a very good 10k time, maybe it's just not the right time of year for you for racing.

    Gym was lovely and quiet, don't know if that's due to Xmas as I've never been on a Sunday before.

    I've had a good day, run done, gym done and my Xmas cards done too, always a job I hate doing.
    8 miles this morning, could really notice the difference today in my legs after the gym yesterday.

    First time since I've had this Garmin that I had crazily high HR readings, I think due to electrical storm in the area.   We had thunder/lightening/sleet/hail in a storm last night, was a mad 5 minutes, the cars couldn't get up the little hill that I live on due to the slippery surface.   With my old Garmin which also gave high readings when there were storms, I could just stop and pause for a minute or so and then I could carry on with normal HR readings.  Tried that with my Garmin 45 but it didn't work, had HR readings several bpm higher than my max for a lot of my run so just ignored it.

    Then when I got home the Garmin Connect didn't sync to my phone, had the same problem yesterday, had to plug into my PC.   I don't use the app on my phone, don't like it, but it saves me connecting my Garmin to PC usually.  :#
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