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  • Ugh, right, so I've had a bit of an epic fail of a day.

    I got the email from ATW last night and saw I was down for an 11am start, which filled me with absolute horror (it's a bit peeps off at 9am, then 4 hours plus at 10, then 3-4 hours at 11). I'd put 3:59 down as an estimate but I'm not all that confident of going sub-4 again on a lapped, potentially windy course, especially as I'm carrying niggles, a couple more pounds than Yorkshire and haven't had as good form recently (I went into Yorkshire with some good parkrun times and a HM PB, versus a couple of crap 10K times this around). That and I absolutely despise cups - I always shoot the water up my nose unless I stop to walk which I did in Vienna, so that'll cost me time. (So yeah, very disappointed about the cups decision).

    But yes, that start time is awful. Given the fact I've not managed to sleep past 4am for the past week, the idea of not racing until 8 hours after I wake up is pretty bad.
    I've been pretty stressed and down in the dumps all day and I didn't manage to get myself out for a run or any kind of exercise (I eventually forced myself to walk to Lidl for a couple of vegetables since I'd run out, but that's as much as I've moved all day).

    The good news is that ATW have just emailed me back to say they've updated my time and will update the start page in a couple of days. So hopefully this means I can run at 10am instead. It's not perfect but I've done Liverpool which has a 10 start so I'll cope a bit better, I think.
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    Cal-That's good that you got a quick response and the answer that you wanted.
    Steve-Glad you got the wedding sorted,not what you need so close.
    10 miles today with [email protected],my favourite 10 days out final session,4 miles were with a tailwind most of the way and 5-8 with a headwind,splits came out as 6:36(downhill)6:44,44 and 42,then 6:56,55,7:03,6:49 for an average of 6:49,target pace is 6:52 so about right allowing for the first quicker mile
    Steve - good you've sorted the wedding. Much better than a postponement otherwise you will just be engaged for longer and what you both want is to get married.

    Interesting splits/Hadd HR, are you using a chest strap now?

    Cal - that is a peculiar system for start times.   Efficient response from the race organisers to amend your start time.   I know you don't want to start later but your race time would not be noticed by any other runners as there'll be hundreds of you doing laps and nobody would notice if you weren't doing sub 4 pace.  I like early starts too but surprisingly I've run well when doing an afternoon marathon.

    Anyway problem sorted so you can relax now.

    Ian - great running, didn't take you long to get your speed back.
  • Shades ATW events have always had cups, I too read somewhere that bottles would be preferred.  You did remove the bottle and all my runs <10 miles I rarely take water Still.  

    Steve glad you managed to cut the numbers down, we don’t know how long we’re like this for

    Cal glad you managed to switch starts, Will probably see you around the start, I have 2 club mates who are running sub 3 (2:45ish) and have a couple of other friends in the 11am start (aiming 3:40 and 4:00) so will be a good handicap race for me. 

    Ian welcome back, view not so great for your runs now lol.

    Elle entered london landmarks half this year and have came up with a new date 23rd May, this clashes with a local race which I was going to help set up the day before (which I still can) but if LLHM goes ahead then and elle is running I’ll support her.  Shame as only entered the race a week ago! 

    What times are people’s gyms open at the moment, mine was 6am to 10pm but the have now started closing at 9pm.  Similar with the swim pool was open till 10pm now 9pm and only 1 evening swim session available of 3 evenings during the week.  Think my notice to cancel will be going in next month. 
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    2 different 10k's that were due to take place on Sunday have both just been cancelled by East Cheshire council.
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    Ian, what I find with some of the lapped events is that I actually like to tick the laps off if I’ve got a time in mind. IE, work out what I want to do each lap in and try and stick to that. It can be quite motivating sometimes. I find 10 a pretty good number....not too many laps, but also each lap is short enough to feel manageable. 
    Robert - if you want to carry water in your race then do so, I was only saying it wouldn't be necessary.

    Leisure centres are having a tough time financially.   Ours opened with quite short hours, gym shut in the afternoon and limited classes.   Gradually they've increased the number of sessions and classes, extended the opening hours, the gym is still closed for a few hours early afternoon.  But since the schools have gone back the gym has got a lot quieter, yesterday there was only about 7 or 8 of us.  I just looked on the app and all gym sessions have at least 10 spaces left for each slot (max 25).   Swimming is more popular and only a couple of spaces left for each session, waiting list for weekend swimming.   Some classes are very popular, pilates and cycling particularly.   They still have half of their staff furloughed so we'll see what happens in October.   Of course although some people are hesitant for health reasons to return to an indoor facility there will be others that may have lost their jobs or their employment/income is uncertain and for many the gym membership would be the first to go when money is tight.   There doesn't seem to be any new members joining the gym either and that's always an important stream of income to a gym.

    Ian - that is a shame about the Cheshire races, councils getting even more nervous.

    No run from me today, my RHR is up to 60, usually 46-49 occasionally up to 52 if I've had a hard gym session the day before.   I still don't feel right, like I'm getting a cold. 😷   Not good as I have Goodwood on Sunday, will see how I am tomorrow morning. 
    I see parkrun have now announced that they won't be restarting anytime soon.    No surprise there.
  • Shades - Hopefully your issue doesn’t develop into anything more by Sunday. How far away are you from Goodwood?

    That parkrun news was sadly predictable. That announcement about reopening was so gung-ho. Having said that it’s true that there is little evidence of races being anything but safe when well managed so I’m hoping that as more events like runthroughs are put on over the coming weeks and the government becomes more flexible with restrictions (they will probably have to as this will be with us into next year) that bigger races can take place in the spring. Optimistic I know but I’m desperate for my marathon!
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    Shades, I saw that parkrun statement. Maybe I’m being overly harsh but it didn’t read that well to me; they just sound like they’re in a bit of a strop, and they seem to be suggesting it was bad timing that their initial statement coincided with cases rising. That doesn’t make sense as everyone knows cases were due to rise in the winter so it shouldn’t have been a shock for parkrun.  I love parkrun but I saw a 2hr interview with Tom Williams last week and he’s reiterating that parkrun were just unlucky with their timing. Totally bizarre, as everyone and their dogs have been saying cases would rise in the winter from very early on. 

    Robert, Young Trotter took the 2 week extra when Wrexham moved, but he’s pulled out because he just doesn’t think it’s going to go ahead with the cases rising. He says his few hard/tempo sessions are where he risks injury the most, and he doesn’t want to keep doing them for a race that he thinks won’t go ahead. He was thinking about Dorney and I did see Jason Cherriman (fastest runner at Dorney, probably around 2:25) is in the race, but YT is hoping for quicker than that and doesn’t want to run on his own, plus he had concerns about potentially congested laps and aid stations slowing him down.

    I did see something elsewhere about the Dorney marathon. The organiser has thought about it a lot and he was basically trying to make it that all runners would have some laps with the course to themselves, and give everyone of all abilities a good experience. I think he has probably figured out that runners don’t usually work in minutes though - there are various cases where someone has put 239 (I.E thinking 2hrs39) but he initially had them in the sub-4 group as he’s working in minutes :)

    As for me, no running, but lots of walking and had a great day yesterday over at Lynton and Lynmouth. There’s some great walking there, and in the town we spotted some art we liked so we bought a couple of pictures for our living room. Probably going to head over to Saunton today which is a massive beach, with cafes etc around. 
  • Shades - No still the watch, but those are the best HR/MP readings I've had this cycle, but could have been a false reading. I'll see what next weeks are!
    Ian - Sorry to hear about the cancelled 10k. Good final session there.

    8 miles planned at lunch time.
    Rcouture - I'm about 3.5 hours drive from Goodwood, I've booked a Travelodge for Sat night so I need to decide tomorrow morning.   If I had to decide today it would be a DNS as I feel quite lethargic and tired, I still think it might be a cold, we'll see. 

    I know you are desperate for your marathon.  If next year you are having doubts about Brighton going ahead you might have to think about a smaller event perhaps.  I hear Bath Half, which is a big Spring race has moved to autumn 2021 now.

    Big G - as you know I have little respect for parkrun management so I didn't have another dig at them but I agree that statement was another arrogant waffle.   Definitely throwing their toys out of the pram.

    Been a tough year for YT, I can understand that he's fed up of doing his latter stages of prep only to once again have his race cancelled, Ian has had exactly the same scenario.  YT doesn't need or want to achieve a championship time as he already has that and it's a long way to travel for what could be a disappointing race.

    It must be tricky working out a schedule for staggered starts, odd the RO was working in minutes, that would never have crossed my mind.

    Sounds like you're having a lovely time, really hilly round there isn't it, so walking is plenty exercise.
    xpost Steve - even if your watch is a little out, still great HR stats.
  • I hope you're not coming down with something, Shades.
    Big G, I don't know anyone who works in minutes!

    Almost didn't run again today. I woke up early again and was determined to get out by six (if I'm not out within two hours of waking, I find it increasingly hard to motivate myself...the problem becomes that if I leave it too long, I then get hungry, and if I eat, I then have to wait a minimum of another three hours due to my glacially slow digestion). But then I heard heavy rain so I resigned myself to going out later.
    Although I had to deal with my willpower, it did work out better that way as it was quite sunny when I did go, although there was a chilly wind so I was glad I'd decided on leggings and arm sleeves. I ran 8 miles averaging 10:30ish pace (or what I like to term "standard easy pace" as opposed to the slower pace I tend to do if it's very early and I'm stiff or if it's dark). The second to last mile was a bit slower but it was uphill and I think I was starting to tire a bit.
    There's still some sluggishness in the legs despite doing absolutely nothing yesterday, and QL and achilles are still niggling away. Hopefully another week of tapering will rejuvenate me a bit.
  • Ian seeing alot of races being cancelled, I'm hoping just because dorney lake is closed to visitors that it'll be okay, what's the situation with yours?

    Shades - Hope you're not going down with anything before the race. had a good chat with the memberships department, who were open about they had taken on more clubs for income and needed to cut costs.  They have had cancellations and feedback was lack of sessions for female only and family sessions (they are starting women only sessions and family swimming sessions next week) no use for me so less sessions to swim.  Asked if they'd honour my introduction rate at £30 a month for 3 months if I paid upfront but said it wasn't an option.  I can still use it as payg £4 a swim £6 a gym session or am considering another gym in their chain but have til October to think about it.  

    Big G,  seen on a couple of forums there are a few looking to run around 2:25 pace so could make an interesting race.  James has done a great job with the timings, it was advertised to let people go off in small groups fastest first so good he had a rethink also allowing the 6 hour plus runners go first helps,  I did look at the lap timing splits and worked out if they'd sent the sub 3 hour runners off half an hour earlier then they would have less overtaking the other mass starts. Overall I am delighted with my wave timing, I don't mind being passed my runners running 6-7 min miles as they'll be out of sight soon enough and with a target of 4:45-5hrs will only be on the last lap that I get overtaken, dependant on how I'm feeling the company could be useful to hang off them for bits.

    Rcouture you've had to be very patient for your marathon, when it happens I'm sure it will be worthwhile.

    Cal hope another week will freshen the legs, I'm on a sort of reduced taper, main reason for cutting back this week is to avoid injury at all costs.  I've got myself kind of ready for next Sunday.

    Nipped out for a 3 miles at lunch, nearly ended up in the river as I stopped to help someone moor their boat.  Plan an early 10-12 miles tomorrow and marshalling at an ATW race on Sunday.  Was confused by parkruns statement saying the hoped to start by end of October.  I've not read the latest statement but hasn't come as a surprise.
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    Big G-Totally agree about Parkrun,making themselves look childish to me.
    Shades-Hope you're feeling better,OH is feeling really run down, hoping it is just a bug as I really need to be in work.
    Rob-I'm getting less hopeful about Elvington by the day, York cases are rising and areas of Yorkshire are on lockdown,it is a big area but wary of the local council canning it, only consolation is that I am 100% running that day so it won't go to waste this time.
    Frist day back today. Always a tough day and they have had a tough week or 2,first panic buying is definitely happening with toilet roll and spaghetti, maybe because we are on local lock down but there are definite  warehouse issues. Took a rest day as 11 hours work was enough along with a trip to the tip.
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    Cal - glad you had a decent run today.   It seems to be getting so much darker in the mornings now, I try and get out 30 minutes before dawn and then I can run by street light for the first half hour.  Any later and the increased traffic is an annoyance.

    Robert - well at least the gym was honest with you, but you have to find a venue that suits you and what you want to do.   Our centre does family swimming sessions, they are popular, but they don't do female only, not sure there's a demand for that.

    My brain can't compute who and when runners would be lapped, good for you working that out.

    Ian - hope OH is OK, lots of colds going around now kids back at school.

    I do hope your race goes ahead.   Being an airfield it must be rural and Yorkshire is a big county.

    You could do without the extra stress of panic buying, all fuelled by the press and social media.  So annoying.

    I definitely have a cold, I'm sure it's not Covid.   Really sniffly and sneezing now, couldn't get warm this morning, put the heating on and now I am warm.  I do feel tired and my legs feel really heavy, I did nothing in the gym yesterday leg wise.   Will see how I am in the morning, but I doubt I will go. 

      Conditions not good for race either, I had been looking at weather for Chichester but further research today shows the wind on the motor circuit is twice that of Chichester's forecast so 25-30 mph NNW wind, that will be cold especially on a route with no shelter.

    I will make final decision in the morning, I have bounced back from a cold quickly before.

    I see Brighton have cancelled their 'Edit', their unique and safe event  ;)
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    Got a response from London and while the wording isn't great I think it answers the question. It is wrong but works better for me

    Our response:


    Hello Ian, 
    Thank you for your email and we hope you are well. 
    If you did not have an entry in the 2020 Virgin Money London Marathon, and you achieve the qualifying time in Table 1 in the virtual event and the accompanying half marathon time in Table 3, these places will not be allocated on a 'fastest first' basis. 
    Take care and have a lovely weekend.
    Kind regards,
    Ian - that is badly worded.

    So does that mean Table 1 + half marathon evidence guarantees a GFA place?

    I think my cold has addled my brain.🤔
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    Shades-Yes it does,at least that is my reading,it says we don't go in to fastest first so the only way is an entry.Suppose they are thinking 2:30 is a decent drop for running alone.
    Ian - well that's good.  
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    Really don't understand the logic behind it but I will run Elvington,if it's on,use the London app and treat it as my virtual.There is no point in using the race time as that isn't a guaranteed place.
    Ian - I thought a runner couldn't use an event as a virtual?  They'd know from the GPS wouldn't they?  
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    Shades-Not too sure to be honest,they don't seem to have set any rules yet in terms of what you can use,trying to find if there are any just no luck.
    Ian - I can't see any rules about that either.   But it's not really a question you want to ask them in case they say No.  They will be aware of the Elvington event, so it's a bit of a risk.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    I'll wait and see what rules they decide upon,might be when they release the app,they must surely say about a track run or they are leaving it very wide open.
  • It all seems a bit bizarre it’s allowed at all.

    ATW have announced another marathon at dorney lake 22nd November.  Not sure I’m going to rush to go back so soon after Sunday. 
  • I won't, I'm doing an ultra on the 21st.

    Robert - it does seem a bit bizarre but it helps get them round the problem of having to defer all GFA entries which wouldn't leave any spaces for those that have GFA times to apply for 2021.    Very fast runners have always been able to use a half marathon time only to get a place, if they've never run a marathon before.

    Are you going to do the Bedford race, you mentioned before?

    Cal - could be your first double  ;)

    Had a rotten night, hot, cold, the usual restlessness I get with a cold.   RHR still 60 today, legs and hips feel heavy and tired but in myself I feel no worse than yesterday, bit tired, slight headache.   I will DNS Goodwood, don't feel I could run to the end of the road right now.   Fortunately I have a refundable booking at Travelodge, usually I book a saver room but I thought there was a chance that the race might be cancelled.
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