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  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    MF, that's rough on both counts. Hope your son is OK and that you will get your leg back.

    Big G, that sounds pretty tough!

    Lovely morning this morning, although a bit chilly, so I went out around 6.30ish and got a 10 miler done. Pace was a lot slower at that time of the morning - it's amazing how much slower I am before 7am versus after 9am. It's all down to stride length - clearly I am a lot stiffer early on.
    Pretty happy with the run as hammy wasn't too bad, but QL was niggling and while my pace was easy, HR was a bit higher than I'd like. I guess I'm still getting over my mini-cold at the weekend. Hopefully I'll be fully sorted by Saturday.
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Steve: congratulations on your wedding! 

    Mamafox: I hope your son is ok

    Cal: I'm always slower in the morning. Are you running fasted? That'll also make a difference.

    Rest day for me so I've been running around after 2 kids all morning
  • RcoutureRcouture ✭✭✭
    MF - Hopefully your son has no symptoms. 

    Steve - Congrats!

    Ian - Hope you get better soon

    no running for 3 days for me now. At centre parks with the kids so have been too busy (supposedly it’s a holiday!). At least I’ve been on the bike quite a bit but concerned it’s a bit too much of a taper for my half a week on Sunday. Back home Friday at which point I’ll get out for sure.  
  • mamafoxmamafox ✭✭✭
    Thanks for your comments everyone! My son, Sacha, is absolutely fine. The only symptoms he had were a complete loss of taste for a week or so and very slight cold symptoms which lasted for a couple of days during that period. There were twelve of them in his class who tested positive but they all just had very slight symptoms which apparently is quite common for young people.

    Good luck with Centre Parks RC! 
    mamafox - so sorry to hear that your injury is still stopping you from running but although your recovery is slow you are recovering and now all races are cancelled at least you're not missing out on your marathons due to the injury alone.

    Whoever thought that teenagers hibernating in their bedrooms would become an advantage to the rest of the family health wise.  :)   Glad he's OK now.

    Oh, I've had my share of injuries over the years, missed a lot of races due to injury, but most of my injuries have not stopped me running completely.   I've so far escaped any of the tendonitis type of injuries and the dreaded PF.   Since I started my gym training I've had less injuries/niggles, part of the reason I'm doing the gym stuff is to try and injury proof myself.  I can't really remember the longest that I've been injured that prevented me running, I'm the eternal optimist so injury over I move on and don't think about it.    I did have a long period off running completely when I sprained my ankle, about 5 or 6 weeks.

    Big G - great brick training session from you today.   Hope the weather is good and you get to do that duathlon.

    Cal - you shouldn't really have a higher HR training rate after your cold, I expect your resting HR is near normal now.   It's probably inaccuracies from the optical sensor, so nothing to worry about.

    Emmy - with your two energetic children there's no such thing as a rest day. 😅

    Rcouture - don't worry that the taper is too soft, as long as you're not eating your bodyweight in food every day.   Hope you're enjoying the holiday, sounds exhausting 😉

    Gentle circuits was definitely 'not so gentle circuits' today.   I'd forgotten that we were doing cardio/strength today, no barbell work.   So we had to do step ups as our recovery through the whole class, so mountain climbers/squats/squat hold/high knees/star jumps/plank/sit ups/leg raises etc all for 45 seconds with recovery doing the step ups.   It was really tiring, we all started full of energy on the step ups, by the end of the class we were like a Saga holiday group trying to get up the steps onto a coach.  I hurt my ankle doing the bunny hops, so he took that out of the next round.   And he ran the lesson for 65 minutes so had to take me into the gym as other session users had already been ticked in.   The gym felt like a rest, ankle is OK now.
    Instructor is back in the gym next Wednesday straight after circuits so he's going to do a bit of work with me, I want some new upper body exercises as getting a bit stale on what I'm doing and I'm not improving either.

    I am now resting for the rest of today 
    I hear Mo Farah is going to do I'm a Celebrity, so I take it that he's retired now from competition.   Surely any athlete that was planning to do the Olympics next year wouldn't consider doing reality TV until they had retired.   We'll see.

    I don't watch that programme and have no plans to do so.  I wonder if they've told him it's not in Australia but in the wilderness of Wales in November.  🤣
    Right this might be the final listing for 2020

  • 1SteveMac1SteveMac ✭✭✭
    MF - Sorry to hear about your injury taking time and hope your son is OK. Yes the wife does run, but has only done a few runs since breaking her arm in January.

    I'm on the wait list for a 6 hour event (5k loop), but organisers unsure about it going ahead due to restrictions in West Mids, will wait and see but will train for it anyway!

    4 miles today, nice and easy.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Rcouture, one of the guys from the P&D forum has just come back from Centreparcs so I'm sure you'll have a nice time. Don't worry about your taper - I've been on holiday a few times during tapers and ended up getting a PB each time.

    Shades, yeah, maybe. Actually my resting HR didn't change at all when I felt rough - it's always around or just under 50.

    Emmy - yeah, if I go out before 7 then it's fasted. If I go out after 9 I'll have some oats around 6am (I always need minimum 3 hours to digest anything, and even then I can't have anything with fats or protein). And that did occur to me, actually, but I think mostly it's down to stiffness as my stride is noticeably shorter if I go out early.

    Shades, you might be right about Mo - I guess we'll see. (I don't watch it either - the only reality TV I watch is Bake Off).
    Steve - that's next year isn't it, your 6 hour event?  

    Cal - that's good your RHR is normal.   

    We've got a storm forecast for Saturday, hope it won't affect your race.

    I'm a Bake Off fan too, just going to watch last night's programme now.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
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    Shades, I saw that about Mo and thought the same as you.  Regarding the Duathlon I'd like to do it but I really don't fancy slogging my guts out on the bike around the exposed tarmac track in the wind/rain - that just sounds miserable to me!  Having a think about it, I don't have any elastic laces so I'll get a pair of those just in case I do the event, as those will help a lot with the transitions.  I think other than those I don't need any other stuff as I'll just run in my cycling shorts/shirt, as I did this morning.
  • Big G - cheers, went to buy gt4000 and sold out doh!

    Cal - I don't run very early usually however I find my evening runs slower than my morning.

    MF - Good to see your son is okay and well, seems reports are healthy kids don't suffer usually just 'carriers' glad no one else got it in the house too.  I'll try not to fall over again for a few years, will focus on getting through.  Hopefully you'll recover from injuries soon.

    Rcouture - you won't be losing any fitness during a 2 or 3 week taper so relax and enjoy.

    Shades - Elle watched I'm a celeb so get to watch a fair bit of it.  Wonder how he'll come across? We saw him through his toys out of his pram at a drink station!

    Ankle still sore, the longer I leave it the less chance of falling over again.  Looking at my potential race calendar and it could have been 3 ultras in 3 weeks.  I have managed to postpone the Wendover 50 miler to 2022. 
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Mama-Just be careful it doesnt take a while for you guys to catch it,girl in OH workplace tested positive 4 weeks after her husband did.
    Steve-Many congratulations,well done on finally getting it done after all the hassle with changing guests etc.
    Feeling a bit better today,temp still a little high but took it easy in work.
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Hi all, just saw that Boston (USA) marathon has been postponed until autumn 2021. This could be a sign that spring races might be a little too early
  • RcoutureRcouture ✭✭✭
    My half has been confirmed cancelled so back to holiday chocolates it is :(
    Big G - well there will be plenty of reality TV and other appearances for Mo to do.   Would be a pity if he didn't at least represent his country in perhaps the Commonwealth or European championships marathon and repay a bit of the lottery money that he's taken when not needing it nor representing his country.

    I know what you mean about the wind/rain mud.   I so want to race but when I look at the weather I change my mind.

    Emmy - A lot of the traditionally Spring races have already stated that they have moved their races to the autumn 2021.   Sadly the way things are going doesn't look like the situation will improve yet.

    Ian - you've rushed back to work a bit quick, but I suppose you feel a million times better than you did a few days ago.

    Rcouture - oh no, I'm so sorry to hear that.   I did see more races being cancelled over the last few days.   Console yourself with a doughnut or two  🍩
    When you get home see if you can find a small road race to do, or even a trail race.   Seems the trail events are surviving better than the road events.   

    Robert - what a shame about the shoes, so annoying when you spend time doing a bit of research and then you decide to buy them and they've gone.  😠   Has happened to me a few times.

    6 miles this morning, bit windy, fair bit of rain but a bit milder so not unpleasant.   Very difficult run, my legs are trashed after circuits.   I suspected my calves would be a bit sore after all those step ups but it's my legs from mid thigh down to my feet, not an ounce of glycogen left in my muscles.   😢
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Is there anyone else that wants a doughnut right now? 

    Shades; I have no idea how you can run after a hard gym session. My legs are often trashed for days. 

    5miles with the dogs this morning. Cold in the wind and some really weird rain at some points (coming from nowhere and disappearing just as quick). 

  • 1SteveMac1SteveMac ✭✭✭
    Shades - Yes, it a Feb event. Should be a small field so I'm hoping it goes ahead. I have spotted a couple of other events in March/April I could do if it doesn't go ahead.

    6 miles with 2 miles at MP today (6:48/6:39), but HR was closer to HM pace than MP. That should come down over the next few weeks hopefully!!
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, yeah, I think I'd like to do something like a Duathlon for the first time and at least enjoy it!  It's a shame for the organisers really as I guess quite a few are holding off from entering until they know what the weather may be like.  I messaged two people over the last few days who I assumed were thinking about doing the event and they've both not yet entered, and I suppose a few others are in the same boat.

    I went out for 6 miles today but turned the watch off after 5 and walked back as a precaution.  I felt the achilles just a bit, so playing it safe.  The 5 miles went really well though and I was pleased with my HR up until that point, so a bit of a mixed bag of a run I suppose.  It's funny as about 3 miles into my run I was planning out the next couple of weeks in terms of very slowly increasing the mileage, but at 5 miles all that went back to the window to some extent. 
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    Emmy _ I haven't eaten a doughnut since I gave up work, nearly 5 years   o:)

    The calf thing I've had ever since I started circuits, I must use a muscle when doing step ups that I don't use normally and the day after my calves are sore to touch but do not affect my running.   But apart from when I started at the gym and restarted after lockdown I'm not suffering from DOMS but depleted glycogen.   With depleted glycogen there's no discomfort but just low energy levels in the affected muscles so today once I'd run a couple of miles there was no fuel left, like the last couple of miles of a marathon, you'll know how that feels.  :'(   It can happen to upper body too, post circuits I've gone into the gym and just can't cope with the usual weights.   With running I can't run long, hence my lack of long runs over the last year.    All good training effect as should never be quite fully recovered from previous sessions before doing the next session. 

    Steve - hope you'll be able to find an event, must be a long time since you've raced too.

    Big G - maybe some aren't entering in case it will be cancelled, depends on refund policy.   I was going to enter Great Welsh on 11th April, but they don't do refunds and I don't know if a deferred date would suit me, so I've not entered.

    Maybe stick to 5 miles for a few weeks.

    Incidentally I had a random email from DD ex Trotter living in France, I was suspicious of it and sent him a FB message and it was a scam.   From his old email address.   If I had one I expect a few of the Trotters might have too.   His old email has obviously been hacked.
  • Shades - Another scam yesterday I got a friend request from 'sportshooes' on facebook last night to tell me to click on a link as I had won a competition.  Obviously I reported it and also let sportshoes know about it.

    Emmy I'm odd I like the custard filled doughnuts

    Rcouture - sorry to hear about the race, as you say a bit more self indulgence on your hols.  Check out Active Training World, they have several events in November and have all gone ahead so far.

    Ankle is okay to walk on and not restricted mobilitiry howevery still very sore by the bone an the ligaments so imagine have done some damage so a bit more time off required.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Shades - it's called spoofing. You can report it to your ISP.

    Used to love doughnuts but they went the way of all the other gluten-filled treats, alas. Haven't found any gluten free doughnuts at all. Not sure they'd be good, either.

    Rob, sounds like a mild sprain. Good job you've managed to postpone Wendover.

    Big G, I guess you have to take it one step at a time. When mine grumbles, it usually gets better during the run, unless it's having a real hissy fit - then it'll hurt the whole time. It's been good for the past few weeks though.

    Shades, that must've been a tough class!

    Busy day for me - slow 5 miler first thing (it was intended to be slow but I had to slow down even more due to lots of wet leaves, and I wasn't keen on skating on them and tearing my groin or something). Then gym - upper body stuff. I avoided power cleans today as I didn't want to exhaust myself too much before my race. Tomorrow will be a rest day but I'll have a bit of a walk to keep things ticking over.
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Robert: custard?!? It's jam or plain all the way.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    The duathlon I'm thinking of entering is called "Donut Duathlon" and here's the relevant part of the race blurb: "Medals and donuts for all finishers whichever race they’re doing!".  

    I'm with Robert on the custard ones.  I had lemon custard ones in Spain on one trip where the hotel had them at the breakfast buffet, and I got hooked. :)  
    Cal - I don't need to report it, not my email that's been hacked and it's not pretending to be a business/bank or similar.  I've informed the owner of the email address so up to him.   I very rarely get any spam, my ISP sees to that, I don't even have a spam folder, it doesn't get that far.

    Robert - FB is full of scams and links to fake websites.  I never enter any competition on FB.

    You had a nasty fall (again), I'm sure it won't be too long until you can do a little running.
    Big G - ah that explains it, it's the doughnuts that are the attraction.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    edited October 29
    Shades, Torbay Tri are doing a club-only duathlon as a relay event in the run up to Xmas, and they're using a mince pie as the relay baton.  I'm presuming there may well be mine pies afterwards, which has piqued my interest also :)  

    I had the email too from the Trotter you mentioned - I get a few from other members of the committee so I've always wondered if it's related to that (Trotter was a committee member for many years).  I just delete them though.
    Big G - I've done the Wellington Monument race a few times and you get a hot mince pie at the finish, you deserve it after that hill.  :)   Nice race too.

    Yes, looks like they've hacked into his email address book.  I'm sure in the distant past we had emailed each other, I've had my current email address for a long time.
  • Cal - not only had I managed to postpone Wendover to next year, now it's 2022! Aim not to fall down between now and then.

    Emmy - OH will agree with you there, so don't get too much of an opportunity to eat them.

    Big G - need to see what doughnuts they have available as to see if it's worthwhile entering.

    Shades - I'd only enter a competition from a business I'd follow, most scams are quite easy to spot.

    Bought some trail Asics FujiTrabuco 7,  £60 inc delivery.  Ideal for muddy river path or disused railway winter training.  Keeping an eye out for a couple of road shoes still but no rush.
    Robert - that's a good deal on the Trabuco's.

    Both Sportsshoes and Start Fitness have good prices on a range of Mizunos, if you fancy a bit of research on them.   They are usually high mileage and really last well.

    I placed another order with Start Fitness today, great prices
    One vest
    One l/s compression top
    Two s/s compression tops
    One warm snood
    £32 incl carriage. 😊

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