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    Robert, I've today taken delivery of a pair of Asics Gel-Venture 7.  I haven't tried them before but they were on sale (£48.59 with the discount) and the reviews were good, so I went for them.  From a look at them today, the soles look good for trail, but they also feel comfortable walking around the house in that they're not too sturdy, which is good.  I don't do tough trails in the winter generally, and my trail routes tend to be 50/50 pavements too, so I wanted a pair that were good on both.  Not sure when they'll get a run out though!

    I've also today bought a couple of pairs of elastic laces and some swimming trunks (I was swimming in running shorts) from Wiggle, so that should arrive soon.  I nearly added their budget tri suit for the potential run/bike/run event, but I really don't need one so I resisted!
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    shades: that's a real bargain! I don't get on with Mizunos

    BigG:  I see a triathlon in your future ;-)
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    Emmy, ha ha - never say never I suppose.  The same company of the event I'm considering do a Tri which involves a pool swim, bike on the cycle track (no traffic), and then a run on the field.  I could be tempted with something like that, but currently anything in the open water and I'd need a lot of persuasion (and training) to tackle that.  But really, this cycling/swimming I'm doing is just to try and keep the weight off and maintain some form of fitness whilst I get back to running properly.  I know swimming and cycling isn't the same as running, but it's better than doing nothing.
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    Big G - sounds like you got a good deal on those shoes too.

    I agree with Emmy, the writing is on the wall about doing a tri in the future.   After all you're a member of a Tri club now.  ;)

    Emmy - I'm very impressed with Mizuno shoes, have had a few pairs of Inspire in the past, they're for mild over pronators.  In neutral I like the Ultima, I currently have a pair of Enigma, not quite so keen on them prefer the Ultima, they're on my shopping list again.  I had the Wave Rider too, good shoes.   There are some newer models too that I need to research

    Yes, bargains in the compression stuff, couldn't resist.  :)

    5 miles this morning.   Ankle was a little achy yesterday but decided to run anyway.   Getting fed up of sticking to the flat as my flat routes are a bit boring and also heavier traffic.   So did undulating route today, very windy, couldn't keep my HR down in the headwind, heavy drizzle too.   My calves are still sore to touch and stretch but my legs have refuelled, all glycogen stores restored which is good as I have leg session in gym today.
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    Big G - Well done for keeping up the fitness. I like the idea of doing a tri but I can't see how people fit all that training in, it's hard enough getting enough running done for good marathon training. I also get bored swimming.

    Shades/ Emmy  - I had a pair of Mizunos as my first proper pair of running trainers. I can't remember what model they were, I bought them because they were orange.

    Ian - I read your comment about your colleague testing positive for COVID four weeks after her husband and I am now pretending I haven't read it.

    Read this morning that Tommy Hughes has set a new record in Ireland for the over 60s. He came in at 2:30:02. It's truly amazing but I bet he was gutted for those 2 extra seconds!

    Nothing else running related from me to say unfortunately. I almost touched my toe with my hamstring stretch this morning which is quite positive and I think my leg feels less "tighter". I hope this is not just wishful thinking.
    mamafox - I agree, very tricky fitting all that training in for a tri.   But I've noticed that busy folk tend to focus on 2 of the disciplines and let the other one take care of itself.   I've got a friend that works and also has done an Ironman and entered next year's too .   She swims long distances all year, runs shortish distances in the winter, then in spring gets on the bike and does some long rides but doesn't do much more running, maybe a couple of races 20 miler and maybe a marathon.

    Orange shoes, lovely 🤢

    Re the Covid, don't worry about that, earlier tests could have been a false negative.   Mind you that's of no help to you either.   ;)

    That NI runner is amazing especially for his age, they set the race up especially for him to break that WR.

    That is really promising that you've notice an improvement in your mobility.

    I hear you're going into a 4 week lockdown but I guess you'll still have to work as schools remaining open?
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    Shades - Yes I think I could fit in some cycling along with running but swimming would be more complicated. It's not so flexible in terms of hours and also the fact that I couldn't go straight out of my front door but have to get in the car etc etc. However, the swimming is the activity that I would need to work on the most so I can't see myself doing a tri any time soon.

    Orange is my favourite colour  :)
    I have moved on since then and now would not buy a pair of shoes just because of the colour though. Mind you even if something was the exact shoe I was looking for at an amazing price but a colour I didn't like I wouldn't but it either. I love new shoes too much to have even the slightest tinge of disappointment when wearing them.

    Yes, I think there were only about 12 runners in the marathon weren't there? 

    I am trying to stay positive about my progress. Wearing a bit thin now mind you.

    Yes, lockdown here but schools still open so back to the grindstone for me Monday unfortunately. It is eldest son's 18th birthday today so all his party plans with friends have gone out of the window there. His girlfriend made a last minute dash over to us last night as she wants to be locked down with us here so we're just having a small family party for us at home. OH managed to scramble some fireworks together before a shop closed last night and we are opening a bottle of champagne that I've been keeping that someone gave us when Fabien was born. It's not even a particularly special bottle and I have no idea why I've been keeping it in the back of the wardrobe for so long. I think I put it there and forgot about it for a bit then thought I'd save it for a significant birthday. And here we are.
    Bet it's gone off  :|  
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    I'm moderately fussy about colour, too. I like bright colours or dark colours (but not black unless they have a few colourful accents). I will not buy white or pastels because they look awful after one or two wears. And I don't like pastels anyway.
    Having a rest day - typically I feel under the weather again. I really hope I don't feel like this tomorrow. It's going to be quite windy, which is not my favourite, but at least it's windy and warm rather than windy and wet.
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    MF, the time issue is a factor in why I don't enjoy the virtual classes and swimming as much.  Even cycling from my house is a faff compared to running from my front door.  Sounds like you'll have a nice evening/weekend to celebrate your son's 18th.  :)

    It was quite miserable weather this morning so I (reluctantly) drove to the virtual class as opposed to running there.  It feels like such a waste doing that as it's so close by but I didn't fancy being too wet from the rain before the class.  Whilst I was there my Dad's partner left a voice mail saying they're both unwell (not Covid) so could I go and get them some food shopping, so I went and did that, dropped it off at Dad's, and just about made it back in time for my 11am swim session, which was enjoyable.  I'm definitely getting better and I think if I keep it up, fairly soon I'll book the fast lane as opposed to the middle lane.  I am fast enough, but currently I can't do too many lengths without stopping at that pace, so I stick to the middle lane whilst I get used to swimming for longer, and then I'll make the jump up.
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    Mamafox: Happy Birthday to Fabien. A great idea. We have a bottle from when each child was born that we'll keep. Are you affected by lockdown? I heard some areas weren't too bad? 

    Cal: sorry to hear you're under the weather. Hope it's nothing. 

    Shades; im still a classic overpronater. I've tried a few neutrals but they always hurt my knees. 
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    Mamafox - hope the birthday celebrations go well.   Your children seem to be growing up so fast 😮

    I too wouldn't buy a pair of running shoes because of how they look, if they look good it's a bonus.  I won't wear pink shoes (or pink clothes).  Thankfully shoe companies have realised that pink is not a popular colour.

    Cal - good luck for tomorrow's race.   Hope you're feeling better then.   The wind doesn't seem too bad when it's so mild.

    Up in the Lake District they've done 8 of the Brathay 10 in 10 and they've had horrendous conditions every day and a few pics of runners in tears as the weather has made every run so hard.

    Emmy - you must stick to shoes with some support then.  

    Big G - hope your Dad and OH are OK.

    I might take a rest day tomorrow.   Forecast is heavy rain and wind speeds up to 54 mph   :'(
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    Big G - i spent a few years doing some 1/2 IM events, i was a weak swimmer but improved a lot by doing sessions like 100m reps with very short rest. Eg 20x100 with 10sec rest. Aiming to hold an even pace for all reps. The rest is only to break the rythmn and restart again, it prevents you from plodding along. I also realised that you need to swim quicker than you think.......most stronger swimmers are doing some sort of session so it doesn't matter if you are stopping at the end of the lane occasionally. Build up to sessions of 100m, 200m and eventually 400m reps eg 5 x 400 trying to hold an even pace. A few 50m sprints are a good idea too once in a while, swimming is about getting pace up which helps your body position in the water and helps build more speed.
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    Interesting. Thanks, TR. I was a decent swimmer as a kid, but I can’t remember the drills we did as it was 30 years ago!
    Big G - looks like you might need that tri-suit after all, maybe a wetsuit too  ;)

    Looked out the window half an hour ago didn't look too bad.   But now it's raining again and blowing a gale.   I'd already decided on a complete rest day, no run, no gym.   

    Good luck Cal.
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    Thanks...just seen the forecast is now predicting heavy rain and stronger winds. FML.

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    Velopark 10 mile was, well, not my fastest (not that I expected it to be but actually, my official 10 mile PB is a bit of a low bar, and it was well outside that).
    The course itself is undulating, and while there aren't any very steep bits, the inclines do start to tell after a few laps.
    Weather was grey but warm, and gusty, with wind at a couple of points on the course, but at first I didn't mind it too much as it kept me from getting too hot.
    5 miles in and it started to rain, and it was hard rain - the kind that stings a bit. The biggest problem for me was when I was running into it and it was going into my eyes and making them sting like hell. I spent some time half blind and furiously rubbing my eyes, which didn't help.
    I'd set what I thought was a manageable early pace - not too fast - but I still managed to get slower and slower until I wasn't even doing HM pace. I guess the lack of race fitness made more difference than the actual conditions, if I'm being honest.
    But at least hammy wasn't too bad. Left calf was tight, but the worst discomfort I faced was the stinging eyes.
    I actually didn't mind the laps - the course is varied enough that it's not as monotonous as some other lapped races I've done, and there was another Chaser who was around half a lap behind me so we waved to each other every lap, which was nice.
    Anyway, official time was 1:31:01, which isn't great, but given my recent issues I guess I'll take it. In the small field (there were several distances on offer with different start times) it was good enough for 5th woman, though that was out of 17 - I was also the only one in my age cat, though I did finish in front of all but one V35 and two V40s. least).
    Time to relax and eat food.
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    Cal - Great stuff! You must be pleased to get through it so well after all the issues you’ve had recently. Where is the velopark? Hope you enjoyed stuffing your face afterwards.

    No running for me since last Sunday. Thought I’d take the week off with races cancelled and on hols just to reset the body and make sure all the various minor niggles are sorted. Back at it again tomorrow. 
    Well done Cal, that's a good result today.   Reassuring your hamstring was OK too.

    Looks like that might be your last race for a while, I'm just waiting for PM's statement.   Hoping that if we are going into another lockdown there will be even more emphasis on the importance of exercise, we'll see.
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    Same here, Shades.  Selfishly with my current achilles predicament, I'm hoping gyms/leisure centres are still okay.  In March/April/May I was able to get out and run a fair bit, but I'm not really in that position at the moment.  Fingers crossed.

    Cal, well done on that race.  It sounded tough but it's a good time in those conditions.
    Rcouture - hope you enjoyed your holiday.   A week off running will do you no harm.

    Big G - likewise re hoping gyms etc will remain open.  

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Rcouture - it's in the Olympic Park.

    Very much hope gyms are still OK.
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Hi all,

    BigG: hope that your dad is ok? 

    Cal: well done on your 10miles! 

    I had to move my long run to today as B needed to work yesterday... As I'm looking out the window, it's already raining and blowing a gale.... I think I might shorten the planned 13miles!
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Emmy, thanks. He’s okay I think. A bad cold I think, but he’s recovering a bit now. 

    Not great news for me personally from BoJo yesterday. Looks like I’ll have to get the walking shoes on over the next month and get out, more or less whatever the weather. I was hoping gyms would be ok, but sadly for me, they’ll be closed. If there’s a nice day or two I’ll get the bike out if I can. 

    No news yet from EA, but I think probably Trotters sessions will have to be cancelled?  I’ll await an announcement as I think technically tomorrow’s and Wednesday’s can still go ahead, but maybe from the week after we’ll have to cancel?

    I was getting fed up of waiting for BoJo’s speech so went out late for a 4.5 mile run in the dark. I should have taken a torch, but apart from that I enjoyed the run out. I was still back and showered in time to watch his speech so I’m glad I went out when I did. 

    A big, possibly deciding, day of the Vuelta today. It meant yesterday’s mountain stage didn’t really kick off, as everyone was saving something for today where the GC could get shaken up. Roglic and his whole team are looking strong. 
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    Emmy - hope you didn't get too wet.
    It was pouring with rain this morning when I got up, decided against a jacket as it's a balmy 15 degrees.  However, by the time it was light the rain had stopped, still windy though.

    Big G - disappointing about the gyms, I'm gutted too for our gym staff who were starting back tomorrow.   But at least we can get out and exercise as much as we want to do.   I hope the weather for November is truly awful, that will keep those in that would go out to meet others when they shouldn't, such as we had in the warmer weather of the first lockdown.    However, that's not much help to you for cycling, but this time the roads will be a lot busier as schools are remaining open.   Maybe you'll be able to run more this month.

    Mavericks have already moved Thursday's run to Wednesday night.   I think EA will suspend all club training and racing and PHE rules probably prohibit groups meeting for exercise anyway, I haven't checked, so that will be ARC clubs and races prohibited too.

    This weekend last year we were fighting the elements over Bodmin Moor  :'(

    Don't you have streetlights where you live?

    6 miles this morning, bit windy in places, nearly lost my hat a couple of times.  Ankle fine. 

    Gym later.    :)
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Enjoy the gym Shades! 

    BigG: I think you're right about the training sessions. Or at minimum, keeping very small groups

    The weather brightened up and I managed the full 13miles. It just started spitting when I got back and was stretching. 

    Our local covid test centre has been vandalised overnight. All of the signs have been graffitied over or kicked over. 
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    That's awful, Emmy.
    Well done on your run.

    Enjoy your gym sesh, Shades. I've booked myself in for the next three days - might as well go while I can. They do have the option of outdoor exercise pods so I wonder if they'll still be allowed to operate those. Not sure I want to be training outdoors in winter though - it's not like running where I stay warm.

    Didn't have the best sleep so I've decided to rest today. Legs probably need it after yesterday. I'll be resting tomorrow too as it's very windy. Rest of the week looks pretty good - colder but no wind - so that'll suit me better.
    Emmy - that's a good run from you today, glad the weather was kind to you.

    Not sure that there will be even small groups training here, the group of 6 rule has gone and now we will only be allowed to meet up with one other person not in your household and that has to be outside in a public space.  So I guess you could meet a friend to run with, no more.

    That's quite shocking to vandalise a Covid test centre.   You must have the same mindless idiots that we have too.   Rave of 500 at Bristol last night plus numerous other parties/pub lock ins that were attended by police.

    And now the other idiots are panic buying, why?   There is no shortage of food etc., the only folk that need to buy a bit more are those that are self isolating and most of them that should haven't been doing that either.   A sad reflection of our society.

    Cal - I've booked into the gym today, Tuesday and Wednesday plus a Pilates and a Circuits class.   haven't booked the gym tomorrow as I have a delivery due, if it arrives early I'll book in at short notice.   Plus tomorrow I must go to the library and stock up on books for the lockdown, I'm allowed 12, might need to ask for a few more as it's not impossible that the lockdown might be extended.  I'll have to try and get paperbacks otherwise it'll be a weights session carrying them home.

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades/Emmy, yes, I don't think we'd be allowed any training.  The only thing is even with the "rule of 6" we were allowed 12 in official training, so I suppose EA may allow more this time too?  Seems unlikely though and even if it's 6 or less, I expect Trotters won't facilitate the training, but encourage people to use the Facebook group to sort out their own runs.  Regardless though, I too think even small groups won't be allowed.  Glad I didn't enter that Duathlon now, although I was on the fence about it anyway.

    Shades, yes, I do live in a lit area but yesterday's evening run took in a headland and a beachfront - there is lighting there but it wasn't working when I went out.  I haven't been out running in the dark for quite sometime, so I was just caught out a bit yesterday evening.

    I had virtual classes and swimming already booked for Monday and Wednesday and I'm on the waiting list for Tuesday.

    This morning I walked to work with OH and then did an extended loop, back over the headland, along the beach and up through town and home for 6.5 miles.  I popped into Lidl on the way through as we needed some bits (less than £9 worth and stuff we needed - i.e., basically some more fruit and milk) and I'm pleased to say there were no queues or signs of panic buying.....yet!  I quite often do "small shops" like this, but I guess over the next month I may revert back to one "big shop", but I'll see how it goes.
    Big G - I can't see EA being allowed to have groups training.   Covid safe races or training were only when groups of 30 could meet with social distancing measures and there are no groups allowed now.   I think weddings are banned too, lucky Steve managed to tie the knot a couple of weeks ago  :)

    Maybe they haven't changed the timing on your street lights, after the clock changing.   Incidentally that stretch on Aller Brake Road are still not working at all, always notoriously slow the Public Lighting departments at fixing anything.

    Good to hear there was no panic buying this morning on your shop.   Of course our pathetic and inadequate press will start making a fuss and fuel another panic buying session.     

    This lockdown is more bad news for the zoo.  
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