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    Big G - I looked up the Adidas shoe briefly as I've never heard of it and it came up on several websites as very lightweight performance shoe.   Also used for training by faster marathon runners, summer shoe as thin mesh so keeps feet cool.   From that I would guess not very hard wearing or high mileage.
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    Not sure about the wear Shades as I’ve seen a couple of reviews where they’ve been taken to 100 miles with hardly any wear. I’ve not tried them myself though so it’s hard to say for sure, and probably I won’t buy any anyway.  As the Asics aren’t working for me currently and the NB are pricey I would like another option for a daily shoe though, so I’m just keeping options open with some of the discounts that are around at the moment. 
    Big G - I wouldn't expect any shoe to show wear at 100 miles.   But I wouldn't expect to be able to use a performance shoe for high mileage training and expect them to last.

    Are you looking for neutral or mild support shoes?

    If neutral how about the Saucony Rides, really comfy but light feeling.  

    My Adrenalines have just arrived.  When I open a box of new shoes I always think they look huge, can't possibly be the size I ordered.   They are the right size but these look even bigger as they're white.

    I look like Minnie mouse in them, without the ears 😉

    Will try and find some muddy back roads to run on this weekend.
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    Shades, I do have an unopened pair of Guide ISOs and I got decent mileage out of my last pair, so I may open them up soon. They were very comfy and they’re a moderate stability shoe. I’ll have a look at the Rides as well though, so thanks :)

    Chair has posted on DD Facebook group that entries will be opening at 7pm on Friday 27th November!
    Big G - I have a feeling the Men's Rides are quite pricey now, TR will know where to buy them he uses them.   I think we're not going to get the prices we used to for shoes anymore.

    I just saw that re DD  :):):)

    I've just been invited for my first ever flu jab, text from GP to ask me to book appointment, I did it straight away and clinic was full in minutes, managed to get an appointment though.   A 2 minute appointment.   :o
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    Big G-Good news on DD,got to say I'm really getting hopeful about races around Easter time,esp with the Oxford vaccine as we have so many of them ordered.
    Shades-I had my jab a few weeks ago,2 mins is a short appt though as they are meant to go through a form with you,didn't hurt,just a sore arm for a couple of days.
  • Ian - I’m also hopeful. If they are allowing 4000 people in stadiums in tier 1 zones from December 2nd already then makes it more likely for similar sized races within reason. 

    Rest day for me today. Aside from some doms, no issues or niggles from my too fast run yesterday. 
    Ian - I'm more optimistic too about 2021 races.   Looks like it will be all out effort to have as many as possible receive the Covid jab.

    My flu jab is part of the over 50 plan, won't have time for any form filling, as it's from my GP's surgery they already have my medical history, we'll see.

    Rcouture - not sure there's going to be many Tier 1 areas coming out of lockdown but it won't be long I'm sure.

    Hope the DOMS isn't too bad.   A walk and/or a bath will help.
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    Shades: I had mine a few weeks back. The actual jab was fine but I had a numb arm and a lump for a week. 

    5miles at lunch today. Not having the easiest time at the moment so I just needed to get out there. It was beautiful. Cold, but beautiful

    Emmy - good that you could get out and de-stress for a while.

    That is a beautiful photo.

    Just waiting for Boris's statement...
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    Well, after Sunday's enjoyable and pain free run, today's was pretty much a non-starter.  I ran up and down the path in front of my house and just knew it wasn't right.  So frustrating.  Yesterday we did go food shopping and walking up the steps with the heavy bags I could feel it was quite bad, so I wasn't hopeful this morning but I continued with my stretches etc in the hope it would be okay, but it wasn't.

    So frustrating as I was planning a MAF test next week as a baseline to work on and just slowly increasing the mileage over the weeks, but it's back to square one really :(  

    I'm not sure where I go with this at the moment, except of course resting and continuing with the stretches.  I don't even feel I can walk to work with OH this morning as it's just not right.
    Big G - oh no. how frustrating, I assume you mean the PF not the achilles.   IMHO you need to stop going out twice a day even if the 2nd session is walking.   Walkers get PF just as often as runners and perhaps you're not giving your injury enough rest in between sessions.   So maybe back to every other day for a short run and nothing else, except maybe the cycling when you can do it again.   I do feel for you though, as it's particularly difficult in lockdown not going out in the fresh air.

    8 miles for me this morning, bit of a strong headwind on the way out but behind me on the way back.   Wore my Minnie Mouse white shoes, lovely and comfy.  Managed to splash them a bit but will head for the farm roads at the weekend and get them mucky so they don't look so big and white.
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    Big G-Incredibly frustrating for you, hope it eases soon.
    Emmy-Slightly nicer picture than my usual route.
    Starting to look at firmer plans for races later in the year now, last day to enter the Berlin ballot, still undecided whether to do it next year again, edging towards it, but I have Chester the week after already.
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    Shades, yes, I mean the PF.  Probably you're right about the walking but it's come to something when even a gentle walk is off the table :(   Physio was saying that I could cycle instead, but the time of year is a limiting thing for me.  Although I do feel I have been really careful and as patient as I can be, the coming back for a few short runs only to have to stop again isn't a good cycle to be in.
    Ian - if you got a place in Berlin ballot do you have to take the place, I mean pay for it?  If not then enter and decide if you get place.    Good that we're back to deliberating on how many races we can do though.  :)

    Big G - but didn't you walk 7 miles, that's hardly a gentle walk for the PF anyway.   Your spin classes should be back next week, will they let you know when you can book again?

    I'm starting my Conne plan on Monday and will have to reschedule the runs dependent on the leisure centre reopening and class/gym schedule.   Hoping to hear about the gym etc this week.
  • Hmm I have had my annual DD entries open soon email. Remind me is it just open entry or was there qualifying requirements? I know there used to be do a marathon under 4.5 hours??
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    Shades, the gym have been pretty good with email comms so I expect they’ll be sending out confirmation soonish (I wonder if they need to wait until the tiers are official?). I’ll be on the app checking as well though. 

    Keith, there’s no qualification process for DD. Just need to make the cutoffs on the day, which includes 5hr15 for the marathon. Are you tempted as well?
  • I would like to say yes and have been doing some hillier runs recently as those on Strava can see but no prob too soon. Want to be doing marathons in a decent time for a while first. I've also lost my free accomdation in Devon so would need to stay somewhere but thats not a massive problem.
    On the subject of decent marathon times how does Davey's Plym Trail ones compare to DD for hillyness? I'm assuming you would want to be doing them under 5 hours at the very worst to match a DD time? Prob more a 4:45??
    Keith - it's a long time since the criteria for DD was a 4:30 marathon.   Good to hear you're considering it.   You've run a sub 4 marathon so with training you can comfortably make the 5:15 marathon cut off point.

    Difficult to compare Plym Trail and DD, different sort of hilliness.   Definitely not a 30 min difference in finish times on those two courses.   I would say 4:45 on a flat course would comfortably get you through DD marathon cut off point.    Last time I finished DD I did 4:44 a few weeks before on flat course, then I lost a bit of fitness, did 4:56 the week before DD and went through marathon point at DD in 5:09.

    Big G - gyms are going to be open in all Tiers, Boris doesn't want us getting fat over Xmas 🎅
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    Keith, the thing with Plym Trail is it’s all runnable really - IE, there’s nothing steep.  But at DD, some of it is too steep to run. I’ve seen pics of Adam H walking bits of it.

    I don’t know what Shades thinks, but I don’t think the courses are comparable really. I think the thing that makes Plym Trail challenging is that the return legs of each lap have a lot of constant uphill, but it’s not steep uphill so it’s different. Also, the outward legs of each lap don’t batter the legs, as they’re runnable, where as some of the downhills at DD are tough.
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    X post Shades. Good point about the tiers for gyms. I was getting momentarily confused with outdoor sport. 
    Keith - I did Plym Trail in 5:01, 5 weeks before DD
    Big G - I agree re your comparison between PT and DD.   I find with PT I lose the inclination to push on when it gets to the last drag up the final section.
  • That's so frustrating, Big G - walking is my go-to activity when I can't run, I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't walk. (Well, I do...sit on my arse and get fat, probably).

    7 easy miles today. Hammy was twingey yesterday and this morning, just above the knee. I think that particular twinge might actually be the gastroc tendon as the calf is rather tight. The high ham ache is no worse than usual (ie, I don't notice it when I'm sitting - when it's bad, sitting at my desk is very uncomfortable). I had a pretty thorough roll before I went out and didn't notice it during the run, so I'm not going to worry about it. I suspect doing a fast run followed by a hilly run wasn't my smartest move, so I'll be avoiding doing that again for a bit.
  • Hmm just looked back via Fetch my marathon times and its been some time since i was going sub 5 it appears. Albeit i was doing 2-3 in a row not single ones with a actual target in mind which obviously makes a difference. I'll see what is around early next year and maybe go do a marathon see where i am at. If i go for a Foxy double i'll maybe go with the not recommended option of go for decent time day 1 and crawl round day 2 approach to see what i can do. Guessing but somewhere around 5-5.5 hour area currently but not easy to tell as most my recent ones been Plym trail which is not flat and nor is the area here. Probably looking at longer runs in the 10-15 mile range currently and 25-30 mile weeks off 4 runs cos no hot water at work to allow running in on wed mornings cos sod cold showering.
    Should be able to guess from longer runs a vague idea of time knowing that most marathons i do will be less hilly
    Cal - you seem to be having constant niggles lately.

    Keith - I think you'll find it's some time since you did any marathon training  ;)  which is obviously reflected in your times.

    So will you be entering DD on Friday?   :)
  • No i shall ignore DD for next year it would be doubtful for me to be in suitable shape that soon. Year after maybe
    Keith - OK, I can understand you wanting to do a few marathons first.

    You had a fair spell off with some injuries over the last couple of years.

    Are you doing Foxy's quadruple next year?
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    Shades-Yes you have to pay for it, I am probably going to enter as the likelihood of getting in is pretty small with this years deferred entries so if I get in then it's meant to be.
    I am definitely entering DD on Friday, so currently looking for a marathon around March/April, maybe Snowdon half 3 weeks before DD could be a decent trial.
    Keith just reminded me I still have a place at a foxy event at some point.
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    Ian - you enjoyed Berlin last time.

    Will be interesting to see what spring marathons might be announced now after the vaccine news.

    Only marathons I've seen for April are Great Welsh 11th April, Newport 18th April.   Both flat and fast but you have Bolton or Windermere in May which will be more challenging courses.

    Or Connemara 18th April if we're allowed to travel to Ireland, you could do ultra there.  ;)  Good DD preparation race 😂
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