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  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Cal, sorry to hear that :(  

    Shades, yes, I'm waiting for shorter races to be announced, and also the gym to open.  The races on Zwift are very tough and I hope good training even for my running; they're easier on the body than blasting out a 5k or 10k time trial, although the races are still very hard efforts (i.e, I'm draped over the bike at the end, trying to catch my breath!).  When the gym opens it may well be that I get outside on the bike and use the velopark there rather than ride indoors - I do like Zwift a lot, but I think the velopark and being outdoors is still preferable when the weather's good.  Currently I've only got one bike though and I wouldn't want to take it on and off the turbo all the time.  I may get a second bike, but I'll figure out that later on as the road bikes I have been looking at all have supply issues at the moment (road bikes along with turbo trainers have been very popular the last few months through lockdown).
    Big G -   I saw something about gyms could only be attended by individuals or households so I take that to mean no indoor classes of any description from 12th April but at least you can get out on their track.  I guess classes are not scheduled until May or even June lockdown dates.

    I heard that buying a bike wasn't so easy since Covid, I suppose they are struggling to catch up on the orders too.   

    Still waiting for EA/RunBritain re races, surely they'll get their act together today. 

    My 8 mile hilly town route today, cold with a fresh breeze but for once it wasn't windy at the top of my 3 climbs so good running conditions.   Saw my Couch to 5k family again today, they looked a lot happier today and seem to be all enjoying it, Mum was still in charge.   :)

    Ordered another pair of 1080's yesterday, first shoes purchased this year.   
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, yes, I reckon the velopark would be allowed to be open when gyms do open.  The track is a mile long and really there's plenty of space, and it was quite enjoyable last time.  Occasionally I'd have it to myself, or usually there were maybe 3 or 4 people on there.  It can get a bit boring I suppose, but you can do sessions on there or just go for an easy ride, and of course it's safe  No good for hill training though :)  
    Big G - can't see why the velopark can't reopen as soon as any outdoor sports are allowable but I suppose it's not practical until the leisure centre reopens, staffing etc.

    You'll have to save the hill work for your running  ;)
  • Robert OHaraRobert OHara ✭✭✭
    Shades - It seems EA comes quite a bit after anything from BTF, I'm hoping the delay is because of internal issues rather than anything that may restrict races starting.

    Cal - Sorry to hear the hamstrings are struggling, least Richmond isn't until May so gives you a bit more time.

    Big G - ATW are just waiting to hear from EA re DL, they are confident but only because it's a private venue and less than 600.  They have got a reserve date towards the end of April just in case.

    Ian - Not surprised that you don't fancy an airfield marathon.

    Rcouture - London is busy in August LLHM is on the 1st August, I've not ran Richmond but reviews of tow path congestion has put me off in the past.

    Leg got worse again, have another cream which kills off the damaged tissue and dries it out (should have had this in the first place rather than antibiotics).  Should also work on the knee flap that opens and weeps ever so slightly as it will kill the cells and hopefully be allowed to seal.

    Race diary/plan is starting to fill up, mostly low key and fairly local but all I'm happy to do as a) leg b) covid.  Was looking at Ricky races for a couple of midweek races but they seem to either clash with races I already have a few days either side or can't get the leave off work.

    Managed a few 5-6 mile runs in the week hoping to build on it so I can get round Dorney or the airfield if its needed as a last resort.
    Robert - have BTF announced what's happening about events from 29th March?

    I suspect this long silence is not good, if running events were to resume with same Covid restrictions as before then surely it wouldn't take so long to issue guidelines to say exactly that.   We'll have to wait and see.

    Sorry to hear that leg still hasn't healed properly, but at least you're still able to run.

    I'm holding fire on any more race entries until there's news about races coming out of lockdown.   I have had an email confirming my place in Frome Half in July, deferred from last year.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Robert, I haven't yet looked at things like the Running Miles events because I need a hotel stay.  I think I do have 2 entries for theirs though, but I don't think they'll be all that much use to me in the run up to DD.  Bad luck about leg - hopefully it'll clear up totally soon.

    Shades, yes, it's a shame the gym haven't figured out a way of allowing members access to the velopark whilst the gym has been closed.  When the gym is open, members have to go and get a code from the person at reception (the code changes daily) to unlock the gate to the velopark, so it's meant that when the gym is closed the velopark is also closed.  Totally understandable that they need a lock to the velopark because travellers have broken in on occasion, and also totally understandable that they haven't automated the process due to cost etc, but it does mean that members need to see a physical person to get the code.

    I got that email abbot Frome Half as well :)  
  • Robert OHaraRobert OHara ✭✭✭
    Shades - I was assuming BTF had as seen comms from a couple of race organisers that their events were on, but after looking cant see anything official. 

    Big - Can't imagine Ricky's races would help with DD, those entries will help boost the marathon number up to the 100.  With your snooker injury in addition to corona plans for the 100 seem to be taking forever.  Assume thats still a goal/ main motivation or get fit and focus purely on a fast time?

    6lbs lost so far too, back to the pre xmas weight when I was training for DL, all going in the right direction.  A bit of a wobble today, eaten a few things I shouldn't but not too disastrous.  Aim to increase the training gradually and refrain from eating my body weight over the next few weeks.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Rob, well done on the weight loss. I hope your leg heals up now.
    Yeah, I actually signed up for MK at the beginning of May before Richmond was bumped so still unsure as to what to do at this point - I may end up cancelling one of them. 

    Good news is that I managed a 5K run today. Went out at lunch as my niggles hurt more first thing. Could definitely feel the ham tendon but it wasn't too bad, maybe 2 or 3 out of 10 on the pain scale. My left groin felt a bit weird again but running felt quite awkward in general due to the layoff. Still, both warmed up OK and I could have run further but decided it would not be in my best interests at this point. The test is how it reacts later today - it did not react well after Saturday's 2 miler but I am feeling more optimistic about this one...I've had lunch and it feels OK for the moment.
    I dialled back on the rehab stuff which may have helped - I am sticking mostly to isometric stuff  for the ham and it seems a little less angry. I am also sitting on a pillow now when I use the computer and also swap to kneeling on a cushion every now and then to take weight off my sit bones. I don't tend to do that for very long, though, as (even with the cushion) it's a little hard on the knees.
    Big G - I have yet to run Frome half, I think you had a good race there.   I drove 100 miles and then did a U turn and drove home as I felt unwell.   So I have unfinished business there.

    Robert - after you mentioned BTF I had a look too and couldn't see anything.

    LCW have today cancelled their event, was for June, they say they just can't see how the event could go ahead.   However, they are in Wales and so far Wales have been very restrictive with sports.   I'm not sure if there have been any running events in the last year there.

    Well done on the weight loss, you've made a great start.

    Cal - that's promising that you've done 5k today.   And you've been kinder to your injury, hopefully that will work.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    No issues with my heel the last 2 days so I'm happy with the rehab/running plan I have going as it seems to be working well.
    Little cooler today but still a nice run,went a slightly different route to usual to make it a little more undulating.
    The 1080's turned up when I was running so will give them a go tomorrow,felt nice walking around the house in them.
    Ian - that's very promising about your PF.

    Always a good sign if shoes feel comfy first time on.

    I wore mine today, they're so good on hills.
  • RcoutureRcouture ✭✭✭
    Rob - Good stuff on the weight. Yeah I’m hopeful the congestion on the towpath will be fixed by covid measures. More concerned at the uneven pebbly surface not liking the Next %!

    Speaking of which I have again bought new shoes 😬. Hoka Mach 4. Not sure why but there’s no other part of life where I get swayed by advertising/reviews except for running shoes. Anyway I’ve been looking for a replacement for my Arahis since I seem to be better on ‘stable neutral’ shoes as opposed to just stable these days and the Mach 4 get amazing reviews. They’re arriving Thursday which is exciting. 

    10 miles this afternoon. Later than usual which meant it was nice and quiet. 
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    It's funny Robert as obviously I've not been able to "chase numbers" for the last year but I've not particularly missed that aspect of it.  I've missed the bigger events I had planned and getting to the 100 is still a big/main goal, but I've not particularly missed the smaller events that I usually do.  I do have PB aspirations too (all distances), but my main focus is just trying to be consistent with the mileage in preparation for DD.  I do have a time goal for that, but it's really going to be heavily dependent on how the training goes in terms of longer runs.  When I look back through the last 3 or 4 years or so, I haven't been doing long training runs apart from a small number of "days out" on the coast path - my long runs have been events, and obviously at the moment there is still a shortage of those.    I don't like to dwell on it too much but yeah, it's not been a great couple of years in terms of time off.  Snooker injury (not running), shoulder injury (not running but that one was very painful!), chest infection (not running), achilles (running related), PF (I wasn't even running at the time!) and the face plant (running related) hasn't been great for my consistency at all and it's frustrating!

    I've joined the Team Trial Trial on Zwift tomorrow.  It must be a huge amount of work for the admins managing the signups and the teams.  There's a group called The Herd and they create teams (with a team leader) and allocate members to each team for each race.  Then on the day, we use Discord to chat whilst racing and I guess the team leader barks orders ("chase that guy!", "go, go go!!!!") in our ear, and they'll know which teams we're trying to beat :)  I'm really looking forward to it.  There are 7 in my team (a rough split of Cat B and Cat C riders) and we race other teams on Thursday night.  I think tactically we're supposed to "roll through" the team when riding.  So say I start in 7th position, I'll move up to 6th, 5th.....1st, do my pull on the front and then slip back to 7th to go again.  How that's going to go in reality I've no idea, but I think it'll take some getting used to stay in line and not skip a turn etc.  My team know I'm new though and ultimately it's just a bit of fun, with a competitive/team side of it too.
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    Rcouture - new shoes, lovely  :)  I get the Hoka emails too and the pictures are great advertising, sunny day, happy runners running effortlessly, I almost clicked on the 'shop now' button too to have a look.   But although I love my Hokas I would prefer (and would buy more models) if they had a higher drop.   Hope they are as good for you as the reviews.

    Re Richmond and your marathon shoes.  I would suggest that you do part of a long run on that course in those shoes and then you'll know whether they'll be OK on race day.   If not gives you time to choose a different pair of shoes for race day and to do some long runs in them.

    Big G - I think we've all had to put most of our goals/plans on hold during the pandemic.   It will be strange when we do get back to normal and we'll have to start making decisions.

    Sad to hear IOM goes into lockdown today as there is/was a 20 mile and marathon race planned there this weekend.   They've been living a normal life there for months, pubs open etc, no masks.   I had a letter from a friend of mine recently from the IOM and he says "I ran the fell race on New Year's Day", just normal life.  :/

    6 miles this morning, not so cold, good running conditions.  Still seeing quite a few new runners on my early morning runs.  
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    I feel the same about Hokas, Shades...I  like that they are light and quite cushioned (as you may remember I have thin fat pads which means my feet can end up really burning during a marathon) but, with my history of achilles and calf problems, I'm reluctant to go back to a low drop shoe.

    Good news is that I had no adverse effects from yesterday's run so I will be able to run again tomorrow (I feel I could run today but I don't want to do too much too soon). 
  • RcoutureRcouture ✭✭✭
    Shades - That’s what I’ve got planned for this weekend’s long run 😀. The course is an out and back so should get a good sense of things without running the whole 26 miles. Re the Hokas I know what you mean re the drop which is why I alternate them with higher drop shoes like the brooks to cycle between pressure on calves and knees. 
    Cal - that's really good news that no aftereffects of yesterday's run.

    I have 2 pairs of Cliftons, they're 5mm drop I think.  Oldest pair is over 700 miles and the cushioning is still very good, very comfy.   I'll run up to about 10 miles in the Cliftons.   Also have a pair of NB Fresh Foam More, they are lovely too, 4mm drop.   

    With my generous wardrobe of shoes I alternate all my shoes so don't get any issues re running in the lower drop shoes, but if I ran in lower drop all the time I think my calf muscles would start grumbling.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    RCouture, sounds like a good shoe.  I know Seth on YouTube loves it and had an early pair of them from last year I think before they were released.

    Ian, good news on your NBs too.  I hope you like them!

    Cal, great news.  Sounds a good idea to take it easy and then see how you are tomorrow.  Fingers crossed.

    I did 13 miles today and had a good run.   Last week was good as on the two 10/11-milers I did I felt I could have carried on but didn't want to push it, but today decided on the 13.  Felt good, although cardiac drift in the last 3 miles or so meant I ignored HR from that point (plus it chucked it down with hail/rain which made me speed up a bit!) but again felt I could have carried on quite easily, so I'm pleased with that.

    Probably I'll do 7 tomorrow AM before the Zwift race in the evening, and then maybe hope for about 10 on Saturday and 10-13ish on Sunday.
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    Rcouture - I've read the reviews of the Mach 4 and they're firmly on my shoe shopping list now, I can see why you ordered a pair.

    Big G - great progress on your running.   Cardiac drift after 10 miles would be expected at this stage so all good.

    That rain was cold, I got caught in it coming out of Aldi with my weekly shop.
    Busy morning for me I had to go to the recycling centre too!  To dump my old microwave which broke last week.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Cal-Glad you had no reaction,hope it continues to be ok.
    Big G-Good luck with the Zwift race,I've decided to have a couple of weeks off there as I'm building my mileage to give my legs an extra days rest.
    Wore my 1080's today and they were great,felt really cushioned and my heel wasn't slamming against the floor which is exactly what I was after.They seemed to kick me on in a similar way to the vaporfly,must be all the cushioning,to the point my first 7 miles averaged sub 8,which was totally unintended but the first time I've been that fast on my easy run since October 18th.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Interesting news re MK,they haven't said anymore about the likelihood of the race,but have today put a call out for volunteers so I'm guessing they have had some kind of nod about the chance of it happening.
    Ian - so glad to hear the shoes feel so good and are giving you the right amount of cushioning.   I find them very light and 'fast' too.

    As far as I know race organisers are still waiting for guidance from EA/RunBritain, there are no further press releases.  10 days now, that is appalling service.  But for now races have to get on with their work hoping for the best.  But I think the longer the wait the less likely events will go ahead ☹️
  • RcoutureRcouture ✭✭✭
    Shades - Will let you know how I get on with the Mach 4. 

    Ian - That’s rapid for an easy run. 

    7 mile plod through pretty heavy rain this afternoon. Not sure whether to do my weekly speed session tomorrow as a tempo or include some faster stuff in my saturday long run. Will see how I feel. 
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Glad you like the 1080s, Ian.  I hadn't thought of them in terms of any performance improvement though!  I may have to do my next MAF test in my regular shoes to test it out...  

    Did an easy spin on the bike this afternoon which was enjoyable, keeping it really relaxed.
    Rcouture - yes, I will be interested to hear how the Mach 4 suit you.   Particularly as I read in one review they're similar to the Clifton, which I know didn't suit you, but I don't know what elements of the shoe that reviewer meant, might just have been the look of them.

    Maybe do a bit of faster stuff in your long run when you're testing the Richmond route with your race shoes?

    Big G - are you 100% pain free now from achilles/PF and able to go back to usual rotation of your running shoes?

    8 miles this morning. First time this year back to one of my favourite routes, 2 miles flat, then off the main road onto quiet country lanes with chocolate box houses for 2 miles hilly, then turn around and retrace my steps for run home.   On the country roads I only had 2 cars pass me in the 4 miles, bliss.    Hundreds of daffodils though, it's a really good year for them.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, I have only been running in the 1080s, except when I fell over when I was running in trail shoes.  I did also run that 10k time trial in January in Nikes.  Probably I need to try my regular shoes.  I am painfree with the achilles/PF at the moment, but I suppose I'm a bit reluctant to risk a different pair when the 1080s are working so well for me.  

    7-miles this morning.  I have to say I did get a bit annoyed at one runner.  There is one section of footpath where a side path joins the main path, but there's a high wall so you can't see who's coming.  I was on the main footpath and I could hear a runner so slowed to a walk and gave a wide berth, but she came running quite fast around the blind corner and ran right into me!  She was wearing huge headphones so couldn't hear me, but even so 99% of people are careful coming around there these days in that people try to peer around the corner to see who's coming.

    Then on the way back, in roughly the same place, there was a woman in a Citroen C1 and the back wheel was totally seized up.  She was trying to drive, but the tyre was leaving skid marks all up the road, and was smoking.  I just asked her if the handbrake was off, which it was, but other than that I couldn't help.  She had a phone and was going to call for help, so she was okay and had parked up safely so I didn't feel too bad running on.

    Other than that, it was a good run :)  
    Big G - well that's really good news that you're pain free.   I know you love the 1080's so I would expect you to favour them for now.   Maybe introduce your other shoes on shorter runs gradually.  Otherwise, no matter how good the 1080's are it means you're running in the same shoes all the time and could lead to overuse injuries especially as the mileage increases.  

    How annoying that runner with the headphones, silly cow.   I nearly ran into another runner this morning, on that blind corner at Aller Brake Road, I have to slow to see if there's a car coming before I can cross and for the first time there was a runner, we just both went 'Oh' and then laughed and said Good Morning, missed each other by a couple of inches.  Whoever designed that corner when they rebuilt the road should be shot.

    Good for you trying to help that driver.   That sounds an expensive problem with her car, not a good start to her day.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, my "plan" (a very loose sense of the word!) does have a rest day tomorrow.  However, after tonight's race, a short recovery run may do me some good to turn the legs over tomorrow.  If I feel an easy run would do me good tomorrow, I will try a different pair of shoes to see how I get on.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    I hate people like that, Big G - totally inconsiderate. I've lost count of the times someone in headphones has failed to hear me saying "excuse me" repeatedly. Grrr.

    Ian, the 1080s are a potentially replacement for my Epics once I burn through my last pair. I reckon that could be a year away, though. 

    I'm quite liking the look of the new UA Velocity Wind as well, though as a possible replacement for my Peg Turbos (those have around 150ish miles on them and I don't use them all that often so it'll be a while before I need to replace them anyway). Out of interest, Shades, how do you find UA sizing compared with other brands? I'm a 7.5 in Nike but I've needed to wear 8s in Adidas and NB shoes (not that I've bought any of those in over 10 years).

    No ill effects from Tuesday's run so I had another run today. It was less comfortable which may be due to going out earlier or to the exercises I did before I went out. However, I was able to complete 5 miles so if it doesn't get worse during the day (it seems OK so far) then I can keep moving forward.
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