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    Thanks Shades that’s very helpful. 7:50-7:55 to start seems sensible and I can then see how I get on. 
    Right, delivery has arrived  :)

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    Worcester Marathon have emailed and have asked for an accurate marathon prediction so they can put the runners into the correct starting group.....
    Ian - I'm not saying the spreadsheet calculations are right, but without shorter races to use for marathon predictions it is useful data I think.

    Rcouture - good, I'm glad that the spreadsheet is roughly in line with what pace you had in mind.

    Big G - I've had the same email too from Worcester.  I'm not sure they're right about the rule of 6 applying to runners at the start but whatever they have to do to put the race on is fine with me.   They say the faster runners are going off first and then they say 4-6 hour marathon runners will be going off at 7am possibly, that will be an early start for me but I'm OK with that.
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    Without seeing the email,all races I have looked at have specified starting in 6's maximum,think its because under current rules 6 is the maximum allowed to meet from different households so it probably comes under their covid plan.
    Ian - I haven't read all of RunBritain's guidelines but there was something on the website about no limit on numbers.   EA's roadmap which I know primarily is aimed at Track and Field says no limit on numbers in Covid secure environment and Rule of 6 applies to unorganised activity only.

    Anyway as long as the race goes ahead I don't mind what they do.

    Has your injury cleared up now?
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    Shades-I think they say they will have people in groups of 6 to make it a covid secure event.
    It feels OK,but ran a little today and could still feel it,I'm unsure what to do really,feels great most of the time but sore when I put pressure on it.
    Ian - this is the event they are going to trial 3k runners and 3k spectators

    Hatfield Park events to trial COVID-19 vaccine passports | Welwyn Hatfield Times (

    I guess this is a trial for London marathon organisation perhaps.  Plus other major marathons too.

    Sorry to hear the injury is still niggling.   No doubt you won't have much time for running over the next few days when moving house, so that might be the rest it needs to clear up.

    Big G - I've just seen a reminder from the Mavericks to enter Chudleigh Road Race, are you doing it this year?

    8 miles this morning, very cold again but not frosty.  Flat today as I have a little niggle in my calf.
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    Morning Shadies,

    Sorry I haven't been around but still no running from me so nothing to say really. My knee is still hurting and I'm so fed up of starting running then stopping again I've just stopped completely in the hope that the pain will just go. Unfortunately I think it is a cartilage problem after all as a tendon problem wouldn't go on this long without improving slightly. It also makes a clicking sound sometimes when I turn and I'm no doctor but that doesn't sound like a tendon problem to me. I really need to make an appt with the doctor so he can organise the MRI scan he mentioned but with all the Covid fuss over here I just haven't got round to it. On a positive note they have closed the schools this week so I don't have to do any cooking or see any children which is a bonus. We have also got a new dog who is keeping me occupied and I am doing a fair bit of walking but that's about it really. Anyway, I'm following your news from a distance and it's good to see that gyms are opening (yay Shades!) and marathons may start happening again... looking forward to those race reports already.

    Well done Louey on your fab result .. and I really hope your dad is ok Big G.
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    Shades, regarding Chudleigh, it's pencilled in my calendar, but I haven't entered it yet.  I expect I will at some point though :)  It's a great event.

    Ian, sorry to hear about your niggle :(  Hopefully it'll clear up soon.  Are you hoping to get back onto Zwift for a while?

    MF, great to hear from you, but really sorry to read your running isn't going well at the moment.  Hopefully you can get the MRI soon, and then begin to understand the root cause of any problem.  Great news about the dog though; there may well be news on that front from for me in the near future, too....

    I went out and did 7 miles today and I just wasn't on good form today.  HR all fine and manageable and corresponding pace fine, but I just wasn't feeling it for some reason.  It felt like a massive slog.

    News on Dad is actually better than I was fearing.  I was really worried that he may have had to have a couple of toes amputated (or worse), but firstly they're tying a procedure to unblock the arteries in his leg.  I spoke to the nurses yesterday and they seemed quite hopeful that may work - i.e., I mentioned he is supposed to be having his second vaccine on Tuesday and I was wondering if I should cancel it, but they said keep the appointment as they think he may still be able to make it on his own on Tuesday.  Anyway, he's having that procedure today, so I suppose over the next couple of days or so we'll know if that is working or not.  There's so much more I could say about all this, but I won't bore you with it all, but just an example is that there was loads of unused/in date insulin chucked in the bin yesterday (the cleaner found it).  I really don't think he's been taking the meds that he should be :(  I've asked the Doctor to give him a bollocking and drill in to him that he appears to have been very lucky....presuming he gets out of this with everything still intact, he'll have been very lucky, and I want him to realise that if he doesn't already!  He does have a phone by his bed so his partner, sister and myself have been calling regularly, but of course we can't visit at the moment.
    mamafox -  sorry to hear that despite that lovely podiatrist's efforts you're still not able to run.   But at least you can do lots of walking and with your new dog too, any chance of a photo?   It is unfortunate timing that you need that MRI as you've just gone back into lockdown, any chance you could just phone your GP and he'd refer you without seeing you again.
    I wouldn't worry about the clicking of the knee, I've always been told to ignore clicking from joints.   Sometimes in our Pilates classes we've had several clicks coming from various people and instructor said 'ignore it''.    :o

    I am ridiculously excited about going back to the gym, looks like everyone else is too, nearly all sessions full and most have a waitlist too, I've never seen that demand before.   We've been in lockdown so long that I think it's going to be full on, gyms, shops, pubs (outdoors), etc from Monday, just hope that Covid cases remain static.   At least we're all getting vaccinated, most of us on here have had our first jab now.

    Big G - hope your Dad's procedure goes well today and that it works.  Not good about the unused insulin though.   Old folk can be so stubborn.   My Mum was much the same in the last few years of her life and always said she was fine, when clearly on some occasions she definitely wasn't.

    Exciting there might be news on the dog front for you.

    I haven't decided about Chudleigh yet, it's 2 days before Frome Half.  Not that it makes that much of difference.

    What time have you put up for Worcester?   I've put 4:45, which I'm not capable of right now, but it's the time I need to give me a reasonable chance of making the DD cut offs.

    Sorry you had a bad run today, just the way it goes.   But you have had some great runs this last week.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, I put 3:20.  If I'm anywhere near that I'll be delighted.  They mentioned to be realistic and after our conversations on here the other day I wasn't sure.  3:20 does seem pretty optimistic really (if I sneak under that it'll potentially be a PB) but then again the 10-miles at that around pace did feel easy (although it should I suppose....!), and your spreadsheet predicts quicker.  In light of the fact I've got nothing much else to base it on (except a fast 5K and 10K), I went with that time.  I could be way slower, or I could be a bit quicker I suppose, but we'll just see how it goes on the day :) 

    A big problem with Dad is that when he's not on top of his meds he gets more forgetful and also a bit paranoid.  I don't like to say that, but it's true.  Just as an example, he's not at Torbay hospital as he didn't want to go, as he doesn't trust the doctors!  Absolutely no idea why he'd think he can't trust the doctors, but anyway.....he's in Exeter RD&E.  When the ambulance came he said he wanted to go to Torbay, but the staff were very firm and said "no", as all the arrangements had been made - they told me privately that on the phone he was adamant he didn't want to go to Torbay.  Currently he seems on top form (the nurses have said the same....I can imagine he's pretty charming to all the staff there when he's in good spirits!), but then I suppose his blood sugars and everything else are where they should be at the moment.  I need to get through to him that when he's on top of his meds he feels a lot better in himself, but I've tried this many times.  His partner is pulling her hair out too....I suppose we both feel a bit guilty that it's come to this, but honestly we have both been trying our best.  Especially his partner, who does a huge amount for him day-to-day.
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    Big G - That sounds like a frustrating nightmare but at least it seems like his condition isn’t as bad as feared. 

    Shades - Nice 8 miles

    Mamafox - Sorry to hear there’s not much improvement

    12 miles for me including a 40min tempo at 7:14min/mi. Felt really good and perfect weather for it with limited wind. 
    Big G - That's a fair estimate of your predicted time for Worcester.
    I think what Shepperdine did was more realistic by asking what time we expected to complete the first 5 miles in, most of us can stick to our race plan for that part of the race.

    At least if your Dad is being charming to the staff he's probably enjoying his stay at RD & E. 😉
    Perhaps when he returns home he may need some post procedure care and that will include checking he's taken his insulin.

    But it is frustrating, for the last couple of years of my Mum's life she had an emergency pendent to wear so if there was an emergency and she couldn't reach the cord (she lived in sheltered housing) she could summon help.  But she rarely wore it as she said she didn't need it. 😬

    Rcouture - that's a great run.
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    I did half an hour on Zwift late morning, and afterwards took the bike off to have a look at why the gears weren't working.  I think the cable had stretched slightly so I adjusted that and it seems okay now.

    I then had a ride out in the real world this afternoon, for the first time since October.  It initially felt a bit strange after a winter of Zwifting as when standing up and having the bike sway felt odd; on Zwift, the bike is fixed place and does't sway.  It was a nice hour out though and I enjoyed it.
    Big G - that new 'coat stand' has been really useful then.  ;)   Good you finally got out for a real ride on the bike, ready for Sunday.   I do hope it warms  up a bit for you, it's bitterly cold out there.

    8 miles this morning, so so cold, my legs were barely functioning by the time I'd finished.  Calf still a little niggly, don't think the cold helps at all, but it's no worse than yesterday.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, yes, very cold out there today.  I'm keeping a close eye on the temperature/forecast for Sunday!

    I went out and did 12 miles today, and apart from being cold, I had a good run out today.  I was out a bit earlier than usual (6:30am) as we're busy today, and although cold, it was clear skies and the sea was very calm, so all very enjoyable.  For the duathlon I've bought some elastic laces, so I tried them in my Asics and all fine, so presuming I make the start line I'll be wearing the Asics for the event.  The elastic laces help in transition from road-bike-road shoes, especially when hands may be cold!

    Dad didn't have his procedure yesterday in the end as the doctor had an emergency he had to deal with, so fingers crossed it'll be today.  When I called him early afternoon he wasn't in the best of moods as he was hungry and he didn't know if he was having his op or not, but when I called him later afternoon he was much happier as the docs had told him what was going on, and he'd eaten.  Hopefully he'll get to have the procedure today.

    OH is off for a couple of weeks now.  We haven't been to NL for two years (Rotterdam Marathon), as her friends/family came here fairly often in 2019 as we'd bought the house, and then obviously last year it just didn't happen.  We haven't even seen her parents new house yet and they've been in well over 12 months now.  They've bought a boat for the canals as well, and we haven't seen that either.
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    Shades, Big G, Ian, thank you for the comments. It is all very depressing so I won't post much as I know it can be difficult to find anything positive to say. I am stalking you all though and will post as soon as I have any running news.
    That is really good news about everything starting to open up again now.. we can begin to believe in a return to normal I hope. I can't really complain compared to those poor people crammed into high rise flats with young children but I miss being able to travel freely, and the memory of lovely marathon weekends away seem like a lifetime ago now.

    That is good news about your dad Big G. What a relief.

    Will post a photo of the new dog from my phone soon. He is 4 months old, his name is Blu and he is a Malinois and I love him to bits already. I didn't think I could love another dog as much as I loved my old Berger Belge, Tayo or as much as I love my Jack Russell, Charlie.. but happily I can. <3
    Big G - yes, cold today.   I've even just checked the forecast for 2 weeks time as I couldn't run a marathon in these temperatures, but it's supposed to be normal temperatures for the time of year by then, hopefully.

    I wonder if you'll be a convert to elastic laces now you've got your first pair, you know I'm always going on about how good they are.   ;)

    That must have been frustrating for your Dad yesterday, no food and not sure if op going ahead or not, enough to test anyone's patience.   

    How are things in the NL re the pandemic, are they in lockdown again too?

    I've just been reading about these lateral tests that we're supposed to be doing from today, 2 a week.     I think I'll start at the end of next week as I stay away from everyone but next week I'll be back at the gym at least 3 days.

    mamafox - you are very welcome to stalk us but you can of course post as often as you like, whether you're running or not.   Unfortunately injury is a significant part of running and we've all had a lot of injury time too.

    You're right those marathons away from home seem from another lifetime, and all those brilliant race reports we enjoyed too.

    I had to look up Malinois, they are lovely dogs, my friend used to keep them, I think she used to show them years ago, we know them as Belgian Shepherds here.
    mamafox - xpost - he is gorgeous, he looks huge.  :o
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    Shades, yes NL have restrictions, including a nighttime curfew.  OH's parents have both had their vaccine though, and have their 2nd lined up about a month after their first.

    Lovely dog, MF!!

    Here's our new dog, who we picked up today from Dorset; driving over the border from Devon to Dorset seemed like a big thing!  He's Tigg, a 3 year old lurcher, whose previous owner died.  As you can see, we share a canny resemblance; we've both got hints of grey (me more than him), we both have hair coming out of our ears, and we both like running (he has incredible speed, but I reckon there's a chance I may have more endurance).
    Big G - that's a lovely photo, you two look like you've bonded for life.       He is lovely, so good to know that he's found a good home. 

    That's your speedwork taken care of. ;)

    For the past few weeks/months it's felt like we've had a curfew too and in the evening and at night it's so quiet.    Going to be a shock from next week when folk are walking home from pub/restaurants etc.

    Rest day for me today, typically it's not so cold this morning  :#
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, I know it may sound a bit odd, but within about 2-secs I knew we would be taking him home!  I didn't say too much beforehand just in case we thought he may not fit in with our lives, or he didn't like us, but he immediately came bounding over to see us and is very friendly.  We took him for a walk at Lyme Regis and he's fine with other dogs, he's house trained, jumped straight into the boot for a car journey etc.  Near us, there's a park which has massive enclosures for dog training and I had him off the lead there for the first time this morning and he brings balls back and loves that (along with chasing and jumping up at the birds, which is a bit odd....!), although you could see him tiring after about 10 intense sprints.  His recall will need a bit of work, but we can sort that.  He also jumps very high and catches the ball mid air, which is very impressive to see.  He's a lovely dog so we're very happy.  He was a bit of a nightmare last night as he didn't want to be left alone, but again we're confident that will change over the coming days; it probably was a stressful day for him as he doesn't really know what's going on, and you could see he had bonded really well with a couple of the staff at the centre.  He's currently sparked out on his bed after his run this morning though :)  

    It's hard for these rescue centres in these times as it's by appointment only and you have to specify which dog you want to see in advance.  Although Tigg was there because his owner had died, others are there because their owners got them early in lockdown for something to do but then got fed up with them so sent them to the rescue centre.  The centre "interviewed" us via Zoom on Monday, which was odd as we showed them where he'd sleep, our garden etc, whilst walking around with the laptop.  All was fine though and we're pleased we made the journey to Dorset to get him.

    Not fantastic news about Dad, as it does look like a toe will have to come off after all :(  Hopefully they'll be doing that today though.  It's his small toe so it could have been a lot worse, but obviously still not ideal.
    Big G - sorry to hear about your Dad losing his toe, but at least that won't affect his balance as if it was his big toe.   Still not very nice though, do you think that will make him take his condition a bit more seriously in the future?

    That's a lovely heartwarming story about you and OH adopting Tigg.  

    I'm sure he'll soon be sleeping through the night.  Sounds like he's really settling in well already.

    I can't understand some of these newbie dog owners buying puppies at extortionate prices and many from puppy farms when there are so many needing good homes in rescue centres.

    Good luck for tomorrow and your first duathlon.   :)
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, I really hope Dad does take things more seriously.  Part of the problem is that deep down he knows he needs to be more careful with his food and meds, and he says all the right words, but his actions don't align.

    I went up to Exeter RD&E today as Dad said he wanted some things, so I took that in along with some mags etc.  I can't go to the ward, but the hospital have a central point where family can take packages, and the hospital deliver it to the patient.  We took the dog with us and went and got him a better harness and some other bits, and then went to Parke for a wander around there and some lunch.  Don't feel we can let him off the lead at the moment, but we can take him down the local park and their enclosures to practice with him in a secure environment.

    There's lots of chat on the Torbay Tri group about what to wear tomorrow for the cold conditions, with differing opinions.  There's an added dimension of "faff" when you have to consider what to take for the bike ride.  Better not forget the bike ;)  I have heard of people forgetting things like bike shoes, or remembering bike shoes but forgetting running shoes, which obviously isn't ideal.  It's going to be cold, but doesn't look to be raining so that's good.
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    Big G - Sorry for your dad. Congrats on the dog. Love the photo which looks like a brochure for a health supplement! Good luck with the duathlon. 

    7 miles for me at lunch. Felt awful and HR told me so. Not sore but just very heavy legged and lethargic even though RHR is fine so no illness. Think combo of stressful period with OH and this training block catching up with me for the first time. I’m meant to have a 20 miler tomorrow but will play it by ear and only do it if I feel good in the morning. 

    Richmond had this to say on Twitter for the marathon so hopefully final confirmation this week:
    ‘Hi, for the marathon we have our final council safety advisory group session on Tuesday so should have an update on Wednesday.’
    This is in response to the fact the 10k they are holding the day before is confirmed but I think that’s entirely within Kew Gardens so obviously a different matter altogether. 
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    Big G-Sorry to hear about your dad,hope he is OK Good news on the dog.
    Just went out for 3 miles today,been a really stressful couple of days so needed to get out even though my leg was sore,hoping for not many after effects tomorrow.
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    Big G - good that you could at least drop some stuff off for your Dad, will he be home soon?

    Lurchers were originally bred for hunting so just as well to be cautious for a while about keeping him on a lead, at least until you know whether he'd chase a rabbit, or worse a cat  :o   Those safe enclosures in the park are such a good idea.

    Hope you didn't forget anything today, looking forward to the race report  :)

    Rcouture - you're right that photo of Big G and Tigg does look like a photo shoot, they both look so happy.

    Well at least you'll know about Richmond within the next few days, but it seems the issue of spectators could be a problem  :disappointed:

    You have had a lot to deal with lately, so if you need to skip your long run that really won't make any difference as you've done so many already.

    Ian - sorry to hear that leg is still troublesome.   If taping helps, tape it as you've got a busy few days and easy to tweak it with all that moving involves.   Hope the move goes well.   My neighbours moved out on Friday after waiting 4 months for the sale of their house to be completed.

    10 miles today for me, light frost and a cold wind but in the sun there was a glimmer of warmth at times.    I did no exercise at all yesterday but unfortunately due to me jumping around when watching the final stages of the Grand National I managed to tweak my niggly calf and it was sore.   So I taped it up this morning and it was OK, probably only a one on the pain score on the flat, but I thought I'd just try a hill, not that steep, and it was sore going up the hill, less so on the downhill.   50 miles for the week.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, I'm not sure when Dad will be home, but I think the surgeon is seeing him tomorrow to see how he's getting on.  On that note, he's allowed one visitor now for an hour from tomorrow at a pre-agreed time (it has to be the same visitor each day), so I'll pop up tomorrow to see how he's doing.

    It was Devon Duathlon today, which was my first attempt at something like this and it was a "Standard Duathlon" which is 10k run/42k ride/5k run.  I'd got up really early to allow for faffing and got to the race HQ in good time.  Everything felt really safe in terms of Covid, so I had no qualms about being there, and it was just good to be back in a race environment again.

    The 10k run was two loops, 42k ride two loops, and the 5k run one loop, and the runs were about 75% on road and 25% on bridle paths, with a stream crossing each lap.  I know all this beforehand, but the undulating run route was more challenging than I'd anticipated but I eased into it gradually, with each mile faster than the previous for the first 10k.  It really was good to be out there, albeit in a strange time trial format, never knowing quite who you were running with as we'd started in waves from 8am, with my start time being 8:33am (there was also a sprint duathlon going on at the same time, which was half the distances I was doing).  But I got the first 10k done in 47:27 feeling quite good.

    I got into T1 (depressingly I was 85th out of 91 in T1 and 78th in T2....must try harder here.  A Torbay Trier asked me if I was about to make a cup of tea, I was taking so long!), and after faffing got going on the bike.  I knew it was going to be a tough course, but I hadn't quite realised how tough it was.  Rough plan was to try and do roughly an even split (which I did manage, so I was pleased with that), and then let the 5k run take care of itself (more on that later.....).  It was an undulating course, but also with a couple of steep climbs each lap where I had to go in my lowest gear and stamp on the pedals.  I can't say I loved the course though; roughly half of it was on major A-roads and really it did feel a bit dangerous to me, but then I'm new to this.  At one point, I and other people in my event were overtaking a long line of back markers in the shorter event, but it felt dangerous as cars were weaving in and out trying to get past riders in 1s and 2s.  This would put me off doing this event again.  I'm not saying I'd definitely not do it again, but it's a consideration for me.  To make matters worse, with roughly 8 miles to go it started raining slightly and the temperature dropped, and arms especially were getting cold; up until that point I'd been fine all event in cycling shorts and cycling t-shirt, but I didn't enjoy the rain at all, plus I didn't have a coat.  But I carried on and it did pass, which was good, and I finished the ride in 1:42:56.

    I got into T2, got off the bike and....legs turned to jelly.  It was one of those "Whoah!" moments, and it was at that point I realised the 5k would be much, much tougher than I had anticipated!  I knew I had to be careful on the off-road bits especially as I didn't want to fall over whilst tired (it dawned on me I hadn't been off road running since my fall), but after a couple of miles I was getting into it slightly, but was glad for the event to be coming to a close and I got it done 29:34.  That's obviously quite slow for me, but it's the best I could do (from the event/route map, it was actually 3.6 miles for the 5k, but still!).  

    Overall time including transitions was 3:04:26 and I was 52nd out of 91 finishers in my event.  Before the event, I had anticipated between about 2:45-3:00, but a) the ride was harder than I expected and b) the 5k was much, much harder than I had expected!  I'm pleased to have done it though, and it was a nice morning out (except for the rain).

    It is funny, as when I think of it a runner can spend all summer shaving 20-secs off a 5k time, but I could probably cut 2-3mins off of the transitions with not a massive about of work.  Well, I say not much work, but I'd need to buy different kit to help with speed, and I'm not too sure I can be bothered with that at this point.

    Also, I was already full of admiration for triathletes, but doing this has given me a slight insight into the prep needed both in training and on race day.  It is a different skill and I suppose the big takeaway for me if I want to improve is a) work on transitions and b) work on running off the bike.  It's not even that I blew up on the ride or anything, but maybe I pushed it too much, but I suppose that would get better with practice.  Looking back, I probably could have done more practicing in these areas, but this wasn't really a "serious" race for me, and I am glad I took part in my first of these types of events.
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