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    Forgot to say that the high point of my morning was seeing a barn owl, so beautiful.   Close to where I saw one last year, or could have been the year before.   I understand that to see them in daylight is when they're hunting and need lots of food to feed the offspring.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Shades-Hope you're not on the bench for too long.
    No Cocodona isn't for me,I am intrigued about doing a long race though,think I'm being less time obsessed and more about how far I can go.
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    Just seen the guy who won Cocodona was 50 mins outside 3 days,got to be gutted about that,especially as it was 257 miles in the end.
    Ian - maybe something a little shorter than 250 miles first.    ;). Does it matter that he was over 3 days timewise?  He still got the win.

    Have strapped my ankle and it was a little sore walking to the gym, couldn't cancel gym as didn't have the 4 hours notice required.   But it was OK in the gym, did mostly upper body, and it was pain free walking home.
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    Shades - Hope your leg gets better soon. Would be a real shame to miss your races.

    7 miles for me this eve. Took it super easy as I’ve not slept much due to work/girls. On the plus side, I’ve seemingly no reaction to the second jab still so far. 
  • Robert OHaraRobert OHara ✭✭✭
    Big G - I should also be at ATW DL, it’s dependant on a few things how I am 2 weeks after my 50 miler and or how training has gone.

    Cal hopefully seeing friends will help, it’s easy to fall a bit blue about things but you seem to be recovering.  Also hopefully with parkrun returning it will get the mojo going.  Despite Sunday’s effort I still feel like an imposter but it’s a start! 

    Ian good news you got a physio apt, I’m sure it won’t be the first time they have heard one of their clients has a marathon this week.  

    Rcouture last couple of longer runs try and find a flat loop and repeat a few laps, there any many pros of laps that the others have said.  I also usually run solo I have had some chats in the early miles but other times been silent.  Good news about the jab reaction!

    Shades sorry to see you may dns DD and Worcester, especially DD you know what’s required to make the start line.

    Last few days eaten a disgusting amount of food, managed to get back to a sensible level today hopefully it will continue.  Managed to get out for a short 4.5 mile run this evening, felt tough but better than staying on the sofa. 

    Rcouture - unlikely you'll get any post jab effects now, so that's good.    I've seen a lot of posts from folk saying less after effects from the 2nd jab.   I suppose our bodies will get used to it with talk of booster jabs in the autumn.

    Robert - you'll never be an imposter.   However, I know what you mean, when I arrived at Shepperdine it felt like a whole new world to me, good though.

    I'm trying to offload my DD place now, but looks like all on the transfer list are sorted or in the process of transfer.    I needed everything to go right, and a bit better, to get to do DD anyway.    If it was only lack of form I could have run to 20 miles and then pulled up but with my ankle injury that might be foolish.   So the plan is now the gym is open to work hard and get back to the form I was in last year when I was running faster and know I could have made all the cut offs at DD, so DD2022 plus of course Connemara 2022 will be my major targets.   I don't have any scheduled races now for a few weeks, a half in July and a marathon in August, although I may enter another in August too.

    Rest day today  :(

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    That's really frustrating for you Shades.  As you say, you were in great shape last year too, and it's frustrating this year hasn't gone to plan for you.  Depending on how things go, do you think you will do Frankfurt next year?

    Robert, I've been struggling a bit with my food as well.  I really am trying to be careful, but I've just felt really hungry.  This is a problem for me when I do quite a few events :(  

    RCouture, good news your vaccine hasn't had any side effects.

    Decided to take an unplanned rest day today, as I'm still quite tired.  Not sure if it's sorting my Dad (which is stressful!) or what it is, but I'm not usually this bad for so long, especially as for 20 of the 26 on the weekend I felt well in control.  Didn't think I'll get to my hoped for 50-60 this week (certainly it won't be the higher end of that), but we'll see.  Currently I'm only on 23 for the week.  I did do a gentle approx 90-mins on the bike last night though and again enjoyed it a lot.

    OH is off today and as it's nice weather we're going for a walk with Tigg, and will stop for some lunch, which will be a nice day out.  I've been seeing Dad at 1pm the last few days but seeing him at 6pm today so don't have to rush back.  Saw the doctor yesterday and he's saying Dad won't be out before 10th.  They're quite happy with how he's doing but he's having a new boot fitted today, which will give more protection and offer more support.  He's desperate to come home, but he's not quite ready yet, plus they're making sure the care package is in place before they discharge him (which personally I'm very relieved about!).  It's only for up to 6 weeks, but we can put something else in place if we have to after that, although he'll hopefully get much better in 6 weeks if he follows all the advice.
    Big G - I have a taker for my DD place which is good, something at least.  I ended up emailing everyone left on the list and I think I got the last available runner.   I'm hurrying him up on the transfer process as Chair is putting final order in for t-shirts today and I doubt a ladies small is what this runner wants  ;)

    Funny I was thinking about Frankfurt the other day as we have a voucher don't we.   Yes, would like to go in 2022, hopefully there will be flights from Bristol.

    I'm sure the extra worry/stress about your Dad makes you more tired plus the marathons of course, probably contributes to your struggle re food too.

    Good to hear he's making good progress though and plans going well for his home care.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Ugh Shades...that's rotten luck. As someone who is struggling myself, I can relate.
    Big G, it probably is the stress. It can take more out of you than you think. Hopefully things will even out soon.

    Beautiful day today - unfortunately I wasn't feeling fantastic. Not ill, but a little off. I went out anyway and got 10K done - the longest since my time off. Hammy was a bit grumpy but not awful, but I found it hard work even though I was going at what I'd term easy pace. When I finished I checked my numbers and HR was high (about 20 bpm higher than when I did the faster run on Wednesday). So I think I have an infection or something - either my throat or one of my back teeth as my jaw feels a bit tender and throat is a little sore. I've booked in to see the dentist on Monday to see if there's something going on back there (the gum's been a bit sore but I put that down to having a big gap there that gets food stuck in it every time I eat...but perhaps the tooth is bad, I don't know). I need to get a crown stuck back on anyway.
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    Thanks Cal, I was really depressed about it on Thursday especially when I was walking to the gym.   Then in the gym I had such a good belly laugh with a couple of girls that it just shook me out of it.   So onwards now and making plans for training and racing later in the year.    :)

    I stayed in yesterday deliberately to rest my ankle, I'm going to the gym today and tomorrow I'm going to do a little run/walk and will take it from there.   I think I can run a bit on it without doing any damage.

    Hope it's nothing serious, or expensive,  when you see the dentist.

    Big G - I was really lucky with the guy that took my DD place, really efficient and payment in my account within a few minutes and form emailed to Chair so he was able to get his chosen t-shirt size.   Chair said he wished all were as organised.

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, yes, we have a voucher for Frankfurt.  Just been reading a bit about potential travel to "Green" countries.  Lots can, and probably will, change but Germany is not possible at the moment anyway.  Plus if OH's parents discovered we went to Germany over visiting them in NL they'd skin us alive!

    Glad to read you're already thinking of plans for this year's races.

    In parkrun news, it seems a few of the big parkruns are saying they cannot comeback any earlier than w/c 21st June (i.e., this is the date that anyone with any sense within parkrun would have chosen for a relaunch following the government guidance).  Bushy (home of parkrun) and apparently Richmond, amongst others, have said this date by all accounts.

    Cal, hopefully the dentist goes well for you!

    We had a great day out yesterday.  Leisurely walked around 10-miles with Tigg, stopping for lunch, coffees, and then finally we stopped at a new place that has opened up that does waffles :)  Went to see Dad at 6pm and he was really, really down though, which is horrible to see.  The day before he was in good spirits, so it was a bit of a shock, but I suppose I can expect lots of ups and downs over the coming weeks.  He was really pleased I went but I couldn't really do anything to raise his spirits and then of course I had to leave in an hour, and he was still tearful when I left :(    I think it's dawning on him what has happened and what a long road back to recovery it is going to be.
    Big G - I look at the Covid stats daily and it seems that a lot of the usual holiday destinations are not yet in control of this wave.   Turkey has had horrendously high figures, seems a lot of countries are not reporting the death figures as they should so you have to judge by number of cases.   Not sure how Europe is doing re vaccinations either.   So I'm not considering any overseas marathons this year, except for IOM, if they let me in by August.  Possibly Guernsey in October, that's it.   Ian has made a good choice of Reykjavik though. 

    Thank heavens the individual parkruns are being sensible about restarting date.   

    Sorry to hear your Dad was so down, it's dull and boring in hospital and away from his home and I suppose time goes slowly.  And of course as he's starting to feel better physically, he wants to be out of there ASAP.
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    Shades, I can't really see us going away either.

    10-miles this morning, a bit later than usual.  Temperature was supposedly a bit warmer but with misty rain and quite a strong wind, it was still chilly in parts.  A couple of hills thrown in and I did it at a really easy effort and had a decent run in the end, although I didn't really fancy it at the start mainly because of the conditions.   I'm glad I went though.
    Big G - perhaps you'll be able to nip over to the NL for a weekend to visit OH's family.

    Battled the weather to go to the gym, could have taken the car but didn't.  Had wet feet when I got home.  Ankle was OK so will try a run/walk in the morning.
  • Robert OHaraRobert OHara ✭✭✭
    Shades glad you managed to transfer your place as it means someone else gets a chance, your right it’s not about the money it’s frustrating when you make the plans and not able to make the start lines.  Just mentioned 2022 to Elle she didn’t seem keen for our 10 anniversary, the plan was to go to Turkey again but I’m not too sure yet.

    Big G the marathons and the stress of your Dad has probably made you more tired. Glad parkruns are being sensible and waiting, I do worry for the events over crowing in the first couple of weeks.

    Cal hope the opticians goes okay, hopefully you’re on your way back it’s promising you’re able to run again.

    6 miles early this morning pouring with rain but felt okay.  I’m marshalling tomorrow it was a local 5 miler but the council withdrew permission, it’s now a bit further afield which is a bit frustrating and a longer time out as they have had to have 3 starts instead of 2. 
    Robert - well as you've not been able to do your usual holiday in Turkey for 2020 and 2021 and it's going to be your 10th anniversary perhaps you should make a deal with Elle, Turkey in 2022 and then DD in 2023?   Gives you some more training time, I'm not saying you'll need it though.  ;)

    5 easy miles for me this morning, flat route and being very cautious with ankle and it seemed OK.   Nice morning, the rain has stopped and the gales have gone too.   Nice and mild, I did notice a big change in the humidity though and checked when I got home and it was 95%, but it's not warm enough to make a difference to me when running.

    Quiet morning, as usual for early on a Sunday, except on my way home on a main road I could see a guy standing in the middle of the road waving with both arms trying to stop the traffic.   A couple of cars came along and they slowed and then ignored him and sped off.  I couldn't see any reason why he was doing this, like an accident for instance.   He moved back to the pavement which was the same side of the road I was running and I could see as I got closer he was intending to speak to me.   Big bloke, I'm not surprised the cars didn't stop.   So when I got close enough I stopped, switched off my Garmin and he asked me the way to Asda.   I pointed him in the right direction and he thanked me politely and I continued with my run.  :)
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Rob, I could definitely do with some glasses, but it's the dentist I'm off to.  :D Tomorrow is a short emergency appointment - I need to make a proper appointment when I'm there. Not sure if she'll stick my crown back on then or later (though that is not the thing I'm concerned about).

    Gym yesterday - did 20 mins on the elliptical and then some back stuff - and felt mostly OK. Today, though, was a bit of a disaster. Hamstring wasn't the problem (I could feel it but it wasn't bad). Drunk neighbours woke me up last night by slamming doors and making a lot of noise and I couldn't get back to sleep for a couple of hours so I didn't feel awesome this morning as a result but after coffee and a warm-up I went out. As I'd done 6 miles last time I out, I decided to go back to the Earlsfield-Collier's Wood section of the Wandle Trail as that would give me a similar distance but with more interesting scenery (not that Tooting Common is boring, just that I walk and run there all the time and need a change). I am not sure if it was the disturbed sleep or the fact I was overdressed for what turned out to be a rather warm and humid morning (T-shirt and leggings - should have worn a vest and shorts) but I started to struggle once I got onto the second bit of the Wandle trail. It was like all my warning lights came on. I hit 4 miles and decided to stop, even though it meant a 2 mile walk back home. Good job I did as watch was showing HR of 180, which is much too high for the pace I was going. I don't know if I was dehydrated or over tired or still a bit ill or something but it's a tad worrying. Shame as I had been looking forward to getting back to my old routes, but I guess there is still time for that.
    Cal - I wish you'd stop scaring yourself with the watch HR stats.  ;)  I'm sure the last time this happened it was also a warmer day as I remember commenting that I thought if the skin was sweating it would affect the readings.   I suggest you either get a chest strap or just switch it off.   Flawed data like that is definitely harmful to your training mentally and physically.

    Gym again today, all lower body as I'm aching a bit from the upper body session I did yesterday.
  • RcoutureRcouture ✭✭✭
    Last 20 mile run pre taper for me. A big workout as well as did 7-8 miles at roughly marathon pace for an overall 8:32min/mi at 154bpm. No niggles but body feels like it’s definitely ready for a taper after that especially with the midday heat reaching 19 degrees and a nasty headwind during the work phase of the run. My overall mileage hasn’t peaked exactly how I wanted to, think I’m at about 55 miles for the week which is lower than a couple of 62 mile weeks last month, but I have managed 6 20 milers since beginning of feb and half of those with some MP thrown in. 
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Shades, the readings might not be accurate but I definitely felt like I had to stop or my body would make that choice for me. I'll have another go on Tuesday after (hopefully) getting some good sleep.

    Rcouture - good luck, which one are you doing again?
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    6x20 milers is great going, RCouture. As a matter of interest what are you hoping is MP?

    Cal, sounds an eventful morning. 

    Shades, good news the ankle was manageable this morning. Strange story regarding that chap looking for Asda!

    I didn't get out for a run this morning as I decided to do a long ride instead on Zwift.  4hrs, nearly, and although I enjoyed it, it was quite a hard ride!
  • RcoutureRcouture ✭✭✭
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    Big-G: 7:30-7:55min/mi is what I will go out at and take it from there. I have no real frame of reference as this is the first one and I obviously haven’t had any tune-ups so I’ve cobbled together that goal based on a half time trial in December+HR stats. I honestly have no idea though so if anyone has any ideas I’m all ears. 4 hours of zwift seems quite the session. 

    Cal - Kempton park on the 29th of May 
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Rcouture-I think you're in the right ball park there,I'd suggest starting at the slower end and speed up from about 16 if you still feel srong,but just a gradual increase.
    Shades-Even weirder about that fella is I guess asda wouldn't be open until 10 with it being a Sunday.
    Big G-Impressive hours on the bike.
    Rcouture - you really have trained well.   It's very possible that it could be a warm day for your marathon, but fortunately you won't be limited with drink stations (as other races are now) due to the nature of the course.

    I'm not with Ian that you should try to speed up at 16 miles, I think you should go out at 7:35 - 7:40 pace and hold it as long as you feel comfortable.   I think trying to speed up at 16 you could crash and burn at 20/22 miles and you'd have a miserable experience for the last few miles.   If you get to 22 feeling there's more in the tank then go faster if you wish.

    Enjoy the taper.   ;)

    Cal - hope you've had a good night's sleep and you're feeling better.   I take it you've done a lateral flow test to check it's not Covid.   I meant by looking at flawed stats has a negative effect mentally and physically.

    Big G - I watched the Giro highlights and the guy that stopped me yesterday to ask the way to Asda looked like Wiggins, except a little older and bigger.  ;)

    Ian - I guess he wasn't going shopping as big Tesco's just round the corner from where he stopped me and Tesco Express a short walk away.  I guess he was meeting someone there, I didn't mention the opening hours.

    6 miles today, was only supposed to do 5 but felt OK so carried on.   Ankle, only one little twinge and nothing on stretching post run.

    Will be interesting to hear confirmation/news of the next stage of coming out of lockdown happening next week.   Our classes have already appeared on the leisure centre app although we can't book until 5 days before class.
    Let's hope EA/RunBritain get their act together this time in amending the rules for racing.   I do hope they restore drink stations to the pre pandemic rules of every 3 miles in a road race, especially with the warmer weather coming.
    Ian - do you subscribe to Ultrarunning World, it's free and very good?

    Subscribe - Ultrarunning World

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Shades, turns out I do have an infected gum/tooth, as well as a sore throat (which may be a result of the tooth). No wonder I've been feeling off. Dentist gave me antibiotics and said she hoped she wouldn't have to take the tooth out.  :open_mouth: I have to make an appointment to go back to check up on it as well as get the loose crown re-cemented.
    Cal - well it's not good news about the infection but at least you know why you felt so rough and struggled to run as normal.
    Not all illness/infections are reflected in higher RHR.

    Hope you're feeling better soon.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    No, but I also know that you can wind up with pericarditis from a tooth infection as there's a pretty good blood supply between the jaw and the heart. I think some of the other symptoms I've been experiencing (slight dry cough, sore throat, low energy) may have come from it and it's been going on longer than I thought. I'd just written it off as a bit of an irritated gum due to food getting stuck in the gap. Good job I've had it checked out.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    It's difficult with no races to gauge from, RCouture, plus for you I guess you've improved a lot since December's time trial so can't really use that as a basis in the pace calculators.  The only thing I would say is that it's quite a big range (i.e., we're talking a 25min difference in marathon finish time).  As a matter of interest, what do you think a realistic half marathon time would be in an actual race?  Maybe stick that time in one of the pace calculators and see what it gives you for the marathon time to see if you can narrow the 25min range a bit?

    Sorry to hear that, Cal.  Fingers crossed the antibiotics sort it.

    As for me, I went on the bike for an hour around lunchtime and did an easy effort, except for 5xall out sprints (about 15-secs each).    Dad was discharged today so after making sure he was fine at home, I went for a 6-mile run from his place.  A nice run but quite windy, especially up and down the breakwater.  He's happy to be home and everything is in place for what he needs in terms of walking aids at home, railings, etc etc, and the care, podiatrists, physics, nurses are all in place.  However, I the hospital did talk to me about their 'do not resuscitate" plans, which was a bit of a shock.  I can apparently go to his GP and get that changed if I think it's not the right decision, but they did give valid reasons which are quite hard to argue with really :(  
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