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  • Always good to dodge the showers! 
    Ian - your OH puts some of us to shame with her dedicated marathon training.   

    Congrats on the consecutive day's running, are you pain free now or just a mild twinge now and then?

    Hope the PCR test results are prompt.

    Robert - you work in insurance don't you?  So know your way around policies and all the pitfalls.   Re travel insurance I think most do cover marathon running now but there are still some that don't so I have to check as that's the reason I travel.   
    I only want a basic policy to cover medical costs should I need them, I know enough that it's the medical declarations that are the key factor, those that don't update on even basic medications or treatment received at home are invalidating the medical cover on their travel insurance.   Worse case scenario and there's a big bill to pay the underwriters will check and refuse to pay.

    I'm also covered for camel and elephant riding, but with a higher excess  ;)

    The half in a couple of weeks will give you a good starting point for your 50 miler training, I suspect you're fitter than you think.  :)

    Hope the restructuring at work doesn't affect you, I'm sure you'd have no trouble getting another job.

    8 flat miles this morning, a bit fresher, humidity down to the 80's.   Felt brave and ran past that evil seagull at B & Q, it squawked at me but didn't come after me, on the way home there was too much traffic for it to pick on me.

    Gym later
  • Shades - Insurance Law has changed over the years act in 2013 about disclosure of information which favours the insured.  In the past insurers could null and void policies for pretty much anything.  If the consumer is careless in their representation e.g has an asthma pump for mild cases, the insurer can still pay a claim but can charge the premium difference had they known about the issue.  If it was reckless or deliberate suffers from asthma attacks often and is a growing concern and have deliberately not informed the insurer they can cancel the policy null and void from the start.

    Good luck with the camel and elephant riding!!!

    Sure I am fitter than I give myself credit for, just not as fit as I was or like.  There is part of me that's thinking I should knock the 50 miler on the head and focus on Dorney Lake two weeks later.  My heart says give the 50 miler a whirl.

    I have entered a memorial run for ex Ware Jogger Andy Born to Run Memorial for Andy Sun 17th Oct ( should be a number of WJ running although it clashes with Chelmsford.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Robert, sorry to hear about your troubles at work :( 

    Ian, well done on your consecutive days of running.  That is a step in the right direction!

    Shades, the gulls seem to be quietening down a bit near me too, thankfully....

    No running yesterday, although I did about 80mins on Zwift. Haven’t been on for a while as it’s been a bit too hot in the pain cave recently. 

    Today was another day out on Dartmoor for a run. More of a country road/bike trail route than an off-roader, which I do prefer.  About 13 miles, again really steady, and I tried out a new camelbak bag that I bought, which worked well.  Had a lovely run out again, taking in Burrator reservoir and a few hills along the way, and really enjoyed it again today. 
    Robert - that's good and fair that the insured can now dispute rejected claims for minor infringements.   But I know folk that have not declared medication and treatment for high cholesterol and high blood pressure and then had a stroke or heart attack when on holiday and expected insurance to cover all costs.

    You did well at Dorney but I feel you really like those 50 milers more than a multi lap marathon.

    I saw that memorial run being shared on FB, he was obviously very popular and well thought of.

    Big G - yes, seems the chicks have flown the nest and we can relax a bit until next year.

    You've recovered very well from the weekend.   How's the hamstring?

    Gym was quiet but starting to feel like getting back to normal.   Today was the first time I've seen prospective members being shown around since pre pandemic.

    I trashed my legs today, hope I don't get any reaction with the calf.
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    Shades, I can’t remember what thread it was on, but there was an Aussie physio on the forums a while ago, with a YouTube channel. On one of his videos he recommended some particular back stretches/massage and they appear to be helping. The issue is still there and I’ve not called a physio yet, but if it flares up again I’ll call one. 
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Rob, hope you keep your job but won't hurt to start looking. Personally I would rather do a nice trail race than go to Dorney again.
    Ian, sorry to hear that, hope it's negative. 

    Haven't been feeling marvellous since my run yesterday - I might've overdone it a bit what with that, the tough 14 on Sunday and the hot race on Wednesday. I think I'm also a little bit stressed after the blood bank regarding the ECG - while I tell myself I'm likely fine, there's also that little voice saying what if there is something wrong? Ugh. Anyway, I did a very slow (12 min+) 5 mile recovery this morning - such lovely weather. Had a couple of hours rest then back to the gym for rehab and abs. I'm OK, but a bit tired. Still not sleeping brilliantly even though it's cooler.

    Anyway, I've withdrawn my Chicago entry (I get a guaranteed entry for 2022 but will have to pay again). The idea of having to go to America is a bit too stressful at the moment and I'd rather things were more settled as far as the Covid situation goes. So looks like Manchester again. I have also confirmed Valencia...third time lucky?
    I will also bump my Tokyo entry to 2023 - they are asking people to do so if they can as they want to limit numbers for next year. The window for that is in August.
    Big G - yes, I remember that physio, he started a thread.   Seemed like a nice guy.
    I believe a lot of hamstring discomfort comes from the back.

    We've been doing lots of back stretching in Pilates, we're not allowed to use the foam roller in the small of our back but we do stretch over the foam roller, quite a powerful stretch.

    Cal - I'm sure the refusal of your blood is just routine precaution whilst awaiting ECG results.  Do you know when you'll get the results? 

    I've had a crap week's sleep too, Sunday was my own fault as I had a really good book, kept waking and reading a bit more.  Then it's been a bit humid and 2 nights we've had a diesel generator going in the street as one house had lost their electricity supply.  Last night I went to sleep and an hour later there was a lot of noise, I looked out the window and they were unloading a digger, they then dug a big hole in the pavement, I fell asleep then, generator had gone this morning.   But the hole is still there.  So they'll be back.... 🤬

    That makes sense re your deferred marathon entries and going to Manchester to visit your friend will be nice.  It must be a long time since you've seen him.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, the massage that seems to be helping a bit is up under my rib cage, on my back. Hopefully it’ll continue to ease over the coming days 
  • RcoutureRcouture ✭✭✭
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    Cal - For the little it’s worth, when I had an ECG I was told that if there’s something in any way serious they would get back to me within 3 working days. How did you get a Chicago place, via ballot? It’s my top choice of race for next autumn as my sister lives there. 

    Rob - Good luck with the work situation. 

    Big G- A camper van and Dartmoor on your doorstep is an ideal combination really

    Club tempo session this eve. A bit annoying as was run much faster than it should have. I know that’s common with these things but this was way over. It seemed largely due to a very fast lady who’d come down from the faster pace group because she thought they were going too fast last week! She dragged all of us with her. Not ideal as you then don’t get the benefit of an actual tempo. Anyway my HR wasn’t too bad and it’s still fun to run with others. 10 miles including warmup and cooldown home. 

    Still debating whether to find a place for a marathon by year end. I’m still down for Brighton in September but I think that’s way too soon and I’ve no interest at this stage in just getting around a race. Family situation improving as my wife is essentially recovered and we are hopeful we can set her illness aside for a long time, but I still think I’d benefit from a longer lead-up and just getting fitter and faster really. 
    Big G - it's really useful having a selection of exercises to rehab specific problems.  I've been doing one that I found in a copy of RW for ankle ligaments and it's been really effective.

    Rcouture - that can be a negative of club training when someone drops down from the faster group.

    That really is the best news of all that your wife has made a good recovery.  

    Re autumn marathon, there isn't a lot to choose from in the way of big city marathons.   Brighton would be fine time wise, you'd be able to get 4 x 20ish milers done, but maybe you have plans for a longer training time pre race.   There is Chester on 3rd October, that's a very good race, or Dorney Lake on the same day, but it's laps again.    Or Chelmsford on 17th October, haven't done that one, it's on my wish list, Big G has run it.   
    Chicago have good for age times, might be worth checking as I think they are softer than London GFA times, I'm assuming that overseas runners are eligible to enter via GFA for Chicago. 

    Well I wasn't exaggerating yesterday when I said I'd trashed my legs in the gym, I did a 6 mile easy run today and it was harder than a recovery run the day after a marathon, muscles sore and glycogen depleted.   Few spasms in my calf again, but not as bad as it has been.    I will back off doing another leg session like that until after IOM.   I will take a rest day tomorrow, I have run every day since last weekend's marathon.
    I've just had an email from Chester, price goes up on 1st August 

    Active Leisure Events - Marathon
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    RCouture, we are lucky here.  The sea on one side and the moors on the other.  Strange thing is I have never gone out for a solo run on Dartmoor before, but this week I've gone twice, and it is great as it so quiet out there away from the main tourist spots.  It is not just the van though, but the watch is really helpful as I am loading up the routes on my watch before I go.  I got yesterday's off the Nation Park's website, where they have cycling routes and then I found a GPX file and put it on my watch and followed that.  Around this time of year I do like to get out on the coast path for long runs, but just decided to go to the moors this week instead.  I do have some ideas of using the van to get more of the coast path done though, but that will all come in time!

    Regarding your training with the club, that does happen.  I would definitely recommend not doing long runs with your club, unless you are not too bothered about pace - they're great for the social side and maybe discovering new routes etc, but you'll no doubt end up running too quickly for a long run.  There are so many runs I see on Strava where groups go out and they all call it 'Easy group run', but for some in the group it is MP or sometimes quicker.

    Cal, I know where you're coming from with regards to not wanting to book flights etc.  I am thinking of a marathon mid-August in the UK, and I'm even holding off from booking that for a few more days in case I get pinged.  I saw a lady over on Fetch who got pinged and she was totally flummoxed by how/why.  It turns out she lives in an old house that is split up into flats, and the upstairs neighbour has the virus and so the Fetch lady thinks she got pinged due to that.

    Shades, yes, it is useful having these exercises.  I was just quite surprised that one so high up my back would impact the hammie area, but it does seem to be helping a bit.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Rcouture-That is part of the reason I don't go to many club sessions,they all run way too fast for me,even though in races I'm comparable to a lot.
    If you decide on Chester you can have mine cheap,drop me a message if you do.
    Cal-Think it might be  a bit before we are allowed in to the US so good idea to change your plans,OH is doing Manchester and I'll be supporting around so might see you.
    Big G-We are the same,looking at a holiday in 4 weeks but not booked anything yet,just too much uncertainty. 
  • RcoutureRcouture ✭✭✭
    Thanks Shades. Yes I would want longer than Brighton. I also think after how unique kempton park was, I’d want a mid to big city marathon next for the experience so that might make the decision for me to just wait until spring. I will look into Chester/Chelmsford but I guess they are smaller events? There’s still some charity availability for London/Manchester but not sure I want to go through that process. Anyway will have a think. 

     GFA seems to be 3:20 for Chicago which would be a 6min PR at next race so not totally crazy with some work. Although I think that would have to be a time produced by November and don’t think I can get my time down that much by then. It’s also unclear if it applies to overseas runners. It just states that it has to be a USATF certified course. There are also guaranteed entries via foreign tours though I assume they absolutely gouge you on pricing?
    Rcouture - there aren't many big city marathons in the UK, Chester is one of the biggest, about 3,000 runners and I would say one of the fastest courses.   I think you could do sub 3:20 there, weather should be cooler and fresher than when you did your marathon, maybe take up Ian's offer of his place.  :)

    We had a Shadies meet up at Chester marathon a few years ago, all of us either did PB's or SB's, one was a 15-20 minute PB to do his first sub 3.   It's a very well organised event.   

    Chelmsford is a much smaller event.

    A GFA time for Chicago would be a good goal for you.

    Yes, the tours are very expensive but guaranteed entry.
    I just found this RW article about UK runners applying for Chicago, GFA listed so we must be eligible.

    £168 entry fee, wow 😲  However, with the costs to get there I suppose that is just another cost.

    How to enter the 2021 Chicago Marathon (
  • RcoutureRcouture ✭✭✭
    Big G - Yes I wouldn’t do social or long runs as I run to MAF/HR but I assumed that speed/tempo sessions would be ok. Will just have run at my own pace next time if folks are messing about. A few others were annoyed about it and it was fine last time so hopefully a one-off. I haven’t yet uploaded a GPX file and as it happens I was considering finding a trail this weekend as the girls are at the in-laws. Is the upload straightforward? Via connect on a desktop I imagine?

    Ian - Thanks re Chester. That makes it more appealing!
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Rcouture-I got my NYC place through GFA,all US races accept UK times as qualifiers,think there is only London who doesn't accept foreign GFA.
    Shades-NYC was a lot more than that.
    Forgot to mention I while back,last year I did virtual Boston for £40 I think,got medal(sold for £102) tshirt and bits,this year they have put it to £125 for exactly the same.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
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    Ian, you did very well off of that virtual Boston deal then.  Fantastic!  I still wonder why someone would buy a medal like that though.  I can understand it if someone has lost a medal of a race they did and they want a replacement for a collection etc, but one for a virtual event seems a bit odd - great for you though!  I know some people put an eBay ad to finish slightly after the London Marathon has completed for a medal, timing chips etc, and they go for quite a lot of money to.

    RCouture, I actually use Strava to build my own routes or upload GPX files, and then they turn up on my watch in the 'Courses' section after I have synced it via the Garmin Connect app.  Reason I do it this way is that I was having to check different sites for different things, and in the end opted for Strava to be the app/site where I store everything (running activities, Zwift, cycling, routes).  To allow this you do need to make sure a setting is selected on your Garmin profile and also make sure the Strava route is 'starred', but it works well for me.

    I think there is a way to create courses directly on the watch, but it looked fiddly so I haven't tried that.  Or yes, you can use the Garmin site as well.

    Definitely sub-3:20 is a good goal for you and ideal if you have family there.

    Edited to add I did about 90-mins on Zwift this morning and ticked off my penultimate route.  I just have the longest route to complete now....which is 107 miles!   Not sure when I will do that one - I may have to do some in the morning , take a break and finish it off in the afternoon, or see if I can join a group ride.
  • RcoutureRcouture ✭✭✭
    Big G - Yes I normally use starred Strava routes for ones I have created myself but didn’t know you could upload GPX files to Strava. That’s easy then. Thanks. 
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    RCouture, in the Strava Route Builder click the button I've circled and you can upload a file.   

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    I called the docs...the receptionist told me I was discharged and the note said no action to be taken. Guess I'm OK then!  :D

    Rcouture - actually got in as a Good for Age - the standard for women over 50 is quite a bit lower than London and Boston so I easily made the qualifying time. Tokyo I got in through the ballot - first time I've ever got into any race on ballot but didn't turn out so well. Oh well, 2023 then!

    Gym day for me today - elliptical, handcycle thingy and weights.
  • RcoutureRcouture ✭✭✭
    Big G - Awesome thanks

    Cal - Glad to hear all good on the ticker

    Men’s Olympic 10k final in an hour. 
    Ian - it just seems a lot of money compared to our race entry fees.   I know the US races hiked their fees up a few years ago and I guess they push the price as far as they can.    It was a long time ago that I did NY and we booked an all inclusive tour which was really good as it was pre internet so didn't have to arrange anything at all, we even had our own coach to the start and from the finish.

    You did well selling your Boston stuff, that is a scandalous fee for a virtual event now, another bandwagon that they can all make some more money from, including London marathon.

    Finally finished my IOM admin, it's taken hours, far longer than running the marathon.   I've applied for permission to travel there, should get that back in 3 days, one more form to do but can't do that until a couple of days before travel.   I won't forget to do the final form, there can be a 3 month prison sentence or up to a £40k fine for not doing that form.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Shades-Sounds like hard work,just presumed as it was open you could just go.
    Rcouture-If you ever look at NYC they have a half qualifying time that's a lot easier than the full for most people.
    I was happy to sell my Boston medal as I didn't do the race so wouldn't have hung it anyway,love the tshirt and hat though.
    Well I spoke to soon about dodging the rain on Wednesday,I got drenched today,usual 7 after work.From the old house it used to be 8.8 so I need to find an extension to it somehow and that adds on a bit each week.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    I went and did a Trotters only event this evening that we call Sandygate Loop. It’s just under 4 miles, and the first mile is a gentle uphill, the second contains a steep climb, and the the second half is gentle back down hill to the start/finish. Anyway, I managed a 2min15 second PB, finishing in 26:44 so I was very pleased with that. 1 mile warm up and 0.5 mile cool down as well, so hopefully I’ll be okay for tomorrow’s parkrun. 
  • RcoutureRcouture ✭✭✭
    Big G - Nice PB. Forgot to mention re the Fenix, although you might find it odd and overly paranoid, there is a livetrack function where it automatically sends an email to anyone with a link to track you. It’s not intrusive as it’s via email and it’s free. I just recall you mentioning something of the sort when you fell on one of your runs and might be of use in your Dartmoor adventures. I have it turned on to my OH though I appreciate this is maybe a bit weird given I mainly run around London 😬.

    6 miles this eve. Good HR in cooler temps. 
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Rcouture...I've stacked it plenty of times running around London. That and there's more chance of being run over (after all, that young runner was killed on Battersea Bridge last year). So it's not weird at all.
    Very well done Big G!
    Ian - the application to travel to the IOM only took 2 minutes to complete, up to 3 days for reply, but I had my reply in about an hour giving me permission to travel and the reference numbers I need to complete the other form which you do anytime up to 48 hours before travel.    I think that is to state where you will be staying, for Track and Trace purposes I assume.
    It was all the other stuff that took hours, usually I wouldn't be doing them all at the last minute plus due to Covid all a bit trickier.

    If you fancy running IOM, entries are still open until 4th August, you could pop over on the ferry, stay in Douglas and get the race bus on race day.

    The Race | Isle of Man Marathon

    I don't think there will be many in the marathon, 50 maybe, as overseas entries were deferred last year and I'm sure not all the overseas runners will take up their places this year.   Last year as the island was closed to visitors they reduced the time limit from 6 hours to 5 hours and they've kept that this year, understandable with so few runners but can request an early start.   I looked at my race stats and I've done this marathon 19 times, 10 times sub 5 and 9 times over 5 hours.   Having only done 2 marathons this year, one sub 5 and one over 5 hours I thought I'd better err on the side of caution and request an early start.   I asked for 30 mins extra and the race secretary has emailed me back saying another runner has also requested an extra 30 minutes but doesn't know the course so they're allowing us to start with the main field and have given us 30 mins extra to finish.   I'm hoping I won't need it, probably depends on my calf as there's a fairly long stretch of downhill in the last mile of each of the two laps. 

    Big G - wow, that's a massive PB over a 4 mile course, you must be very happy with that and only a few days after your double marathon.

    Rcouture - cooler and fresher here too, much better for running and sleeping.

    Rest day for me today, legs still aching slightly from Thursday's gym session.
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