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    Ian - the application to travel to the IOM only took 2 minutes to complete, up to 3 days for reply, but I had my reply in about an hour giving me permission to travel and the reference numbers I need to complete the other form which you do anytime up to 48 hours before travel.    I think that is to state where you will be staying, for Track and Trace purposes I assume.
    It was all the other stuff that took hours, usually I wouldn't be doing them all at the last minute plus due to Covid all a bit trickier.

    If you fancy running IOM, entries are still open until 4th August, you could pop over on the ferry, stay in Douglas and get the race bus on race day.

    The Race | Isle of Man Marathon

    I don't think there will be many in the marathon, 50 maybe, as overseas entries were deferred last year and I'm sure not all the overseas runners will take up their places this year.   Last year as the island was closed to visitors they reduced the time limit from 6 hours to 5 hours and they've kept that this year, understandable with so few runners but can request an early start.   I looked at my race stats and I've done this marathon 19 times, 10 times sub 5 and 9 times over 5 hours.   Having only done 2 marathons this year, one sub 5 and one over 5 hours I thought I'd better err on the side of caution and request an early start.   I asked for 30 mins extra and the race secretary has emailed me back saying another runner has also requested an extra 30 minutes but doesn't know the course so they're allowing us to start with the main field and have given us 30 mins extra to finish.   I'm hoping I won't need it, probably depends on my calf as there's a fairly long stretch of downhill in the last mile of each of the two laps. 

    Big G - wow, that's a massive PB over a 4 mile course, you must be very happy with that and only a few days after your double marathon.

    Rcouture - cooler and fresher here too, much better for running and sleeping.

    Rest day for me today, legs still aching slightly from Thursday's gym session.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Thanks RCouture, my old Garmin had that feature too.  I did use it once on a trail marathon, so my OH and friends knew where I was, so they could come out of the cafe to see me over the finish line :)  

    Shades, thanks, yes I was really pleased.  It is only my second time doing it though, last time in June 2019.  But regardless, very pleased.  From a Club Champs point of view I was surprised that there were only 8 runners that turned up; there were more spectators and marshals than runners, and looking at the times all bar two were basically running on their own.  I haven't seen many of them in person for quite some time and I had *a lot* of 'racing snake' and 'you've lost a lot of weight'-type of comments too.  I suppose I have lost a lot of weight since many of them have last seen me!
    Big G - the Sandygate event is at a different time of year, I suppose lots of folk on holiday now.

    You do look significantly slimmer and fitter than you were pre pandemic and a lot of folk including runners have put on the dreaded Covid stone.   I've noticed down the gym, the regulars coming back, some have put on a lot of weight.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, yeah, maybe it is down to holidays.  We are also holding it in August and September, so if I am around and it fits with other events I am doing, I will see if I can beat my time.  It is quite a tricky course/distance, as obviously 4 miles is short enough to 'have a go', but if you push too hard in the first two miles and get it wrong, you can end up walking up that hill!  Yes, there was one chap there yesterday who is usually around 26mins on the course but he was over 36mins yesterday, and he freely admitted he has been struggling over lockdown with motivation/weight/kids/everything  :(   

    I did just under 10 miles this morning, including parkrun.  I just took it easy around parkrun and had a nice run out, and it was good to be back.  It felt like normal in many ways; I guess people were a bit more spread out at the start and there was hand sanitiser at the finish, but apart from that it felt normal (which was nice!) 
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    I took myself off to Lullingstone parkrun in Kent (not far outside London). It's a country park that is bordered by a lavender farm and I was keen to get to it before the lavender was harvested. Seems I just made it as it's being picked next week. 
    The parkrun itself is quite notorious for being hilly and it's all trail (grass and dirt path...some grass is quite long and some of the dirt is rooty) so it wasn't going to be a fast one.
    I walked a mile there from the nearest station (which made me a little nervous as there's no pavement) then dumped my bag and went for a warm up. I managed to get lost during this so had to stop and ask some golfers to point me back to the visitor centre, and I only just made while the RD was wrapping up his speech. Not the best start!
    The park is beautiful - lots of wildflowers and lovely carved wood sculptures - and I could smell the lavender. That made up for the fact it was a bit of a slog - I got through the first lap but faded on the second. It was warmer and muggier than I expected and I regretted wearing my parkrun t-shirt instead of a vest. I was a bit disappointed to be over half an hour (30:30) - I'd expected to do around 29. But never mind...another parkrun ticked off and it was beautiful.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Big G-Speedy effort there,nice to get comments like that,you don't always see it yourself.
    Shades-Weren't you saying a couple of days ago that I shouldn't have any races soon? 😉
  • RcoutureRcouture ✭✭✭
    Cal - Sounds like a fun day out

    6 miles this evening followed by hill sprints. Got absolutely drenched. That’s >50 miles in the last week without even thinking or feeling it. Funny how the body just adapts to different baselines. Will need to cut back next week due to work being crazy in any case. 
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Cal, well done on what sounds like a tough effort.  It has been a long time since I put my parkrun t-shirt on, picked up my barcode, did an event and then later receive a parkrun result text and email.  It did feel like a bit of normality.

    Had a bit of 'fun' with Tigg this evening.  There's a pond that he goes in to cool down after a run, and there's a small island in the middle.  Well, today he got it into his head to climb on top of the island from the water.  He was stood there wagging his tail at us and was having great fun....until he then realised he couldn't get off as he was scared of the water because he couldn't see the bottom of the pond.  Subsequently he started barking his head off, whilst making vague attempts to get off, and drawing quite a lot of attention from passers by.  Three guesses who had to wade in to go and get him?!  Luckily the water only came up past my knees!   
    Big G - fair play to your fellow Trotter that turned up for the Sandygate event clocking a much slower time than pre pandemic.   Many runners would stay at home, their ego not allowing them to admit that they were a lot slower right now.

    Is Torbay parkrun back to it's usual numbers?

    Are you sure Tigg wasn't just wanting you to paddle out to him?   ;)   Clever dog. 

    Cal - that sounds like a lovely trip to your parkrun, the lavender farm must have been beautiful, and fragrant too.

    Ian5 said:
    Shades-Weren't you saying a couple of days ago that I shouldn't have any races soon? 😉

    Ian - yes, but since when has that stopped you racing  ;)   However, I know you want to do some serious preparation for London.

    Have you all had your PCR test results back?

    Rcouture - a 50mpw is now a comfortable base figure for you.  :)   Is it next weekend your 5km race?

    6 easy miles for me this morning.   I'm not doing a deliberate taper for IOM but I accidentally ran 63 miles in the last 7 days and I want my calf niggle to clear up so am taking it easy this week.    

    I'm still doing my twice weekly LFT tests and yesterday was the first time I was nervous about the result as I don't want anything to stop my trip to the IOM, which will probably be my only trip away this year.  Ireland has opened up travel now but the events I want to do, such as Longford are cancelled this year.

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, yes, it was good to see him there.  He has got 3 young kids and is a teacher, so I suppose it has been a bit hectic for him.  He was saying that even the booking system for training wasn't helping him as by the time he had got himself sorted and knew what he was doing, the sessions were booked.  Now he can just turn up and he's been 3 times in the last couple of weeks and has done the two parkruns since they've reopened (I remember him saying years ago that when Parke parkrun opened it changed his life, as he lives a mile from there and he used that challenging course as speed work).  His weight wasn't mentioned but it looked like he could probably do with losing a couple of stone :(  He'll get there, I'm sure.  I have good memories of running with him actually as we did our first DD, and ran the first few miles together.  He always runs with a smile this face, and did so on Friday too.

    Yes, Torbay parkrun had nearly 400.  I did check actually and they've had 177 events and yesterday was the 3rd highest attendance.  Probably there is a small risk but it felt safe to me and personally I've no issue with going again.  Generally no masks, although I did see one lady running with her face covered.

    I slept well and had planned to do a Zwift session this morning, but just not quite feeling it so I'm taking a rest day.  OH is off today so we're going out in the van somewhere, will do a walk etc. 
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Rcouture-That is a great number to be working from,that's right at the top end of anything I've ever managed.
    Shades-You're right,and I had a quick look at flights but I have no flexibility in work for a few weeks.I was debating going to Preston next week,doing a 6 mile warm up then the 10 at marathon heart rate and see how it sits,but probably pointless at the minute.
    OH has pulled her back so gutted she can't do her 18 today,so we have bought her some new shoes,she's had her current pairs a long time,but she's so light she gets away with good miles.
    Big G - I'm sure it won't take long for that Trotter to get back his fitness.

    I saw Haldon parkrun was cancelled as not enough volunteers.

    Ian - yes, you would need the weekend off work to go to IOM.   Never mind I'm sure you'll do it one year.

    Re Preston run, is that to include the 10 mile race?   I don't think at this stage running it at MP HR would be of any use, it could be a warm day and that would flaw your stats, certainly for an October marathon. 

    Hope OH recovers from her back injury quickly.    Quite right to buy more shoes, she's going to need them with the mileage she's doing.   :)
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Oh that's funny about Tigg, Big G...I hope you didn't ruin any clothes!
    Sorry about your OH, Ian...hope it heals up quickly.
    Shades...accidentally...  :D Well yes, sounds like an easy week is in order.

    My plan for today was 16 miles (mostly flat since I ran hills yesterday, so I decided on a Thames/Wandle combo) but it didn't get off to the best start as I slept longer than intended and had to rush to get out by 6am, so skipped my warm-up which is never a great idea.
    I felt very tired and ploddy and figured I'd shake it off during the run, but I never seemed to make it out of first gear and most of my miles were over 11 minutes. I persisted, telling myself that if I could do 16 while feeling like this, it'd be good practise for my marathon. 
    Most of the route was tried and tested, but I'd decided to check out a park I hadn't been to before just after Morden Hall Park. Unfortunately, I got a bit lost trying to find it and ended up on an industrial estate. I saw trees and figured it was the park but it was actually the back of one of the Wandle sections I usually run through, so stopped to read a map there and get my bearings. I found my way back to Mitcham but it meant an extra mile so in the end I did 17 (though that included a minute or two trying to figure out where the hell I was).
    On the one hand I'm happy I got 17 in the bank, but on the other, I am not exactly filled with confidence. The last two times I've done October marathons I've been banging out 20s by August, and at a faster pace than I could manage today. I am way behind where I should be and it's not like I can catch up in September as I have a full race schedule (two half marathons and two 10Ks). I could definitely use some advice on how to proceed.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Shades-PCR's all came back negative so looks like we escaped it.
    Cal-Have you mapped out your next couple of months? If you're on 17 now you could go to 20 next week,then 2 weeks after,September depends what your priorities are,if it's the HM's then you will struggle to fit more in,if it's Manchester then run 20 the week before your HM's or bin one off and race the other.
    Looking a lot better than I am,I'm up to 11 now,hoping for a longer one today.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Next weekend I have a 10K (a prep race for the Big Half). 15th is free...22nd Big Half. 29th free. 5th September is the Summer 10K (twice postponed Winter 10K), 12th Richmond half, 19th free (but 10K the day before), 26th Harry Hawkes half. Then the 3rd free and the 10th Manchester Marathon.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Cal-What about doing long runs midweek,it might mean you're a bit more tired for them but opens up more opportunities for them,may make them easier without a parkrun the day before.
    Ian - phew that's good news about the PCR tests.

    Cal - I think you'll be fine with the time you've got left to train for your marathon.  If you do 20 milers on the free weekends all at long run pace, then use your races for speed endurance work.  The weeks the races are shorter than half marathon distance you can do a decent midweek long run.

    I don't think you'll have a problem, just look at how quickly you've progressed training wise in the last few weeks.

    Have you had your ECG results yet?
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Thanks Shades...yes, thought I'd mentioned it a few days ago. Doctor's receptionist said the note on my file was no further action to be taken and I've been discharged. So apparently I'm fine!
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    13.5 miles today,brings up 35 for the week,happy with that over 4 runs,leg is still a bit tender but I'm rolling and massaging it each night which seems to be making it better in the mornings.
    Cal - that is good news and a relief for you.   

    Ian - maybe ease up for a day or two now, you've had a good week.

    I've just cancelled my Pilates for Tuesday, the fourth week of the foam rolling.  🤬. It's a recap of all we've done over the last three weeks, that means the painful stuff again that trashed my legs on  week one..   No wish to repeat that,😄
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Maybe you should attend Shades' pilates foam rolling class, Ian.  :D
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Shades-Yes my plan this week is to run Tue,Thu,Fri and Sun and total will be around 35 again for the next 2 weeks.
    My foam roller is going to find a home in the depths of a cupboard and hopefully won't be using it again for a very long time.   :)

    6 miles this morning, a cool 11 degrees, humidity is high but don't notice it when it's that cool.   Had a lovely run.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Had a great day out yesterday in the van.   OH, Tigg and I went up to the moors, firstly for a walk around another reservoir.  Then we went back to the van and had a 'van made' cream tea, before going over to Clearbrook (where the Plym Trail marathons are held) and doing a part tarmac/part trail loop around there.  OH is off Weds/Thurs so if the weather is okay we may go away in the van for a night.

    No running today, but I decided to 'grin and bear it' and tick off my final (and toughest!) route on Zwift.  It is 108 miles, and 11 laps of a London-based loop, taking in Box Hill each time.  I tried to pace my effort but I slowed quite a lot in the last 3 or 4 laps.  It was over 6hrs30mins on the bike, plus 15mins for lunch.  It was really tough, and I will never be doing it again!
    Big G - that's a very long time on the bike, must be exhausting.

    Love the idea you're driving around Devon with cream teas stored in the van fridge. 
  • RcoutureRcouture ✭✭✭
    Big G - Can’t imagine that much time on the bike indoors. Did you have something to watch?

    Shades - Yes my 5k is on Sunday. A bit weird doing a 5k race when parkrun is back but I’ve got daddy taxi service most Saturday mornings. 

    6 miles this evening with my colleague from work who lives locally. He messaged asking if I fancied a run an hour before I was about to go out anyway so I thought why not. Nice guy though I don’t want to make a habit of it as MAF goes out the window and he took us through some weird muddy routes through the common. 
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    RCouture, I have an Echo Dot in the pain cave, so was listening to some podcasts.  The time went okay and I wasn't bored or anything, but it was just hard work.

    Shades, it was cream first, naturally... :) 
    Rcouture said:

    Shades - Yes my 5k is on Sunday. A bit weird doing a 5k race when parkrun is back but I’ve got daddy taxi service most Saturday mornings. 

    6 miles this evening with my colleague from work who lives locally. He messaged asking if I fancied a run an hour before I was about to go out anyway so I thought why not. Nice guy though I don’t want to make a habit of it as MAF goes out the window and he took us through some weird muddy routes through the common. 
    Parkruns aren't officially measured so don't count for PB's and there could always be a course adjustment on the day.   Good luck for Sunday then.

    Hope you didn't ruin your shoes on those weird muddy routes  ;)

    Big_G said:

    Shades, it was cream first, naturally... :) 
    I can't be drawn into the Devon/Cornish cream issue as with me the cream would stay in the pot.   I don't mind cream in cooking but don't like putting it on food, if I order apple pie I return it if they ruin it by putting cream on it.  🤢

    6 miles today, undulating/hilly route.   Calf grumbled a bit but only mildly.

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    7-miles today on my usual route.  Noticeably fresher today and much better conditions for running for me.  I know I should no longer be surprised at this, but on the flat mile on this route, on 18th July my HR was at 138 doing 9:20min/mile (very depressing) and 15th July it was at 142 doing 9:08min/miles.  Today, it was at 133 doing 8:48min/mile, feeling very relaxed, so it really is a big difference for me.  Also, I was back to running the slopes/hills today that a couple of weeks ago I was having to a walk.  Obviously no noticeable difference in fitness in 2-3 weeks, but the conditions do impact me.  I really do need to remember this!!
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    I love cream...mayo, on the other hand...🤮 I can't even watch people eating it, I have such a visceral feeling of disgust. I guess its resemblance to pus makes my gorge rise, but it also smells revolting.

    I always count my parkrun PBs separate from my 5K race PB. My parkrun PB is faster, but I think that's because I've done a lot more parkruns than I have 5K races.

    One advantage to waking up at stupid o'clock was I got to see that incredible 400 hurdles live while I had my coffee - what an unbelievable run! Crazy that the American also broke the old WR by some margin but still didn't manage to win.
    7 miles today - a very ploddy six recovery and then a mile with some strides in it as I need to legs to wake up in time for tomorrow's race. I managed a 40 mile week (42 in fact) last week for the first time since February but this week will be lower as I have two races.
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