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    Robert - I'm sure you'll talk Elle round about the shoes....remember the £40 bottle of gin.  ;)    Good news on the legs, a bit of tiredness would be expected after the DOMS/cramps.

    Cal - so sorry to hear you're crocked again.   Do you think trying to cope with the pain/discomfort of your gym injury has set off your hammie/hip pain again?

    Big G - it's the 2018 Boston that I have a recording of as it's such a great run by Yuki, quite inspirational to watch. 

    London/Boston often fall on the same weekend and quite a few runners will do both as the time difference works well for the travel to Boston.  A good double if a little expensive.

    5 hilly miles this morning, weather was a crazy 17 degrees and 99% humidity.    Saw a huge dog fox  checking out the recycling bins on one of the hills, he was a beautiful specimen with a magnificent coat and bushy tail.

    Gym later.

    Big G - you'll have Keith to track on Saturday too, so that's the whole weekend and Monday taken care of  :)
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    Shades, there is also another classic bike race - il Lombadia - so I am totally sorted for the weekend :)  Very glad I didn't book anything for Top Gear though as that would have been money down the drain again (same as Two Tunnels).  Speaking of cycling though, Paris-Roubaix was absolutely phenomenal on the weekend.   First ever running for the ladies, and a Brit won it on the Saturday (Lizzie Deignan, I watched that yesterday), and the mens on Sunday I watched live.  There is nothing else like it in the world of pro cycling, with so many cobbles, and then finishing on a concrete velodrome.  For the men, the weather was dreadful too and they ended up virtually unrecognisable due to the mud.  MvdP totally shook the race up, and the winner was totally overcome with emotion - it was amazing to see really.  6-min highlights here if interested - look at the state of them!  Most of them were just on basically standard road bikes, but with wider tyres and more comfortable handle bars.  The ladies winner had cut her hands up due to the terrain and holding on tightly (she hadn't fallen) and there are pics of blood soaked into her bar tape.  Incredible.
    I am legally allowed out, briefly, today - I requested an antibody test which has arrived.  I am allowed to go and post it, which I will do as OH has gone to work, and it has only just arrived in the post.  Guidelines are to do it asap, and I will just go to the NHS post box and back (about half a mile away) and I won't come across many people at all, and of course I won't go in any shops or anything.  I may get another test in 3 weeks, so it'll be interesting to see if I have the antibodies, or not.  Does anyone happen to know what format/presentation the results are in? 

    Feeling a bit better again today.  I think the RHR tells a story, with Sunday being the peak.  I am not actually sure how the Garmin figures out the average RHR in the graph below as there were times when I was sitting still where it was higher than what it is showing there, but still, you can see the trend, which is good.  RHR is usually about 52ish.  Main problem yesterday was still a fairly bad headache on occasion and sometimes feeling dizzy with heavy/empty legs when walking to the loo, so hoping that improves over the coming days.  Chest is currently clear, so hoping that remains the same.

    Big G - you wouldn't have lost out with Top Gear, you can defer with a week's notice.   I expect any deferred entry could be used at any of her forthcoming events, not specifically the one you had entered originally.

    I did think of you when I read this part of the race info.....As always there will be plenty to eat and drink at race HQ    😋

    I'm still watching the Tour of Britain highlights, mens.   Also recording the women's which is on this week.

    Just watched the clip you posted, brilliant.   Watched the women's highlights too.  You did well keeping your RHR down watching those races, so exciting.

    That's exciting being allowed out today, if only to the post box.   Aren't results by email?   So the antibody test is to see if you have antibodies from the virus, not from the vaccination?

    Who knows how a Garmin does its calculations but your HR will drop lower than RHR when you sleep so maybe that's used in calculating the daily average.   Anyway good to see the RHR coming down steadily. 
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    Shades, regarding Paris-Roubaix, when you see the best bike handlers in the world going down so easily it just shows how tough it is.  These riders know what they're doing, don't they!  The emotion of Colbrelli almost brought a tear to my eye wen I was watching it.  It really was something.  I still can't get my head around how frequently they race, either.  
    Yes, the test is to see if I have antibodies from the virus - I could only order one because I'd had a positive PCR.  It was really difficult doing the test - all the kit is supplied but you have to fill a small tube with blood, but it required quite a lot of blood!  The whole thing took 30-mins! It is in the post now though, so hopefully I've done it correctly and I get the results back, which will be by email.
    Big G - I found it quite moving watching both the men's and women's highlights.   You couldn't ask for more honest racing.  The men finishing covered in mud will seem funny looking back.

    Didn't realise you had to do your own blood letting for an antibody test. 💉

    Have you any idea how/or from whom you contracted Covid?

    Gym very quiet, only 4 of us 😮
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    Back to it today,usual 7 mile loop,feel fully recovered now so looking forward to a few good weeks before Barca.

  • 5 miles this morning into work on first run commute which was nice as super quiet along the river. Downsides are that I have to wake up at 4:30 so it’s a longer day and carrying my rucksack really doesn’t sit well with MAF so have to be slow. Aim is to use these days as double days but I’m coming back from this niggle so skipping that today. 
    Ian - how is OH?   On the carbs again?  ;)

    Rcouture - that does make it a long day for you but at the end of it you'll have clocked up 10 miles and still have your evening with the family.   Don't worry that the pace is slower on the commute runs, just think how light and fast you'll feel when running without the backpack.

    5 miles this morning, a balmy 15 degrees, back to running in a vest early mornings.   A week ago I was in winter tops and gloves.
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    Shades-She is OK,except had a tooth out last week and it's not healed properly so was back yesterday getting it looked at,she has had a few nights rough sleep so hoping she is better today.
    Ian - that's bad timing, I hope she'll be OK. 

    I was at the dentist a couple of weeks ago and declined to have a tooth out as it's not causing me any problems right now and I knew with 4 races in 4 weeks, that would have been risky as not recommended to do a marathon after tooth extraction.

    Keith - thanks for the tracker, just put it on my phone as I'll be heading for Wales when you'll be in the final stages.

    Are you looking forward to it?   What was your previous best time at this race?
  • Keith - Good luck with it

    Big G - My fenix has taken 10 minutes off my predicted marathon time after two runs with my backpack 😂

    Shades - Unfortunately, aside from Fridays where I always leave early, I usually leave the office no earlier than 7 so miss the girls anyway. As such, this 50/50 model is good as I see them on weekdays at home which I rarely used to pre pandemic and get some decent mileage on days I come in. 

    5 miles this morning into work. Super warm out. Will probably run home tonight too.
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    Shades, no, I am not really sure where I picked it up, as I hadn't done anything that week.  I went through my contacts and where I had been with the NHS and even though I had my diary in front of me, nothing came to light that made me think it was the cause.

    RCouture, well that obviously means you should wear your heavy backpack at your next race, right? ;) 

    Good luck tomorrow, Keith!

    I am feeling a bit worse today, after a good day yesterday, which is a bit annoying.  Hopefully it is just an off day and I begin to feel better throughout the day.  I suppose these things can come in peaks and troughs.
    Rcouture - that is a long working day.   But good that now you are at home some days you see the girls more than you would pre pandemic.

    Ha, ha at your Fenix, my Garmin isn't sophisticated enough to make those weird predictions.

    Just paid the plumber's invoice, first cheque I've written for 3 years!   :o    Invoice was less than expected so put a small final order in to Subsports, I think that will be my last order.  :/
    Big G - a bit frustrating not knowing where you contracted it, but that's the nature of viruses I suppose.

    Sorry to hear you don't feel so good today hopefully it is just an off day.
    Good luck Keith...only 30 mins to start time 😊

    Rest day for me today.
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    5 miles home last night for first ever double day. Felt fine but still need to get used to this bloody rucksack. Rest day today ahead of half tomorrow as have either the tail end of or beginning of a new cold. Hopefully the former. 
    Rcouture - I suppose you've reduced what you need to carry in the rucksack as much as you can.   

    Hope that 'cold' comes to nothing.  Good luck for tomorrow.

    Good luck to anyone else racing this weekend.   

    Keith is doing well, think they've got rain up there.

    All packed and ready to go to Wales.   Have delayed my departure by by a couple of hours as waiting for the fog to burn off which it is doing.  Doing usual pre race LFT now.  
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    Good luck tomorrow Shades!  I hope the drive went well. 
    Big G - not a bad drive, sunny until I crossed the Severn bridge, overcast here in Wales. Slow once I got off the M4, lots of roundabouts.   Very hilly round here, makes Devon look flat.

    Nice Premier Inn room, I love it when there's a spare bed in the room, perfect for laying out race kit.

    Off to walk to a local chip shop later, no shortage of chippies here in Wales.  :)

    Hope you are feeling better today.
  • Good luck tomorrow Shades. Can’t go wrong with a Welsh chippie aside from ‘half and halfs’. Not for me those. 
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    Fish and chips from a chippie is my favourite pre marathon food.   Walked to the chippie, just over a mile away.  No waiting all cooked and ready to go, huge portion, they don't skimp here.   Couldn't quite eat it all.

    Keith is doing well, he's past check point 4 and heading for the finish.   :)

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    Shades-Good luck for tomorrow.
    Ian - thanks.   Hope your OH has a good run at Manchester today too.
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     Looking forward to the report, Keith.   What was the terrain like and how did the logistics work in terms of getting from the finish back to the start (or vice versa) with transport etc.
  • I'll cover that lot some point when one back home and two vaguely capable of doing anything.
    Things ache right now but in a hour or so i show waddle downstairs then the mile down to Waverly.
    Obviously i'm not stupid enough to use same hotel so stayed in Glasgow friday and crawled the 2 miles down to hotel in Haymarket last night post race. Checked a bit after 9 and washed muck of and collapsed into bed basically.
    Seems you can break Garmins doing this too as they don't count steps over 99,999. Was 121k in total
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    Great stuff Keith - looking forward to it.  Did the organisers transport your stuff to the finish then?
  • Keith - I know that feeling of not capable of doing anything only too well, well done!

    Shades - I've never tried fish and chips before a race, defo need to give it a go.

    Rcouture - hope that cold behaves itself and isn't anything serious.

    Big G - think it's impossible to pinpoint where you picked it up sometimes, could be from anywhere, just frustrating.

    Ian - hope the oh tooth doesn't cause to many issues.

    Haven't been running much after DL, had a club championship race today, Run the river Edmonton 10k.  Race was well organised and marshalled but the route was fairly undesirable dirty stinky river, broken towpath and dodge dog poo with a lap of the track to finish. Didn't really have a plan just run a bit faster than normal, managed to keep pace consistently bit of headwind and rain on the way back in finished in 52.30ish.  Hamstrings were okay but I could feel them all the time, nice to be back home after a run and not be completely shattered.

    In other news seen Oscar Bell a Ware Jogger won the Royal Parks half in 1:09

  • Aye they took my other bag to the finish. It wasn't that light as it had laptop in it plus clothes and food.
    Back home now but a tad tired so prob do report tomorrow. 4 hour D&D session in a hour and a LARGE pizza in the oven
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