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    Ian - it will be interesting to see how races fill up next year if we have a relatively normal winter, i.e. no lockdowns or travel restrictions.   

    Connemara ultra and marathon, 26th April, are already full with waiting lists and that doesn't usually happen until around January, some will be deferred entries from Covid cancelled years.

    I wonder if London had as many ballot entries this time, does anyone know?   Perhaps being an autumn race next year has put a few people off.

    I see they're going to use Manchester marathon for the Commonwealth trials.

    Rest day for me today.
  • Rob - Have you got any races abroad lined up for next year?

    Big G - Really curious how you get on with the Stryd pod. I’ve seen that Kofuzi on YouTube swears by it. My chest HRM has been a bit odd lately, between slipping down my chest and funny readings so might be a good excuse to look into an alternative source of data (though it’s probably just the battery 😀). 

    Shades - 400 really is an amazing achievement. Do you personally know many folks near those numbers?

    Cal - Hope things get better on the niggle front, you’ve had a rotten run of it. Weird how we both had this oblique/back issue at similar times, must be something in SW London water. 

    Chasers ‘tempo’ session last night. Was 4x1m with 800m float. The first two were run at a ridiculous pace at like 6:10ish min/mi but luckily then some of the guys decided to be sensible so I had company on the last couple of sets as I slowed down. It’s very annoying when folks go out so fast too since the GPS is wonky in the park so you only know that you’re being silly halfway through a rep. Definitely felt Sunday’s race and a double day Wednesday but I guess a good workout on tired legs. 
    Rcouture - a speed session like that will remind you of recent racing.

    That's annoying about the HRM strap, does it need replacing or tightening?

    Re multiple marathons, we always say that there's always someone fatter/thinner/richer/poorer and has run more marathons than you.   

    Yes, I personally know quite a few runners with numbers 300+.   Met up with a couple of running friends in Wales, they are on I think it was 560ish marathons and their dog has done 130+ marathons.  They're running at Plym Trail this weekend, plus the dog as dogs are allowed.
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    RCouture, yes, I saw that Kofuzi uses the footpod.  There is also a YouTuber called Welsh Runner who uses one too (not sure if you know, but a couple of years ago he had a moment of fame on the London Marathon coverage as he helped a runner who was in a bad way get across the line in the final couple hundred metres).  I think for me I can't really see me going over to power instead of HR, but it will be interesting to see the correlation.  When running to MAF, I only have Distance and HR displayed on my watch, but I will add Power to that screen as well if I can.  Only trouble is there is yet another app to go to in order to be able to analyse the results properly!

    I did a couple of gentle walks yesterday totalling about 8 miles, plus a very easy 35mins on Zwift and I felt okay all day, and also this morning (again I didn't sleep great, but I don't feel particularly drained or anything, RHR normal).  So I went out for a short run this morning, just 3-miles.  I feel okay in myself but I really struggled to keep the HR under 142 and although a flat route, I had to walk some times to get the HR down.  So from that point of view it wasn't particularly enjoyable, but all being well I will probably try again tomorrow.  Obviously I am aware I had Covid, but this may be nothing to do with that as I do sometimes struggle a bit for a couple of runs after an enforced break.  I think if I feel okay tomorrow I will try a 6-miler, probably a rest day from running on Sunday and then just see how I am on Monday.

    I did try my Flipbelt today, and I really like it.  Snug fit, fits plenty of stuff, but I didn't notice it at all when running, so for me it is much better than the bum bag that I usually use in races.

    I had my antibody test results back today and I do have antibodies.  Reading the email I was thinking 'that seems quite good' but then at the end it has this sentence, so I am non the wiser really.  "If you took this test because you tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 2 weeks, it’s unlikely the antibodies detected are from your recent infection. They’re more likely to be from a previous infection or the vaccination."    

    I think I get another test in 2 or 3 weeks and I suppose I may know more after that.  LFT negative today still, and I am going over to see Dad today.
  • Shades - Re the HRM strap it’s a bit of both. It doesn’t like me wearing anything tight as it slips when I’m at pace. Excluding that I think it’s running low on battery, despite not having the indicator tell me so, as some of the readings have been erratic. I get spikes in HR during easy runs on my normal route where I know the HR patterns well. 

    What breed of dog is it? Presumably they have to train for the distance too?
  • Big G - I use my flipbelt on anything up to 20 miles and really like it. I would recommend the curve fitted bottle for it which you don’t notice at all. I have a 300ml one which is fine for me. 
    Big G - great news you're back running.   In a few days you'll be back to comfortable MAF running again.   :)

    Did you try out the new shoes?

    Good that you liked the Flipbelt, do try it on a long run before using it for a marathon, and be careful in the summer it is very hot to wear.   

    It is hard to find a bumbag of the right size and that fits well and doesn't move.   I'm using an old one as replacement purchases just haven't been so good so keep going back to the old one that is falling to bits.

    I wondered why you were having an antibody test now as antibodies take some time to develop.   But next test you should have antibodies from the vaccination and the illness, which is good, the more protection the better.  

    Hope your Dad's mood is improving.

    Rcouture - that's annoying about the strap slipping.   Maybe a different type of fabric strap?   My Garmin doesn't tell me if strap battery needs replacing, I just get odd readings.

    It's a collie and seems to enjoy it.  Owner goes round at the dog's pace, has to stop a few times, also for water and I saw him giving him some doggy snacks too on Sunday.   Their previous dog used to run with them too.
    Big G - now you're out of isolation and presumably past the infectious stage, are you considered to be immune from catching Covid again for a certain period?
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    Shades, I ran in a pair of NB1080s this morning but I will try the new shoes when I do a faster session I think :)  

    I am not considered immune although from what I have read, I am probably less likely to catch Covid again soon (having said that, I personally know people who have caught it twice in fairly quick succession, although I have no idea if that was a different variant or what).  Below is the full email I got about my test, which now I have read it a couple of times doesn't tell me a huge amount really, over what I had presumed to be the case following being vaccinated.  My main worry is Dad really, but when I queried if seeing him was okay with the track and trace people, they reiterated that I should resume my usual activities after my isolation.

    Thank you for doing a coronavirus (COVID-19) antibody test.

    Antibodies were found in your blood sample.

    This means it’s likely you’ve had COVID-19 in the last 6 months, or had the vaccine.

    This result does not guarantee you are fully immune (protected) from COVID-19. It’s still possible to get the virus again or spread it, although your risk is reduced if you’ve had the vaccine or already been infected.

    It’s important to keep following COVID-19 advice.

    If you took this test because you tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 2 weeks, it’s unlikely the antibodies detected are from your recent infection. They’re more likely to be from a previous infection or the vaccination.

    Big G - you are very disciplined not yet trying out the new shoes.

    Well I suppose as we're all still learning about Covid that email is as reassuring as it could be under the circumstances.  It does imply that you are less likely to catch it again soon, I suppose that's why they're sending you the antibody tests.  So in theory you're better protected than before you caught Covid.

    Hope your Dad was pleased to see you.
  • Shades - I didn’t know the chest HRM had different fabrics available so will look into it

    6 miles on usual loop this eve 
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    Shades-Just an hour or so to knock off in 6 months for the commonwealth trials  ;)
    Rcouture-Once you've done a few of those sessions you'll know what tempo feels like and won't need to worry about others.
    Big G-That email is a load of waffle that doesn't say much.
    7 miles loop,hopefully be about 40 miles by the end of the week,happy with that 2 weeks after London.
  • Ian good luck with the commonwealth trials! 

    Big G seems the test results don’t really give much info.  Hope the old man was happy to see you and is well.

    Shades I haven’t seen any numbers for the last London marathon ballot either, I’d imagine if the numbers are lower than they were they won’t shout about them as much.  It also brings a lot of negative comments about people’s chances of getting a place.

    rcouture I’m hoping to go to Poland in August for a 50k mountain trail race.

    Just short of 5 miles this evening set off in light finished in darkness. 
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    Hey up folks

    Big G - probably mentioned before that we had CV in my house last November. My wife was very poorly and had long CV for ages, my lad had few symptoms and myself similar. We were approached to donate blood plasma as they were giving plasma containing CV antibodies to the really poorly folks in ICU.
    We had to wait some weeks after CV before being tested (to let the antibodies build up?), i had some antibodies but not enough to donate, my lad had more and donated a few times before they said hos levels had dropped too much to be of use. My wife would have had higher levels due to being so poorly, but she didnt have enough mass to donate and was too poorly to give away plasma she needed.
    My teenage nephew had CV at the same time, his classmates that didnt have CV back then have been catching it recently, the ones that had it back the havnt caught it recently.

    As i understand it the jabs provide a certain amount of protection but the immunity provided actually catching CV is a higher level again, although some folks catch CV 2, 3 or more times.

    Mt eldest lad who lives away from home caught CV in the summer and said it gave him a 6 month immunity passport.

    As i see it if we are all double jabbed and take the boosters, we are likely to catch CV the odd time over the next few years until it is eradicated, if you catch it as a jabbed adult then you will have a minor illness which will provide a higherlevel of protection than the jabs going forward, so we might be protected for another year or so until the imunity from catching CV dwindles away.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Ian, ha ha, I was being kind with "it doesn't tell me a huge about really", whereas you summarised it more accurately as "waffle" :)  I was hoping for more detail, I have to say!

    TR, thanks for that, that is useful info.  I know it is different for everyone, but as a matter of interest, when would you say that Covid wasn't an issue any more, in terms of your training?  My OH caught it from me, but she has had different symptoms (less) than I did, although tiredness is a factor for her as it was for me.  I hope your wife is feeling better; it is has alway been my main worry of it having a lasting impact, so I hope she is well on the mend now.

    Footpod arrived yesterday so I will try it out today. 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Big G - i only had minor CV symptoms, but it took me a couple of months to feel aerobically back to where i was. I was ok but could feel the edge had been taken off my fitness. I also had a lot of aches and pains getting going again which was probably also due to the 14 days of being housebound due to isolating rules. Sinead Diver said she had a treadmill to run easy on during her post Tokyo quarantine in Aus, but that then gettung back on the roads etc really beat her up.........a know a couple of guys that have got back to it really quickly recently due to being double jabbed, so i think you'll be ok pretty quickly.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Thanks for that TR, good to hear of your experiences. 

    I did 45mins on Zwift yesterday evening, and also had a reasonable run this morning, with the highlight being finding £20 on the floor, just sitting there, with no one else around, on my way to parkrun.  I had gloves on so picked it up and put it in my gloves, and then on the way back from parkrun, went into town and bought some cakes with (part of) it :)  I feel sorry for the person who lost it, but there was literally no one else anywhere around in sight so I couldn't just leave it there!  Anyway, this development of getting cakes pleased OH immensely.

    Footpod worked fine in that it is generating readings.  I do not know how, because as a test I purposefully didn't link it to my Garmin account, but straight out the box the distance it recorded independently for the run is very, very close (i.e., a matter of 100m or so) to what the Garmin recorded.  Technically, I have no real idea how it did that for its first run out, plus it will get better with time, apparently, but I was impressed.  I do not know, but I suppose if I link it to my Garmin account (which I will do), it may use that info to fine tune things even more?  In terms of power, I think it needs a few runs to figure out my power profile (what it calls my Critical Power) and to work the zones out, so not much useful info yet although it generates lots of lovely graphs and data :)   For what it's worth, it calculated my average power at this easy effort at 206 Watts, but as I say not much use at the moment in isolation.  I have not looked into it but yesterday's Z2 Zwift ride was 194W, so quite close, but as I say I do not know whether there is a correlation between running and cycling power, or not.  For the next few runs I will basically ignore it whilst I am actually out running and just run to MAF, and see what it builds up over time.

    So it was 6.4 miles in total, with the last 0.5 mile walking back with the cakes.  Slow, but nice to be out, with the run starting off in misty conditions but finishing in the sun.

    Paris and Amsterdam marathons both on Eurosport (at the same time) tomorrow.  I haven't done either, but also happening tomorrow are Yorkshire and Bruges, both of which I have done.  I have very good memories of Bruges for my 50th marathon....I love it over there!
  • Big G - Just seen about Olympics in Paris 2024 they will have the elites race and then followed by the masses, wonder if that will replace Paris marathon or be along side.

    TR - Good news you recovered fully from covid, that's my main concern that I'd not fully recover if I caught it.

    Entered Great Bentley half in Feb, flat on country roads.  Its a WJ championship race, a weird choice as 60 mile drive away and the race sold out of it's 750 places within 50 mins from going on sale. It was only someone put a facebook post on WJ page yesterday that I knew, no other comms or website updated, think there's going to be a few members annoyed by it.

    Ian5 said:
    Shades-Just an hour or so to knock off in 6 months for the commonwealth trials  ;)

    Ian - well that doesn't sound so hard  ;)  If you do one marathon a month and knock 10 minutes off each time  :)  ;)

    TR - that's really useful re Covid, I hope your wife has now made a full recovery?

    How did you get on at London, are you back to full speed/fitness now?

    Big G - sorry to hear your OH has caught Covid from you, hope her recovery is swift.  But good to hear she hasn't lost her appetite and appreciated the cakes.

    Sounds like you're going to have a lot of fun with your new gadget.   ;)

    You're spoilt for choice with all these marathons to watch, it's weird having them at the wrong time of year.   Met a couple today and they're going off to Rotterdam marathon next weekend.

    Robert - good you're lining up your 2022 races, that half will be good timing for your Dorney preparation.    I'm sure I've stayed in Great Bentley, must have been for Halstead marathon.

    Hope you have a good run tomorrow.

    Plym Trail Marathon today, I'm not doing a report as this was the 9th time I've done this race.   It's quite hard, Big G and I tend to moan about the tough drag to the finish.   My Garmin has gone doolally with the elevation recording it at 2109 feet but on looking at the mile splits it's had a moment as when running through the tunnel, which we do 4 times, it's come up with some weird elevation figures.   I usually measure the course about 1700 feet.   Drove to the race in pea soup fog, most unpleasant, but the fog burnt off and we had perfect weather for the race.   Finished in 5:10 so I've been fairly consistent over the last 4 weeks,
    5:11-5:10-5:13-5:10, today's race was the toughest course.  Another lovely medal, they are always based on local wildlife, barn owl today.

    I'm back at the race tomorrow as manning a drink station.
  • Shades - well done on the consistent running.  I always assumed plym trail to be fairly flat. I assume the medals connect/ join up together? Hope you enjoy tomorrow, do you get free place places for marshalling? 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    You folks certainly crank out the marathons, fair play to you.

    11 months on my wife is a lot better, not 100% but much better than she was. Breathing drills helped her, as did her 2nd jab.
    Robert - as it's a disused railway line you would think it should be flat, it even looks flat but it's not, very scenic.  I didn't see the peregrine falcons today, maybe tomorrow..

    Yes, I get a free entry for marshalling.

    TR - glad to hear your wife is making steady progress.

    Yes, some of us like to do quite a few.  I haven't been able to do consecutive weeks since pre pandemic so am pleased I can still do it quite comfortably.

     I won't race anymore marathons/ultras now until April 2022, don't like winter weather for racing, settling down to some training now.
  • Shades - Well done on the last race for the season and another lovely medal. 

    Big G - Great that you’re back at it. What’s critical power? Like a power equivalent of lactate threshold?

    Rob - I believe it’s separate to the normal Paris marathon according to an article I’d read

    7 miles this evening. Nought to report really. I’ve just realised I’ve now only got 3 full weeks until taper so really need to pile on the mileage. 
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    Well done Shades, good to get the last one of the year in the bag!

    RCouture, from a Stryd point of view the Critical Power figure is in their Z3 of their 5 zone system.  Then Z1 (easy) is 65-80% of CP, leading up to Z5 (intervals) which is 115-300(!!!)% of CP.  I have never done intervals to HR, at least partly because the monitor doesn't react quickly enough to a change in effort, but from I understand, the power figures are updated much more quickly, but I haven't read much around this yet.  It may take me a little while for me to get a reliable CP, because ideally the system needs a range of different types of running to get the best figures. 

    For anyone who may want keep on eye on things, Big's Backyard Ultra is on.  Just scanning through the list, there are a couple of big names with Courtney going back again, and Michael Wardian is there too.  No Brits, that I could see, presumably because of the travel ban still being in place (as an aside, the travel ban being lifted on 8th Nov has scuppered a lot of hopeful Brits who were in for NYC, as the restrictions are being lifted a day late).\

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    Robert - here are the series of 2021 medals, not my photo as I've only done one of the 4 race weekends this year

    Rcouture - I still have one race to do this year, but a short one, 7 miles in a couple of weeks.

    Can't believe it's already count down time to your taper already, where does the time go.  :o

    Big G - can't have been of any surprise to UK runners hoping to do NYC, flights etc would have been cancelled a while ago, wouldn't they?

    Cal - good luck if you've decided to race today.

    Weather looks good for marshalling today.   :)

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, yes, I imagine it was always a risk that people wouldn’t be able to travel, but I think the final confirmation of the date over the last couple of days put paid to any feint hopes.

    I have opted to watch Paris over Amsterdam. Can’t watch both!
  • Cal - Good luck if running today

    Big G - I’ve also got Paris on in the background. The commentator with Mara Yamauchi is the grumpiest old codger I’ve ever heard! He’s not stopped complaining about everything from the pacers going too fast, to the ladies being too slow to super shoes 😂. 
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    RCouture, I am watching it without ads, and it is a different commentator. I heard that Mara was a bit dismissive of the American who went off the front at Boston (a 50K record holder, so no slouch), who ended up finishing 10th. I saw something where he went off quite hard purposely as he felt his strength was on the downhills, so tried to use that to his advantage early on. I was watching Boston on Eurosport, but with the American commentators from the NBC(?) coverage, but only because it was without ads (I don’t like ads!). 
  • Big G - I didn’t watch Boston but I did catch bits of Chicago Eurosport coverage which as you’d mentioned, was very bad, with the commentator referencing letsrun forums of all things which are so toxic. These athletics commentators outside the BBC seem quite poor in general? Especially the whole super shoe thing which they inevitably always bring up.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    RCouture, coverage can be really poor. A lot of races even struggle to show accurate/timely splits, and often we (and even the commentators) have no real idea of the distance/time between the lead runners if they’re spread out a bit, when someone may be closing on a runner ahead for a close finish. It is obviously possible to do - the coverage of the Tour de France (and the majority of smaller cycling events too) is much better for the viewers because the graphics clearly show the time differences between the groups and you can easily see if the time is reducing or increasing in real time. It seems in running, at best we may get 5K splits and on the Paris coverage there isn’t even that. I know cyclists have transponders and in running they I suppose the coverage relies on the timing mats for the splits so it is different tech, but it means the coverage isn’t as good. 
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