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    About the shoes, this is a video about a recent study that compared a few different super shoes, which I found interesting. It was only quick runners, but towards the end he said he’s hoping to do research on more regular runners too. 
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    On the Paris ad free coverage the commentator was saying the winner had broken a 19 year old Paris record, when the graphic clearly showed Bekele had the record from 2014...the commentator later corrected himself.  I find these errors really distracting and sometimes I wish I didn’t bother tuning in!
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    Big G I get frustrated when races break for ads constantly, you can miss a break and the commentators won’t know it’s happened either usually.

    Shades -Nice set of four medals, hope marshalling went okay.

    Rcouture - these marathons have a habit of popping up.  After your recent half you’re in great shape.

    today was Andy Golding memorial run, about 90 min drive three of us went in the one car, 5 ware joggers (one in 100mc) and 3 ex WJ.  Shame we didn’t have a few more out but a mix of lots of events happening and no one actively promoting the event within the club.

    15 mins before the start we were told more about the tragic events in June, I knew Andy had a heart attack a few years ago and was given CPR by a runner, what I didn’t realise was the same runner also was the guy who have Andy CPR the 2nd time!!! There was a wooden post erected at the point that Andy had his heart attack a mile into the race which we were invited to sign.

    the marathon was 4 out and back laps a bit lumpy, the half had 750ft elevation, choose to run with the two joggers I went with and had a good natter and finished in around 2:14.  Was emotional at times but a lovely road course in country lanes.  I did want to do a third lap which would have been my comfortable limit and then I’d have wanted to do a 4th and would have hated it.  Lovely morning followed by cake and tea and saw Garth our club mate and one of Andy’s friends win the race which was quite fitting.

    Robert - well done, a fitting tribute to a running friend.

    Big G - those idiotic and inept commentaries can really spoil the viewing of a marathon.  We're lucky with Steve Cram and Paula Radcliffe.  Tim Hutchings and Mara are good together too.

    I've had a lovely day manning a drink station, it's a long time, 6 hours, but had the most amazing weather sunny 17 degrees.     I think almost every dog walker and cyclist stopped for a natter, never got a chance to read my book.   But an enjoyable day.

  • Sorry for going AWOL for a bit, my exams on Mon/Tues really took it out of me. Last one on Tuesday.

    mileage pretty steady - 54 miles last week; 51 miles this week. It seems a lot but really it’s about an hour every day - not much when you don’t have to go into work (been off for study leave).

    managed to get a place for Brass Monkey in January! I don’t think I’ll race properly before then (maybe a parkrun or xc) but I do much better with a formal plan and one goal rather than trying to race several distances. Will comment individually once I’ve had chance to catch up thread this week :)   
  • Big G - That’s an interesting video. I’d be curious to know the difference in performance he quotes between the alphafly and the vaporfly. The former seems quite bulky to me but some folks swear by them. Not sure if anyone on here has tried them? 

    Rob - That’s a really lovely gesture. Amazing story re the same runner helping him on both occasions.

    Shades - Sounds a great day. Warm and sunny in parts here too which wasn’t forecast. 

    16 miles through Richmond park. I like this route on down weeks or weekends before 20 milers as it’s shorter and relatively quick to recover from, but you still get some decent work in from 3-4 quite nasty hills (at least for London).
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    RCouture, I’m pretty sure Cal has a pair of the Alphas. 

    Robert, sounds like you enjoyed it and well done for stopping when you knew it was right for you in terms of enjoyment! 

    Shades, it’s a long time out but it sounds like the weather was good, which helps too.

    Bradders, fingers crossed your exams went well and good to have a race in the diary to look forward to. 
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    Shades-Glad the weather was good for you,makes such a difference when you are out for that long.
    Rcouture-Another good run by you,I know it's a bit away but what are you thinking at Florence?
    Rob-Good having a run like that as a tribute.
    Bradders-No need to apologise,we often disappear a few days with work etc,4 villages is a good local race end of Jan of you are after another half,bit hilly until 10 but if you have anything left it's a great 2 miles downhill.
    I have a pair of Alphas,I do like them,think they are a bit more durable than the vaporfly, but a nightmare getting them on.
    My throat has got gradually worse so not ran for a couple of days,developed a bad cough aswell,I know it's the change of seasons but been for a test today to play safe.
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    I wrote most the report this morning then went to Spurs stadium for the NFL. Now i am back i am NOT writing any more tonight ;) Something to do with a small amount of food eaten (see facebook for those who have me on their) and DEF a small lake of drink ;) What. I was on a hospitality ticket where everything but spirits is free ;) I got a large gin for the price of £12 with FREE tonic i might add post game reasons why are or at least will be in the report.

    Will finish it tomorrow but prob evening as by the time i sleep off this drink it'l be time to go do tomorrows stuff. I have a free evening however.
  • Ian - Almost everyone I know has had a bug of some sort lately with the change of seasons and lack of immunity-building in last 18months. Hopefully it’s just that for you. In terms of time to target at Florence I’m not sure at all. When I signed up for it I think I’d have been happy with <3:20 so a >6min PB but my last half plugged into the run works predictor suggests 3:06 which seems nuts. Maybe go out at 3:10 with an A goal of 3:15? I don’t know tbh, will depend on how these 3 weeks go. I’d like to experiment with as high mileage as I can fit in to see how I respond. I figure I might as well work these things out now early in my running.

    Keith - I’m very much looking forward to this report 😀
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    Still 13 left in Backyard Ultra.  41 hours they have been going so far.  There is some occasional live video on the race Facebook page and quite a few written updates from Laz and others about how people are doing.  I think the world record (different course, in Suffolk) is 81 laps/hours, although I think Courtney has the record at this course with 68hrs.  I did see an interview with her a few months ago where she said she could have carried on, but the interesting thing is that she needs someone else to carry on with her, because as soon as there is only one left, the race is over (the last person can't carry on to see what more they could do).  So, when there are a few left, they are in the strange situation where they want to be the winner and want to see people drop out, but on the other hand they also want to see what where their individual limits are, and to do that they need other people so still be in the race.  She said that when there were 2 or 3 left, they were encouraging each other to carry on, but of course they all still wanted to win.  Crazy really - it sounds so simple.  Just do 4.1667 miles an hour.  That is only walking pace, right?  But they have to do it hour, after hour, after hour, after hour.  And sleep, eat, change clothes, use the loo, etc etc as well, all within that hour because if they miss the next start line (or don't finish a lap within the hour), they're out.
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    bradders - hope the exams are going well.   Most impressive you can keep up a decent weekly mileage when going through the intensive study/revise/exam period.

    Ian - hope that's no more than the nasty cold that's doing the rounds.

    Keith - another exhausting weekend for you, but for different reasons  :)   Hope the hangover is no more than mild discomfort.

    Rcouture - re Florence, going out at 3:10 pace seems like a good race strategy to me.

    Big G - I see you are being drawn towards these longer ultras.   Maybe a backyard ultra one day?

    How are you recovering, still a bit tired?

    5 miles this morning, a delayed recovery run.    When I'm marshalling at Plym Trail I don't get time for a recovery run, by the time I have to make flasks/sandwiches plus nearly an hour's drive for me to the start.   My legs felt good yesterday as I was moving around all the time but they felt much better once I'd got to the magic 3 mile point this morning. 

    My training starts today to knock 30 minutes off my current marathon time.   :open_mouth:   Plus get to my body fat target.

    Gym later.
  • Well done on your races, all...Shades that's another lovely medal. It almost makes me want to do the race. Almost.

    As for chance of running this weekend. I walked over to Brockwell Park (2.5 miles by the most direct route) to volunteer at the junior parkrun and the walk back was very uncomfortable. Until I can walk without discomfort, I'm not going to be able to run.
    I've emailed Valencia to ask what my options are as I'm not going to be able to do that this year. Alton Towers half is only a month away and I have big doubts about that one too.
    Right now I'm trying to stay positive but it's difficult. I do my club's results round-up on Facebook so I am doing that but it's tough to report on the races I should have run myself, and it's also tough seeing photos and reports in my news feed about them as well. Which is why I'm not on here much.
    I have emailed my physio as I discovered my issue is not just the ham tendon but also one of the external rotators (I figured that out when I was doing some fancy pilates clams and got pain), which is the same as February. When I've just had the hammy issue, it's been an annoyance but it's never kept me out for long. But this one is worse and I lost a lot of time earlier in the year with it and fear that is going to be the case this time.
    Cal - so sorry to hear this, you really have had a crap year.   😭

    It does sound like you need some rest to be able to move/walk pain free and then take your recovery from that point.

    I hope you can salvage something from your Valencia entry.
  • Cal - Really feel for you. I also totally get not wanting to hear about others’ running. I was like that when crocked recently. 

    Shades - Nice recovery run. What will you do differently with the training from here since you already put in a lot of miles? Long runs?

    5 miles into work early doors. Up at 4:30 and it really is incredible how many foxes there are out and about. 5 miles home most likely later but will play it by ear as slept badly. 

  • Whats a hangover? Drink right stuff and ample water you'll be fine. That and spacing it out over many hours interspersed with food
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    Really sorry to hear that, Cal :(  

    Courtney's out of the Backyard.  Didn't make it back on time on Yard 43.  I saw her leave at the start of Yard 43 and she looked okay to me through the murky footage (bad light), but she obviously had a bad hour.

    Shades, it isn't really for me, but I find it fascinating watching them and wondering what keeps them going, how they keep on going, and, I suppose what is their "why"?   One chap was limping badly, and apparently he had been like that for hours, but finally called it a day.  I think 3 dropped out (or didn't make it back at least) on Yard 43.  But, between you, me and the gatepost, I was Googling 12hr events yesterday :)  Just curious, you understand :)   Ha ha, seriously, I know that sounds like I have my finger hovering over the "Book It" button, but I really haven't.

    Yes, I am still very tired, although RHR is okay and I had hoped a full rest day yesterday would do me good, so I was hopeful before this morning's run.  However, a pretty flat 7-miler, desperately trying to keep HR down below 142 (not always succeeding) was an average of nearly 10:30min/miles, so very slow for me on the flat at that HR.  Weight is good and I can't have lost that much fitness in a couple of weeks, so I think the only conclusion is that this is a hangover from Covid.  I think any rational person would just be putting Newport out of their mind - I definitely know I cannot do anywhere near a PB, which is shame as it was my A-race.  But is it worth run/walking around it?  I suspect not, as it probably wouldn't help my recovery either, but I will make my final decision later in the week, in time to be able to cancel the campsite without incurring more charges.  If the race was tomorrow though, I wouldn't be making the journey.
    Rcouture - I wrote my training plan yesterday.   Back in the gym 4 times a week from this week plus one Pilates class, may add on another class if I see something else I fancy.   Target to reduce my body fat. 

    Alongside that 50mpw x 4 weeks, then 55mpw x 4 weeks, one step back week minus 5 mpw, then follow the same pattern 4 weeks 60mpw/65mpw/70mpw with a step back week every 5th week by 5mpw.   Not intending to run long, further than 15 miles, until around Xmas time.  I might manage to get away without many long runs, I don't really need long runs if I'm running 65-70 mpw.   :)

    That's the plan anyway.

    Keith - you're obviously well practised at the avoiding hangovers...  ;)

    Big G - I don't believe you, if you've got as far as googling 12 hour races etc then you're on the route to more ultras.     :)   It is fascinating though.   

    When I did my first 24 hour track race, which is still my PB, it started to rain a few hours into the event.   After about 12 hours it was bucketing down and it was almost midnight, one of the ladies, an experienced ultra runner, just lay down on the track.   Lying on her side with her head resting on her arm, so every time I went past I asked her if she was OK, she said she was, although obviously she wasn't really.   After a while the medics came out and carried her off.   The next time I saw her was wrapped up in blankets and asleep on a gurney in the changing rooms.   About 2 hours later she's back out on the track and running again, I think she finished 3rd lady.   It's a very strange sport.
  • Shades Glad you enjoyed yesterday, good luck with this bank of training, hope you're rewarded with fast times.  Well done on the recovery run.

    Bradders well done getting the miles and the exams in! Always nice to have something in the diary to work towards.

    Rcouture how you finding the doubles? I've not done them for a while but if I have to commute to work again I may consider doing a few.

    Ian hope you're feeling better soon, seems to be a bit of that around at the moment.

    Keith glad the tonic was free otherwise thats probably £16 a drink!!! The last wedding spirits came as a double to standard, £36 for two standard gin and tonics plus 10% service charge.  It looks an impressive stadium but being a stubborn Chelsea fan I won't visit it unless as an away fan.  

    Big G I really enjoyed watching the updates of the UK qualifier, Steve Cousins (film my run) did a vlog/ documentary which I've just bought look forward to having a watch of that.

    Cal sorry to hear of your continued woes, hope something magical happens and can get back to what you love doing.  It's tough seeing others doing what we're doing and there is no substitute.  My club mate who took the comms role at WJ is in the same boat, not being able to run or cycle and no idea what's wrong with him.  I've offered to take over the comms for a while but he persistent in doing it still. 

    Will get out for a run later this evening, yesterday was quite thought provoking, I'm stronger than I give myself credit and don't need to hide and use the injury as an excuse or a safety net.  Time to draw up a training plan and set some targets.
    Robert - I need to knock off 30 minutes so I can make the DD cut off time at marathon point.

    Will get out for a run later this evening, yesterday was quite thought provoking, I'm stronger than I give myself credit and don't need to hide and use the injury as an excuse or a safety net.  Time to draw up a training plan and set some targets.
    That's a very motivational statement.   Sometimes a touch of reality can reset our goals.

    Big G - just saw this post on FB from Infinity Running

    We are back in Bryn Bach Park twice in 2022
    July 24th will be our first Last Runner Standing live event.
    So run one lap of the lake in 25 minutes....easy right?
    5 minute break then go again this time the time limit will reduce.
    This will continue until we have our Last Runner Standing
    Complete just one round to earn the medal then stay as long as you can to support everyone else.
    October 9th will be a 7 hour timed event for all distances

    I'm not sure how far one lap of the lake is as we had a bit added on to make up the distance, I expect she'll put more details on the website soon.

    October 9th will be the Top Gear event.
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    Cal-Sorry to hear you are struggling,hope it improves soon.
    Big G-I seen some 6 hour races by running miles,think they are in robs neck of the woods,looked decent but no dates fit for me.
    Covid test negative as expected but still got the sore throat and cough. I spotted someone had changed from the full to half at Liverpool, I did t realise it was an option so might do that,I don't need to decide until the day before so I'll check the weather as the last 4 miles are awful if its a rough headwind.
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    Ian, my one and only 6hr event (where I actually kind of had the whole 6hrs in my mind at the start) was by Running Miles.  They are the guys who do the Dorney Lake runs that I have done (and Shades as done it too I seem to recall), and I have done other courses of theirs when I was trying to keep the numbers ticking over (I have done 8 in total).  Nice chaps, and friendly events.  For me to consider a 12hr, I would do a couple more of those first.  The RED events that have recently started up near me are 6hr events I think, although when I did the first 2 I just stopped after the marathon on both days.  My 6hr PB is fairly soft as well, so there's that to consider :)  Good news on the -ve result.

    Shades, thanks....I think :D  

    Robert, sounds like you've got the bit between your teeth!  Good luck with the plan. 
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    Big G-What is you 6 hour out of interest?
    Rcouture-I meant to say those are brilliant times you are aiming for,do you have a HM at all before to see how you are shaping up?
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    Ian, my official 6hr PB is 33M in 6hr03mins, on a flat trail route, in pretty good conditions.  I was nursing an injury from a fall on my ribs so took it really steady (going through marathon point in about 4:45 I think), but obviously I have done the hilly DD in 5:17 so the 6hr PB is soft.  I have only done one 6hr event though.  I have had it in the back of mind to do another one at the start of a race, but once I reached marathon point I found it too easy to step off the course as the 6hrs was not a firm goal at the start.  I think I would have to toe the start line knowing I was going to be doing 6hrs, to force me to carry on past the marathon.  It partly depends on the length of the loop really (you can't start anther loop once 6hrs has gone), but I think 40 would be a reasonable target for me - get through marathon in a comfortable 3:45 and then have 2:15 to cover the next Half marathon seems like something that could be achievable.  Probably that may be soft compared to my marathon time (I haven't checked the calculators) but I would be happy enough with that. 
    Ian - that's reassuring re the Covid test result. 

    Half would be a good option at Liverpool as long as you're better.

    Big G - that is a soft PB for you for 6 hours.   Even my PB is 34 miles in 6 hours dead, probably the only brief time I'll be very slightly ahead of you.  😄. Not for long though.

    There were a few runners at the 7 hour Top Gear event using it as training for longer ultras.   One guy I spoke to was planning to do 35 miles as training for his 50 miler the following week.
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    Ian, I just checked McMillan and although he doesn't have a 40M distance, he does have 50M.  I put 3:20 in for the marathon and he says 7:23 for 50M, which is 8:52min/miles.  If I put 3:10 in, he says 7:01 (8:26min/miles).  If I say 8:40min/miles, for 6hrs that is 41.5 so I think probably 40ish isn't a bad estimate to start off with.
  • Keith - seems you have a good strategy for drinking  ;)

    Ian - be good to switch to the half at Liverpool, does that take out the hills as well?  glad got a negative result

    Shades/ Big G I'm slacking on 6hr, I've only done the one at stopped after 13.1

    Nice surprise in the results for yesterday, I was included as 1st male in the half.  That's a life goal ticked off to come first in a race.
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    Big G-When I thought of doing a 6hr I had 40 in my head also so must be a realistic target.
    Rob-Indeed it takes most of the hills out,but always has a wind so will see how it is the day before.
    Robert - well done on your first place on the podium.🏆

    That doesn't count as a 6 hour race, you did the half marathon not the 6 hour option.  😊
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