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  • Shades - The general ballot for Chicago is apparently much easier to get into. I think I even heard it was close to a 50% chance. No idea whether that would be easier or worse next year. I guess this year’s marathons will have had hefty deferrals to 2022 given travel restrictions, DNF due to illness/inability to train etc…?

    5 miles early doors this morning after double day yesterday. Potentially another double day today but got crap sleep so will see. I don’t mind the doubles at all as long as I’m not underslept/ill. Struggling with sleep at the minute for some reason. 
    Robert - usually with these club championships you have to make a dedicated effort to do all events to take the win.  IMHO not always worth sacrificing other non club races.

    Rcouture - it's really hard to predict how races will fill up post/during Covid.  I'm surprised that races here aren't having so many entries as I expected.   Variety of reasons I guess.

    I just found myself looking at the Chicago entry form, not cheap  :o but on a par with NYC I suppose.   Amazingly even I have a GFA time for Chicago due to my advancing age  ;)

    Very tiring to run a double if sleep deprived.   Maybe it's adjusting to the new office/WFH schedule.

    I'm not a good sleeper, but have slept fairly well this week, I think due to the gym tiring me out.
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    Robert, yeah, just from a personal perspective, I would be fine with Plan B, as selfishly none of that really impacts me.  But whether that is enough to keep the numbers under control remains to be seen.  I hope so.  It will be interesting to see if other countries follow Morocco's example, but it is a mixed picture as obviously, as it stands, the USA are going to be letting people in soon.

    Shades, I am very tempted to enter as Keith's report hasn't put me off, particularly!  We should make it a Shadies day out ;)  It really would be something to aim for and enter races in the lead up to prepare for it.  I can imagine attempting a fast marathon in the Spring, DD in June, and then a couple of 6hr events in the run up to G2E, along with possibly a faster attempt at early-Autumn marathon.  Looks so easy written out like that :)  

    I had a great run out this morning.  Cool conditions so the first time for me in a long-sleeved shirt and gloves, but it was quite clear and the sea very calm.  I did 10 miles with some undulations, and although the pace at 10min/miles was still slow at 142bpm, it is an improvement on the flat 7-miler I did on Monday at 10:30min/miles.
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    I'm probably going to aim for 2023,chicago is a week before and might be a bit too much.
    Big G - I didn't expect Keith's report to put you off, the opposite in fact  :)   I'd be up for it but it's towpath so that's a definite NO from me.   But would be a great Shadies day out for you guys.

    You're really recovering well now.   :)

    Ian - a marathon the week before an ultra is a good idea, look what the BYU runners did the week before their events.   ;)
    I've had another email saying website will be closing soon, still everything that's left at £5.   I am well stocked now so can't really justify any more purchases, I think.  🤔

    SUB Compression, Workout & Fitness Clothing | Sub Sports

    This is their other website with 60% off, I have just order a couple of things from this one.

    Products | Mud & Blood (
  • Shades - I’ve ordered another couple of compression tops. Be rude not to for a fiver. 
    Rcouture - I know, I might have to place another order tomorrow.  The compression tops are such great quality and wash beautifully.
  • Some rumblings at work around potentially scrapping the hybrid model and sending us all home already. We were also going to start travelling abroad again and that is looking ropey too. 

    5 miles home this evening so managed first back to back double days. Super easy recovery tomorrow or maybe a rest day depending on how I feel then 20 miles on Sunday. 
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    Totally emptied myself in a Cat B race on Zwift earlier and managed....89th out of 97!  It was only about 33mins, but....ooooph!  Trouble is, I want to get back into the Team Time Trials I was doing and when I spoke to the admin person and said "I don't know what category I should be in as I have not raced for so long", she replied "well, go and do a race, and then I can put you in the correct team".  Fair comment!  Trouble is, from today's race, I am just about hanging on in Cat B, so it is going to be a very hard TTT I think as languishing at the back of Cat B is much more difficult than being towards the front of Cat C.

    Parkrun tomorrow if I can make my legs work after today's Zwift session.
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    Rcouture - would you mind being at home full time again?   Do you travel abroad a lot in your job in normal times?

    Well done on the consecutive double days, quite tiring, enjoy your easy/rest day.

    Another email from Subsports last night saying last 48 hours, for Mud & Blood sale too.

    Big G - that's was a bit risky so soon post Covid doing an anaerobic session like that.   :open_mouth:

    8 miles today, went out on the route I had planned earlier in the week, successful today as all flooding gone, not even a puddle left.   Nice morning, had a good run, legs still a bit trashed from gym on Wednesday though.

    Although I'm enjoying being back in training, I am missing not having a marathon this weekend.   Would love to be doing Langdale today.   :/

    Gym later.
  • Shades - Nice 8 miles. What will be your next marathon next year then? In normal times I am usually abroad seeing clients on avg 5-6 days a month. I don’t know if we will ever get back to that rate but it’s part of the job. I have been enjoying the hybrid model to be honest. Just seeing more people (and the opportunity for double days 😁). It’s also much, much better for the younger, less experienced people I work with. 
    Rcouture - that's quite a lot of time that you used to travel abroad for your job.   The WFH is much tougher on the less experienced, not having the same office environment where a lot can be learned by working with more experienced just can't be replicated online.   WFH can be quite lonely for some too.

    It's the places/people that I would miss if I had to WFH all the time, just the passing chit chat too.   I no longer work so get that from the gym etc now.

    I don't like racing in the winter so the missing marathons feeling will soon pass.   Next is a 50km on Good Friday.   Ideally I'd like to do a marathon a week or so before then, but that would mean ditching one of the 50km races so that Connemara Ultra would still be my 400th.   
    That's my final order to Subsports done.   Another 2 winter compression tops and another pack of the socks.   
  • Shades - I ordered some stuff from SubSports but found it very … tight fitting?! I’m usually a small (and I know it’s compression wear) but I’m not used to wearing things like that; I’ve only recently converted to cycling shorts!

    rcouture - I found working on my mile really helped my 5K time. I got my mile down to around 5:50 (solo; road) and it made 5K pace seem quite a lot easier.

    Big_G - I really like the look of Zwift since it looks so social but I can’t hack running on a treadmill…

    ian - yes Helsby is a popular run with our club, but Brass Monkey is the same day!! I was injured in 2019 with shin splints so was spectating. I remember it being exceptionally cold.

    Cruise intervals for me today @6:40 pace. Even managed one rep (of 3!) into the headwind - for those who are familiar with Liverpool waterfront this is a big achievement 😂

    looks like the rock and roll tomorrow will have a following wind for the final 4 miles. Was quite tempted by the 10k (it’s point to point downhill and with a tailwind!!) but I overdid it over summer so probably best to back off racing a bit…

    good luck for anyone racing tomorrow 
  • Shades - Yes and the thing I hated the most about going into the office in the past was the commute, specifically the tube. Thanks to running,  I now rarely have to deal with that. 

    4 miles super slow at lunch
    Bradders - you're right you have to be careful ordering compression stuff.   I use a lot of compression kit and have spent hours studying the size charts etc.   For some brands I have to go up a size.  The winter tops at SubSports are tight fitting and I've bought the medium and large, both fit well, the large is easier to put on.

    That's speedy intervals from you today.  I've only been at the waterfront in Liverpool when taking the car ferry to the Isle of Man, even in August it was blowing a gale then.

    Rcouture - it's worth running just to avoid the tube.

    I see Great Welsh marathon is on April 10th, might have to consider ditching one of my 50k races for that.  Great Welsh is a fast course if it's not windy.

    Just did upper body session today, to try and have fresher legs for Sunday run.   
  • Shades - 3 of the club races in Spring work out quite well, 6th of Feb and March are halves, and a 10k race 2 weeks before Dorney, I usually only put one half in a training set but no harm to test my condition. Well done on the 8 miles it's all these training months which make the races worthwhile when we achieve the times we want.

    Big G - well done on the 10 miler, assuming nothing in the calendar for a bit so just take your time getting back to full fitness.

    Rcouture - the hybrid working works well for me, if I'm being selfish then I'm happy staying at home, but I know for others they prefer to be in and can bounce off one another. 

    Bradders a downhill 10k with the wind behind sounds perfect, only problem is if you PB then it makes your next races more challenging.

    As having a few beers tonight decided to do my long run today, I find doing it on a saturday works well for me to get it out of the way.  15 miles up and down the river, and a short out and back on the river Stort (next weeks race) felt comfortable but legs started to tire in the final couple of miles.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Going to give Liverpool half a go tomorrow, feeling a lot better and as I'd already entered the full I may aswell use it,changed my race earlier so good to go,the wind looks good,near enough a full tailwind for the end which makes a massive difference in that race.At least I haven't had long to worry about what pace to set off at.
    Robert - you're very organised, doing your long run today so you can enjoy your night out and rest easy tomorrow.

    I'm going to plan out my races for 2022 in November.

    Ian - have a good race tomorrow, glad you're feeling better and looking forward to a decent run.
  • Ian - have a great race tomorrow.

    Shades - also running today gives extra day recovery for stort 30.  Connemara in April, DD in June anything big in Autumn?

    Next year I'm missing a race late September early October, it will either be a fast road marathon or a hilly ultra in prep for my 50 in Nov

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    Ian, good luck tomorrow!

    Bradders, when I mention Zwift, I just mean cycling.  I haven't used a treadmill at all for probably 10+ years and don't have one at home.  I got into Zwifting last November as I was injured from running and the spin classes at the gym weren't cutting it - just the hassle of getting there, and the classes themselves weren't for me, so I singed up to Zwift on a free trial with a very basic set up I already had access to at home.  I was really sceptical as to whether I would like Zwift, but I am glad I tried it as I love it now!  I even did a duathlon off the back of it, which I found really tough, but enjoyable too and something a bit different for me.

    RCouture, I worked from home from 2003 to 2015 and really enjoyed it; it suited me down to the ground.  My job/role really leant itself to it though, but it is not for everyone.

    Parkrun this morning, which was enjoyable, and we are off out for a meal tonight at a favourite place of ours.
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    Women's Half Marathon Record has just been smashed by over a minute at Valencia by Gidey.  I saw there was some controversy as the record went in August, but was later annulled due to a short course (54m short) in Antrim.
    Robert - ideally I'd like a road ultra to do in the autumn but don't know of any at the moment.   I might do Longford ultra, 39.3 miles, at the end of August if it's on.   The bigger marathons are still not being held in Ireland, Dublin is a virtual this year and assuming it's on next year I wouldn't get a place due to deferred runners from the last two years.   I do have a voucher for Frankfurt, so will look at the logistics of getting there.

    Big G - I didn't realise there had been a short course at Antrim.   It's certainly a good race for anyone wanting a PB and easy to get to, the course won't be short next year  ;)

    8 miles today, my favourite hilly route round the country lanes.   Was windy but a warm wind, then a few showers but short and quite pleasant.   Then the most incredible red sunrise.   Owls hooting when I ran the section of road that goes through the woods, lovely run.   :)
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    Shades, yes, just been reading about it a bit and Antrim put this out a coupe of days ago

    It is not entirely clear from that what went wrong, but Yehualaw finished 2nd today I think, so never officially had the record.
    Big G - my antivirus won't let me access that website on your link, says it's infected with URL Botnet   :open_mouth:

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    Oh, strange!  It is the official race page I linked to, as the race website had it as announcement.  It doesn't say a huge amount though, but this is the text.

    The Antrim Coast Half Marathon organising team regret to inform you that this year’s world record time of 63:44 by Yalemzerf Yehualaw has not been ratified as the course has been found to be 54 metres short of the half marathon distance.

    Antrim Coast Half Marathon followed every protocol in getting the course officially measured prior to the event by a certified Association of UK Course Measurers, World Athletics and Association of International Marathons & Distance Races member.

    We appreciate this news is very disappointing but promise to be back in 2022 faster and stronger and hope to be in the position of measuring world records before not too long.

    We would also like to take this opportunity to wish Yalemzerf Yehualaw every success in her upcoming races and hope she breaks the world record again in the near future.

    The Antrim Coast Half Marathon Organising Committee

    Thanks for pasting that.   So the usual, course was measured and certified but not laid out correctly on the day.

    I don't think conditions are that good in Newport today, if that's a small consolation for you.
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    Shades, apparently it was remeasured after the event took place (which apparently is what happens after a WR), so there is a discrepancy somewhere.  If that is the case, in theory I suppose it could have been measured, the course set out following those instructions, but then the IAAF remeasured it and found it 54m short.  I think 54m at her pace would have been about 8-10secs so she still probably would have broken the WR (I believe she was 19secs quicker than the record on the day), so it is a shame for her.  

    It got obliterated today though by over a minute.
    Wow, that's a phenomenal WR at Valencia today and her first half marathon too.   Wonder what she can do when she eventually moves up to the marathon. 

    If a race has an inkling that a WR or even a NR could be set on their course they should get the course remeasured before the event and all the other checks in place too that are required.  Then it should be validated by the post race checks without a problem.
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