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    Rcouture - I received the Sportsshoes email too, promptly filed it  ;)
    I expect you normally get discount from them with your running club's discount code.

    Are you buying more shoes ?

    A bit of a shock when I got to the gym as it was the busiest I've seen it this year, I've got used to it being very quiet.

    Had to be a bit careful with my calf raises as Monday's session was still lingering there.
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    Hi Recouture. Do you have a discount code for Thanks. 
  • Shades - No I just bought a reflective long sleeve top for 9 quid. However the FF more v3 have arrived. They are super comfy and soft. Pic below with bonus kitty for scale. 

    Rcouture - lovely shoes and gorgeous cat 😺

    The cat must be used to all these new shoes arriving frequently 😉
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    Bradders-Yes I forgot about all the twists at the start and that hills a git,I probably went a bit fast but that's usual.
    Rcouture-Thats what we done,I'm glad we moved though as its a much nicer house and area so we were happy to extend it a bit.
    Shades-Its pretty simple as usual really,starting at 40mw and moving to 50 in Jan,hopefully Feb I can be up to 60,I'll see if I fancy putting any speedier stuff in,depending on how the legs react,looking at last year I only really did a MP effort every 2 or 3 weeks,the rest easy and it got me in to brilliant shape,for me anyway.I think I hit a 70m week last year so will see how it goes.
    Usual after work loop,got drenched,it was OK when I left but hammered after a mile,felt good though.
  • Kitty seems to approve of the shoes! (Enjoy that rest day tomorrow and don't leave it so long next time!)

    As I'm still getting some SI joint pain (it's worst when I'm in bed - I find it hard to find a comfy position) I decided to avoid running until today. Kept with the same distance (5K) but upped the interval to 4 mins run/1 walk. Still hoping to do parkrun Saturday (will keep it slow and may stick with jeffing) but I think the Alton Towers half mid-November is a bit unlikely unless I make a dramatic improvement. 
    However, I've managed to cancel Valencia and they will give me a refund. Makes a change.
  • Cal - Good to hear from you and that you’re able to get out, even if it is ‘jeffing’ (what is that from??)

    Ian - Nice run. Encouraging that you’ve progressed so much over time with no speed work. 

    Shades - The issue with trainers and Buster (the cat) is that he can hear me putting them on from anywhere in the house and rushes over to play with laces, thereby causing havoc with my hands.

    Good club session tonight. Went down a pace group and they of course went too fast which meant it was just right for me. Session was 1.5miles at just quicker than tempo, 90s float, 3 mile tempo, 3min float then 1.5miles slightly quicker again. Rest day tomorrow. 
  • Rcouture - it's from Jeff Galloway's run/walk method. I haven't read the book but a lot of peeps use it (I just use it for returning from injury).

    I'm still not sure how fast a float is supposed to be.
    Ian - that training plan worked for you last time so no reason why it shouldn't do so again.   You were flying last year, but sadly no races to be able to use that speed.

    Cal - annoying you can't get comfy in bed with your injury, makes sleep even more elusive.   Hope you'll still be able to go to Alton Towers.    
    That's success re Valencia refund and a bonus as unexpected.

    Rcouture - that explains Buster's interest in the new shoes, they're his new toy, he has expensive tastes.

    8 miles this morning, was still a bit wild and windy when I went out but a warm wind and the rain had stopped.    Did mostly flat with a couple of miles of hills, I tried to work my glutes hard in the gym yesterday and I could really feel them on my run especially on the downhills.   Quite a lot of leaves/small branches have come down in the stormy weather, a biggish branch had come down on one of the cars parked down the road from me.  On the way back from my run the owners of the car were there and removed the branch, luckily no damage.

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    Good news about your refund, Cal. 

    I got the voucher for Newport, so that is good news if I want to use it next year.  Also North Dorset have moved me to 2023's race, so that is good too. 

    7-miles for me this morning and it was mild, but windy.  There were a lot of angry looking clouds in the distance but I went out without a jacket which was fine, except for the the last mile or so when it rained. 
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    Cal - Float was defined by Michael running the session as conversational pace which it very much is. I don’t go to the pub with the others after these sessions due to family/being old so it’s nice to briefly chat to folks then. 

    Shades/Big G - Nice running

    I’d forgotten that ages ago I’d signed up to another battersea park 5k on the 13th of November so looks like I’ll have another stab at the elusive <20. Timing is good as it’s first week of taper (I assume, though open to be told it’s too close to race?), it’s a Saturday and during the AM so not dark like last time. 
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    Rcouture-I think you're fine racing then,the only danger is that a fast race is more likely to lead to injury but sure you'll be fine.I'm racing a 10k this Sunday.
    Big G - Is Newport marathon back to an April date next year?

    I saw the post of FB from RED about tarmac parking for November event and I thought, maybe I could run it.   Then I remembered I can't as it would screw up my numbers.   Usually the only marathon I would do in November is the Cornish despite the weather, what a shame it's a virtual this year.
    xpost Rcouture - ha, ha at finding out you had entered another 5k race.    :smiley:

    Why not just wait and see how you feel on the day and how the weather is.   If all good then you can nail that sub 20, if not just DNS.
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    Shades, the Newport date hasn't been announced yet as far as I know.   I had a look on their site and there was no indication when I last checked.

    I have just entered the RED November date.  Yes, a real shame about Cornish as they cancelled very early in the year.  I have a very tentative plan to try and make Belfast my 100th, but OH hasn't had the holiday time confirmed yet.  Possibly Manchester 99th and then Belfast 100th would work well, with hopefully a crack at a decent time at both.  10 between now and 1st May is obviously well within what I have done in the past, but I want to see how I am after the RED one before booking too many more up.  There is one 2 days before the RED event that I do have my eye on as well, but I want to do a couple of slightly longer back-to-back training runs (say a 13 followed by a 10), just to see how I am with any tiredness that may still be lingering.

    Just been to the docs as I had another mole that had changed recently, under my arm.  It is funny really as she asked for pics last week, which I did send, and I took them as clearly as I could, but quite frankly they were still shit pics.  So she asked me go in, and it is nothing to worry about.  Similar to the one I had removed on my back, it just catches sometimes when I am running, but she is not concerned.  I needed some more inhalers too and she prescribed those which I have picked up, both the standard blue inhalers and also the brown steroid ones, to be used through the winter.  I had a clear year with my chest last year (probably partly because I wasn't going out as much), and I really want that to continue!
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    Big G - good news on your entry for RED marathon, what date is that?   So I can add it to the list.

    Maybe a little soon to do another just a couple of days before though IMHO.  I don't think you should risk your so far good recovery.

    Belfast would be a good choice for your 100th, hope OH can get the time off, annoying you can't finalise the arrangements yet.  Davey's 4 in 4 days might be a useful backup should anything interfere with your scheduled line up of races to the 100th.

    Good you managed to get a face to face appointment with the GP, phone/Zoom appointments only work in some instances.
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    Cal-Thats great news about the refund,I presumed they'd say no.
    Big G-Good to be getting ready for the 100.Whatvare you going to do after you get there? Continue with high numbers or different targets?
    Rcouture-2 weeks for the 5k attempt then,just need to set off slightly quicker to account for the over measuring and its looking good.
    Shades-I am going to go through exactly what I did last year and see how it compares as if I can get there again I'll be very confident of sub 3,be amazing if I could get it.
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    Ian, I’m not really sure. I doubt I’ll travel as far to complete so many of the smaller marathons as I was doing pre-pandemic (I will still need to do smaller events to get to Belfast as my 100th though). But if there happens to be 2 or 3 that I really want to do in a short space of time I’ll still do them I expect. Hopefully we’ll return to some normality travel-wise and I’ll feel happy booking foreign events as there are plenty I want to do - this is a big driver for me as I do like travelling and I miss it a lot. I was talking about G2E so obviously that would need to be trained for if I committed to that.  Plus I still want to get PBs of course! Lots of options and that’s one of the great things about running I suppose.  I would like to get a really consistent block for training in and see what happens.

    Just done an hour on Zwift with 3 short sprints to turn the legs over. Most likely a parkrun tomorrow. 
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    Shades, that RED event is Saturday 20th November.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    So I didn't realise just how much I ran last year.I averaged 60mw over 15 weeks,11 of which were 60+ and had 3 weeks of 70m.I highly doubt I'll get that many in as I'm starting from a lower base and don't want to jump too quickly.
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    Hi Bradders! You really have fallen on a fabulous thread, loads of encouragement and advice from all the Shadies not to mention the words of wisdom and unwavering support from the guru herself  B)

    Shades - My op is all done in a day, I don't have to stay in overnight or anything. It's not a general anaesthetic either, some sort of epidural by the sounds of things. The father of one of the girls in work had a similar thing done by the same surgeon and apparently you can see everything on a large screen whilst he talks you through what he's doing. Not quite sure about that bit to be honest with you but we'll see.
    Ian - I think you'll still reach that peak without such an average high mileage.   From memory I seem to remember that you reached that level of fitness (sub 3) and held that speed for quite a while.

    Big G - the challenges never end when it comes to running. One of the best things about running.

    Mamafox - re your op, that's good it's a day case and an epidural.   Not sure if I'd want to watch, wouldn't mind the surgeon's commentary though.

    How long are you likely to be off work?
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    Shades - The surgeon said that as my job means I'm on my feet all the time I'm going to need three weeks off! RESULT B) I asked for the op to be done during the school holidays to give work a bit of space to organise a replacement and this has now been done. My colleague Sylvie will be taking over cooking and supervising children duties and the replacement will be doing the cleaning and dishes etc. Sylvie doesn't like children very much so she has a bit of a gob on but there you go.. can't be helped!

    Do you miss work at all now?
    mamafox - good you've got that 3 weeks recovery time all planned and cover for your job sorted.    Sylvie will appreciate you even more when you return to work.  :)

    It's nearly 6 years since I stopped working and have never missed it all.   The only think I miss is the turkey that I used to be given every Christmas.    ;)   I've been offered a few bits of work and have always turned everything down, I don't want to work anymore.   I would only return to work if I needed the money.

    8 miles this morning.   I decided to wait until it was daylight which felt like forever, did the washing, changed the sheets, tidied up etc while I was waiting.  :/  We've had a lot of rain so I suspected there might be flooding, I wanted a flatter route today.   The first part of the cycle path was clear but round the next corner it was flooded so ran further on the road, which was fine as although it's a bit of rat run a lot quieter on a Saturday than during the week.   Geese, ducks, seagulls and a few egrets have moved in to enjoy the flooded fields, so plenty of wildlife to see.    Legs still a bit tired from the gym on Thursday.

    Gym later.

    I had decided a few days ago to DNS the race I'm due to do tomorrow.   It's a 7 mile road race over Dartmoor roads, which I would love but it starts and finishes in a rough field, and it is a rough Dartmoor field.   I'm still doing rehab on my ankle ligaments and I'd say I'm 99% healed and I've been able to run marathons with no problems so am not prepared to risk it now.    The other thing that's put me off the race is that it's about an hour's drive each way, which for a short race IMHO is too far.   The drive is over Dartmoor too and this is for the townies (no offence meant) but the nearest postcode to use for navigation is a further 10 minute drive to race HQ, so it is literally in the middle of nowhere.   Since I made my decision we've had all this rain so I can't imagine how bad the field is now, to top it all here's the forecast for tomorrow morning....

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    As Shades said, it was hammering it down with rain overnight and I was laying there thinking the morning run would be very wet.  But I woke at 6:30 and it had stopped raining, and I headed out for my run at 7:30am and it was pleasant conditions.  Plan was to do a slightly longer run at MAF, including getting to parkrun on time, so I ran to Torquay, back to Paignton, along the beach front and up and over the hill, down to parkrun.  I did a couple of short laps before the parkrun started officially, and that was just under 9-miles at the start of parkrun.

    Encouragingly, on the flat tarmac at my MAF rate, the 10th and 11th miles were about 8:45 (quickest of the run), which is a marked improvement on the 10:30s from a couple of weeks ago on the flat.  Still a long way to go from when I was at my fittest, but I was pleased with that so late into the run.  This week, because the field was waterlogged it was 3 laps of the tarmac track, but still an out and back section on a very wet, muddy, slippery path with huge, deep puddles to finish.  I saw a couple of people go for a swim in that section so I just walked it and my feet got a total soaking.  No problem though, and also it was a good test for the Stryd foot pod which seems to have survived!  Interestingly though, this bit of walking very carefully/slowly is where my HR went over MAF for a short period - just goes to show how stressful it is on terrain like that I suppose.

    After parkun I walked up a steep hill, ran back through town and home for a total of 15 miles, all at MAF.  I really enjoyed it today and it has been a bit of a confidence booster really.  OK, I am slow compared to where I want to be, but I am definitely getting there.  15 miles, 136bpm average for the run, so a decent run out for me, and as I say there is noticeable improvement from a couple of weeks ago.
  • I think that's sensible, won't be nice at all in that field and you don't want to roll that ankle.
    Well done Big G.
    mamafox, enjoy that time off eh?

    My return to parkrun today was pretty successful. I'd decided I was only going to go up the road to Tooting (my home run but I've not actually run it for nearly 3 years) and I was glad about that as it was raining here too. Even though it's primarily a paved course, with one dirt track that doesn't get too muddy, I thought I'd wear trail shoes as there was some mud on the skinny path and I didn't want to slip and pull a tendon or something. I was very glad of it too.
    One of my clubmates was there - she's coming back from a broken foot - so I thought I might try to run with her. I thought I'd try to jog around without stopping but was fully prepared to Jeff it if needed. As it was, I didn't need it and I was faster than I thought (despite the puddles muddy bits), coming in at just under 30 minutes. My poor clubmate couldn't keep up.
    I guess those boring elliptical sessions did me some good as I've not lost too much fitness, it seems. Alton Towers may be back on!

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    Cal, good to read you had a pleasant run out today!  Fingers crossed you'll be toeing the start line at Alton Towers.
    Big G - that's great progress from how you were just a very short time ago.

    How's the tiredness, improving?

    Cal - so good to hear you had a good run back at parkrun.  And that Alton Towers is back on the agenda.  As long as you can run the half comfortably, pace really won't matter and that would be a promising comeback and a step towards your 2022 marathon training.

    Gym was quiet as it usually is at lunchtime on a Saturday, very pleasant.    Upper body today, so hoping my legs will feel a bit fresher for tomorrow's run as I want to hit the hills again.
    Robert - good luck for tomorrow.   I hope it's not too wet underfoot at Stort.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, yes, tiredness is improving, which is good news too.  I did 30 miles last week and it will be around 40 this week, so hoping to get up to 45ish next week, but I will just see how I am each step of the way.  In terms of hours, including Zwifting, I have done about 12hrs so far this week, and it was about 10hrs last week, just 3hrs the week before and 0hrs the week before that. 

    Good luck with Stort 30, Robert.
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