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  • Robert - Good luck tomorrow

    Cal - Fingers crossed for Alton Towers. Is Tooting Common parkrun all on pavement? I know it’s a flat one. I’d earmarked it for my first ever parkrun once I actually have a free Saturday 9am

    Shades - Nice run and DNS seems a sensible choice. No offence taken re townies 😀

    Big G - Great progress. Do you have any lingering symptoms aside from the tiredness?

    10 miles this afternoon once it had dried off. Took the More v3 for their maiden outing and they didn’t disappoint. Very comfortable and soft and took care of tired legs. No pace to them at all but that’s not what they’re for. 22 miles tomorrow in a forecasted deluge 😬
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    RCouture, I wouldn't say I have any other symptoms now apart from the residual tiredness.  Basically, I class myself as healthy now, it is just that the running pace isn't quite back to where it was yet.  Glad you like the shoes.  Not sure if you follow Ben Parkes on YouTube, but he was raving about the NB Rebel V2 in a recent video.  It seems NB has some decent shoes out at the moment across the whole spectrum of what runners require, from easy runs to carbon plated racing shoes.  In contrast, I have seen a couple of YouTubers commenting that Nike's lineup seems a bit muddled currently.
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    Big G - They do seem to have a great lineup, the 1080s, the more v3 and apparently the RC elite 2 is very good too which is their vaporfly competitor. The rebel v2 have been my tempo/speed shoe since June and they are fantastic. What is the Nike easy/daily trainer? The Pegasus?
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    Rob-Good luck on your race,hope the weather isn't too bad.
  • Rcouture one of my favourite long runs was a 21 miler in atrocious weather, hope you enjoy it!

    Big G seems you’re recovering well and being sensible, hope you’ll be back upto full speed soon.

    Cal just wanted to check, was J Farm parkrun 20th Nov? 

    Shades sensible decision to dns tomorrow, re sportsshoes I’ve seen a lot more emails with discount codes to use, couple of years ago they would discount the products without the code and you’d get the club discount.  Think they realised they were losing out.

    been a quiet week for me, kept delaying going for a run because of ankle.  Seems okay now and did a slow parkrun this morning.

    planning running stort 30 tomorrow, about half the route can be boggy and underwater which will be fun, forecast looks awful too.

    2017 went 4:52, hope to turn round about 2hr 30 and get back home 5hr 15ish 

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    RCouture, yes, I think the Peg 38 is their all rounder.  I saw some criticism about their new Zoom Fly 4 from both Ben Parkes and Seth.  Ben Parkes didn't really know where it fitted into the lineup and Seth didn't like it as it is heavier than the ZF3, although he hasn't actually ran it in yet (I think he values the lower weight of a shoe over pretty much anything).  Not sure where the Vomero fits in.  Probably Cal is the person to speak to on here about Nikes as I only have the ZF3 and VF Next %, and I like both of those.  I think the Atreyus I got will run alongside the ZF3 for me, when I eventually do a session in them!
  • Rcouture - no. It's a triangular route and one side of the triangle is dirt trail (it used to be used by horses so it's that kind of sandy dirt). That part isn't really the problem as it's on a slight slope so, usually, only one end gets muddy, and that doesn't happen often. But yesterday there was a lot of standing water on it.
    The main issue is the hard path you run up after the dirt section - it's very narrow and gets muddy and wet where it passes the pond. 
    Ostensibly, it's a fast, flat course, but the narrow paths cause a lot of congestion so it's not a PB course any more, really. Still, as a first parkrun, it's fine. 
    I'd have thought you might do Wimbledon first, but that one does get very muddy. Fulham is another fast flat one and unlike Tooting, all paved, but it also gets a bit congested. 
    Anyway, if you want London parkrun advice, I guess I'm the expert here. :lol:
    Good luck with the run today - I made the mistake of volunteering for Brockwell juniors again so what with that and the 45 minute walk either side, I'll get a good soaking too.

    Rob - yes, 20th. Good luck today, hope the ankle is alright.

    Big G, it's disappointing they keep making the Zoom Fly heavier. I didn't buy 3 because it was heavier than the flyknit 2 (I admit I always go for a light shoe as I did most of my early serious running in Nike Frees so anything much over 200g feels like a brick to me). I'm got 500 miles on my flyknits but I've still got another pair in a box so I'll be good for a bit longer.
    I've never worn the Pegs, although I have a pair of the Peg Turbos they no longer make (shame as they are nice and light and are a good speed shoe if you don't want to run with a plate).
    Big G - you seem to be improving well on the tiredness front too.  Hope OH is recovering as well too.

    Rcouture - good to hear the FF More suit you well.   Hope you don't get too wet today.

    Robert - hope you have a fun day and not too far off your target time.

    Cal - hope you don't get too wet marshalling.

    Well, I'm so glad I'd already decided to DNS today's seven mile race as otherwise I'd have been horrified on seeing the weather first thing this morning.  We've had gale force winds and heavy rain. I've checked the race's FB page and the race is going ahead, I didn't think they would cancel as they're made of tough stuff on Dartmoor.   I did see that parking had to be exactly where marshals directed, I expect it's in a field and they've had a lot of rain too, because of that they were asking runners to car share.  Half a mile walk to the race HQ which I don't think is a building, a tent at best I guess.    :o

    Dithered for ages about what to wear for my run as it's not that cold.   Set off carefully trying to keep my feet dry, not easy as so much surface water.  At 3 miles I have a long downhill, not expecting any problems here but the water was pouring off the fields onto the road so I had to run through that for about 400 metres.   At the bottom of the hill there was a huge flood, quite deep and about 40 metres long.  I stopped my watch and pondered a while, didn't want to go back as that would mean running through the town again and I'm fed up of urban running.  There was a tiny verge and by hanging onto the branches of the hedge I managed to get past the flood without getting more than damp feet, nearly fell in twice.   I then decided not to stick to my planned route as that would be flooded too and much worse than usual so I turned off, up a big hill and down into a little pretty village.  Then I took a turning which would take me to the end of my planned route and all was well until a nasty dip in the road had flooded, deep and dirty water, so I retraced my steps and took another route home.   For the last 20 minutes the rain stopped and the sun came out, of course didn't have my shades with me which I needed.   Ended up with a hilly 7 miles and only slightly wet feet.  My legs are still tired from the gym and I didn't feel like I had much energy today so happy with 44 miles for the week.
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    Shades, is that Tavy 7 you're talking about?  It is a Club Champs race this year so there may be a few Trotters there.  Having said that, the numbers completing the CC this year seem to be down quite a lot.  Well done on the weekly mileage. 

    I too didn't know what to wear for this morning's run.  It wasn't raining but it was windy and I opted for a long sleeved top, which I regretted on the way out as it was quite warm, but then on the way back the wind picked up and I was glad of it!
    Big G - Yes, Tavy 7.   I didn't enter, but my Tavy 13 2020 entry was deferred to 2021 and then when that was cancelled transferred to the Tavy 7.

    Well the Trotters that do it will deserve their CC points.   Before I had the race info email this week I had assumed it started from Tavistock.

    It is hard to know what to wear in this weather.

    Tavy 7 have posted this pic saying part of the course is flooded...but it's sunny up there

    I think I'd be more concerned about getting my car out after the race than the running.
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    Cal-Good to see you getting back,hope Alton works for you.
    Shades-That doesn't look a good run,would hate approaching that.
    Went to do Wirral 10k today,weather was horrific when we set off,but it was down to ease later on,got number and sat in the car having a coffee,as we went to start it was like another day,sun out and not a cloud in the sky,but a 20mph,as it was all along the front it was a headwind out and tailwind back,decided to try and pace it better than last week.As I ended near the front I had no one to shelter behind,1st km was too fast as usual but reined it in then,got to half just over 20m then had a nice wind to finish in 39:39,so about 19:35 for the 2nd half,just got the final results and I finished 8th overall,and won my age group,even though a 50+ beat me.Overall I am quite happy with that as with the wind it wasn't the easiest of days.
    Ian - that's a great result, congrats on winning your age group too.

  • Ian - Great work on the time and position, especially when you’ve not even ramped up miles yet. 

    Long run this afternoon aborted at 17 miles as my ITB started acting up. Painful enough to affect form. This isn’t the biggest surprise to be honest as I stopped my usual strength work routine after my funny oblique issue. My new physio, who clearly just wants more sessions from my insurer, has been slowly drip feeding me new exercises that are supposedly as good to ward it off but apparently not and I’ve felt it rumbling in the background the last two weeks. Anyway I’ve been here before with this and it was manageable as running doesn’t actually make the injury worse so it’s about strengthening the area while keeping the pain at bay. Lower drop shoes also help so fingers crossed this doesn’t screw up my build. I’ve managed two >60 mile weeks in a row, if I can get a 3rd one this week before taper I’ll be happy but let’s see. 
  • Shades that’s a good start to 2022 training… great balancing not to fall in the flood.

    ian that’s a great performance, well done! And congrats on the age group win

    Rcouture decent mileage last couple of weeks, hope that itb doesn’t play up too much.

    stort 30 today was challenging, 5:32:33 so a bit slower than A goal but not too unhappy, also got 3rd in age category medal too (out of 6) will do a short report tomorrow
  • Stort 30

    the route consists of 2 laps round a cricket field, short run to the river, then along the stort and bit on the Lea before turning round and running back.

    I arrived at it was pretty grim, caught up with a couple of mates and had a chat with lindley about backyard ultra before everyone else came out of hiding from the clubhouse before we started.

    the Weather was atrocious, windy gales and torrential rain pretty much for the first two hours, the footpaths were muddy and flooded at points and would come up shin height.  The plan was to get to the turn around in 2:30 and head back under 5:15.  I arrived at the turnaround on time and hadn’t stopped at either of the cp at mile 5 and 10.  I took about 8 mins out for a top up of drinks, something to eat and a chat before making my way back.  The weather had changed and was a beautiful autumnal day, complete constant to what we had experienced.  All was okay until mile 19 when my right hamstring played up, walked in and out of checkpoint and started run/ walk, when it was muddy it was zapping out the legs, final cp I had a little breather and sit down before making my way on the muddiest section, managed to catch a few and pass them on this section and didn’t see them again, finished in 5:32:33.  Got medal and shirt then got called back and given 3rd in age group (was told it was 2nd originally) out of 6 runners, just the medal at the moment the ribbons didn’t arrive and will be posted.

    overall a challenging day, nice to get the age group award but doesn’t really mean anything.  Brings my 3 marathons and two ultras for 2021 rona close and plenty to build on for 2022.
  • Not sure what happened there,  but popped in to the forum,  to see how BIG G is after his CV - I had it a week before him - and good to see a good recovery being made. 
  • Ouch ouch what symptoms did you have and how’s your recovery gone/ going? Back up to full speed? 
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    Rcouture - sorry to hear you had to curtail your long run.   I would suggest you back off now, you had the warning signs last week when your legs felt tired and just squeezing in another 60 mile week might be more damaging to your marathon plans than resting and recovering.   I'm not surprised you're not happy with your physio either.

    Robert - well done, a good result in very tough conditions and don't put down your age category prize, it was well deserved.   Hope the feet are OK after being so wet and the hamstring is OK too.

    OuchOuch - hope the Covid recovery is going well for you.

    8 miles this morning.   Legs felt a bit fresher than yesterday but I'm still suffering from that gym leg session I did on Thursday, I did increase the weights quite a lot.    The clocks changing meant that the streetlights came on earlier today and I didn't have that difficult start to my run trying to find my way down the road in the dark.   It was light enough to come back on the back roads too, the wind yesterday has dried up most of the surface water.

    Gym later.

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    OuchOuch, thanks.  I do occasionally lurk on the sub 3 thread and saw you did well at Newport, so well done!

    Ian, good running from you.  Do you have a plan for Barcelona?

    Robert, a good day out for you in challenging conditions.  As you say, a great way to end the year of your races and think about 2022.

    Shades, OH is doing okay after Covid.  She is still tired and not back into her old routine of exercises etc, but she does a tiring job, which I think is probably taking it out of her.

    RCouture, sounds a sensible thing not to run through the pain if it was impacting your form.  Fingers crossed it remains manageable over the coming few weeks.

    As for me, I took it easy yesterday afternoon - I was thinking of jumping on Zwift for an hour but thought better of it as I was tired, and was planning a medium run today.  I got up on time, and went and got 13.5 done in very pleasant conditions, on a favourite, scenic route of mine.  It is beginning to feel a bit like normal training for me really as I have ran 4 days in a row for the first time since Covid (7, 15, 7 and today’s 13.5).  Probably a rest day tomorrow, from running anyway.

    We're off to see the James Bond film today, and I will drop off the 2nd antibody test, which arrived on Saturday.  I am hoping that the report will be better than the last one, but we shall see.  Also, I need to show my face at Trotters today as they need the club laptop for Templer 10 next weekend, which is our last race of the year.  I am not running, but OH and I are going for a meal over in Newton Abbot after I have dropped the laptop off.
  • Rob - All of the classic symptoms with the CV confirmed the Sunday before (26th Sept) the London marathon. 2 days feeling like your worst ever hangover, a week of headaches / feeling rotten.  I made sure when I was ill I took a multivit tablet dissolved in water every day and plenty of sleep.

    I was determined to run the Newport marathon on Oct 24 as had missed so many races due to Covid and time ticks by, so had an easy 10 days of training and ran it as conservative/ even-paced as I could, fearing CV fatigue later in the race.  It went better than expected with 2.51 - maybe 5-6 minutes slower than London would have been. As marathon runners I suspect we maybe more susceptible with our compromised immune systems but think we bounce back  quicker. Nearly back at 100%. 
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    Rob-That was great running,the qeather must have been really demoralising.
    Big G-No real plans for Barca yet,I'd like to beat my London time but we'll see.
    Think I've only won my age group twice and both were at this event so need to sign up next year for the threepeat.
    Big G - with a physically demanding job it's bound to take a while to get back to 'normal', but sounds like she's doing well too.

    Hopefully you should have produced a nice stack of antibodies this time   :)

    OuchOuch - that's a brilliant recovery to run a 2:51 at Newport.

    Ian - what's the weather likely to be for Barcelona marathon?
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    OuchOuch, that is great going.  I am roughly one week behind you in terms of when I was confirmed as having Covid, and I felt Newport was a bit too soon for me.  I was a bit disappointed, but I don't regret not going to the race.  I think if it had been this coming weekend, I would have been tempted to toe the start line though.
  • OuchOuch, great running at Newport! Seems that runner friends (and double jabbed) have just had colds and recovered better than non-runners I know. 

    Ian be a nice treble if you can get another age win.  The weather probably helped as didn't want to stop at the CP, they didn't look that appealing pelted by rain and wind.

    Big G enjoy James Bond, I'm not a cinema goer myself and have never seen a JB film but do fancy breaking that with this one but Elle doesn't fancy it.

    Shades woke up at 6 and saw it was dark outside, thought it would have been light by then!

    Just some DOMS and a few aches but nothing too bad, heading out to the shops for walk to stretch the legs in a bit.  Stort 20 next year looks only 6 days before Wendover Woods 50 miler, big part of me is quite glad.

  •  1st photo was about 10 mins before the start, 2nd photo (I’m in the red and white vest and t-shirt) I didn’t bother taking notice of the memo to bring waterproofs and the 3rd photo was the medal plus age group (ribbon to be posted).

    £35 early bird (rises in stages to £50) 5 fully stocked aid stations and tea/coffee and leftovers at the finish with medal and t shirt or buff.  Also can opt to get a £5 voucher on registration if you choose not to have a shirt or medal to redeem on future races. 
  • Rob, terrific result in that was awful when I was volunteering at Brockwell juniors!
    Fantastic time, Ouch Ouch.
    And well done Ian!

    My achievements are a lot less exciting but I did manage 4 continuous miles today. Hammy was grumpy but not horribly so, and SI joint behaved. Lovely sunshine too.
  • Cal I'm cursing the weather today! Great news on the run.  re Jersey Farm, 20th is good.  I can pick you up from Hertford North or Hatfield (Hatfield is probably fastest) and both go from Finsbury park.
    Robert - I didn't realise your age category placing was for Trail Running Championships 🏆 Congrats again, lovely medals.

    I've heard that Stort 30 is a good race.

    I don't feel so bad now, I've never seen a Bond film either, well not lasted more than 5 minutes before switching off, if TV, or heading to the bar if I'm in a cinema.

    It's light at 7am now, that will change quickly in the next few weeks. 😢

    Cal - doesn't need to be exciting, but your progress is very important and you sound more positive now too.  
    I wasn't the only DNS yesterday at the Tavy 7.  

    700 entries, 435 finishers.   I expect most DNS'd due to the weather.
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