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  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Shades-Its looking good for racing but not for after race drinking with friends,about 15° with light rain.
    Rob-You certainly look under dressed compared to everyone else.
    Cal-Might not seeme exciting but 4 continues miles is a great run considering how you've been.
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    Trotters have today had to cancel Templer 10, which was due to take place on Sunday. The Race HQ is at a private school and they’ve cancelled today, due to covid issues. There was an attempt to find an alternative HQ, but no joy, so it’s cancelled. :(
  • Ian you'll have to find a bar with cover! thats pretty much perfect racing conditions

    Big G Sorry to hear the cancellation so late in the day, frustrating when so much work and costs would have been done already.  

    Shades imagine the weather played a big part in dns, however could also be down to a hangover from so many events in a short space of time.

    Walk to Tescos was okay, few bits then back up the hill, have a check up at the dentist tomorrow so as long as that goes okay will try and get out for a run after. 
    Ian - I don't think you need good weather for post run celebrations  ;)   It'll still be warmer than here and that's a good temperature for the race too.

    Big G - that's such a shame about Stover cancelling Templer 19, that's short notice as I assume they don't actually do any of the race organisation and it's just the venue the club pay for.   Popular race, there will be a lot of disappointed runners.

    Robert - definitely weather related the DNSs at Tavy 7, the race was full and a waiting list too.  Unfortunately I didn't know about the waiting list until the day after the transfer date closed, I would have quite happily given away my place.   My entry was a deferment from their 13 mile race and the entry fee was only about £11.

    I bet your socks weren't that white when you finished Stort 30  :open_mouth:

    5 miles this morning, full winter kit 3 degrees with a feels like of +1.   Rain held off and I had a good run.   Did another leg session yesterday in the gym, kept the weights low and my legs felt better for it today than they did yesterday, except for my hip flexors which feel tight.

    Pilates this morning, followed by gym, upper body session today.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Robert/Shades, yes it is a club race and the school have very little to do with it.  I think one year they provided car park marshals as it can be a bit tight but not sure if that is every year.  Other than, basically everything is organised by the club.  I know last year we were really fortunate as places like van hire companies let us just move the bookings to this year, but I suppose at such short notice that may not be possible for this race.  Hopefully the medals can be reused.  I feel sorry for the RD and Chief Marshal etc, as it is a lot of work and they are volunteers.

    Not sure what what is being done about whether to stage the race early next year or what, but Chair did text me to warn me that the next Monday's meeting will be a long one as there is a lot to discuss!  I did tell him recently that although I do have the time, I have not been sure if me running the club champs has been a good use of my time this year as so few people have been interested.  I publicise it a lot so everyone is aware, but the interest just isn't there.  I think there possibly have been a lot of race clashes with changes of dates, and not everyone wants to race very regularly.  Even when we put on our club-only Sandygate Loop, very, very few people have turned up.  It requires 3 or 4 people to give up their time on a Friday night to organise it, so it is a shame for them to only see 8 runners turn up.  I am not in the position to come up with a full 12 months of races for next year as races are just not committing to dates, so we need to decide what to do.  Personally I would be happy not to run it next year and try and come back with a bang the year after, and that is what I will be saying, but it is not just my decision.  I know some members really value the competition and if it is decided that it should go ahead in some format next year I will still do it if that is what is decided. 

    We have purchased the race timing kit though, but not received yet.  We are hoping to test it at a Dawlish Coasters race, if it arrives in time.  We almost think of them as our 'sister' club, as without them getting enough marshals for DD etc would be very problematic.
  • SHADES said:
    Big G - Yes, Tavy 7.   I didn't enter, but my Tavy 13 2020 entry was deferred to 2021 and then when that was cancelled transferred to the Tavy 7.

    Well the Trotters that do it will deserve their CC points.   Before I had the race info email this week I had assumed it started from Tavistock.

    It is hard to know what to wear in this weather.

    Tavy 7 have posted this pic saying part of the course is flooded...but it's sunny up there

    I think I'd be more concerned about getting my car out after the race than the running.

    Morning Shades, 

    Shame you didn't do Tavy 7, it was a lovely day on Dartmoor (albeit a little bit windy). The picture above was at approximately the 5 mile mark, and by the time we got there, the flooding had subsided a bit, but everyone still got wet feet! I was a littl ebit concerned about the parking situation too but it was very well organised and  nobody had any issues getting stuck in the mud from what I could see. As you say, the first and last 100m are over grass which wasn't too bad apart from the section immediately adjacent to the road which was a bit muddy and uneven, which wasn't ideal on the return leg when I was embroiled in a battle with a runner from SWRR.

    Big G - saw a few from your club up there too, it's a great race and worthy of inclusion in your club champs! I think your men finished second in the Ross Shield, behind SWRR but ahead of us (Erme Valley Harriers). I was actually representing my first claim club (Holme Pierrepont) and there was a few grumbles that EV could have placed higher if I was representing them as I was first EV home. However, looking at the results I think we would have still been 3rd overall, albeit only a handful of points being TT!

    Does anybody have any idea when Newport marathon will be next year. I'm looking for a spring marathon. I'm considering Manchester but would prefer Newport or somewhere a bit closer to the SW if possible.   
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Tommy, I have done Tavy 7 a couple of times and it is a great race.  Regarding Newport, I checked the other day and they didn't have any date for their next race.  There was a comment about an early bird closing at the end of February, so if that page has been updated for next year's race I was presuming the race would go ahead in the Autumn again, rather than Spring, as February seemed too late for an 'early bird' for a Spring race.  But other than that, I haven't seen anything.  There is a link to be notified of when they announce the date on this page.
    Tommy - I saw the pics and Tavy 7 were so lucky with the weather.   The reason I didn't run was because of the start and finish over the field and I just didn't want to risk my ankle ligaments as I'm 99% recovered from that injury which stopped me running a marathon last year.   The weather and distance was just other factors but not as important as the running over uneven ground.

    Good that you enjoyed it, Tavistock put on great races.   I'm just about to enter the Tavy 13, and I've checked it starts from the college as usual, will you be doing that one?

    Big G - that's disappointing about the club championships and the appetite not yet returned for many runners to take part.   I assume that the club is down in members and those taking part in training too.    Maybe it just needs another winter to pass before more normality returns.   But taking a year out from the Club Champs might be a good idea and then relaunch it in 2023.  I think you might be busy for a while as chief timekeeper/IT manager  ;)

    Coincidentally I was talking to a guy in the gym this morning, he works at Stover School.   He said the school closed for 2 days before half term as Covid cases were so high, presumably they returned yesterday and then decided to cancel the Trotters race, hence the late notification.    They've also cancelled a big fireworks do for next weekend.   Hard to understand really as both events are held when the school is closed and the pupils are not there so where's the risk? 

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, I am not involved in the race in any way (not even marshalling, or anything), but there was some talk a couple of months ago about the school not allowing us in a large room we usually use because I think they didn't want to have to clean it fully, but we could have worked around that if we'd had to.  I do not know if Trotters maybe use their indoor loos (I genuinely don't know if we usually get our own loos in, or use theirs)?  A teacher there is a Trotter, and he was helping to smooth out any wrinkles over the last few months, but obviously something has triggered it.
    Big G - seems like a knee jerk reaction by the school in a vain hope to keep Covid cases down, can't see how.    

    Just entered Tavy 13, 20th March.  :)  Even with the £2 extra I have to pay as not an ARC race, entry still only £15.60 with admin fee.   I think that's good value as it's a cracking race
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, it is a brilliant race that one.  Reminds of DD as it is challenging, and a really good test.   

    For those with access, I just checked and Barcelona and New York marathons are on Eurosport this weekend.  
  • Just under 4 miles at lunch and then ITB pain started so walked home. I suspect it will be this cycle of strength work and then extending the length of run progressively now for a few days until things start working again, which is how it happened last time I had this issue. In the worst case, I will essentially start taper one week early this week and adjust my time expectations accordingly. Shame as my HR seems to have taken another big leap. Yesterday’s 17 miler averaged 9min/mi at 136bpm and today’s short run at slightly slower pace was 132bpm. I rarely  get anywhere that low unless I’m closer to 10min/mi normally. To be fair I think the colder temp is helping. 
    Big G - I consider Tavy 13 as a part of my DD training. 😊

    I don't have access to watch either of those marathons but due to the time difference you'll be able to watch both, that's your Sunday taken care of.  🙂

    Rcouture - sorry to hear that ITB is still very sore.  Don't overdo the rehab while it's already irritated, you need to let it settle down first.

    As long as you can get the ITB to behave on race day there's no need to adjust your expectations,  many have run a great race after an extended taper.
  • Shades - yep I'm going to enter Tavy 13. I've never done it before but heard good things about it. I did the fell race series over the summer and Tavistock AC hosted 4 of the 10 races. I've done the 5K race as well. all very well organised. 

    Big G - thanks for the info about Newport. Does seems possible that they'll stick with the autumn date. Will have to find another spring marathon. Any suggestions for ones in the SW (ish)?  
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Tommy, I’ve heard Taunton is going ahead on 3rd April (well apparently they’re 99% sure), which is a 2 lapper for the marathon. And North Dorset Village Marathon is in May, and they’ve confirmed. Local club runners use these races to try for decent times. 
  • Thanks Big G. 

    Taunton might work quite well. 
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Tommy, also Shepperdine Marathon is happening on 24th Apr although entries aren’t open yet. I did it this year and it was my quickest time of the year. It’s a section out to a loop, we do that loop 3 times, and then run back. 
  • Shades the socks were grim after Sunday, and getting them off was a challenge in itself!

    Big G shame about lack of interest in club champs, we have lost members and culled our Facebook group to those who hadn’t paid but still getting good numbers even for the awful sewage river 10k! Is there a possibility to do a light version of a champs or commit to local club races only?

    Rcouture if you have to taper earlier it’s not the worst thing ever main objective is you get to the start line free of issues. 

    Tommy not quite SW, not very exciting but ATW have a marathon at Dorney Lake on 24th April

    spoke to dentist about effects of lockdowns, said lost six months and still not booking as many appointments due to cleaning between apts.  I’m not surprised but said where people hadn’t been for a year or so she was doing more crowns and extractions where if they had regular appointments they probably would have been fixed with a filling.

    4 miles this evening, calves were tight still.  Have another meeting at work tomorrow, our board met last week so imagine it will detail our strategy moving forward, hopefully nothing more sinister that that! 
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Big G-Cheers for the heads up about Barca,I doubt I'll see myself as unless I've got the timings wrong,they are only showing up to 2:15,but it will be nice to see.
    Tommy - good, come over and say hello at Tavy 13 before the start.   I have a feeling at your speed you'll be home tucking into your roast lunch by the time I finish  ;)

    Big_G said:
    Tommy, I’ve heard Taunton is going ahead on 3rd April (well apparently they’re 99% sure), which is a 2 lapper for the marathon. 
    That's great news about Taunton, I'd like to run that, completely screws up my marathon numbers, might have to drop one of Davey's Strawberry Fields instead we'll see.

    I really enjoyed Shepperdine, was also my fastest time this year, but unfortunately 2022 date clashes with Connemara but if travel to Ireland is curtailed or tricky it's another option.

    Robert - I bet those sock were a challenge for the washing machine too. 🧦

    Huge backlog for dentists here too and virtually impossible to find a dentist taking on adult NHS patients, those that can't afford private are waiting several years for treatment, I believe the situation is particularly bad here in the SW.  Due to Covid my check up originally booked for June 2020 didn't happen until Sept 2021.
    I had two fillings last week and the dentist and nurse apologised to me for talking in jargon, it related to how they have to keep everyone else out of the surgery when having drilling and the cleaning they have to do after I've gone.   They had put on full PPE too.  

    mamafox -  good luck today, hope the op goes well and the first stage of being pain free and perhaps a little running too.

    Rest day for me today, no running, no gym  :o

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, yes, I enjoyed Shepperdine too.  I don't think it it really fits in with my plans next year.  If Taunton goes ahead (I still haven't ever done Taunton, not even the has just never fitted in!), that is the same day as Manchester.  OH has got the time off for Belfast so I need to start planning....ideally I would like to get a few events done between now and February to give me time to train a bit more conventionally for Manchester and Belfast.  I did message the RED RD asking if they are doing any more events around Feb/Mar and they said 'hopefully'.  There is a long way to go yet though and I am really trying not to book loads up before I have at least done one or two, but it is nice to have something to aim for.  I have RED November booked, and Davey contacted me yesterday about December Plym Trail, so I have a place in that now too.  Enjoy your rest day!

    I didn't run yesterday but did 90-mins on the bike, which was really good.  I went out for a 10-miler this morning, starting my run at about 6:30am so it was cold, but I was dressed appropriately, and it was another lovely morning; the sun was out, clear skies, calm sea.  I really enjoyed it and I was ticking along quite nicely at MAF.     
    Big G - Put Taunton on your 'to do' list for sometime in the future.   It's a lovely half but the 2nd lap makes it a lonely marathon, I still like the course though.   The course has changed now to remove the hill (as you drive into Taunton) so is now gently undulating.   But even the old course was quite fast, a drag up that hill but a very long downhill to a fast finish.   From memory I think HA ran 1:25 on the old course.   Usually low entry for the marathon as he sets a time limit of 4:30 but in reality you can still run and finish, in the results but not eligible for prizes.   The time limit puts runners off entering.

    I'm not sure RED would get many entries for events around February due to the weather or even March when there are quite a few popular shorter races that locals do.   Will be interesting to see how many they get for the November event and the 4 days at the end of the year.

    Good news that you can go ahead and plan Belfast now.

    I thought you'd get a place in Davey's Xmas marathon.   He's sent me another message asking if I'd like to run/marshal any of his events next year, I haven't replied yet as I haven't decided what I'm doing.

    Bloody freezing here this morning, I had to de-ice the car as we had a heavy frost.  🥶
  • Cold here too, Shades. I didn't feel good when I woke up (just groggy and slight scratchy throat) but still went out for my planned run of 6 miles. It was misty and cold though the sun poked its head out after 4 miles. I kept the pace easy but it did feel a bit more of an effort than I'd have liked - not sure if that's due to me being under the weather, or just fitness lost over the last month. Either way, I got it done and will now rest for the remainder of the day, and probably tomorrow as well.
  • Shades enjoy your rest day, my dental surgery has also stopped taking new nhs on, I went private this time as have a health cash plan with work as the waiting time was 3 months for an nhs apt.

    Cal well done for getting the run done.

    Currently a rest day, may go out after work for a few miles.  Had a meeting at work today and wasn't the best news so probably be in the job market again soon.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Big G/Shades-Is DD entry opening soon?
    Very easy 5 miles after work, no effort involved,just ticking the legs over again.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Ian, yes, DD entries open at 7pm on Friday 12th November.

    Robert, seems there has been a lot of uncertainty in your job these last few months :(  I hope everything works out for you.
    Cal - good progress.   Have you made a decision about running at Alton Towers yet?

    Robert - that's a benefit worth having through your job being able to go private when needed.

    Your job situation is bit like a roller coaster, I hope the outcome is what you want, whether it's to stay or move on.

    Ian - we'll remind you again about DD but worth setting a reminder on your phone.

    8 miles this morning, chilly but no frost in my street but turned out to be frosty everywhere else on my run.   Fed up of running on the street lit routes so although I could barely see the road I headed off on one of my favourite hilly routes, managed to follow the road OK and then it started to get light, very quiet road only met one car on that 4 mile stretch of road.   Came home on the back road which was a mistake as very icy and had to tiptoe over the icy patches, we had rain yesterday and it froze.

    New Stretch class this morning, followed by leg session in the gym.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    No running so far today, although I may go out a bit later this afternoon.  Did a race on Zwift in the Team Time Trial earlier, which was enjoyable :)  
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    edited November 2021
    I am going to go for a run out with Torbay Tri this evening, and I'll wear the Atreyus :D 

    Plus, I have entered Belfast Marathon.  I emailed them saying I was planning on it being my 100th and querying if it would be possible to have race number 100.  Really not expecting much, they wrote back and said they could do that, which is great news :D   I keep on saying it, but there is a long way to go and I have DNSd so many events that nothing is certain yet, but I at least have sketched out the last 10 events now.  On the face of it, 10 between now and the start of May should be possible for me.  It is well down on the numbers I have done in the past, and there is plenty of scope for race substitutions if needed, so fingers crossed it works out.
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