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  • Ordered myself a cheapy Coospo HRM from Amazon...good reviews for it. (Thanks Big G).
    When I was doing my weights in the gym this morning my watch was giving me really dumb readings - it just doesn't seem to cope with me doing weights. It was saying 160 at one point and I took my pulse manually and it was literally half that. So I do wonder if the running HR it gives me is just as silly or if there's a grain of truth. I guess we'll see.

    Getting my flu jab in a couple of weeks...due for a Covid booster but still not been asked to come.
    Cal - I hope the chest HRM gives you reliable data.

    Re booster, you don't need to wait to be contacted.   As long as it's 5 months since your 2nd jab then you can book anytime from 6 months.  Or do a walk in from 6 months, but that might involve queuing.

    I haven't been contacted by my GP's surgery, they're slow and not very reliable unfortunately.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Cal, I also wasn't contacted for my booster, but I just booked via the NHS website.  I hope the strap works for you - are you thinking of starting to train to HR then?  I have been struggling a little bit with my strap in the colder weather (this happens each winter), which is irritating, but it tends to settle down after a mile or so.  See below, where you can see the trace isn't correct for the first mile or so, but then settles down to where I would expect it to be.  I am only pointing this out in case in the first mile you're thinking it doesn't seem right, although you may not get this issue at all.  I haven't used the Coospo but try and make sure it has got a good connection to your skin before you set out.  I wet my strap beforehand to help a bit with that (I have a spray bottle for watering indoor plants and I use that on the chest sensor). 

    This is the session I did on Wednesday with the club, and you can clearly see the strap reacting quite quickly to the mile efforts and producing a consistent trace on the flat.  Here it was a normal trace after around 0.5 miles, where we had already done roughly a 0.5 mile warmup beforehand, and it was cold that evening (blue is pace, red is HR).  The dips in pace between each rep was a jog/walk back around to the start of the mile in the 3-mins rest. 

    We went for another nice walk yesterday around Haldon Forest, and walked the Forest Flyer race route.  We had some lunch in the cafe there before the walk, and coffee/cake afterwards :)  I think Dawlish Coasters are hoping the race will be back next August - fingers crossed, as it is a lovely race on a Friday evening.  Short and sharp, but tough, to start the weekend.  I think there was some issue with Forestry Commission not allowing it this year, which was a shame.

    I did 2hrs on Zwift earlier, which is my longest ride for a little while on there, and I enjoyed it. 
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    I booked my booster last week for Tuesday,and the last 3 days I've had my GP text me to book it so looks like they are on top of it here.
    Deciding whether to run,the wind and rain didn't bother me too much but now it's hailing and I don't fancy hail, will see if it settles a bit.
    Cal - you shouldn't have a problem such as Big G does with poor connection for the first few minutes in the cold.   Just tuck it under your bra and it will be as close as if surgically implanted.   Benefit is also that you don't need to wear the full strap, just the monitor section so much more comfortable.  Unfortunately Big G isn't able to do that.  😉

    Ian - storm is on its way here too.   Sky had gone a most peculiar colour and our seagulls have returned to their nesting site on the roof of my neighbour's house, they often do when bad weather is on the way.

    There's a night race over the Severn Bridge tonight, very popular event, no PB's tonight in the storm. 😩
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    I was going to go up and do Haldon Forest parkrun tomorrow and do a few miles before or after, but it’s cancelled due to weather warning. It’s looking pretty grim out there at the moment!
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Hail stopped so I went out,picked a relatively sheltered route but still windy,not as bad as the 45mph the app says but enough to slow you down when it hit,glad I went though,these are the runs that show I'm training again,the last few months I'd have bailed on tonight.
    Just remembered I have a fee days to decide if I want to do Chicago next year or not.
    Big G - 50+mph winds forecast for the morning, bit risky running through a forest in that.   I see Parke and Killerton are cancelled too.

    Ian - you did well managing to dodge the worst of the weather for your run.
    I've wussed out of my run this morning.   Stuck my head out the window and it's blowing a gale BBC says 51mph winds, it's bloody freezing too.   Has stopped raining though.

    I'm using my booster jab as an excuse but I feel fine, RHR is up but only 5 bpm, my arm is sore, can't do gym today but I hadn't booked anyway.   I didn't sleep well but don't think that was anything to do with the jab, more the recycling boxes bouncing down the road every now and then and waking me up.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, I am wondering what to do as well.  I am sitting here in my running stuff, and as far as I know Torbay parkrun is on (well, they haven't said otherwise yet...), so I may go along to that.  I did walk Tigg at just gone 6am just for 20-mins or so and that was grim enough, but he needed to go out.  Bicton Blister is tomorrow and it is a club champs race, so I hope that goes ahead!
    Big G - I didn't see anything about Torbay parkrun, I assumed the others being cancelled were because they were in areas with trees etc.

    I think the weather feels worse because we've gone from really pleasant conditions for November to this storm, thankfully you didn't have this last weekend for your marathon.
    I think the storm will be gone by tomorrow for Bicton Blister, very cold though, just got to hope that no trees down on the course to stop the race but I expect you'd just have to climb over them.   

    Are you running it?

    I did the Blister once, freezing cold that day and that huge puddle was icy cold, only managed to get the feeling back in my feet when had to run through it again on the way back.   But I quite enjoyed the experience of the race but didn't want to do it again, quite rough going in places.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    I am not running it, I have done it once but I didn't overly enjoy the course.  It is nothing against the race itself in terms of organisation and I know plenty love it and we do try and put either that or Drogo 10 in the club champs, but it is just not the type of race I enjoy as I remember quite a few very narrow paths.  I am not sure enough on my feet to be able to run through them without tripping over, so I had to walk those sections.  I do have an entry for Cockington Xmas Caper next weekend which I hope to do, which is also a club champs race and is not far from me.  I run there fairly often, but it was where I took my fall at the start of the year, which still plays on my mind a bit......  They've changed the course since I last did it so I won't be able to compare times, but it will still be a tough/hilly 7.5 mile (approx) race, and it will be muddy.  Usually there are plenty of mince pies and xmas cake at the end, and they provide a mug as a memento, which I quite like.  £12 entry fee :)     
    I did Drogo 10 once too, and sort of enjoyed it for the novelty value but wouldn't do it again.   I think I have fonder memories of the Blister as the café/restaurant was open in the college and after the race had hot sponge pudding and custard, perfect after a very cold race.

    Haven't done the Cockington race.   Don't fall over  :o
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, if it was just down to me, I would only have road races in the club champs and more marathons ;)  But many do really like the trail races and we do like to mix things up.  I did Drogo a week before a foreign marathon the other year (San Sebastien), and I was a bit was worried as Drogo took quite a lot out of me.  It was only 10-miles, but legs were like jelly at the finish!  I did well at the marathon the following week though, so all was well.

    I ventured out and although the wind wasn't quite as severe as earlier on, it was still very blustery.  I ran the direct 1.5 miles there, did the trot around parkrun  and then about 3.5 back for 8 in total.  I was glad to get back in out of the cold and wind when I got home, but at least it wasn't raining.
    Big G - good for you braving the cold wind.   I haven't set foot outside the door even though there's nothing wrong with me.    Very few people walking down my road towards town either, so I'm not the only one staying indoors.

    That final hill at Drogo makes DD look flat, it's an absolute killer.   When I did it there was a man hugging a tree near the top and by his breathing I thought he was having a heart attack, thankfully he wasn't.
  • I've booked my booster now, for the 1st December. I have a flu jab scheduled the week after, is that too soon?

    Talking of hills and heart attacks, I did Brockwell parkrun today. I had plans to go elsewhere but my first choice had a rail replacement bus service and second choice was cancelled, so what with it being cold and horrible, I decided to do Brockwell again (it's my third closest but I'd only run the parkrun once, even though I've done a lot of marathon training there. Given all the times I volunteered at juniors there in October, I figured I was owed another run). 
    I felt like I was running quite quickly but my time was a disappointing 27:45 (just under two minutes slower than my previous time there). While I wasn't expecting to beat the previous time, I did rather hope to be sub-27, so I wasn't too pleased.
    On the plus side, I didn't drop dead, so there's that.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Big G-Well done on getting out,pretty rough here overnight,I saw 6 fallen trees on my way to work,and 2 were completely blocking the roads so it took a lot longer to get to work.
    Cal - that's prompt booking for your booster.   Re flu jab, they ask if you've had any other vaccinations in the last 7 days.   But many are having flu and booster on the same day, different arms, so can't see it's a problem.   Might relate to other vaccinations.

    Sorry, insensitive of me to mention heart attacks.  :/   I think I'll be reassured as well as you too once you start using the chest HRM.

    Ian - lots of trees down here too.  It can make for scary driving.   It's calming down now here.
  • Ha ha no I'm not one to be offended or worried by stuff like that, Shades. Besides, I think what's wrong with me is not going to result in one or they'd have told me to go to A&E rather than give me an appointment next year. I do think it's likely what's behind my loss of performance, though. 
    Cal - thanks, appreciate you weren't offended.

    Rcouture - good luck for tomorrow in Florence. 😃
  • Cal - delinking to say that I am also having some issues with my heart :( I went to a screening (Cardiac Risk in the Young) as there was one nearby, and they identified an inverse T wave which is quite rare but non-specific. I’ve been referred to St George’s in London in February for various tests (including an exercise stress test).

    It’s definitely making running quite hard - especially racing. I can’t seem to got to the same effort level. I ran Conwy Half last week in 1:34; but took a drink/walk break at the top of the Orme. Bit disappointed as only 40 s outside my PB but better safe than sorry!

    Hope you get answers soon and take it easy x
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Bradders-that's a really good time for that course.
    Rcouture-Good luck for tomorrow,hope it goes well. 
  • Tx all. Got to start early so time for a pick me up!

  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Found a tracker for Florence if anyone wants to check on Rcouture,through 5k at a decent clip.
    bradders - that's a cracking time at Conwy, especially with a brief break.    You'll get that PB next time.   Hope your heart issues turn out to be nothing to worry about, but best to get checked out.

    Ian - thanks for the tracker, I had a quick look last night and didn't find the tracker then but you saved me looking again today.

    Rcouture - great start, that coffee did the trick.

    8 miles this morning, very very cold, feels like -3, but only light winds.    My leg muscles don't function well in cold weather no matter what I wear but had a good run, don't think I could have gone much further in the cold.   

    My sore arm, post booster, started to ease off yesterday afternoon and not the slightest twinge now, didn't have any tiredness either after this jab.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Best of luck, RCouture.

    Thanks for the link, Ian. 

    Bradders, fingers crossed there’s nothing to worry about for you. 

    10.5 miles for me this morning. Cold, but not much wind and clear skies, so it was enjoyable today....unlike yesterday!

    Big G - another good run from you, you're keeping the mileage up.

    I'm stalking tracking Rcouture, through 35 km and doing really well, just got to hope that ITB holds out for the last bit. 
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Shades-He should be at 40k any minute now,if he's there he should be fine to finish.
    Big G-Good run again,weather a lot better here today.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    I just checked as well, and he is doing brilliantly!  
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, it has just been 31 miles this week (4 days), but I wanted a cut back week this week after 53, 60 and 60 the last 3 weeks.  I have done some cycling as well though.  I do have that short race next weekend but hoping to get up around 55ish next week, but we'll see how it goes.  
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